YEF Book Introduction


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YEF Book Introduction

  1. 1. A Book from the Young to the Younger<br />Creating a Bump <br />in This Flat World<br />A 270-day journey in this “Flat” World<br />to re-discover oneself &<br />to find one’s path to move on<br /><br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  2. 2. Overview <br />Creating a Bump in This Flat World finds its root in an entrepreneurship competition, Young Entrepreneur of the Future (YEF). YEF is much more than a competition. It is a talent development program, which targets at graduate and undergraduate students in Taiwan, in order to broaden their global horizons and enhance their international competitiveness. Within this book are the journeys the participants have taken and the impacts they have had from YEF.<br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  3. 3. The Series of YEF Events<br />YEF Campus Tours<br />Online Application & Team Building<br />Garage Party <br />Business Summary Evaluation <br />Elevator Pitch Competition<br />6. Entrepreneurial Workshops<br />7. English Oral Assessment <br />8. Expedition to the Heart of<br /> Entrepreneurship: Silicon Valley & Boston <br />9. Wrap-up Presentation<br />
  4. 4. 版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />7 Chapters, co-authored by 59 young people<br />
  5. 5. Chapter I: Let’s Team Up!<br />Building a team is the first step at YEF<br /><ul><li>To promote and advertise yourself
  6. 6. To identify your goal
  7. 7. To find out your partners and team up with them
  8. 8. To build a reciprocal team, not a team of perfect people
  9. 9. To learn as a leader and also as a team player
  10. 10. To discover more about yourself after all these</li></ul>版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  11. 11. Garage Party<br />Many entrepreneurs start their businesses in the garages. Therefore YEF organizes the garage party for its participants to network and introduces the entrepreneur mentors to them<br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  12. 12. Chapter II: Lessons from the Entrepreneur Role Models<br />Seven successful entrepreneurs from Taiwan shared their entrepreneurial stories at YEF Garage Party<br /><ul><li>Sayling Wen, Late President, Inventec (
  13. 13. Barry Lam, Chairman, Quanta Computer (
  14. 14. Stan Shih, Founder, Acer Group (
  15. 15. Bruce Cheng, Chairman, Delta Electronics Inc. (
  16. 16. Wu-Fu Chen, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Acorn Campus </li></ul> Ventures (<br /><ul><li>M.K. Tsai, Chairman, Media Tek. ((
  17. 17. Paul Hsu, President, Epoch Foundation (</li></ul>版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  18. 18. Meeting the Entrepreneur Models<br />They not only set excellent examples in their own fields, but are role models to future entrepreneurs!<br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  19. 19. Chapter III: Unstructured Learning<br />Learning by doing<br /><ul><li> To develop a solid business plan under the guidance from </li></ul> the mentors in related industries<br /><ul><li> To sharpen team building skills </li></ul> - Mutual-Goal Setting<br /> - Relationship and Communication<br /> - Recognition and Appreciation<br /> - Commitment<br /> - Accountability <br /> - Leadership, managing team dynamics through leadership<br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  20. 20. Chapter IV: 8 ½ Minutes to Sell!<br />Elevator Pitch, Up or Down!<br /><ul><li> How to present your business ideas
  21. 21. How to convince ventures to invest
  22. 22. How to work under the pressure of time</li></ul>YEF Workshops<br /><ul><li> Team Building at Start-ups
  23. 23. Entrepreneurial Financing
  24. 24. Managing Innovation and Product Development
  25. 25. Corporate Entrepreneurship: Reinventing for Sustainable Growth
  26. 26. Entrepreneurial Marketing
  27. 27. Managing Changes </li></ul>版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  28. 28. 8 ½-Minute Elevator Pitch<br />Up or Down!<br />At the Elevator Pitch Competition, participants have to promote their products and convince the judges within 8 ½ minutes.<br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  29. 29. Chapter V: Expedition into the Cradle of Entrepreneurship — Universities<br />Each year, YEF will select 15 finalists out of approximately 200 participants through Elevator Pitch Competition, Peer/ Mentor Assessment, and English Oral Assessment. This delegation visit Silicon Valley and Boston, where the most dynamic entrepreneurship takes place in the United States, for two weeks. In this book, the finalists share their observations at the following universities.<br /><ul><li> Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT
  30. 30. Stanford University
  31. 31. University of California, Berkeley
  32. 32. California Institute of Technology
  33. 33. Laboratories at MIT-- CSAIL and Media Lab
  34. 34. The MIT50K Entrepreneurship Competition</li></ul>版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  35. 35. Universities<br />– where creativity and innovation meet <br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  36. 36. Chapter VI: Pursue Your Success with Passion<br /><ul><li>Visit the Innovative Companies:</li></ul> - Google<br /> - IDEO<br /> - Red Sox<br /><ul><li>Meet the Entrepreneurs:</li></ul> - Victor Zue, Director of MIT CSAIL<br />- Deng-Feng, Founder of Netscreen <br /> (merged by Juniper Network in 2004)<br /> - Colin Angle & iRobot<br /> - Russell J. Wilcox & E-ink<br /> - Raymond Lau & iPhrase<br /> - Kamran Elahian & Schools Online<br /><ul><li>Social Entrepreneurs:</li></ul> - Design that Matters (<br /> - Junior Achievement (<br /> - Fair Trade Coffee<br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  37. 37. Pursue the Success with Passion<br />Over the fortnights, YEF has set its foot on both the East and West Coast, talking vis-à-vis with entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. <br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  38. 38. Chapter VII: YEF Sharing from Alumni<br />Each year we have more than 200 YEF participants. To them, YEF is not an end but a start. Some of them have taken their next steps in life and now look back on the valuable lessons they have learnt during YEF.<br /><ul><li> Knowing more of yourself and improving yourself
  39. 39. Teamwork wins; the glory of heroes is long gone
  40. 40. Impact of globalization: the more prepared and earlier, the better
  41. 41. Learning and thinking out of the box
  42. 42. Pursuit of what you love, not what you have to</li></ul>版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />
  43. 43. Recommendations<br />Kai-Fu Lee (李開復)<br />Vice President, Engineering, Product, Public Affairs & President, Greater China<br />Shi Zhengrong(施正榮)<br />Founder & President, Suntech Power Co.<br />Stan Shih(施振榮)<br />Founder, Acer Group<br />Victor Zue (舒維都)<br />Director, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory<br />版權所有,僅供傳閱<br />