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Aug septoct 2019 newsletter


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Published in: Spiritual
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Aug septoct 2019 newsletter

  1. 1. EpworthUnitedMethodistChurch 3061LincolnWayW. MassillonOH44647 CHANGESERVICEREQUESTED DATEDMATERIAL August/September/October 2019 The Echo August/September/October 2019 Newsletter of Epworth United Methodist Church Worship Time: Sunday 9:30 am Please call the office if you or a family member are to be hospitalized, are under a doctor’s care, need a pastoral visit. When admitted, please inform the hospital of your church affiliation. Sermons for August, September, and October August 4—Matthew 12:46-50/Romans 8:14017/I Corinthians 16:20/II Corinthians 13:11/Galatians 6:18, "The Christian’s Larger Family," Service of Holy Communion August 11—John 3:1-17/I Corinthians 3:1-2/Ephesians 4:11-15, "Babies and Grown-ups" August 18—I Corinthians 12:120-26/Ephesians 2:19/22; 5:25-27/I Corinthians 3:9-15, "Portraits of the Church" August 25—Ephesians 6:10-18/I Corinthians 4:16-17; 11:1/I Thessalonians 1:6-7; 2:14, “The Christian as Soldier and as Actor” September 1—I Corinthians 10:1-4/Galatians 3:26-29/Romans 6:3-4, “Pictures of a Bap- tismal Service” Service of Holy Communion September 8—II Corinthians 12:7b-10, “Lessons in Living with Defeat” September 15—II Corinthians 12:1-7a, “The Christian Life Beyond Words” September 22—- I Corinthians 6:17-20; 9:24-27, “This Mortal and Immortal Flesh” September 29—John 1:35-42, “Andrew, a Brother” October 6—Matthew 26:30-35, 69-75, “Peter, A Man of Action,” Service of Holy Com- munion October 13—Mark 10:35-45, “James, Unfulfilled Leader” October 20—John 1:43-48, “Philip, the Deliberate” October 27—March 15:33-41, “James, the Less”
  2. 2. Pastor’s Pen Reaching Our Neighbors and Inviting Them to Church. People need to know us before they can trust us. And they need to trust us before they will join us at church. We may be assuming what worked in the past will still work today, it used to be as easy as 1-2-3. 1. Invite a friend to church. 2. The friend comes to church. 3. The preacher closes the deal. It’s harder today. Most people don’t want to go to church today. They’re not angry, they’re apathetic. But where is this apathy coming from? The critical first element isn't the invitation, it's having a friend who makes the invitation. The biggest roadblock to evangelism today may be as simple and as sad as this: we don’t know our neighbors like we used to. Twenty percent of Americans say they don’t know any Christians. People become willing to consider Jesus, when they like and trust the Christians they know. This is a crucial problem, because there's one reason above all others that opens people up to the gospel. Peo- ple become willing to consider Jesus when they like and trust the Christians they know. People need to know us, before they can trust us. And they need to trust us, before they’ll come to church with us. We have to be the church, before they’ll go to church. So, what do we need to do? 1. Pray for them, while getting to know them better. 2. Build Relationships with No Strings Attached 3. Live a life of Compassion and Integrity 4. Talk about the issues of Life, not Just about Your Church. 5. Be More Joyful, Less Negative. 6. Live a Life of Extravagant Generosity 7. Be Your Authentic Self, Even If It Means Being Different. 8. Be Available and Listen to them. Jesus engaged people where they were and connected to them. That’s where he earned people’s trust. That’s where we’ll earn it, too. Sunday School Begins September 8th! There will be classes for all ages waiting for you this fall! If you’ve not been at- tending a Sunday School class, you are invited to check one out. If you have been attending one, we hope to see you there! Classes meet after worship until 11:30 from September through May. Children ages 3– 6th grade gather in the large classroom. Youth meet in the Youth Room. The Parlor Class for Adults, led by Rod Deitz, will begin the year looking at the Apostles Creed. The Friendship Class for adults, led by Alice Fazzone, meets in the Fellowship Hall If you have questions about the following areas, contact the people listed below: Admin Board Nathan Lockwood 330.685.4199 Council on Min Alyce Ripple 330.832.5216 Trustees Marcia Paul 330.837.5424 Usher Allen Hendricks 330.832.4850 Director of Music Marie Deitz 330.837.1651 Spirit Marie Deitz 330.837.1651 Joyful Noise Debbie Scheetz 330.477.3985 Youth Marie & Rod Deitz 330.837.1651 Prayer Line Barb Dillen 330.705-9049 SPR Chair Debbie Scheetz 330.477.3895 Finance Alice Fazzone 330.833.5521 Lay Leader Debbie Scheetz 330.477.3895 Stewardship Day Care Board Bryan Stuck 330.309.1900 Musical Notes Thank you to all who have provided special music for worship this summer as the choirs take a break! And thanks to Robin Schumacher for coordinating the special music sched- ule! Our choirs will be back in September. We are looking forward to everyone returning AND we welcome new folks who would like to join us! The choirs are more than just a time of singing together. Choir members are worship leaders who also enjoy great fellowship together. Adult Choir—for adults of all ages— rehearses in the choir room on Sunday morning on the weeks that they sing at 8:40 a.m. Spirit Praise—for youth in grades 7-12 and adults of all ages—rehearses in the sanctuary on weeks that they sing at 8:30 a.m. We also would welcome folks who play drums, guitar or other instruments to join us! The choir schedule for September and Oc- tober is: Sept. 1- Special Music Sept. 8- Adult Choir Sept. 15– Adult Choir Sept. 22 - Adult Choir Sept. 29 - Spirit Praise October 6 - Special Music October 13 - Adult Choir October 20 - Adult Choir October 27 - Spirit Praise Make a joyful noise! Marie
  3. 3. Jesus Loves the Little Children….. And the Big Kids, Too! Incredible Faith Vacation Bible School was an incredible week! Thank you to Linda for co-directing and organizing, and to Beryl, Liz, Krissy, Nate, Debbie, Kathy, Nancy, Barb B., Alyce, Alice, Pastor Les, Breanna, Emma and Sydney for helping with registration, stories, science and games, crafts, refreshments, music and everything else that they did! We also thank Evelyn for making our slingshot cookies and lion head cracker snacks and to Larry for delivering them! We spent the week with an incredible group of children who met some incredible heroes from the Bible—Ark Man, Giant Slayer, Lion Man and Builder Man, a.k.a. Noah, Da- vid, Daniel and Nehemiah. Thanks also to those who supported VBS financially or with donations. From a song the kids learned: “I am a promise. I am a possibil- ity. I am a promise with a capital ‘P’. I am a great big bundle of potentiality. I’m learnin’ to hear God’s voice and I’m tryin’ to make the right choices. I’m a prom- ise to be everything God wants me to be!” BIBLE BUDDIES for kids ages 4-6th grade and Youth helpers in grades 7-12 will be Traveling Through the Parables again this year. Bible Buddies is from 5:30— 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evenings and includes music, Bible story, activities, craft and a snack. All children are invited - and friends are always welcome! The dates for Bible Buddies in the coming school year are: September 15 October 20 November 17 December 15 January 19 February 16 March 15 April 19. Our annual Kids Camp-in information will be shared at a later date. And tentative- ly mark your calendars for VBS next summer the week of July 19-23! The yearly calendar for children and youth activities will be distributed the first of September. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me…” Marie Thank you to Larry Hinson for overseeing the Building Fund Account and taking the deposits to the bank. Thank you to everyone who hosted Fellowship Time this summer. The goodies were yummy! Sunday School Begins September 8th! There will be classes for all ages waiting for you this fall! If you’ve not been at- tending a Sunday School class, you are invited to check one out. If you have been attending Sunday School, we hope to see you there! Classes meet after worship until 11:30 from September through May. Children ages 3– 6th grade gather in the large classroom. They are led by Linda Lockwood and Debbie Scheetz. Youth, grades 7-12, meet in the Youth Room. Class is led by Marie Senften-Deitz. We will also be having Confirmation Class with Pastor Les for Youth this year. If you are a youth in grades 7-12, and are interested in being a part of the Confirmation Class, please let us know. Classes for adults include the Parlor Class, led by Rod Deitz, which will begin the year looking at the Apostles Creed and the Friendship Class led by Alice Fazzone, which meets in the Fellowship Hall. Watch for information on an Adult study on the United Methodist Church.
  4. 4. Preschool Themes 8/5 Boats 8/12 Puppets and Theater 8/19 Turtles, Frogs and Fish 8/26 Summer Farewell 9/2 Who Am I? 9/9 Calendar Days-Weeks-Months 9/16 Safety Week 9/23 Manners 9/30 Shapes 10/7 Ohio Heritage 10/14 Book Week 10/21 Apple Week 10/28 Halloween/Fall Infant/Toddler Themes 7 Brown Oval 8 Red Heart 9 Yellow Circle 10 Blue Square September—Manners/All About Me/Senses October—Fall UPCOMING EVENTS September 2— Labor Day—Day Care Closed September 3—Preschool Begins 9—11:30 a.m. October 21—Open House October 31—Halloween Party Staff Director—Theresa Lemon Infants—Ashley Lechleiter, Patty Harper Tod A—Cindi Todich Tod B—Brooke Coleman, Gale Bailis Pres A—Megan Harris, Amanda Beitel Pres B—Mary Krider, Robin Shaw Food Service—Lisa Shrefffler Subs—Marcia Paul, Christina Ling, Angela Hall, Michelle Brugh, Alycia Rusyn Fundraiser for St. Jude’s August 15-16 2—5:30 p.m. The School Agers will be having a Lemon- ade/Bake Sale for the children of St. Judes. Donations for your selections will be accepted. Our goal is to raise $100 Fellowship Hall Rental—Cost is only $50.00 for members and $250.00 for non-members. You will need to contact Frances from 9am to noon Mon– Thurs to get a rental form & will be put on the schedule when the deposit is made. August Birthdays 8/2 Nicole Anderson 8/2 Julie Wimsatt 8/3 Barb Baker 8/4 Sarah Lockwood 8/5 Megan Mitzel 8/5 Tiffany Remley 8/6 Roberta Miller 8/7 Brenda Charney 8/8 Matt Baker 8/8 Mike Carter 8/14 Doug Nichols 8/16 Alan Stanford 8/20 Jessica Stuck 8/20 Jonathon Stuck 8/21 Pauline Campbell 8/23 Melinda Ramsey 8/25 Debbie Parker 8/26 Rachael Cox 8/26 Elise Lockwood 8/27 Liz Remley 8/28 Tim Kelley 8/28 Aaron Krichbaum August Anniversaries 8/1 Ralph & Norma Cox Sr. 8/11 Nate & Krissy Lockwood 8/15 Sean & Tiffany Remley 8/25 Tim & Barb Remley 8/27 Mike & Debbie Parker September Birthdays 9/3 John Paulus 9/3 Rich Mortland 9/3 Timothy Kelley 9/5 Brandy Miller 9/5 Courtney Miller 9/15 Jacquie Burtt 9/16 Jessica Staley 9/16 Morgan Williamson 9/16 Emma Woods 9/22 Barb Remley 9/22 Diane Shane 9/26 Ron Moore 9/27 Charlene Worrall 9/28 Alice Brunckhart 9/28 Seth Brickey 9/29 Bonnie Kerr 9/29 Ben Krichbaum 9/30 Jeannette Birkich October Birthdays 10/1 Elaine Legrom 10/2 Winona Weaver 10/4 Marie Deitz 10/5 Sandi Schoener 10/9 Bill Weaver 10/12 Jeff Brickey 10/12 Daniel Amstutz 10/17 Alison Williamson 10/19 Sam Nodo 10/23 Alice Fazzone 10/23 Katie Burtt 10/25 Gracie Kelley 10/29 Mitch Krichbaum 10/31 Mona Schultz September Anniversaries 9/16 Roberta & Brian Miller 9/19 Vicki & Larry Henderson 9/21 George & Marcia Emmert October Anniversaries 10/3 Diane & Lester Shane 10/5 Rod & Marie Deitz 10/13 Ray & Barb Kennedy 10/16 Hal & Nikki DeCeuster FINANCIAL REPORT CHURCH 06/01/19 Balance Fwd. $18,133.85 Receipts $7,122.49 Total Receipts $25,256.34 Expenses $7,664.14 06/30/19Balance $17,592.20 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 06/30/19EOC Credit Union $1,230.67 EOC Credit Union $18,000.00 FARMERS Savings $25,795.65 TOTAL $45,026.82 BUILDING EXPANSION 06/01/19 Balance Fwd. $520.30 Pledges $1,265.92 Memorials $500.00 Hall Rent $525.00 Total In- come $2,811.22 Payment on Principal $2,453.35 Extra Payment on Principal $105.92 06/30/19Ckbk. Balance $251.95 06/01/19 Loan Bal- ance $142,391.07 Payment on Prin. $1,932.75 Extra Payment on Prin. $105.92 06/30/19 Loan Bal- ance $140,352.40