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Ravi R and collaborators pioneer
EPSS technology with Gloria Gerry.
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Epiplex product brochure


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Epiplex enables businesses to successfully execute IT driven business transformations by rapidly building high levels of competency amongst users of enterprise IT applications, and delivering strong levels of user adoption. Hundreds of the leading companies of the world use Epiplex for a range of transformation initiatives such as ERP rollouts and upgrades, knowledge transfer during BPO transitioning stages, automated documentation and certification of user competency levels prior to go-live stage for key business transformations.

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Epiplex product brochure

  1. 1. COMPANY & PRODUCTS OVERVIEW COMPANY MILESTONES 1980’s Ravi R and collaborators pioneer EPSS technology with Gloria Gerry. 2001 Epiance founded. 2002 First Capture and Developer technology released. 2002 Epiance won Gold in Innovative category in Worldwide Brandon Hall event. 2002 Epiance in Gartner Magic Quadrant. 2003 First version of EPSS technology released. 2003 Epiplex Guru Wizard v1.0 (RPA) was released. 2004 Epiance was awarded EPSS Central Gold award. 2004 First version of Analyzer technology launched. 2005 Epiance was awarded EPSS Central Gold award for the second time. 2006 ASUG (American SAP Users Group) picks Epiplex as # 1 product for SAP implementations Accenture adopts Epiplex technology for its BPO transitioning 2006 2007 Top BPO and Shared Services organization adopt Epiplex. 2007 Process Automation v5.0 (RPA) was enhanced and released 2008 - 2012 Epiplex gets 400+ customers and 40+ partners globally. Epiance Robotic Process Automation v7.0 released 2013 2014 - 2017 Customer base crosses 800. Epiplex used in large rollouts in government and private sectors globally. Leading bank uses Epiplex for knowledge transfer, performance support and performance monitoring for major core banking transformation. A government department uses Epiplex for SAP rollout to 80,000 end users. Major Service industries adopted Epiance RPA for performance improvement, Reliability, consistency and accuracy in process execution. About Epiance Software Pvt Ltd Epiance is an innovative technology company that has created disruptive products and platforms that can enable easier, faster and less cost consuming assimilation of IT applications with end users. Our products deliver a combination of process automation, knowledge transfer, performance support and process improvement capabilities that reduce costs, increase productivity and Improve business performance. The company was founded in 2001 and has over 800 plus customers worldwide. The company is considered a technology pioneer in the market and our customers span multiple verticals, including BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, ITES, Automobile and Government sectors. Epiance has operations in Europe, Americas, Japan, APAC, India and the Middle East through a network of over 80 partners. Overview: Epiance Software develops and markets a suite of enterprise software products that are leaders in the following software product categories: Robotic Process Automation Learning & Knowledge Transfer Electronic Performance Support Business Process Improvement Organizations spends millions of dollars on large scale business transformations with the expectation of effective end user utilization and rapid return on investments. Very often the actual ROI on such investments fall woefully short of the projected ROI benefits. Low end user adoption rates, frequent change in the business environment lead to sub optimal usage of IT applications. Epiance’s product platform helps organizations to dramatically increase end user adoption rates thereby reducing the total cost of operations and enhancing the competitive advantage of the organization. Business Challenges Epiance Platform and Value Proposition 3. Continuous Improvement and Optimization Application Stability Competent Workforce Business Transformation Change Management Initiative Knowledge Transfer - End- user Productivity 2. Stabilization Phase 1. Implementation Phase / Transition - Process Improvement - Process Improvement - Automation - Automation Problems High cost of business transformation implementations or change management projects and low end user adoption, lack of visibility into usage of IT applications, Inefficient processes, poor execution of transactions, High cost of transition, High cost of Onboarding, Generality of approach, inconsistent content based on specific department. Rapid dissemination of best practices, enhance end user adoption, reduce time to Competency, reduce impact of changes, faster response to changes, quicker resolution of problems, reduction in time to perform a transaction. Ultimate impact-Increase ROI on IT investments, increase competitiveness of organizations. Epiance Solution Benefits Epiplex500 Solution Architecture The Subject Matter Expert (SME) / Process Expert (PE) can record Process Scenarios step by step on the live application which can be used to create Knowledge objects, Context maps and Process benchmarking. Capture Omni Capture Adaptor (Add-on for Capture): enhances capture on Citrix and Virtual application environment. Content Developers can embellish the content from the captured files by adding call-outs, voice instructions, areas of confusions etc. Content can then be generated in multiple formats such as HTML, PDF, PPT, Word etc. Content Developer ECMS enables project managers to create various courses and map eLearning content and assign the courses to specific roles/user groups. The details of content usage, Including the scores of the simulated tests are available for the managers, enabling them to manage the schedule effectively. ECMS EPSS Contextual knowledge: Contextual, Just-In-Time performance support for end-users while working on live systems, in the form of live cue-card and knowledge objects. EPSS Field level knowledge: Assists end users with field level tacit knowledge in the form of callouts and contents, captured and mapped from expert users. Issue Reporter: Automatically captures the screens and user actions leading up to the application issue faced by the end user and tag it as evidence along with issue report for faster resolution. Visual Project Editor (Automation Builder): The Visual Project Editor provides the development environment to build and integrate the automation project. Epiance RPA Runtime (RPA Client): RPA Runtime is a zero footprint client engine, sits in the end user machine which authenticates and downloads-schedule, projects, executes the project on client machine. Periodic progress is communicated to the Dashboard Server. Epiance RPA Dashboard Server: RPA Dashboard Server provides three major capabilities, Resource Management, Project & Process Control, and Real-time & Historical progress monitoring. Dashboards display process metrics, machine status and help in auto updating scripts at various client locations. © Epiance Software Pvt. Ltd. Epiance Robotic Process Automation EPSS Workspace and Issue Reporting (ERMS) is a web based application that facilitates the management, distribution and collaboration of Epiplex500 capture files and content created by multiple authors who are geographically dispersed. ERMS The Analyzer module enables you to automatically capture process execution metrics from end user populations, thereby enabling data driven process improvement. Process Analyzer