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Epec Product Catalogue 2018

Published in: Technology
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  2. 2. 2 Your challenge, our inspiration Epec is a solution provider specializing in intelligent control systems and information systems for even the most demanding conditions. We help our customers and partners to design and manufacture efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly mobile working machines and special vehicles. Being a supplier of a total solution, we are committed to the goals and success of our customers. Epec is constantly developing new capabilities to increase customer value by developing new innovative products, development tools, software applications and support processes for our customers’ demanding needs and conditions. For challenging conditions Epec offers a wide range of software development tools and libraries to help system development engineers in programming, configuring, adjusting and diagnosing the control system and its application. Our ambition is to offer state-of-the-art tools for high quality, usability and user experience in order to provide the shortest control system development time in the market. In addition to development tools and libraries, Epec now offers industrial internet solutions. Epec GlobE® is our latest innovation that enables remote management of machines anywhere around the globe using a state-of-the-art cloud service. Epec is able to offer a complete solution and take overall responsibility from sensor to cloud, which can be considered as unique in the market. Extensive experience and know-how of mobile machines Epec Customer Services is able to manage everything from small scale projects to complete turnkey solutions. Our extensive experience and know-how of mobile machines and special vehicles creates the foundation for our ability to help machine manufacturers and partners to develop the most innovative control systems and machinery, enabling end users to maximize their productivity. 2
  3. 3. 3 Our committed technical support can assist in technical questions or arrange training and consultation according to the individual needs of customers. Our ambition is to free up our customers’ resources for their own core business and create control systems in cooperation with the customer. Our diverse experience is based on long term cooperation with leading international machine manufacturers in different sectors. The combination of innovative products and services, a good technical department and extensive project service and application experience in the design of control systems for different types of machines and operating environments makes Epec a sought after partner. 3
  4. 4. EpecSC52SafetyControlUnit Epec SC52 Safety Control Unit is a robust electronic control unit for safety-related systems in mobile machinery. The main features of the product are summarized below. •  Higher level CAN protocols for standardized communication between sub-systems to support modular development and efficient system integration during the project •  CANopen •  CANopen Safety •  SAE J1939 •  Efficient system setup by using Epec MultiTool and PLCopen libraries •  Configuration of both non-safety related (PDO) and safety related (SRDO) communication •  Configuration of both non-safety related and safety related parameters (object dictionary) •  Initialization of I/O interface Reliability •  Designed to withstand harsh operating conditions of on-road and off-road machinery applications •  High resistance against mechanical shocks and vibration, electro-magnetic interference and temperature variation •  Diagnostic functions and log files enable efficient monitoring and problem-solving during the whole lifecycle of the system •  Made in Finland Functional Safety •  Flexible solution for software-based safety functions •  Up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508: 2010 and IEC 62061: 2005) and PL d (ISO 13849-1: 2015), as a stand-alone controller using Cat 3 architecture •  32-bit multicore processor with lock-step processing and memory protection for the application •  Safety companion chip to release processing power for the application •  CODESYS® V3 Safety SIL 2 programming according to the IEC 61131-3 •  CANopen® Safety protocol for safety-related communication according to the EN 50325-5 •  Support for intelligent SIL 2, Cat. 2 safety sensors •  Extensive pre-certified function library to streamline safety application development Scaleable and Efficient System Integration •  Epec SC52 Safety Control Unit is a feasible solution for centralized and distributed control system architectures •  The software configurable I/O interface and ready-made libraries provides a flexible integration of components from 3rd party manufacturers to optimize performance •  accurate measurement of a wide variety on sensors •  easy connection of joysticks and pedals •  current-controlled control of electro-hydraulic actuators •  diagnostic and calibration functions for several types of components 4
  5. 5. SafetyinMobileMachines Functional Safety During recent years, functional safety has been the megatrend which has permanently changed the way how control systems for mobile working machines are developed. The EU Machinery Direc- tive 2006/42/EC set requirements which machine manufacturers must comply to with their pro- ducts. Further, new revisions of C-type standards have been published to align application-specific requirements with the Machinery Directive and state-of-the-art technology. High availability, scalability and comprehensive diagnostics of the working machine are essential objectives which can be achieved by using pro- grammable electronics. Epec SC52 Safety Control Unit provides a solid foundation to implement software-based safety functions. Moreover, the entire software ecosystem must support an OEM’s technical requirements and business objectives. Since development of safety- related software is expensive and time consuming, use of pre-certified software components can reduce the needed effort. By selecting functions from Epec safety libraries which have been develo- ped according to the functional safety standards, considerable amount of the application can be created without writing a single line of new code. Further, the efficient toolchain support system configuration and development of application specific control logics. In addition to product offering, Epec provides systems engineering services, functional safety consultancy and training. Our objective is to provide machine manufacturers with a complete solution to achieve the shortest time-to-market. 5
  6. 6. EpecControlandDisplayUnits 6 High-performance Control and Display Units Embedded Control Units and Displays are the foundation of machine control systems. Each unit can act as an independent control unit in smaller systems or as a part of the total control system. They are compact multifunctional units, and have open I/O interfaces which makes it easy to connect commonly used devices such as sensors, actuators and joysticks. The design and unique shape of the unit housing protects the electronics inside effectively against most demanding environmental conditions, such as cold, heat, vibration, moisture, and impacts. Units can handle impacts up to 100G, and are water and dust proof according to IP67. This, along with the functional design of the unit housing, makes it possible to install them almost anywhere in the machine as the unit seldom requires any extra protection. The type of each input is determined by the application software, allowing for flexible use of the unit. The units are PLCopen programmable which makes the programming easy and convenient, shortening development time for new systems. CODESYS programming tool provides an easy graphical programming environment for developers to work with. Epec uses gold plated, heavy duty, AMPSEAL connectors, which are convenient to handle, both in the factory and during field service. Each connector is color coded and mechanically keyed to fit only to the correct, corresponding place. The connector type is specially designed for wire harness use. Up to four CAN bus interfaces increase the possibilities of connecting other control units and CAN devices with the unit. With several CAN bus interfaces, these units are also capable of working as a gateway between different CAN buses. Epec CANopen®, SAE J1939 and ISOBUS communication protocol implementations together with Epec MultiTool configuration support makes it possible to easily set-up communication with the most commonly used devices used in mobile machinery.
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. EpecControlUnits&Displays EPEC3606 CONTROL UNIT EPEC3610 CONTROL UNIT EPEC3720 CONTROL UNIT EPEC3724 CONTROL UNIT EPEC4602 CONTROL UNIT EPEC5050 CONTROL UNIT EPECSC52 SAFETY CONTROL UNIT CAN1or21or21or21or2222 SafetyFunctions ISOBUS---- Othercommunication-RS-232---1Ethernet- Accelerometer------ I/Opins(inputs+outpuTs)21(13+8)22(14+8)59(35+24)52(24+28)68(44+24)65(33+32)22(14+8) PLCopenapplicationsize765kByte1or3MByte1MByte IPclassIP67 Temperaturerange-40...+85°C -40...+185°F Connectors1xAMP351xAMP353xAMP23 1xAMP8 3xAMP23 1xAMP8 3xAMP353xAMP351xAMP35
  9. 9. 9 Epec6100 RemoteAccessUnit Epec6107 DisplayUnit EPEC6112 DisplayUnit CAN222 Displaysize&type Touchtype -7”TFTIPScolorLCD ResistiveGFG 12.1”TFTcolorLCD CapacitivePCAP Resolution-WVGA800×480(5:3)XGA1024×768(4:3) RemoteManagement Othercommunication2×Ethernet 2×USB 1×RS-232 2×Ethernet 2×USB 1×RS-232 2×Camera WirelessinterfacesGSM/UMTS/GNSS/WLAN- I/Opins(inputs+outputs)5(3+2or5+0) IPclassIP66 Temperaturerange-30…+60°C -22…+140°F -30…+70°C -22…+158°F WithGSM/GPSoption: -30…+55°C -22…+131°F -30…+70°C -22…+158°F Connectors1×AMP23 2×M12 3×SMA 1×AMP23 2-5×M12 3×SMA 1×AMP23 2-3×M12
  10. 10. 10 Epec GatE - secure access solution CODESYS 3.5 WebVisu Have you ever dreamed about being able to connect remotely to any control unit in a mobile machine to debug, change parameters or update software? Would you like to have access to the machine error log or remote maintenance portal without the need to invest in or maintain your own web servers? Do you have a need to exchange files with the machine or to have a remote view of the local HMI? We have good news for you; all this is now possible with Epec GatE, secure access solution. Epec GatE enables a VPN like connection from a remote user’s PC to any machine equipped with Epec 6000 series Display or Remote Access Unit with Internet access. GatE consists of the SiteManager application running in Epec 6000 series units, the LinkManager application for a remote user’s PC and the GateManager portal for user and license management. Together with 6000 series units, GatE enables the use of various remote maintenance and debugging features, such as, remote CODESYS login to control units connected to the machine’s CAN backbone, remote view of local HMI using VNC, FTP file transfers and use of CODESYS 3.5 WebVisu. Epec offers the GatE solution as a service. Epec 6000 series Embedded Displays and Remote Access Units offers the possibility to utilize CODESYS 3.5 WebVisu functionality. There is a built-in web server running in the device and CODESYS 3.5 is used to create the web user interface. It is also possible to utilize the already existing local CODESYS UI and deploy them as Web UI as well. There are numerous use cases where WebVisu is useful, for example, remote view and support are easily provided for local machine operators. Maintenance and diagnostics portals can be created easily for service and R&D engineers without setting up any servers. In some cases, even remote parametrization and control of the machine is possible. CODESYS WebVisu UI can be viewed and used with any device, such as, laptops, tablets and smartphones using a standard web browser. EpecIoTSolutions
  11. 11. 11 Epec GlobE - remote management platform as a service Epec GlobE® is a remote management platform provided as a service for OEM machine manufacturers and fleet owners to enable customized solution, for example, to fleet management and condition monitoring. GlobE is provided as a cloud service which makes it scalable, reliable and cost effective. Epec’s long history developing mobile machine control systems has helped us to optimize GlobE for the needs of mobile machine manufacturers and fleet owners. When the full advantage of a remote management solution is wanted, typically the most time-consuming part of project is the integration between the control system and the remote management solution. GlobE is, by default, already seamlessly integrated with Epec control system solutions. This reduces customers time-to-market and minimizes initial project costs. Unique and useful features are ready and available for the customer, such as, remote parametrization, software updates and event logging throughout the whole communication chain, control units – Gateway - Cloud. GlobE back-end/front-end server application is based on the industry leading IoT-TICKET® platform developed by Wapice Ltd. The combination of Epec control system products, PLCopen libraries, software development tools and the IoT-TICKET® platform enables us provide the most reliable, easy to use, customizable and complete IoT solution for mobile machines. Epec 6000 series Embedded Display Units and Remote Access Units can be used as an IoT Gateway to access the Internet and GlobE service using 3G, WLAN or Ethernet interface. As part of the GlobE service, Epec can provide 6000 series units with pre-installed global M2M SIM cards and provide data subscriptions and connectivity as a service. Epec GlobE® is a registered trademark of Epec Oy.
  12. 12. 12 AccessoriesforControlUnitsand Displays AMP gold plated connector pins AMP connector pins, manufactured by TE Connectivity, are used in AMP plugs connected with Epec control unit connectors. Each connector pin can be used with currents up to 17 amperes. An AMP hand crimping tool is used to crimp connectors with wires (AMP Procrimper 58529-1). Connector pins are available separately or in manufacturer’s packages with 1000 pcs/package. 3500 CAN Adapter Box This easy to use connector cable is for system developers. It provides a connection for both CAN1 and CAN2 via AMP8 and Dsub9 connectors. 3500 CAN Adapter box is used to connect power supply to control units and displays, and to connect a CAN bus adapter from a PC to a CAN network. Plugs of a power supply and Dsub9 connector of a CAN card are connected with the adapter, and the AMP8 is connected with a control unit’s or display’s AMP8 connector. Shock cover for Epec 3700 and 2000 series control units Ethernet Y-splitter cable 0,8 m Ethernet cable 3 m GSM UMTS/GPS Antenna for 6000 Series Units USB Cable & Panel Mounting Adapter for 6000 series, 2m Power supply & CAN cable for 6000 series, 2m (AMP23- AMP8 + 17 flying leads) Camera (Brigade BE-800C) Camera cable 30m for Brigade (M12 FEM-Mini-DIN4 FEM) Camera Y- splitter cable 1m for Brigade (M12 FEM- 2x M12 Male) 6107 Panel Assembly Kit Small mounting pedestal for 6107 Display unit Contact us for a complete list of accessories.
  13. 13. 13 Application development environment for improving time-to-market EpecSoftwareTools Epec software development environment includes several user-fiendly tools that make programming fast, cost-efficient and prevent programming errors. Libraries and MultiTool are available to our customers free of charge from Epec extranet as an installation package called Epec SDK. Epec MultiTool •  Configuration tool that makes programming fast and error- proof •  Configure pin modes, bus speed, initialize communication protocols, adjust diagnostic’s warning levels, set OD and PDO messages, set up remote communication •  MultiTool generates a CODESYS code template that can be used in application programming Epec CANmoon •  Diagnostics tool to monitor and diagnose nodes connected on CAN bus •  Download applications to Epec control units and update their firmware •  CAN messages can also be saved to files for offline diagnostics •  CANmoon works seamlessly with Epec MultiTool to maximize the productivity in control system project development CODESYS libraries •  Epec’s CODESYS libraries include ready to use programming blocks for commonly used sensors and actuators, such as encoders, joysticks, proportional valves, connected to either control unit I/O or CAN interface •  All Epec libraries have been built to work seamlessly together •  Using libraries shorten the programming time and reduce programming errors
  14. 14. 14 Epec has a strong position as a designer and manufacturer of control systems for mobile machines, as well as electronics and software for challenging conditions. Epec´s main customers include global machine and utility vehicle manufacturers. In addition to a strong share in the domestic market, Epec products are widely exported to Europe, the Far East, Russia, USA and Canada. Our partners in different countries operate as Epec product distributors and are specialized in offering total control system solutions for machine manufacturers in their home markets. Want to see your company on our distributor list? Contact us. We’re actively searching for new partners. EpecPartners-AllAroundtheWorl Want to see your company on our distributor list? Contact us. We’re actively searching for new partners
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