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Epec newsletter 1/2018


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Epec Newsletter 2018

Published in: Technology
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Epec newsletter 1/2018

  1. 1. Epec Newsletter 1/2018[4.5.2018 9.10.35] Epec released the SC52 Safety Control Unit The SC52 Safety Control Unit is now officially released. Epec SC52 is a state-of- the-art controller for safety-related systems in mobile machinery. SC52 offers a flexible solution for software-based safety function implementation. Together with the SC52 controller, Epec offers a set of pre-certified PLCopen application libraries in order to reduce customer’s safety related software development effort. Read more... Lloyd’s audit according to new quality and environmental standards Last year marked significant changes at Epec, both regarding staff and operating methods. The ideas of a self- regulating, low-hierarchy Setting up a new group R&D office from scratch, the PONSSE and EPEC way: Kalle Einola, Ponsse Plc One of Ponsse’s key strengths in global competition is and has always been agile and effective decision making when it’s needed the Self-direction at Epec "Trust fosters responsibility. Responsibility fosters commitment. Commitment fosters putting yourself on the line, and flexibility. Putting yourself on the line fosters successes. Successes foster work well-being. And finally, Epec Newsletter 1/2018 If you are not able to read the email, click here | Epec LinkedIn | Epec Facebook | Epec YouTube Changes in Epec’s Service We have remodeled our operation activities, including changes to our After Sales Services and Repairs. Our goal is to focus on analyzing products under warranty. With this change, we aim for better customer service by speeding up the handling of complaints. This also enables us to receive internal feedback faster and allows us to react more efficiently to any detected defects. Also, these changes mean that we will decrease the amount of repairs to older products, especially for I/O products with expired warranty. However, testing will be continued in order to detect any reoccurring defects. After Sales services and repairs of display products will remain unchanged. Alongside these changes we will be updating the General Sales and Warranty Terms. The new general warranty period for I/O products will be 36 months from the delivery date. The warranty periods for display products will remain the same: 18 months from the delivery date. The optionally used warranty period start, from the date which the product is taken into use, will no longer be available. These new terms will take effect 1.7.2018.
  2. 2. Epec Newsletter 1/2018[4.5.2018 9.10.35] organisation did not focus only on the organisational structure, but also required changes in how Epec had been used to doing things, how operations had been described and how the operational system had been built. Read more... most. Ponsse Plc and it’s 100% owned technology affiliate Epec Oy concluded in early September 2017 that a new R&D site closer to academia and universities is needed to meet the ever growing demand of automation and software professionals. Kalle Einola's blog of a great journey and the success story that Ponsse and Epec R&D started together last autumn. Read more... staff well-being fosters the company’s results." Riikka Rajala's blog of self- direction at Epec Oy Read more... Continuous improvement – to be nothing less than THE BEST Countinuous improvement to ensure the best to our customers. Timo Peltola and Marko Nurmi from Epec's factory wrote this blog to open our thought about developing our way of offering the best to our customers. Read more... Epec and collaboration with SeAMK (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences) "In recent years, Epec has started collaborating even more with the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences on several different projects. Some projects were started on Epec’s initiative, and some were born in connection with the students’ Project Workshop concept. As a result of this collaboration..." Jyrki Sauramäki's and Hannu Ylinen's blog. Read more... Heikki Berg started as a Research Engineer My name is Heikki Berg and I started as a Research Engineer at Epec in February 2018. My challenge at Epec is to dive into the deep end of autonomous working machines with the help of signal processing, machine learning and robotics. On a daily basis we are seeing news on the application of machine learning of challenging classification and detection problems with performance equal to or above the human level. In the first wave of autonomous machines we are going to move some mundane tasks of the human operator to artificial intelligence. Similarly, the sensory data collected from the machine can be used in various ways. This kind of artificial intelligence is still quite “if- then-else” preprogrammed behavior, but can increase operational efficiency and safety of the machine significantly. The automotive industry is investing heavily on autonomous driving and the successful demonstrations create similar demand for autonomous machines. Though there is one major difference: where we go there are no roads. This requires the future autonomous machines to be much more independent and capable of reasoning than in the so popular autonomous driving example. To approach human level performance, supervised learning requires millions of labeled samples, while in our environment just a few labeled samples should give enough experience to start making correct decisions. Working machines also should understand the impact of their interaction with the environment and the desired state of the environment after the interaction. Thus, causality and capability to plan interactions is very important. I graduated (M.Sc.) from Oulu University majoring on Signal Processing and Telecommunications in 1998. From 1996 to February 2018, except the 2002-2004 stint with Instrumentointi Oy, I have been with Nokia R&D working with challenging audio and telecom signal processing problems. I have designed and specified signal processing solutions for all major wireless systems ranging from AMPS, IS-136, GSM, EDGE, WiMAX, LTE, BT to WLAN. I have hands on experience on implementation of these signal processing problems on commercial signal processing platforms and then on some proprietary ones as well. And I have designed some application specific processors for the most demanding tasks. I have very strong skills in programming, mostly on C++, but also C, Matlab, Python, some Scala. I’m enthusiast in continuous integration and DevOps. Solid testable user stories and automated release testing is very close to my heart. I use most of my free time for go-kart racing with my two sons aged 10 and 13 as a mechanic and a team manager and then with recurve (Olympic) archery. I’m starting to be quite ok at building racing engines. I used to do quite a lot of video and photography, but now it seems that I have less and less time for it and less and less interest to carry the heavy equipment around. I like reading science fiction and fantasy novels. Professional literature makes me sleepy very fast at least in the evenings. I try to exercise and do sports to keep me at a reasonable weight and in fit condition. Photo by Mikko Laine Photography.
  3. 3. Epec Newsletter 1/2018[4.5.2018 9.10.35] Summer is almost here The factory will not be closed completely during the summer. However, capacity will be at a lower level from mid-July to early August, especially, 9.7.-3.8. We recommend avoiding this time period for deliveries to ensure that operations run smoothly. Thanks everyone and have relaxing summer! Epec Oy | P.O.Box 194, FIN-60101 Seinäjoki | P. +358 20 7608 111