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Week 3 carson


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Week 3 of the Carson's!

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Week 3 carson

  1. 1. Opal Beach - Carson – Week 3 Hi and welcome back to my Build a City Challenge AND my legacy! Wereofficially back to the Carsons this week, but we will be returning to the Kings and a new family in the next updates. Thanks for reading and enjoy!
  2. 2. If you can recall from our last update, Stanley Carson was born and was just about tocelebrate his birthday into a child. Stanley is Kaylynn and Joe Carsons first child, andtheyre hoping to have more.Kaylynn: Make a wish, Stan!Stanley: I whiwsh for a bwig boy bwody and a new fwend.Kaylynn: Aww, now blow out your candles!Stanley blew out his candles and Kaylynn set him on the floor to spin.
  3. 3. Stanley: Wow, will you look at me? Ive grown!Kaylynn: YEAH, YOU STANLEY!Stanley turned out very cute, and had a good combination of his mother andfathers features. The ladies would be swooning over him one day, but for now, hewas happy to just run free and be a kid.Kaylynn loved her son, and was excited to see him grow, but a thought started tolinger in the back of her mind: Were they ready for another child?
  4. 4. Joe: Hey Christy!Christy: ….Joe: Thats nice. Hows the husband? Thanks again for inviting Kaylynn and me to yourwedding!Christy: ….Joe: Oh really? Thats great news! Im so glad to hear that things are working out for youand Gordon.Christy: ….Joe: Sweet – hey, do you want to come into work tomorrow?It was always great having good friends as least, thats what Joe thoughtas he called one of his best friends and his sole employee at Kay Bakery. She hadrecently gotten married to a man named Gordon King, and if what she had told Joe wastrue, they were expecting their first child together.
  5. 5. The next morning, Stan went to school with a very large and excited smile on his face.Unfortunately, he wouldnt have much chance in finding friends at this school – hardly anyone senttheir kids to Opal Beach to learn. Most preferred the safer schools located in the suburbs of SimCity.Stanley: Hello, everyone!Only silence responded to Stans cheerful greeting. Stanley quickly found a seat, any seat really,and went off to school basked in the sad absence of sound. He wished he at least had a sibling toshare this long bus ride with...
  6. 6. When Stanley returned home from school, he found that his grades were suffering already.Stanley: Ah man, I have a C. What will mom and dad think? Im not even good at school!Stanley tucked his report card into his pocket and headed into the house to tell his parents thebad news.
  7. 7. Kaylynn: How was school, sweetheart? Did you make any friends?Stanley: Friends? No – theres no friends to make. Barely anyone goes to my school.Kaylynn: Really? Thats too bad. Im sure its just because of the economy, sweetie. Im bet oncejobs open up around here, then more people will move in and there will be more boys and girls foryou and your siblings to play with. Now, tell me about your classes. Did you enjoy learning newthings?Stanley: Actually, mom...I didnt do so well today.Kaylynn: What do you mean, Stan?Stanley: I got a C... Im sorry, mom, Ill go clean my room now or something to make up for it.To Stanleys surprise, Kaylynn started to laugh. Before he could ask her why, Kaylynn pulled himinto a hug and said,Kaylynn: Honey, its normal to do badly in school on your first day there. I didnt expect you to beperfect. In fact, I think your grades will go up faster than you think. Everyone needs a littleadjustment time. Now, go do your homework and your father will make us some dinner.
  8. 8. Once dinner had rolled around and the family had settled in, Kaylynn decided thatshe needed to bring up something very important to her family. Something that hadbeen bothering her ever since Stanleys birthday.Kaylynn: Joe, Stanley, I have an idea I would like to propose to you.Stanley: Whats that, Mom?Joe: An idea, dear? Well spit it out, Im sure its as wonderful as you are.Kaylynn: Well...what would you guys think of adding another addition to our family?A little brother or sister, perhaps?Joe: Why, thats a wonderful idea!Stanley: Yeah, I agree. Id love a little brother to boss around...
  9. 9. Kaylynn: Really? You both want another family member that bad?Stanley: Yes! Its so lonely here, itd be great to have another kid to play with.Kaylynn: heres another idea. What would you do if I told you I waspregnant?Joe: Why – Id pick you up, twirl you around, and tell you how good of news that wasand how much I love you.Kaylynn: Okay...well... Im pregnant.So Joe did just what he promised as Stanley looked awkwardly away and tried tofinish his salmon and mashed potatoes.
  10. 10. While the day was still young, Joe went outside to tend to his tomato plants. Theywere just about ready to be harvested, but Joe figured he would give them anotherday to really shine. He wasnt very good at this gardening thing yet, but he figuredwith more practice he would become better. Maybe he could sell produce in hisstore as well as cakes. Did tomatoes count as a bakery item?
  11. 11. Meanwhile, Kaylynn settled in for a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It seemed sparkly forsome reason, and she wondered if that was because Joe had maxed his cookingenthusism. At least, she figured, he always seemed to glow when he cooked dinner forthe family.As to why Kaylynn was eating so soon after dinner, well – she was eating for two, ofcourse! This baby was draining her needs much quicker than Stanley had, which meantKaylynn often had to make an extra stop to the kitchen after dinner.
  12. 12. That night, Stanley sat alone in the living room and watched tv. He was excited to hearabout a new brother or sister, it meant the nights after finishing his homework would notbe as lonely. Soon, he would have a friend to play with. His only hope was that hewould not grow too old before the baby did more than dirty its diapers.
  13. 13. As the days went by, Kaylynns pregnancy steadily progressed. As excited as she was at theprospect of a new baby, she wasnt sure how well they could afford it without regular jobs.Oftentimes, she would find herself spending long hours at the store in order to squeeze in asmuch cash as humanly possible before the labor was too much for her swollen feet tohandle.
  14. 14. Stanley also seemed to be working harder because of the news. One day, afterschool, he came barreling into the house, report card in hand and shouted the goodnews.Stanley: MOM! DAD! I got an A+! I GOT AN A+! Me, Stanley Carson, an A+!Kaylynn: Thats great, dear! I knew you could do it.Stanley: A+! A+! A+! A+!!!
  15. 15. Joe and Kaylynn also found plenty of time to indulge in one of their favorite activities...making out. Since Kaylynn had gotten pregnant again, Joe couldnt resist her. Therewould be many times that she would be doing some seemingly innocent activity whenhe would hunt her down, sweep her in his arms, and kiss her like there was notomorrow.
  16. 16. Sometimes, she would be the one to kiss him...
  17. 17. Of course, they would never neglect their duties of being good parents to the child theyalready had... They loved their son, they loved him so much that if anything were tohappen to him they werent sure if they would be able to cope. Every night, Joe wentinto a sleeping Stanleys bedroom to tuck him in and whisper encouragements into hisear.Joe: Im so proud of you, Stanley. Youre meant for great things, Stanley. I love you,Stanley.Joe would never know it, but Stanley was always awake during these interactions. Itwas the very best way to end a long day of school and hard work.
  18. 18. When he wasnt working on homework or skills, Stanley would spend time down by the lake that the Carsons recently put into their backyard.Stanley loved to fish,but he wasnt very goodat it yet.
  19. 19. Mostly he would catch boots, which was odd – how were these boots getting into this lake anyway? Who would have put them there? When Stanley asked his parents, they said something about the previous towns trash, but it didnt make much sense to the boy.Occasionally, a fishwould pop into hispond. Stanley mountedthe first of each hecaught, and sold therest to the next townover.
  20. 20. One night, as the entire family was sleeping, a burglar crept across their front lawn.
  21. 21. John: Oh, this is perfect! These stupid fools dont even own a security alarm. Ican take anything I want without them being none the wiser until morning.The burglar was ironically named John Goldman. Maybe he wanted to be a manof gold but didnt care much for hardwork? Either way, he made his way into thehouse to steal as much as his heart desired.
  22. 22. It was only luck that Kaylynn spotted him stealing their couch on her way for her twoam snack. The burglar bolted as soon as he realized as he was caught, and wasgone before the police Kaylynn had called had arrived. It was too bad... she likedthat couch.
  23. 23. Unable to sleep after the shocking turn of events, Kaylynn decided to get dressed soshe could head into the business for the day. When she entered the bathroom to brushher teeth and fix her hair, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.Kaylynn: What the...?Another bout of pain hit her like a wave of bricks and she doubled over, screaming.Kaylynn: JOE!!!
  24. 24. Unfortunately, Joe was still asleep and Kaylynn found herself birthing their second childalone. She wondered why she ever agreed to be a mother...the pain was just too much forher to handle. If Joe had bothered to show up for the birth, it would probably be easier, butsince she was alone, she was forced to deal with each contraction herself.Kaylynn: JOESPH CARSON IM GOING TO KILL YOU WHEN YOU WAKE UP.
  25. 25. In the end, the pain and suffering that Kaylynn had to endure was worth it, because, onceagain, she found herself holding a handsome baby boy in her arms.Kaylynn: Now...what should I call you?The baby did not respond. Kaylynn decided that she had the complete right to name herchild whatever she wanted. If Joe had wanted to help, then he should have been there forhis second sons birth. Still, Kaylynn recalled him mentioning a name he liked a few weeksago. Maybe it would fit her new son.Kaylynn: How about Quinn? You look like a Quinn Carson to me.The baby smiled, causing Kaylynn to grin back from ear to ear. Quinn Carson had beenborn.
  26. 26. When Joe had finally woken up, he crept into the nursery only to find his son alreadylying in his crib. Kaylynn had left him a note before she had gone to sleep just so hewould understand what had happened. It read:Joe, I hand-delivered your baby last night. Hes lying in the nursery... His name isQuinn and hes precious. I also fed him, Im sure his diaper will be sufficantly dirtied bythe time you wake up in the morning. Go meet your new son...and change that diaper!Since he was so obedient to his wife orders, and since he felt bad that Kaylynn wentthrough yet another labor alone, Joe now found himself in the boyish room. He wentover to the crib and picked up his son for the first time.Joe: Hello, little Quinn Carson.
  27. 27. Kaylynn was right, Quinn had left a present in his diaper sometime during the night. Joe quickly changed it with a wrinkle in his nose, boy that kid was smelly!Afterwords, he went intothe kitchen and gave hisson his morning bottle. Hedidnt want him starving todeath!
  28. 28. Since the new baby had arrived, Stanley found himself frequently picking up after hisparents. He supposed it would be his duty, as the big brother, to make sure things inthe house were orderly as to let his parents spend more time helping their tiniestson. He just wished Quinn was big enough to play with already.
  29. 29. When he didnt have to look after the baby, Joe found himself spending long hours inthe bakery trying to make enough money to feed the family. He didnt have much ofa knack for business, and found that it was still stuck at level 1. He was hoping alittle more experience would push the business up a bit. It would help, too, whenStanley became a teenager and would be able to work in the store with him.
  30. 30. Joe and Kaylynn still found plenty of time for other pursuits...
  31. 31. Kaylynn also found time to take care of her precious tomato plants. She really wished shecould grow something other than tomatoes, but alas, it wasnt meant to be. She did findthat she had a natural knack for robot making. Maybe they would open a robotics store inthe near future.
  32. 32. Before any of them knew it, Quinns birthday had crept up. Joe quickly brought the infant tothe cake and blew out the candles.Joe: I hope you look like your mother, son. We wouldnt want you stuck with a mug like mine,now would we?Quinn said nothing, but instead giggled and squirmed in his fathers arms.
  33. 33. Joe threw his son up into the air, and he spun into toddler-hood. Unfortunately, he seemedto inherit features from both parents. Still, Quinns classy outfit and huge smile were morethan enough to make up for any of Joes genetic contributions. Besides, Joe only thoughtof himself as ugly. If you asked Kaylynn, she would go on and on about how Joe was themost handsomest man she had ever met.Thats where Im going to leave you, folks. Once again, thankyou for reading this chapter! Next time, expect an update onthe Kings, the Carsons, and a new family! See you aroundand happy simming. :)
  34. 34. Stats: Sims: 7 Households: 2 Owned lots: 1 Sim Multiplier: 2 Population: 14 Burglaries: 2 Fires: 1 CAS Sims: 0 of 1 All Careers: LOCKED Businesses: Kay Bakery – Level 1