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Show by loz

  1. 1. Show My Role and Contribution By Laurence Smith
  2. 2. Research • I researched different types of shows, to get the idea of what kind of show I could have to put on. I looked at different shows such as live gigs, looking how gigs are put together and how the musicians perform to a crowd. Theater different types of stages and atmosphere is very important and style to intreats the selective audience. • As we are a small class and don’t have very long to put on a big show like a gig nor a drama production. So we came to a group dissision to go with something smaller the internet • as the internet as a wide audience 3/4 of the world and you are able to broadcast whatever you wish.
  3. 3. Online Web-Series • In researching Online web series I looked at many different miniseries including The Guild, Living with the infidels and Chad Vader. • Most web series are based on comedy as comedy is one of the hardest to do but it can get the largest audience so I knew when making this show we had to make a comedy as it would open up for large audience.
  4. 4. Blogging • I use a blog to write down my progress and show my research from one essay accessible place. • I am able to add pictures, video and other thing in my blog so people can go through the same process as I did in contributing in this project.
  5. 5. The groups • we were broken up into 2 group one called Lines and me group Detention Defecit • In my group was James, Hayden, Matt H, Philippa, Alexander and Joe • we had specific roles in the group. • I was Editor, Camera operator and sound engineer and extra • James was Script Writer and actor • Philippa was marketing and Director of Sound • Hayden was story bored, cinematographer and actor • Alexander was Marketing and actor • Matt H was graphic Design
  6. 6. My Role • my Role was Editor, Camera operator and sound engineer as well as an extra • I had to edit all the footage we got for any trailer or episodes I had to film most of the episode and operator the boom mic at the same time. I was also and extra in episode 2 and 3
  7. 7. Planning the episodes • We worked together in thinking of anisual idea for the episode and after brain storming characters and the plot james went away and made a script for each episodes we made little changes to it adding extra jokes and talking away anything that didn’t work.
  8. 8. Advertisng • for advertising we used facebook and blog to help publicize the episodes lunch by inviting friends and keeping people updated and thing people can watch like teaser trailers.
  9. 9. Episode 1 • episode was our pilot episode and was truly our pilot episode as we had alot of set back and made many mistakes that we learnt from fro future episode some of the camera work was poor as well as the acting we also broke health and safety as james gave hayden a nose bleed by accident but luckily I was a qualified First-aider
  10. 10. Episode 2 • Episode 2 we planned out alot more carefully and I had to do camera work for this and operate the boom mic as the last episode dragged on a bit to long we cut alot out of the episode and made it as long as we had to have it.
  11. 11. Episode 3 • Episode 3 we had alot of complication as we had to film the episode in a very short space of time and didn’t have everything planned out fully so we had to quickly bring everything together and make a quick episode but we did get to the launch date in time
  12. 12. Audience Reponce • We had positive reviews from many people. Especially episode 2 as it was was the most well planned one out of the 3. We got quite a few view on the facebook page but had problem with the view counter of our episode as the contour didn’t count view if people watched the episode directly on facebook. So we didn’t have a full idea of how many view we actually got for all the episodes.
  13. 13. Overall reflection • looking back at the 3 episode and work I feel that we did well but there was room for a lot of improvements and out organisation skills weren’t as efficient as we hoped. I was happy with my editing episode 2 as I did it quickly and efficiently that we had plenty of time to make little amendments