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Epiphany Learning Services


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Epiphany Learning is a people consulting firm which helps organizations engage and develop their talent.

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Epiphany Learning Services

  1. 1. People Drive Your Organization What Drives Them? Participants engaged in discussion during an Epiphany Learning workshop
  2. 2. © Epiphany Learning | Corporate Presentation We are a people consulting firm which helps organizations engage & develop their talent. Participants engaged in discussion during an Epiphany Learning workshop
  3. 3. Talent Engagement – An Employee Journey Perspective Discovering Blending In Consolidating Gaining Mastery Meaning Induction Training, Value Orientation, Successful Starts Development and Assessment Centre, Career Stage Learning, Functional Training Academies Coaching, Mentoring, Subject Matter Experts Group Learning and engagement solutions catering to every stage of an employee’s journey in an organization © Epiphany Learning | Corporate Presentation Max Dropouts (6months – 1.5 years
  4. 4. Learning Solutions Our services include: • Training Needs Analysis • Learning Workshop Design and Development • Program Facilitation (Training Delivery) • eLearning Courseware Creation • eLearning Technology Implementation • Social Learning Design and Implementation © Epiphany Learning | Corporate Presentation • Assessment Centre Design and Facilitation • Case Study Creation • Designing Business Games and Simulations for Learning Photo credit: New Ferns by Chris Parfitt -
  5. 5. Communication Solutions Our services include: • Convert complex processes into easily interpreted charts and diagrams • Turn boring slides into exciting visual and auditory treats • Use the power of mobile and social media to amplify your communication © Epiphany Learning | Corporate Presentation • Create knowledge vignettes for customer and employee awareness and education
  6. 6. Talent Management Solutions Our services include: • Engage High Potential and High Performing Talent • Manage Employee Transitions • Assess and Develop Talent Pool Systematically • Implement and Manage Organizational Change • Improve Employee Engagement and Commitment © Epiphany Learning | Corporate Presentation • Map, Report and Build the Talent Pipeline for Key Job Roles Photo credit: Russian Dolls By C.G.P Grey:
  7. 7. Our Training Methodology Our Learning Design Approach Explore the framework in detail on our website: © Epiphany Learning | Corporate Presentation OIRE or Orient-Immerse-ReflectExtend is our homegrown instructional design framework for creating engaging and powerful live learning experiences.
  8. 8. Classroom Games Classroom Games • The reflection emerging from these games are a powerful source of learning for participants. • Save The World All games are designed to tightly map to learning objectives. • Traffic Jam We specialize in designing and conducting learning games that engage participants in meaningful interaction and play. Often, we conduct programs that only have a few games and no other instructional material. Mafia Please click the links provided to explore the games. © Epiphany Learning | Corporate Presentation •
  9. 9. Storytelling for Business Leaders Storytelling for Business Leaders Program Objectives • Mastering the art of storytelling to connect, engage and lead Solution: 2-day hands-on workshop on storytelling with E-Learning pre-work and in-workshop personalized coaching Methodology: Session conducted by professional storytellers, PowerPoint designers and media professionals. © Epiphany Learning | Corporate Presentation • Storytelling through presentations, talks, lectures and other mediums
  10. 10. Let’s Work Together