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Jul20 menu


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DayCare Menu

Published in: Education
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Jul20 menu

  1. 1. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Breakfast is served daily 6 – 8 am Honey nut o’s Or Rice Chex 1 Sloppy Joes on bun Mandarin Oranges Corn 2 W/G Pancakes Bacon Fruit Cocktail Peas/Carrots 3 CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAY Breakfast includes Juice/ milk 6 Ham Homemade Mac & Cheese Applesauce Peas 7 Johnny Marzetti w/meat sauce Butter Bread Pears Fr. Broc 8 Turkey Casserole Brown Rice Tator Tots Baked Apples Carrots 9 Sausage Patty on bun Pineapple Fr. Green Beans 10 Hamburg Gravy/ Mashed Potatoes WG Butter Bread Mandarin Oranges Corn 13 Fish Sticks on bun Baked Apples Fr. Green Beans 14 Chicken Noodle Soup Cottage Cheese Pears Fr. Broc 15 Chili w/hamburg Cornbread Peaches Kidney beans 16 Hamburg Gravy/ Mashed Potatoes WG Butter Bread Fruit Cocktail Corn 17 Cream Chicken over biscuit Applesauce Peas 20 Hamburger Patty on bun Fruit Cocktail Corn 21 Turkey Gravy/ Mashed Potatoes WG Butter Bread Peaches Corn 23 Bean/Turkey Casserole Brown Rice Applesauce Peas 24 Ham Homemade Mac & Cheese Baked Apples Carrots 25 Hamburger Brown Rice Tator Tots Pineapple Fr. Green Beans Serving Sizes for children is an attached memo 27 Turkey dog on bun Pineapple Peas 28 Chicken Patty on bun Pears Fr. Green Beans 29 Pizza burger on bun Peaches Carrots 30 Fish Sticks on bun Applesauce Corn 31 Tomato Soup/ Peas Cottage Cheese Toasted cheese and Ham Sand Peas Milk is served with lunch each day Children 1 to 2 yrs of age are served Whole milk. Children 2 yrs and above are served 1% milk. “USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.” Epworth Day Care Menu July 2020