Epom 4shared case study


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Epom case study will show you how to increase revenues for publishers and advertisers using ad server.

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Epom 4shared case study

  1. 1. Success Story – 4 shared4shared is currently using Epom for: Display Ad Serving Mobile Web Mobile Apps Video Ad Serving Monetizing Remnant InventoryObjectives4Shared, Alexa TOP 100 with more than 5B impressions monthlywanted to boost its advertising revenues and effectively manage theentire inventory from different mediums (display, web, and mobile)in one place.Their goal was to maximize revenue in all areas, for allcountries and sources of revenue.Moreover, 4shared team wanted a simple migration from theirexisting OpenX solution without headache of learning new UI. Solution Epom offered a simple step-by-step migration plan, conducted extensive trainings and even did a part of migration job to speed up the process. 4shared tried Epom on a small amount of traffic to check the results, and switched full-speed shortly for all the mediums. Epom also implemented some handy features for 4shared, such and even distribution and competitors’ campaigns exclusion as part of Epom’s Custom Development program.www.epom.com | E-mail: sales@epom.com | Tel: 48 22 219 5028
  2. 2. Results  Total revenue growth 35%  Total eCPM growth 20-25%  Display ad serving: eCPM growth 15%, revenue growth 18%, stopped 20% impressions lost  Mobile Web: eCPM growth 17-19% and 42% revenue growth  Mobile Apps: Mobile Apps Revenue boost up to 80% for Android apps, and 150% for iOS apps  Video Ad Serving: Epom enabled effective video content monetization which was not possible before  Epom Market: Fill rate reached 95% with eCPM growth for countries with poor monetization potential up to 13-18%  50% savings on ad serving costs  Time spent on migration: 2 days + extensive training from Epom Support Team Achievements for Display Monetizing display ads was the strongest area for 4shared sales team, but still required more effective campaigns management. 4shared achieved better results due to effective CTR, ROI optimization algorithms, profound targeting options, switching to more effective ads type that Epom supported and applying some specific options specially tailored for large publishers. Due to better campaigns optimization 4shared achieved eCPM growth 15% which is in connection with other improvements (such as avoiding 20% of impressions lost) gave the revenue growth 18%. Certainly, one of the surprising discoveries was the fact that OpenX was losing almost 20% of valuable impressions. Avoiding this lost helped get higher revenue.Achievements for MobileMonetizing of Mobile Web15% of 4shared traffic is coming from mobileand this number is growing rapidly. Havingdisplay traffic monetization more-or-lessestablished, 4shared with its diversified audiencecontinuously lost money by using AdMob only for allm.4shared.com audience. To get most of their mobileinventory, 4shared needed to found a perfect combinationof partners for each country. With Epom 4shared got awww.epom.com | E-mail: sales@epom.com | Tel: 48 22 219 5028
  3. 3. perfect tool for campaigns optimization and was able tofound an optimum formula of mixing different ad networksand direct advertisers. A simple example, AdMob’s CPM forFrance is twice less comparing to what InMobi offers.Applying this new mobile strategy for m.4shared.comresulted into eCPM growth of 17-19% and 42% of totalmobile revenue growth.Monetizing of Mobile Apps4shared developed some mobile applications for iOS and Android. Withapps population growth, 4shared realized that using AdMob only gave goodresults for a few countries. Continuously replacing SDKs in apps to try otherad networks was a bad idea, as it demanded apps update, a painful chain ofchanges.This is where Epom stepped-up offering one single SDK with 20+ adnetworks already integrated. This completely new approach in mobileapps traffic monetization resulted into significant revenue boost of80% for Android apps, and 150% for iOS apps.Achievements for Video With numerous unsuccessful attempts to have its own video ad serving capabilities, 4shared decided to count on Epom. Indeed, video ad seving is not that easy from technical prespective as it may appear! 4shared wanted to try several techniques, such as pre-rolls, post-rolls, mid-rolls, overlays, and more. Once the team from 4shared tried Epom, they started driving good revenue from their video audience. Video ads revenue generated for the past quarter has reached 7% of total ad revenue, which is a very good result comparing to zero they had before. 4shared is excited about getting more and try other highly effective ad formats such as video companion ads.Epom Market4shared team has a strong sales dep., but still there weresome regions difficult for monetization. For example,Japan and the whole MENA region was far fromeffective due to lack of experience, specific market factors,language barrier, etc.4shared decided to ask Epom traffickers to help them incertain regions. The results were amazing. With Epomwww.epom.com | E-mail: sales@epom.com | Tel: 48 22 219 5028
  4. 4. 4shared achieved the highest possible ad rates theynever dreamed about. Plus, for these regions the fill-ratehas raised up to 95%. And Epoms revenue share is assmall as 10%.The Conclusion One of the worlds largest file sharing service 4shared, which has smoothly migrated to Epom, is moving forward in the process of optimizing its display, mobile and video digital inventory. By using Epom, 4shared has significantly grown its advertising business in all countries, all verticals and revenue sources. The migration went smoothly. The team now saves its time and efforts on daily tasks focusing more on business expansion.The Word from the Team Epom significantly optimized 4shared ad inventory which resulted into a total revenue boost of35%. The platform is serving more than 5B of 4shareds ad impressions monthly, including a bigvolume of mobile traffic. Before we had tried Epom, we experienced troubles with monetizing mobiletraffic and video, Epom has solved this problem effectively. Critically for us, Epom customer support isjust as good as their server.If you are looking for a good ad server, I highly recommend to try Epom. I’m happy to providefurther information if required.Andrey LuilkoSales Director at 4shared.comAbout 4sharedFounded in 2005, 4shared.com keeps on growing and gives an opportunity to store, manage andshare data on the web for free. 4shared is much used worldwide, but most actively in the USA, Brazil,Indonesia, and South Korea.4shared has 18 million unique visitors daily and serves more than 5 billions of ad impressionsmonthly.Website: http://www.4shared.comPhone: (781) 583-1451Email: sales@4shared.comwww.epom.com | E-mail: sales@epom.com | Tel: 48 22 219 5028