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Intro to FaceBook for Business


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Leigh-Chantelle's 2-hour presentation for Bartercard Brisbane South on Tuesday 23 August 2016.

Email for PDF, handout or any questions

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Intro to FaceBook for Business

  1. 1. 23 August 2016 Introduction to FaceBook for Business with Leigh-Chantelle image from
  2. 2. My Background Content Creation & Social Media since 2009 Appraisals, Consulting & Training Businesses Give lectures, workshops, consultations and coaching on the following topics: Online Marketing & Social Media Online Etiquette & Effective Communication Tech Tips & Online Security Writing and Releasing your own Book or eBook Vegan Health & Lifestyle Staging Effective Events & Engaging Volunteers Published Author, International Speaker & Consultant
  3. 3. Social Media Channels ✤
  4. 4. Why Do I Need to Be On Social Media? ✤ The internet has 3.17 billion users (world’s population: 7.3 billion) ✤ There are 2.3 billion active social media users ✤ 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels ✤ Internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts ✤ Social media users have risen by 176 million in the last year ✤ 1 million new active mobile social users are added every day - 12 each second ✤ Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages a day Stats: March 2016
  5. 5. Digital in Australia
  6. 6. Annual Growth
  7. 7. Social Media Marketing is Used For: ✤ Brand Awareness ✤ Engagement ✤ Connecting with the Community ✤ Building a Community ✤ Understanding your Audience Better
  8. 8. What’s So Great? ✤ Online is always evolving and the customer/viewer is now in control. ✤ Social Media shows consumers behind the scenes, showing why, how and in what way they should engage with a brand or group. ✤ Social Media focuses more on the process and not just the outcome. ✤ Social Media recognises the power of a creative network and not a strict hierarchy, therefore it is less formal and more engaging.
  9. 9. Users on Social Media Facebook: 1.71 billion users Flickr: 112 million users Google+: 300 million users Instagram: 400 million users LinkedIn: 300 million users Periscope: 10 million users Pinterest: 100 million users Reddit: 36 million accounts Snapchat: 100 million users Twitter: 320 million users WhatsApp: 900 million users Youtube: 1 billion+ users Stats: March 2016
  10. 10. Social Media Use
  11. 11. Top Social Platforms
  12. 12. Cheap(ish) & Easy(ish) ✤ Social Media is a great cost-saving way to promote your idea and your passions and to build an online community of followers. ✤ Video camera, editing software, microphones, computers and laptops are now affordable and this gives many more people the opportunity to create, edit and spread information more easily and cheaply. ✤ By utilising these new ways of creating, editing and spreading information, Social Media has become mainstream with many people taking part.
  13. 13. How? ✤ Commit ✤ Create and share high-quality, relevant content ✤ Highly visual ✤ Promote shareability ✤ It takes at least 6 months to develop an online position (more like 2 years)
  14. 14. FaceBook ✤ #1 for amount of profiles (#2 Google+) ✤ There are 1.71 billion monthly active users (as of July 2016) ✤ 823M of those are mobile-only users ✤ There are 1.083 billion daily active users ✤ 47% of Facebook users only access the platform through mobile ✤ Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day - 6 new profiles every second ✤ Worldwide, 38.6% of the online population use Facebook ✤ Users spend an average of 20 minutes per day on the site ✤ 100 million hours of daily video watch time ✤ Facebook accounts for 62% of social logins made by consumers to sign into the apps and websites of publishers and brands Stats: March 2016
  15. 15. FaceBook Business ✤ 50 million active small business Pages ✤ But only 2.5 million of those businesses pay to be ‘active advertisers’ ✤ Although 75% of brands will pay to promote posts ✤ 78% of Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile ads ✤ Average advert click through rate on Facebook is 0.9% ✤ Although adding a CTA button can lift click-through-rate by 2.85 times ✤ 49% of users like a Facebook page to support a brand they like ✤ 40% of users don’t like any brand pages – meaning paid adverts are the only way to reach them ✤ Videos earn the highest rate of engagement, despite only making up 3% of content ✤ Posts published on Thursday and Friday receive the highest engagement Stats: March 2016
  16. 16. FaceBook Reach ✤ Organic reach has been slashed for pages – down to 3-5% at best - FaceBook is now Pay to Play. ✤ Put a certain amount of money on your posts eg $5 per post - or don’t post if no-one is seeing your posts ✤ Cuts down on irrelevant posting – create only good content. ✤ Work out what your (targeted) audience likes the most and create more of this. ✤ Paying won’t necessarily get engagement and reach – quality posts needed for engagement
  17. 17. FaceBook Demographics Pew Research Center 2015 findings: ✤ Facebook is the dominant social media network for virtually every age demographic: ✤ 18 to 29: 82% ✤ 30 to 49: 79% ✤ 50 to 64: 64% ✤ 65+: 48% ✤ Comparatively, 31% of online adults use Pinterest, 28% use Instagram, 25% use LinkedIn and 23% use Twitter.
  18. 18. FaceBook Users
  19. 19. FaceBook Page
  20. 20. FaceBook Advertising
  21. 21. FaceBook Advertising
  22. 22. FaceBook Boost Post
  23. 23. Focus onVisuals ✤ Visual Content much more likely to get shared ✤ Stimulate engagement and shareability by creating high-quality, relevant content that’s highly visual. ✤ If you can show something, do this instead of telling ✤ Create ORIGINAL and BRANDED visual content - ✤ Watermark your images before you share them. ✤ Instagram, Pinterest especially - don’t forget Twitter and FaceBook
  24. 24. Be Pro-Active with Engagement ✤ More visuals ✤ Shorter posts ✤ Offer promotions to your followers or discount codes, giveaways, contests. ✤ Most importantly, be proactive with your engagement. ✤ Ask more questions, respond more often ✤ Use + and @ to connect with others ✤ Join communities and groups ✤ See what’s trending and popular ✤ Collect email addresses
  25. 25. Share & Share Some More ✤ If you have group of people or band, take turns posting and responding on your pages eg Mondays is Dave’s turn,Tuesdays is Sharon’s turn etc. ✤ Schedule updates – HootSuite – also on FaceBook ✤ Use tools to measure Return On Investment (ROI) eg Google Analytics, Shares, Comments, Likes, +1s, re-tweets etc ✤ Share Visuals, Events,Teach & Sell ✤ Share your Social Media profiles on other SM channels ✤ Link to all your channels on your website, email signature, mailing list ✤ Encourage likes, +1s, re-tweets.
  26. 26. Best PostingTimes - FaceBook
  27. 27. What Should I Share? ✤ Share online content that matters to you and to others in your arena. ✤ Provide value to your readers by focusing on relevant and up to date information shared on a regular basis. ✤ Have something meaningful to say by knowing your topic well and knowing your audience. ✤ Think outside the square. ✤ Have a unique focus or approach.
  28. 28. Ideas for Shareable Content ✤ Create Conversation - ask questions that will engage your fan base and encourage answers. ✤ Educate and Inform - share podcasts, transcripts, eBooks, facts, lists/top 10, how to’s and reviews. ✤ Share Visuals - upload photos, images, infographs, videos, eBooks and presentations. ✤ Link to your website - share blogs, articles, online store, recipes etc from your own website. ✤ Gauge Opinions - ask your fans for their opinions and feedback on upcoming, new or existing products or services. ✤ Entertain - share podcasts, videos, presentations and music. ✤ Be Inspirational: upload quotes, music and fascinating facts.
  29. 29. Ideas for Photos ✤ Products ✤ Team/Staff ✤ Fans/Followers ✤ Behind the Scenes ✤ Action shots ✤ Collages ✤ Selfies ✤ Moving – video ✤ Caption this
  30. 30. Be Consistent ✤ If you are lazy, this is unfortunate as the culture asks a lot from individuals. ✤ Updating regularly, allowing others access to your life, being online to answer questions, continuing on with developing your community, reaching out to others and more. ✤ You need to have good time management skills and keep topics up to date. ✤ Set expectations of when you or your team will be online and when you will respond. ✤ Post regularly, not as often as possible. ✤ Whenever you decide to post, remember to be consistent. ✤ It’s better to post once a week than posting every day for three weeks and then not
  31. 31. Be Creative & Don’t SPAM ✤ Remember to share at least 5 times more content from other sources before you share your own content. ✤ Sharing your own content all of the time can seem like SPAM. ✤ Remember that people learn more from seeing visuals than they do from seeing a lot of text or too much information. ✤ Mix it up.
  32. 32. Share Something Different Each Day ✤ Break each week into different content relating to a particular day:
  33. 33. Keep In Mind... ✤ Be careful what you share online because everything is a permanent reflection of you or your company/group that may never be erased. ✤ If you have various people posting on behalf of your company, make sure that everyone knows the goals of the company. ✤ Ensure that people know what to post as well as what not to post. ✤ Always use the correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. ✤ If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face or mail it on a postcard, don’t say it online. ✤ Consider how the content you share is positive or negative for your company. ✤ Don’t abbreviate or use slang - just because you know what it means, doesn’t mean others will.
  34. 34. How Do I Connect?
  35. 35. SetYour Goals & Commit ✤ Have clear goals with exactly what you want to achieve. ✤ Know your audience and where they are online. ✤ Be realistic with what you can commit to – and stick to it. ✤ Combine your own website, email marketing and paid marketing with your Social Media postings. ✤ Be persistent and be patient when building your online community. ✤ It takes at least 6 months to develop an online position – but realistically it’s more like 1-2 years.
  36. 36. Creating ATribe ✤ Email is still the best way to convert customers - offer free eBooks, links on your Social Media and website ✤ Build your Digital Assets ✤ By creating your own content, you are showing that you’re a leader in the market and not a follower ✤ People will keep coming to you for original content. ✤ Create multi-media content eg video becomes transcribed blog, detached audio becomes podcast
  37. 37. Your Digital Assets
  38. 38. YourWebsite ✤ Own your own domain name ✤ One spot to showcase yourself ✤ Optimised for search, (SEO) and mobile devices. ✤ Include relevant keywords naturally in your website text ✤ Page URLs to have words, instead of numbers ✤ Make sure your information is updated and all links work
  39. 39. YourWebsite Features ✤ About/Bio, Press, Gallery, Audio,Visual, Contact, Mailing List & Shop ✤ Follow buttons for all your Social Media channels ✤ Incentives to join your mailing list eg free eBook ✤ Option to share your online content
  40. 40. YourWebsite
  41. 41. Online Etiquette ✤ Online Etiquette simply means courtesy to others online. ✤ Words are powerful. Just as they have the power to motivate and inspire, they also have the ability to hurt and harm others. ✤ Whatever you’re doing or sharing online can be viewed by anyone with Internet access - including videos, text or comments you make, photos you upload and more. ✤ Remember that once something is out there it’s out there online for a long time – if it ever really goes away. ✤ Most job recruitment agencies look at your online reputation before hiring ✤ If you have unsuitable photos or videos, inappropriate comments or Likes and concerning lifestyle choices, these may cost you a job. ✤ Your online image could also cost you your friendships, your relationship, a place at school or university, a place on a team or group and a may even cause a whole lot of humiliation. ✤ Remember above all that the information you share about yourself is the one thing online that you have complete control over, so use this well. ✤ Use the Internet as a marketing tool for you, your life and your future success.
  42. 42. Top 10Tips for Online Etiquette
  43. 43. Check Out ✤ Online Etiquette article &WhyYou Should Use Social Media to Support your Cause article - both by Leigh-Chantelle ✤ Jeff Bullas - ✤ Mari Smith - ✤ Search Engine Journal - ✤ Social Media Examiner ✤ Social Media Today -
  44. 44. Connect: