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A presentation created about \'Dance4Rwanda\', an adults 80s disco organised to raise money for my trip to Rwanda in February 2010.

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  1. 1. WILL I REACH RWANDA?By Eppie Shepherd
  2. 2. INITIAL IDEAS… To plan an event in order to raise money for my trip to Rwanda Improve upon previous events I had organised as an individual or as part of a team:-  Friend’s surprise leaving disco 2003  Dad’s Wedding September 2007  Adult Prom April 2008  School Prom June 2008  Over 17s Club Night July 2008
  4. 4. WAYS THE ADULT PROM COULD HAVE BEENIMPROVED… Preferably a Saturday night Research target Cheaper tickets audience – no food Ways to improve event More local More casual venue theme Plan earlier, advertise more
  5. 5. IDEAS FOR EVENT TO RAISE MONEY FORRWANDA…  First brainstormed ideas (March 2009) Give it a good catchy name before deciding on a Local venue – Camberley area Theme – school/80s disco 70s-90s adults only disco Event  Decided to plan for to raise money early September 2009Sell merchandise at the event Live band, DJ, good lighting Advertising – Cheaper ticket price - £7-12 Facebook, website, letters etc
  6. 6. RESEARCHING SUITABLEVENUES, DJS, MERCHANDISING ANDENTERTAINMENT… Researched using personal recommendations and search engines Emailed 44 venues, 8 DJs and 15 live bands Found that boats are out of my budget for this particular event Decided to visit Pine Ridge Golf Centre after receiving a suitable quote of £200 for a Friday evening and have confirmed to book their Baronial Hall After receiving quotes from live bands, I have decided not to hire one due to budget and risks Also received quotes from a few DJs including Amps’n’Decks who is being used for my Mum’s 40th birthday in May 2009. Have decided to hire him for my event also Dismissed the idea of merchandise as risk of not breaking even
  7. 7. WEBSITE… Named the event Dance4Rwanda Used to create website for event
  8. 8. WORKING OUT TICKET COSTS… Outgoing costs: DJ - £200 Hall - £200 Décor (& other additional costs) approx. - £30 Total = approx. £430- If 80 people attend would need tickets to be at least £5.50 to break even (430/80)…- If £7 a ticket and sell 80 = £130 profit (7x80). 60 tickets to break even (430/7)- If £8 a ticket and sell 80 = £210 profit (8x80). 54 tickets to break even (430/8) Decided to sell at £8 a ticket
  9. 9. ADVERTISEMENT AND PROMOTION… Created leaflets, tickets and posters Event page on Facebook Put posters in local newsagents, businesses and school newsletter Sent letter to school parents Sent leaflets to all of family, family friends, my own friend’s parents & work colleagues Numbered ticket list
  10. 10. RAFFLE AND AUCTION… Emailing and writing to hundreds of companies In total received donations for 13 companies Have 3 vouchers left over from Adult Prom Will contribute my own and family members’ auctions Received a grant of £250 through emailing about my raffle/auction
  11. 11. RAFFLE AND AUCTION PRIZES… • 3 x Birdworld vouchers – 2 childrens free entry (separate prizes) • 2 tickets to see Hot Mikado at Guildford’s Yvonne Theatre • £30 worth of Wagamama vouchers Raffle • A women’s polo shirt from Joules Clothing worth £25 • 2 swim vouchers at the Arena prizes • £20 worth of Game vouchers • Bottle of Champagne worth £30 • £40 meal at Estillo • Personal yoga session at own home OR 4 yoga classes • Three medik8 products (separate auctions) • 4 tickets to see Alan Ayckbourn’s Absurd Person Singular on opening night • Voucher for one bag (TotesbyTomCat) • Manhattan Beauty box worth £59.95 • Family portrait shoot worth £200 courtesy of Cherry Red Studios Auctions • 3 suit hire vouchers courtesy of Hugh Harris (separate auctions) • Months free membership to Foundation Fitness Club • Pair of tickets to see the Nutcracker at the London Coliseum • Personalised painting/drawing b Eppie Shepherd • Piano tuning worth £35 by Alan Score
  12. 12. LAST MINUTE TASKS… Paying for venue Sending play list to DJ Newspaper reports Selling tickets Decorations and extras
  13. 13. DANCE4RWANDA PROFITS… From Event = Approx 100 guests = £700 from tickets Auction = £470 Raffle and Donation pots approx. = £160 -£430 outgoing costs Total = £900 Donations from others who couldn’t come = approx. £40 Grant from The Really Useful Group = £250 Approximate total raised from organising event = £1190
  14. 14. CONCLUSION OF FEEDBACK… Suggested improvementsHighlights and strengths: and weaknesses: Dancing with friends to  Additional class 70s-90s music entertainment Ticket price  Increase ticket price Organisation  Promotion suggestions Attention to detail  Live auction Website  DJ’s sound system Promotion  Bar staff Silent auction  Providing food
  15. 15. “Very enjoyable evening, worth a night out!” “Very thorough and professional.”
  16. 16. RWANDAThe reason behind Dance4Rwanda
  17. 17. THANK YOU