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Opal beach 2


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Week two of Opal Beach.

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Opal beach 2

  1. 1. Opal Beach – Week 2 Hey there, and welcome back to both my legacy and my build a city challenge! Thisupdate will be of the Carsons again, but after this chapter we will see some expansion in the neighborhood and then each family will have their own chapter for each week. As always, thank you for reading and enjoy!
  2. 2. Just for anyone who is curious, this is the houseso far. Its not much, but Im sure it will grow to bea mansion in due time. Kaylynn brought in 17,000simoleans, by the way, which we will use todecorate.
  3. 3. When we were last with the Carsons, Joe and Kaylynn had just professed their love for each other andKaylynn had moved in, bringing a substantial sum of money with her.
  4. 4. That night the two lovebirds found themselves sitting at the new dinner table, a plate of leftover spaghettiin front of each of them.Joe: Kaylynn, as you know, I love you.Kaylynn: Yes, I love you too.Joe: Well...I have something I want to ask you...Kaylynn: Where are you going with this, Joe?
  5. 5. Joe: I just wanted to know if you would do the honor of becoming my wife. Will you marry me?Kaylynn: OH! Yes, yes of course Ill marry you! Yes! Yes! Yes!With Kaylynns acceptance under his belt, Joe took her hand and slipped the ring on her finger.Joe: I love you so much, you know that right?Kaylynn: I do know that, you tell me every hour. I love you too.
  6. 6. With the engagement behind them, the two decided to celebrate that night in the best of ways.Kaylynn is a family sim with the lifetime want to marry off six children. Which probably will not happen becausesix children costs a lot of money, which the family does not have at the moment. She is a Cancer with 6 neat,3 shy, 6 active, 4 serious, and 6 nice. Her natural hobby is tinkering.
  7. 7. Morning came quickly and Joe couldnt help but hold his soon to be wife in his arms. In a few moments,they would have to rise and greet the day, prepare the wedding, and finally tie their hands together in union.Joe wanted to take advantage of the little quiet time he had.
  8. 8. When it was finally time for the pair of them to rise, Joe went and did what he did every morning: prepare breakfast.Joe: (to himself) Its nice to be starting the morning off with my new family. Now to only get married so to make ourfamily official!A fancy, public wedding didnt seem like a necessary charade for him, and he was certain Kaylynn felt the sameway. In all honesty, just performing the ceremony in his small kitchen sounded nicer than anything a weddingplanner could come up with. He didnt need guests and cake and feasts to celebrate, he only needed his love forKaylynn, and her love for him, the most beautiful thing a man could have.
  9. 9. Thats just what the pair did. That night, Joesph and Kaylynn joined hands in the comfort of their very own kitchen.Joe: Kaylynn, will you do me the honor ofbeing my wife?Kaylynn: I do. And will you, Joesph, do me thehonor of being my husband?Joe: I do. Of course I do!
  10. 10. With a kiss on the lips to seal their promises andlove, the two were married.Joe: So, how are you feeling?Kaylynn: Crazy.Joe: ...crazy? How?Kaylynn: Crazy in love of course. Its weird, Inever pictured myself as the romantic type. Butthen you walked into my life with your wooing andyour flattery and your outright love and I knew Iwas a goner.
  11. 11. Joe: Well, Im glad I could be of some help then, my dear. Now come here and kiss me, I miss your sweetlips already.Kaylynn: It would be my pleasure.
  12. 12. The next few days were filled with cooking andpainting and gardening and treasure digging, as wellas a number of other different ways to make money.The couple longed for a child, but they knew that itwouldnt be fair to bring a child into the world whenthey were thoroughly unprepared to raise it.
  13. 13. They even started a small business in the comfort of their home. It was a simple enough affair, Joespent a couple hours baking deserts in the kitchen, and Kaylynn manned the cash register andoccasionally made sales to various customers.
  14. 14. They even began taking in loyal customers. People who wanted their daily berry pie, or Sunday Baked Alaska allcrowded up the couples foyer with shopping bags and cold, hard cash. Kaylynn wasnt amazing with handlingmoney or using the cash register, but she got by. The business was soon up to a rank two.
  15. 15. One day as Joe was restocking, he took a quick glance at their numbers. With the loyal customersthey had made, and the amount of things they were able to sell, the couple soon found themselveswith a little more money than they knew what to do with. With this fact in hand, Joe came up with aclever next step in his plan.
  16. 16. It turned out that Kaylynn was thinking of the exact same thing.Joe: Are you thinking what Im thinking?Kaylynn: I sure hope youre thinking what Im thinking, otherwise this would just be creepy.
  17. 17. Unfortunately, the next morning (or perhapsfortunately in terms of the Law Enforcementcareer), Joe caught on fire while trying tomake Crepes Suzette..
  18. 18. After Kaylynn finished laughing at his clumsiness, she phoned the fire department, which came quickly.Note: The observant reader would notice that I have a security alarm installed, this is simply become ofa misunderstanding of the Law Enforcement rules. As soon as I realized my mistake, all alarm systemswere removed from the property until I unlock them.Kaylynn: Over here, boys! Now come save my silly husband or his burnt ghost wont let me hear the endof it!
  19. 19. With the fire soon put out, the two resumed their normal lives of snowman building, bakery cooking, businessrunning, and love. Joe, although shaken, was glad he had helped the unlocking of the Law Enforcementcareer to progress, albeit accidentally. If it meant his future children could be police officers, then he washappy to help.
  20. 20. On the topic of future children, of course, the prospect of the little pitter-patter of tiny feet was heightened whenKaylynn found herself pregnant with her first child. Joe was delighted of course, and called every single personhe knew to let them know the big news. Meanwhile, Kaylynn spent her days in the more productive way ofpainting in order to win the future trio more money to live off of.
  21. 21. Joe: Im so glad that youre going to be the mother of my children, Kaylynn. Youre so beautiful.Kaylynn: Thanks, sweetheart. I couldnt have done any of this without you, you know.Joe: Me? Ha, I barely helped. Youre the one carrying our child in your belly, youre the one feedingit. Im just taking up space and cooking.Kaylynn: You couldnt take up space if you tried, Joe! Now tell me, what will parenthood be like?Joe: ...parenthood?
  22. 22. Joe: Parenthood will be falling asleep at the table from pure exhaustion, your face landing in your foodand drool coming from your chin. It will be dirty diapers at 2 am, and grumpy toddlers, and rebelliousteenagers. It will be fights over curfew, and boys, and you cant leave the house looking like that! Yes,parenthood will be all of these things...but it will be worth it when you see the smile on your childs faceat graduation, when you see them walk down the aisle, when you see them hold their own child in theirarms. Parenthood will be absolutely amazing, I promise.
  23. 23. Kaylynns pregnancy progressed at a normal rate with very little incidents. Soon she had grown as big as ahouse, and she walked around tenderly with swollen feet. Oftentimes she chose to stay in bed on account ofthe pain the baby gave to her back. It was rough work, but it was worth it knowing that her first child wouldsoon be in her arms.
  24. 24. In the rare times that she wasnt sleeping, she would take up residence at the cash register, ringing upcustomers and taking even more money for the child that grew within her.Kaylynn: Darn, machine!She shouted as the cash drawer flew out suddenly.Kaylynn: You could have hurt the baby! Youre lucky youre not thrown in some ditch somewhere because ofyour insolence.Sometimes, the mood swings were a bit too much for her to handle.
  25. 25. One day, as she was cooking dinner, Kaylynn felt a sharp pain in her belly. She ignored it at first, butthen the pain increased to the point that had to stop what she was doing to double over.Kaylynn: Joe? Joe! Come here, the babys coming!Pain ripped through her body again, and Kaylynn felt the involuntary need to push. She screamed.Kaylynn: JOE GET IN HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!
  26. 26. When all the pain, and pushing, and screaming, and threatening was said and done, Kaylynn found herselfholding a wonderful baby boy.Kaylynn: What should I name you, young man?After a few minutes of consideration, she decided on Stanley, which meant From the Stony Field. It wasntmuch of a name, but it was true. Stanley was from the stony field of restrictions, and it was his job to rise upand unlock jobs.Kaylynn: Welcome to the world, Stanley Carson.
  27. 27. Stanley has his mothers dark blue eyes and his fathers brown hair. He also has his fathers skintone, Ibelieve. Dont expect much variation this generation, both Kaylynn and Joe are carrying dominant genes.
  28. 28. Kaylynn and Joe were very good to Stanley, feeding him when he was hungry and changing hisdiaper when it was poopy. They wiped every tear off his face, and played with him until he wouldsmile and laugh. All in all, the days were tough, but they were filled with joy, and time passedquickly.
  29. 29. Meanwhile, Joe decided to close the home business and reopen in a small lot just a mile from theirhome. The business they renamed, as well, calling it Kay Bakery. That was Joes idea, as he wanted tohave a building that honored his darling wife.
  30. 30. The place wasnt much to look at, what with its unmatched walls and silly furniture. But it was enough tostart, and it was destined to grow into something much bigger and better, if only it is shown a little bit oflove. And love it was shown, Joe and Kaylynn adored it, it symbolized everything about the couple –easy going, humble, and delicious. They were certain it would succeed one day.
  31. 31. The couple took turns watching the store, selling to returning customers and helping the new ones. Thebusiness soon grew to rank one, but it fell as soon as a few grumpy people decided they werent gettingenough attention.But what could they do about it? Some people would simply be unhappy no matter how much you tried to helpthem.
  32. 32. Stanley grew up as well, into an adorable little boy who just couldnt stop smiling. It was obvious that he lovedhis parents by the way he would ask for them at all hours of night, wanting attention or a playmate, or in rarecases, for someone to take care of him.For the most part he was pretty self-dependent.
  33. 33. Unfortunately, within a few days of operating the bakery, disaster struck. Roaches! Kaylynnwanted to call the exterminator, but they were out of service until the town was settled a littlemore. There would be no reason for them to operate at Opal Beach if they were only serving afew families a year.
  34. 34. Despite the roaches best effort to infiltrate the business, they did not succeed as much as theyoriginally hoped. Instead, a reporter came into the store, asking questions and testing toilets to seehow the business was doing. She seemed satisfied when she left for the night, and later Joe andKaylynn were rewarded with a Best of the Best reward.
  35. 35. Stanley was growing bigger everyday, andsoon enough he had learned to walk andtalk and use the potty. Kaylynn couldntbelieve how quickly the years had gone by.Wasnt it just yesterday that she had metJoesph?
  36. 36. Joe loved Stanley too, and was just as shocked as Kaylynn as to how quickly time had passed. Onthe last day of the week, Joe scooped his son into his arms and snuggled him until the boy began towiggle in an attempt to free himself. Soon he would be too big to hold, and he would be embarrassedto even be seen with his father in public. Joe wasnt looking forward to those days at all.Joe: Never grow up, son. I dont think I could handle it.Stanley: I grow big, daddy.Joe: No, dont grow big. Stay small forever, please.Stanley: But I wanna be tall like you and mommy.Joe: No you dont, Stan. Too many responsibilities, not enough huggles. You dont want that, Ipromise.
  37. 37. Well, thats all we have for this week, folks. Next time, a new family will beintroduced and I will finally be able to put out two updates. Oh the joys ofwriting. :) Thanks for reading, see you next time!
  38. 38. Statistics:Sims: 3Households: 1Owned lots: 2Sim Multiplier: 2Population: 6Burglaries: 1Fires: 1