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Week one of Opal Beach and the Carson's.

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Opal beach 1

  1. 1. Opal Beach – Week 1Hello, and welcome to my Build a City Challenge, week one! This update will alsodouble as the first chapter of my new legacy, the Carson Legacy. Expect different updates for them as the city progresses, thanks for reading!
  2. 2. Joesph Carson “Joe”: Hey there, Im Joe! Who are you?Derek: Err, my name is Derek, sir. You arent from around here, are you?Joe: Nope! In fact, I just moved here from Sim City, Im here to start a legacy.Derek: A legacy? Well those are hard enough...nobody warned you about this place, did they?Joe: What do you mean? This neighborhood seems fine.Derek: Youll see... I gotta go, I have school. See you around!
  3. 3. Joe: (to himself) That sure was weird. Now...to get a job...hmm...whats this?No jobs available in Opal Beach again this week. Why would there be? Theres no demand or skills to befound anywhere. But have hope, folks, a new guy in town looks like just the sort to help get us out of thismess. He better be our savior or this town is doomed to die. Thats all the news we got today...happylawn living everybody!Joe: News sure seems to travel fast around here. However, no jobs? How am I supposed to provide fora family?Derek: You could try digging a hole, sir!Joe: Why I oughta – hey! an old, abandoned map leading to some sort of hidden burrow or something.Ka-ching!
  4. 4. Later that day, a man named Joe stopped by to introduce...well, Joe... to the garden club. Joe quicklybefriended...Joe.Joe: Hey, come join my garden club! We have cookies and friends and stuff.Joesph: I dont want any cookies, and I dont have a garden, and I dont need stuff, but I can be yourfriend!Joe: A friend? Ive never had one of those before! Most people think Im a creep and dont even bother togreet me.Joesph: Well, youre not a creep, and Im happy to help. Now tell me, what is Opal Beach like? Why isntthere any jobs? How am I supposed to fix this?Joe: Woaah, slow down there buddy. One question at a time, Im old you know. Opal Beach was thrivingonce upon a time, we had skyscrapers bigger than your mother even dreamed of, and a million sims ormore. But then...they all left for someplace unknown, taking their skyscrapers with them. Nobody reallyknows why...but after a while, all demand and consumerism left this ol town and left us without jobs.
  5. 5. Joe nodded as the old man spoke, as if he understood anything the guy was rambling. When the man finallytook a breath, Joe took his chance.Joesph: So its my job to repopulate this town to the point that is thriving again?Joe: Yes, but there are more restrictions than just that. I cant really tell much...I dont know much...but you justneed to focus on repopulating the town. You can do this in several ways...building a family, moving in peoplethat wouldnt have the chance otherwise and letting them find their own places and repopulate, andwell...adding land to our neighborhood. Thats a little complicated, but Im sure you can find all the rules in thebook we give out to all new residents. A guy named Mr. Humble will drop it off later...enjoy!
  6. 6. After the man had left, Joe decided to wait inside for Mr. Humble to appear. Once he did, Joe quickly grabbedthe book and shuffled through it until he found the list of restrictions. Everything seemed so complicated to him...how was he supposed to solve all this towns problems? When he moved here, he only hoped for a niceplace to settle down and have a family. But that was old news now, wasnt it? Now that he was here, Joe wasdetermined to help the nice residents repopulate, re-employ, and re-expand. Sighing, he put down the bookand answered another knock at the door...
  7. 7. Lyndsay: Hey there, sweetie. Im Lyndsay and Id like to say a very merry welcome to Opal Beach!Joe: Thanks, doll. Now tell me, what do people do to earn money around here?Lyndsay: Well, most of us work in the town over, but those jobs are only open to those who live outside ofthis area. People who live here tend to survive off of digging treasure...or the remainder of our history, if youwill. They also will sell paintings and books to Sim City. There is even a rumor that you can now run yourown business, but none of us have tried that. It seems too complicated for a time such as this one.Joe: Oh-kay. Well thats good to hear. I was getting a bit worried for a second. Thank you very much, miss.Lyndsay: You are very and merrily welcome. Im glad I could help!
  8. 8. Joe quickly settled into the turn of events and made a few friends out of the local residents. Most of themseemed nice, although some of them were a little bit...off. Joe figured that was simply because they wereused to the hard way of life, and had to invent an alternative reality to make the days go quicker and easier.
  9. 9. Once everyone had left for the day, Joe cooked himself a bowl of macaroni and settled down for theevening. He had a lot to think about... this legacy thing sure was shaping up to be harder than heexpected. But it wasnt that bad. The map from earlier had given him quite a bit of cash, and the idea ofa future business lessened his fear even more. Who needs a boring desk job when you could make yourown future? Isnt that why Joe set out in the first place, to make his own path?Comforted by this thought, Joe went to bed and fell asleep right away.
  10. 10. The next morning, Joe quickly greeted the first person he saw. A girl by the name of Christy Toyonagawho looked as worried as he had felt the day before.Joe: You look new around here, are you?Christy: Yeah, I am. I just graduated from Sim State and somehow ended up around here. I actually livein the next town over, but I was told that I was allowed to come here.Joe: Thats nice. Wait, I forgot my manners. Congratulations on your diploma, Sim State Grad! I was aSim Acadamié graduate myself.Christy: Huh, well thats something! Congrats to you too!
  11. 11. Joe: Thanks! Think fast!Without hesitating, Joe reached forward and tickled her. Christy shrieked before bursting into laughter.Christy: Hey, thats not fair!Joe: I gave you fair warning, Ill have you know.Christy: Not enough warning, obviously. But whatever, youre cool. It was nice to meet you!Joe: Thanks, Ill see you around, friend.Christy: See ya!
  12. 12. Nobody warned Joe of the potential dangers of treasure digging. His third morning into his new life, he burst awater pipe.Joe: What do I do? What do I do?!! Its so...wet and cold... oh noes, oh noes, oh noes!!It took a while for the man to calm down, and when he did and filled in the hole again, he didnt evenremember what had happened. Because...
  13. 13. ...the next day the same thing happened again!Joe: Oh frammit, you darn waterpipes are ruining my mojo. I was all happy and then you decide tocome in and burst that little bubble with your explodey-watery-mess! Jeez.
  14. 14. With the second waterpipe incident soon forgotten, Joe found time to gush to the paperboy about a girl he hadjust met.Joe: I think Im in love! Kaylynn is the most gorgeous female specimen you will ever meet, mark my words.The way her red hair shines in the sunlight...the way her blue eyes melt into ocean-y pools of wonder andjoy...and the way she smells at 2 pm in the afternoon...oh, its just heaven.Derek: Thats nice. When are you seeing her again?Joe: Tonight, actually. Shes coming over for dinner, isnt that wonderful? Im so in love!Derek: Love is a strong word, Mr. Carson.Joe: Oh, call me Joe. Were all friends here.
  15. 15. That afternoon, Joe quickly prepareda lovely dinner of spaghetti andmeatballs. It wasnt much, but it wasromantic enough. Joe hoped to gaincooking skills quickly – he wanted tobe a chef if at all possible. Cookingseemed to be a natural hobby to him.
  16. 16. With the food ready and the table set, Joe hurried out to wait for Kaylynn. When she arrived, he wasted notime in putting on his best charm.Joe: My, my, dear Kaylynn, you look stunning. Did you do something with your hair?Kaylynn: I just used my ultra-shiny shampoo, thanks for noticing!Joe: Did you add shine to your eyes as well? Because they sure are glowing!Kaylynn: You. Are. Too. Sweet. Come here.
  17. 17. Before Joe knew what had hit him, Kaylynn had leaned in and pecked him lightly on the lips.Kaylynn: Thats my thanks for the dinner and the compliments, sweetheart.Joe: ….wow.Kaylynn: Lets eat, shall we?Joe: ...wow.
  18. 18. Kaylynn: The spaghetti looks nice, Joe. Thanks again, its hard to get a good meal around here.Joe: Oh anything for you, my dear. With any luck youll be out of that heck-hole of a home soon enough.Kaylynn: I hope so, living with so many people is hard. I know were a clique but a girl could use someroom to breathe sometimes.Joe: (under his breath) Oh Ill show you out of breath.Kaylynn: What was that, dear?Joe: Nothing, sweetie, just eat your spaghetti.
  19. 19. The two of them fell into a companionablesilence as they ate, occasionally sneakingglances at each other while pretending topay attention to only their food. Joe couldnthelp but smile as he gazed at dear Kaylynn.She was so beautiful, and he knew hewanted to marry her one day. He wonderedif she felt the same way.
  20. 20. After dinner, the two stood and talked for a fair while about anything that came to mind. Kaylynns lifewith her roommates, Joes past and his parents, and their future plans. When it was time for Kaylynnto go, Joe took her hand and kissed it gently.Joe: When will I see you again?Kaylynn: Soon enough, I should hope. Tonight was lovely.Joe: Then I shall call you tomorrow and we will see each other every single day.Kaylynn: Ill be waiting for you, handsome.
  21. 21. Joe kissed her again, this time letting his lips linger sweetly.Joe: Goodbye, sweetheart.Kaylynn: Goodbye, Joe.And then she was gone without a second glance, back to her apartment in the next town.
  22. 22. Joe once again found himself alone and tired. He took a short shower in his unfinished bathroom and sang. Hissongs were of love and joy and happiness. He felt like such a sap, but it didnt matter, he was in love! When hefinished his shower, he went to bed, his mind consumed with the thought of Kaylynn.
  23. 23. But not all was well in Joesphs little world. That night, a burglar crept onto his porch and through his frontdoor...
  24. 24. And stole his...aspiration changer? Okay, thats interesting...Joe: Theres a burglar, what do I do? Huh? Huh? Huh? I mean, theyre stealing my precious...whateverthat thing is...somebody ought to stop them!
  25. 25. Unfortunately for Joe, as soon as he gathered his wits about him and called the police officer, the burglar gotaway. It was a sad night for everyone...except, perhaps, the burglar.
  26. 26. Despite burglars in the night, Joesph still thought only of Kaylynn. That morning, poor Joesph waitedlittle time to call his beloved to invite her over.Joe: Hello, Kaylynn.Kaylynn: ….Joe: Would you like to come over?Kaylynn: ….Joe: Awesome, see you soon, darling.Kaylynn: ….Joe: Bye-bye, now.
  27. 27. Joe: MmmmfffffhhhhhKaylynn: Hello to you too, Joe.Joe: Its wonderful to see you, my dear.Joe wasted no time in giving his guest the proper greeting, and thankfully, she was a willing participant.
  28. 28. The two spent a lovely afternoon together, dancingand dining and pillow fighting. Joe couldnt keep hiseyes off Kaylynn the entire time, she was sowonderful.
  29. 29. Joe: I have something to tell you, Kaylynn.Kaylynn: What?Joe: I love you. Ive loved you since I laid eyes on you.Kaylynn: Really? Me too. I love you too.
  30. 30. What happened next isnt hard to guess.
  31. 31. Then Kaylynn moved in, and that was that. For this week, at least. Tune in soon to find out the next chapterof their adventures together. Will Joe finally start the legacy hes been dreaming of? Will Kaylynn helpunlock jobs? And what really happened to Opal Valley? Well, were not sure yet – but we are sure excited tofind out!Thanks for reading, dearies. I appreciate it :) if you liked it, leave a comment in my blog or at boolprop! Seeyou then!
  32. 32. Statistics:Sims: 2Households: 1Owned lots: 1Sim Multiplier: 1Population: 2Burglaries: 1