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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. 與頂尖 115 學府相遇 2006 4 17 Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT The Tech 來麻省理工學院丟idea! Green Building 歡迎光臨創意遊樂場 Hackers Have Blast With Caltech Cannon MIT MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Other Institute of Technology 嚇死人創意的發源地 MIT J (Hacker) Being impressively creative
  2. 2. 與頂尖 來麻省理工學院丟idea! 117 學府相遇 【麻省理工學院小檔案】 麻省理工學院 Mens et Manus (Mind and Hand) 課不多,但是很紮實 1861 inspiration 4,136 6,184 983 2005 $6,712,000,000 諾貝爾獎得主製造工廠 Society of Mind 80 AI Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Marvin Minsky I don't see why people would want to follow what other people are doing. Because if something is popular, it must mean that it is already too late to do it. 2005 61 培養「世界級」自信 全美最難進的大學 Princeton Review 2006 MIT 2006 11,373 3,000 Intel 1005 MIT Sony Warner Bros. 3 1 2006 沈育德 2003 YEF EDG (New Business Model for Avatar-based Online Service) MIT (Media Laboratory) 2007