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Epec Newsletter 2 2018


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Epec Newsletter 2 2018

Published in: Technology
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Epec Newsletter 2 2018

  1. 1. Epec Newsletter 2/2018[18.7.2018 11.12.33] 6107 WLAN Display Unit, SDK 3.0 and IoT solutions Epec released a 6107 Display Unit variant with built-in WLAN wireless communication, SDK release 3.0, new GlobE and GatE IoT solutions. Read more... Our factory "Only the best factory, is a good enough part of the entirety, with which we can ensure our customers, that by choosing Epec, they choose the best partner for the control systems in their machines." Read more... IT at Epec: Ensuring effective and secure operations "Epec is a company that wants to think differently. We want our employees to be creative, self-regulated and motivated. One of the IT team’s biggest challenges is to support that trend." Read more... If you are not able to read the email, click here Jos et pysty lukemaan tätä viestiä, klikkaa tästä. | Epec LinkedIn | Epec Facebook | Epec YouTube
  2. 2. Epec Newsletter 2/2018[18.7.2018 11.12.33] Epec Oy | P.O.Box 194, FIN-60101 Seinäjoki | P. +358 20 7608 111