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Equibreed Polo Stallions Available 2020 V.6


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Equibreed Polo Stallions Available 2020 V.6

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Equibreed Polo Stallions Available 2020 V.6

  1. 1. Available Polo Stallions 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at Equibreed UK 2020 Ellerston Clarion Service fee £1200 plus VAT Mother is Claret (Pinky x Monty, Ellerston bred), and father is Night Opera, an Australian thoroughbred. He was bred by Ellerston and has been used extensively for the last 5 years there, with his offspring showing great potential. His full brother is Clark, who was sold to the UK when he was young, has sired many youngsters over here, and was then bought by Pablo MacDonough who has played the high goal on him in both UK and Argentina. Clark is now back in Argentina both playing and being used for breeding. Run by Equibreed UK.
  2. 2. 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at Irentina Supremo Service fee £1100 plus VAT A stallion played by Pablo MacDonough in the high goal all over the world. Currently in the UK and retired from playing. Mother is a famous mare of theirs Sugerencia, and father is their stallion Clarin. He has many full sisters still playing high goal and offspring playing high goal in Argentina. Run by Equibreed UK.
  3. 3. 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at Open Xavier Service fee £750 + VAT Mother is Open Xelene who is one of Facundo Piere’s high goal mares, and father is Sportivo (who has sired many offspring playing high goal across the world, including Dolfina Cuartatera, Cambiaso's famous mare whose clones are now playing polo). His youngsters are showing great potential. He has a full sister who played the Argentine Open this year (Mega Sexy with Facundo) and several full brothers who stand at stud in Argentina (Open Xenon and Open Triple X) Available: Fresh, chilled and frozen (UK and EU)
  4. 4. 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at Ellerston Clarin Service fee £1250 + VAT Mother is Claret (Pinky x Monty, Ellerston bred)- one of Ellerston’s top mares who is now in Argentina, and father is Machitos Diaz (who is Jazz, Mariano Aguerre’s mare crossed with Open Espacial, who is Ellerstina bred, out of Luna by Sportivo). He has a full brother in Spain, who is playing the high goal in Sotogrande. Clarin is owned by Jim Gilmore
  5. 5. 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at McClarin Service fee £1200 plus VAT 2017 15hh Pedigree: Dam – Twitter (Twiggy x Livingston), Sire – Ellerston Clarin (Claret x Machitos Diez) McLarin has done his break in and re-ride and is now stick and balling. His mother, Twitter, is the daughter of Ellerston bred, Twiggy (Kiely x Norman) and by Livingston (Lizzy x Clark). Twitter won Best Playing Pony in the Queen’s Cup 2019 with James Harper and in the Coronation Cup 2019 with Facundo Pieres. McLarin’s father, Ellerston Clarin, is out of famous Ellerston mare, Claret (Pinky x Monty) and by Machitos Diez (Machitos Jazz x Open Especial). Available fresh or chilled.
  6. 6. 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at Chalo Angelo – AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME £2,000 plus VAT 2014 Argentine stallion bred by Lolo Castagnola and Best Playing Pony in the final of the 2020 Queens Cup under Barto Castangnola. SIRE: Chalo Compinche. DAM: Vida Bella. Available fresh or chilled.
  7. 7. 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at Ruler Service fee £1200 plus VAT Up and coming stallion (Centimetre x Clarin) young stallion, first year available. Mother is Centimetre, played by Gonzalito PIeres, won Best Playing Pony in the Queen’s Cup, daughter of Norman Pentaquad. Father is Clarin, Jim Gilmore’s stallion out of Claret by Machitos Diaz. Tiny Tim – NO LONGER AVAILABLE Service fee 1000 plus VAT Born 2016 15hh Pedigree: Dam – Clarita (Claret x Atlantic), Sire – Open Xavier (Xelene x Sportivo) He is a young stallion- broken in and is playing young horse chukkas. Tim’s mother, Clarita, is the daughter of the famous Claret (Pinky x Monty) and by Atlantic (Revenue x Noumea). His father, Open Xavier, is out of Open Xelene (Luna x Pucara) and by Sportivo (Sport Fashion x Lode), Ellerstina’s top stallion and father of Cuartetera.
  8. 8. 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at Haydon Oracle NO LONGER AVAILABLE Service Fee: £600 plus VAT Lineage: Murrabong Victory X Haydon Tourmaline, Colour: Chestnut, Year: 2015, Chilled/Frozen: AI Fresh / Chilled Service Fee: £600 + vat NFFR, Website:, Owner: Nadine and Keith Bristow. Chestnut, star Foaled 14/9/2015 JEWEL FAMILY ASHS 240641 Branded 16/5 Colt. Haydon Oracle has a very good temperament, ability and trainability traits. We would expect him to be like his full siblings with natural ability, be cool on a loose rein, naturally pick up his leads, have an inbuilt rate, work off his hind legs and have a great mouth. His full sister has played the Argentine Open and his full brother has played polocrosse at the top levels. His half-sisters’ have all played well including Haydon Sky Jewel (pictured above), Haydon Pandora, Haydon Crystalline and Haydon Argyle.
  9. 9. 2020 Polo Stallions Standing at Careta – NO LONGER AVAILABLE 2021 ONLY Service fee TBC Polo Argentino, breeding Ellerstina - Open Moon & Picaro, 15 years old Played two years in the highest world polo tournament Argentinian Open with 10 goaler Pablo Macdonough and two high goal season in Argentina with 10 goaler Augustin “Tincho” Merlos Brought to England 6 years ago to play high goal and medium goal including Gold Cups in Sotogrande and Deauville. A 52 mallet horse.
  10. 10. 2020 Polo Stallions Available for Collection Boyboy Service fee £800 plus VAT Son of Cambiaso’s famous mare, Small Person (now cloned, won Best Playing Pony in Queen’s Cup 2005), Boyboy has also had a playing career with many famous high goal players- J Beim, G Terrera, M Plaza to name a few. His sister, Girlgirl, having played the high goal in the UK, was taken to Argentina by J M Nero, and played the Open in both 2014 and 2015. Boyboys’s father, Portage, has sired many offspring all suitable for polo.
  11. 11. Lovelocks Chekhov Service fee: £2000 plus VAT Born 6th March 2013. He has played up to 30 goal polo including with Pelon Stirling in 2019. He is currently being cloned by Catalina Genetics and he is the only son of Open El Padrino standing in the UK. His Sire is Open El Padrino (Sportivo x Illusion) is a stallion owned by Lovelocks Polo Stud his first foals were born in 2011 and we have seen them feature at the highest level already. His Foals include: Open Kansas (11 x Karenza) played the triple crown with Gonza Pieres, Lovelocks Wimbledon (12 x Fina Inglesa) played the Triple Crown with Polito Pieres. 2020 Polo Stallions Available for Collection
  12. 12. Petunia Buitre Service fee £800 plus VAT Pentunia Buitre combines one the best lines in polo from Ellerstina breeding program. He played High goal polo in Argentina and then was exported to UK to play the high goal season with Michel del Carril. Playing now the Uk polo season. Colour: Bay, Year: 2009, Height: 15,2, Owned by: M del Carril. (Open Lechuza IV x Open Sunset - we have extensive information for both parents, available on request). 2020 Polo Stallions Available for Collection
  13. 13. 2020 Polo Stallions Available for Collection Rayo Gin Service fee £800 plus VAT Novillo-Astrada bred horse, mother is Pimm a NZ thoroughbred, owned by Roddy Williams initially and then sold to the Novillos. Father is River Slaney, the mainstay stallion of the Novillo-Astrada's breeding Scrabble Service fee: POA Chequers x Portage, 10yrs old 15.1 strong stallion with a fantastic temperament, beautiful mouth and very powerful. He has sired over 10 foals Within my breed, to many different mothers, who are all doing exceptionally well. His Full sister is at the top of my string and has been there for the last 4yrs Chequers - Thatcher x Arjuna - was an Australian TB with a small amount of quarter horse from the sire who stood at Ellerston in the very early days of their breeding. She was my best horse for over 10yrs, she played the high goal for a season, and was due to fly to Argentina to play The Open but had a major colic not long before she was due to fly. Portage - TB stallion who sired many horses some of which played the Argentine Open
  14. 14. 2020 Polo Stallions Available for Collection Dolfina Popular Service fee- 3000USD (exact nomination contract details to be confirmed) Son of Cambiaso’s famous mare, Dolfina Cuartatera, Popular has been playing the high goal with Sapo Caset. Only available with frozen semen in 2018, as Popular is now in the USA. Laguari Amigazo Service fee- to be confirmed Son of Lolo Castagnola’s stallion Chalo Compinche, Amigazo is owned by Dubai Polo Team, and has long been played by them.