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Epinion Credential

  2. 2. Engage more effectively with your future consumersThe focus of Epinion is to deliver breakthrough market research solutionsin order to address and track critical business issues. Based on ourfindings, we help shape the foundation for our clients’ future growth.We understand that it is not just about how good the ideas behind thesolutions are, but also the effectiveness of creating and delivering resultsto our clients. By that view, Epinion has developed a strong corebusiness framework and product portfolio, which rely on our digitalcapabilities to create long-lasting impact as well as satisfy the needs forspeed and flexibility.Your business context is changing and so are the issues and challengesarising. In order for you to engage with your consumers andstakeholders, now and in the future, you need a research partner thatcan show you the way.We are looking forward to working with you!EPINIONIntroduction 2
  3. 3. Epinion at a glance The peopleYEARLY INTERVIEWS NO. OF ISSUED REPORTS LEADERSHIP EDUCATION BACKGROUND CORE SKILLS AND EXPERTISECONDUCTED /YEAR Mogens S Jakobsen>2,000,000 >1,800 Søren H Justesen Thomas Y Andersen MA/MSc/MBA BA/BSc Business Advisory Statistics/Maths Terje Vammen Ph.D. ITQUESTIONS ANSWERED REVENUE (USD Mil.) Aske NB Østergård/YEAR Thue Q Thomasen 15.0>1,400 2010 2014 (target) 40.0 The company DENMARK VIETNAM MEMBERS OF ONLINE PANELINDUSTRY EXPERTISE Year of Establishment 2000 2008 Vietnam 90,000Infant and Children’s Retail Sweden 24,000Nutrition Transport and Infrastructure Offices Copenhagen Ho Chi Minh City Findland 15,000Banking and Insurance Mobile and Telecom Norway 21,000 AarhusBeer and Softdrink Travel and Leisure Ukraine 5,000Packaged Goods Investment Consultants 80 35 Denmark 123,000Human Resource Education and ResearchManagementMedia And Entertainment Associations & Accreditations MEMBERSHIPS CERTIFICATIONIntroduction 3
  4. 4. We create impact based on a strong research frameworkOn the following pages you can explore our work from data collection to client action > DATA REPORTING CREATING DATA MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS BUSINESS IMPACT COLLECTION ONLINE PANEL CALL CENTER FOCUS GROUPS FACE TO FACE We are the only Our solutions focus Our team of Microsoft Certified Gold giving your team consultants uses both Partner in Business actionable their international and Intelligence in Vietnam recommendations local experience to and have the without delay. make sure data competency to handle converts to impact for big data. your company.Introduction 4
  5. 5. We offer the largest professional online panel in VietnamOnline panelOur online panel is a professionally Panelists Background Geographic Distributionmanaged database of consumers inVietnam. Each member has given their GENERAL INFORMATIONbackground information and is willing to Current active panel members 90,000be invited for online surveys. Daily recruitment rate 600A survey is set up and monitored in our Ha Noi. 15%online survey system and a link is sent Response rate 25-30%by e-mail to selected panel members. GENDER DISTRIBUTION PANELIST BY AGEExample of an online survey 58% Da Nang. 2% 33% 55 45 Female Male 3% 5% 2% 1% <15 15- 25- 35- 45- >55 24 34 44 54 BACKGROUND VARIABLES Ho Chi Minh City. 45% Gender Children Status Current Occupation Household & Family Size Can Tho. 2% Ages Country Employment Status Income Education Provinces with panel members Unreached provincesData Collection 5
  6. 6. Our call center in HCMC offers interviews in a controlled environmentCall center Our office in Ho Chi Minh City operates a Technical Specifications modern call-center for conducting Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews CATI stations 15 (CATI). Interviewers (Full & Part-time) 30 Our response rate in Vietnam is usually Hardware Computer Assisted at 95% and our professional call staff is perfectly suitable for Business to Software TricTrac Survey Tool Business interviews and other difficult Quality measurement Epinion Production target groups. system Dashboard 3 Epinion Production Dashboard Call staff under operation. The interview begins 1 with background information for screening the target profile. 4 2 Epinion’s production dashboard. We have developed our management tool to precisely adjust performance, quality and productivity. 3 The call center overview, working environment and call interviewers. 4 Another angle of our call center. 5 A call staff is conducting interview from Epinion’s 1 2 5 system, which stores target sample and questionnaires.Data Collection 6
  7. 7. The right conditions for in-depth insightsFocus groups and face to face interviews FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEWS FOCUS GROUP General Information Epinion can also apply face-to- DISCUSSIONS face interviews. These Epinion employs some of Focus group large room 1 interviews are suggested when Vietnam’s most experienced Group discussion rooms 3 respondents are difficult to qualitative researchers and reach with online interviews. moderators. Our focus groups Face-to-face interviews can also are most often conducted as be relevant when intercepting an exploratory phase prior to customers at point of purchase. a quantitative survey. We apply Computer Assisted IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS Personal Interviews (CAPI) Epinon’s researchers are instead of traditional paper and experienced in generating pen interviews. Our interviewers data from in-depth interviews. apply our survey tool on their We will suggest the right smart-phones to ensure correct team based on industry input and routing in the experience and target group. questionnaire. The data is sent by 3G technology to our database immediately. This is an effective tool in quality assurance and time saving.Data Collection 7
  8. 8. Utilize the strong research framework with Epinion’s solutions Our solutions are developed from the principles of providing fast RETAIL FEEDBACK reliable data and actionable recommendations to all relevant Receive feedback on four stakeholders in your organization. parameters and benchmark your trade activities towards the competition. BRAND*EQUITY TRACKING CUSTOMER VALUE USER REPORT Adapt faster to market changes MANAGEMENT Get precise background data on with continuos brand equity Optimize your product’s custom- your website user and get the tracking. Data is instantly avail- er value and increase sales with tools to improve usability. able through online dashboards. this advanced analytical tool. ADVERTISING TESTING MARKET INTELLIGENCE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION Receive fast response before Get an overview of your most SURVEY and after your campaign, by important market KPIs. Epinion Develop and retain your staff using the power of Epinion’s designs and implements online with yearly satisfaction surveys online panel. dashboards and scorecards. from Epinion.Solutions 8
  9. 9. Our team brings commercial experience, technical insights and new thinkingTRAN LIEN ASKE ØSTERGÅRD HUYNH BA DUY HUYNH HUU TINH NGUYEN TUAN THUE QUISTPHUONG “SKINNY” Regional Manager Senior Manager Senior Consultant ANH THOMASENResearch Director Qualitative leader Regional ManagerBA in Foreign Trade & BSc in Math and BA in Information B.Eng. in BA in English BSc in Int. BusinessEconomics. Economics. Technology. MBA from Telecommunications Leader in qualitative and Politics.Guru in the Vietnamese CFVG and Electronics and research in the Saigon Leader in business Leader in statistics andresearch industry with Advanced Diploma in Office. development in the IT development in The founder of online+16 years experiences Epinion. research in Vietnam. Software Engineering. More than 10 years HCMC office.in leading agencies eg. Leader in Business experience from the Four years experience An invaluable expert on Experienced in handlingTNS, Ogilvy & Mather. Intelligence in Epinion. market research from South East Asia. Discrete Choice large complexA honorary lecturer of industry in Vietnam. Models, Random Utility international research More than eight years A strategic thinker, thatThe HCMC University Theory, Conjoint projects. of experience from Experience especially creates impact onof Economics, Vietnam analysis, Customer Samsung, IBM and from working with large projects by reframing Experienced projectMarCom and the Inter- segmentation, Data United Pharma. food and beverage questions, challenging manager for largenational Advertising Mining, Sampling clients. existing thinking and private and publicAssociation. strategies, forecasting, Experienced in guiding the team to organizations inAn opinion leader on and behaviour analysis. Vietnam and abroad. U&A, market understand thebranding and com- Experience from segmentation and business context.munication in Vietnam. working with leading brand positioning. financial companies.Impact 9
  10. 10. Cases and referencesWorking closely with our clients, weaim at delivering breakthroughsolutions and changes for betterbusiness results and long-termsimpacts.Read our impact stories to see how wemanage to create values for our clients. 10
  11. 11. Clients serviced from the office in Ho Chi Minh City I am delighted with the deliverable as it gives us a comprehensive analysis regarding our distribution performance. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Epinion Vietnam, and we will certainly be calling on them again as the need arises. CLAUS PEDERSEN Chief Representative Arla Foods VietnamImpact 11
  12. 12. Impact Story: Saxo BankCustomer Value ManagementSaxo Bank is one of the global leading investment banks specializing in online tradingand investment across international financial markets. With clients worldwide, SaxoBank is recognized as excellence in service and technology. The online research method is an appropriate choice to reduce the cost with surveys in many locations. Two THE RESULTS main methods are used to process data: Multiple regressions. Compared performance of Saxo Bank with competitors in terms of perceived quality and price to: Net Promoter Score (NPS): Percentage of detractors subtracted from the percentage of Promoters. On Identify the relative strength and weakness of Saxo the recommend question a detractor scores 1-6, a Bank. passively satisfied scores 7-8 and a promoter 9-10. Identify the current position of Saxo Bank in theSaxo Bank Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark market. Indicate customer overall satisfaction towards Saxo Bank’s service performance in different customer- segments or different countries within the sameADDRESSING THE ISSUES THE APPROACH region.Saxo Bank enquired Epinion to implement a customer Epinion conducted an online survey with 817.633 Point out which dimension to be improved and howvalue added survey which was based on the main participants, including 9 regions via 14 languages. The to make it efficient.concept “Customer Value Management” (CVM). two types of respondents are: Client (Saxo BankThe concept should be seen not just about customer customer) and Lead (Competitor customer has visitedsatisfaction but further about customer perception of the Saxo Bank homepage and given email).value. The survey would continually add significant The questionnaire is mainly focused on five dimensionsnew action oriented insights for Saxo Bank. Saxo Bank which are extracted from the CVM model:provided a list of respondents to answer via web product, service, trading platform, reputation and price.interface. Each question was given a scale of 1 to 10 for a detailed evaluation.Impact 12
  13. 13. Impact Story: Dragon CapitalCustomized ResearchDragon Capital, one of the veterans in Vietnam private equity market decided to makenew move into alternative energy business with its partner Green Energy Vietnam. Thisis an unprecedented attempt to create a whole new industry.ADDRESSING THE ISSUES THE APPROACH During the study, Epinion completed more than 500With an innovative vision for Vietnam’s future telephone interviews with potential users in sixsustainable energy production, Green Energy Vietnam provinces of Vietnam. The process of gaining trust andand Dragon Capital engaged on a journey to develop achieving a high success-rate was accomplished bylocally produced biofuels. To examine the market using a team of persuasive interviewers and buildingpotential and competitive environment, Epinion was relationships with interviewees.requested to unveil the reality. Will Jatropha be a daily alternative for fossil energy in Vietnam?What is the potential for Pure Plant Oil (PPO) andBiomass fuel in Vietnam?” By top-down methodology Epinion’s consultants THE RESULTSGetting started by this interesting yet challenging established the three logical sub-questions:question, the team set the direction of the research What is the current market demand? The final result became an important element of theand furthermore elaborated the issues of identifying commercial due diligence of the Green Energy project How best to distribute the products? and the knowledge was used in the Investmentindustrial demands for PPO as a fossil fuel alternativeand Biomass fuel as a wood/coal replacement How is the market acceptance of these new Memorandum as an objective third party assessment ofdomestically. products? the market potential.Impact 13
  14. 14. Impact Story: Arla FoodsRetail FeedbackArla Foods, a Nordic Corporation, is one of the leading suppliers of powdered milkproducts throughout Europe. The company first introduced its Milex brand to Vietnamduring 2007 after its expansion into China previously proved a success.THE APPROACHTo give a comprehensive analysis of the distribution Epinion’s call center staff spent approximately 20chain, Epinion conducted an extensive telephone-based minutes with each interview respondent and allsurvey with the participation of 74 Milex retailers answers were recorded directly into a data collectionsituated in Hanoi. The questionnaire was customized system. This research method not only minimizesand focused on the five important factors directly quality risk, but also is cost saving. Information keyedimpacting a retailer’s satisfaction. promotional into this system is kept confidential. Together with Clearing road blocks for the growthcampaigns, payment policies, sales team various statistical applications, a frequency, mean andperformance, sales revenue and overall distribution cross-tab method were used to process the collectedefficiency. Each question was given a scale of 1 to 5 data.for a detailed evaluation.ADDRESSING THE ISSUES THE RESULTSIt is an essential element of all business enterprises to The Final Report by Epinion for Arla Foods resulted in:monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of its supply An Evaluation of Overall Retailer Satisfaction in relation to the Distribution Agent MESA.chain. In order to operate viably within the VietnameseMarket, Arla Foods changed its distribution partner. Arla Recommendations on the importance of varying promotional techniques along with improving sales teamFoods requested a report from Epinion to determine the performance to increase future demand and develop strategic marketing approachessatisfaction of their retailers in regards to this change. A conclusive statement regarding Milex’s market share and brand equity in Hanoi thus far.Impact 14