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Epec newsletter 12 2017


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Epec Newsletter 12/2017

Published in: Engineering
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Epec newsletter 12 2017

  1. 1. Epec Newsletter 12/2017[9.1.2018 12.20.00] The meaning of Preliminary Design Services One of Epec’s key objectives is to help customers continually improve the time-to- market of their R&D projects. To achieve this, Epec’s product and services portfolio requires new innovative solutions. Epec’s customers strive to develop high quality and high performance control systems as quickly as possible. This is only possible with a combination of high quality hardware and software, together with quality and customer specific services from Epec. Read more... Visiting AEF Plugfest 2017 Twice a year, AEF organizes ISOBUS Plugfest event, where designers from ISOBUS device manufacturers can meet and test their device’s plug-and-play interoperability with each other. Last month, Epec participated AEF Plugfest in Stuttgart, Germany. Read more... Designing an ISOBUS Virtual Terminal interface Are you currently designing an ISOBUS interface and wondering what to take into consideration in the design? Below is a short overview of Epec’s experiences regarding the design of ISOBUS virtual terminal interfaces. Read more... Crossing the limits Epec, as it is now, is something I myself have not experienced before. With 11 years Epec Newsletter 13.10.2017 If you are not able to read the email, click here | Epec LinkedIn | Epec Facebook | Epec YouTube Epec Reference Group From technology and business models point of view, we work in an environment which is changing faster than ever. Autonomous driving, Electrification and Digitalization are the megatrends to change the game in many industry segments. Therefore, it is crucial to listen our customers about their future demands and have open discussion in a co-creative manner to determine, how enabling technology needs to be developed for emerging solutions. To achieve this, we invited professionals from several OEMs to the first Epec Reference Group meeting which was held in November at Oma SP stadium in Seinäjoki. During the two-day event, each company presented show-cases of their latest solutions which generated a lot of new ideas during group work. According to the customer feedback, discussions during the group work sessions were considered especially valuable since many questions and ideas were exchanged between the participants. From our viewpoint, the Epec Reference Group meeting was successful since it was a time and a place to assess our new solutions and co-operation models. The valuable feedback we received will be utilized to sharpen the efforts we will carry out during the next years. Our target is to enable the shortest time-to-market for new mobile automation systems and this is a great challenge which really inspires us every day! Arto Orava Research Manager
  2. 2. Epec Newsletter 12/2017[9.1.2018 12.20.00] of history at this company, I see a revolutionary change in attitudes, corporate culture and in the level of performance. We want it! We have decided to be the best. Read more... Meet Mika Valkama, our new Visual Communication Specialist Greetings, Mika Valkama here. I started as a Visual Communication Specialist in October and will be working on quite a few graphical things you’ll come across from us, from diagrams in documentation and label layouts to marketing materials both printed and digital. Over a decade of my background was with "that large mobile phone manufacturer" in Espoo, mostly involved in mobile web services and marketing. I moved back to our family farm in South Ostrobothnia some years ago and tried dipping my toes into the startup world. Geeky hobbies fill up free time: games in different forms, anime and occasional artistry with an airbrush or camera. When out in the big blue room, I can often be found at the range competing or organizing competitions in various disciplines. Kimmo Kaukoranta started as a Customer Service Engineer My name is Kimmo Kaukoranta, I started as a Customer Service Engineer at Epec in November 2017. I'm working to ramp up Model Based Design at Epec using Matlab/Simulink tools, so we can better serve our customers in their more demanding control system needs. I have previously been working with embedded software development and digital signal processing with Nokia, Accenture and lastly ABB. Matlab has been an important tool in all of these tasks, so working with Model Based Design at Epec is a natural continuation. I'm excited to be working with these modern software development tools, spending more time solving the actual control problem and less with debugging hand written code with man made errors. I'm originally from Tampere, but moved to Seinäjoki with my family last summer. Outside office hours, you might find me flying radio-controlled model airplanes at Kurjenneva - airfield. Mika Laitala started as HW Test Engineer My name is Mika Laitala. My career at Epec began in December of 2017 as (HW) Test Engineer, EMC testing as my first job description. My work history for ten years includes all kinds of type, EMC, electrical safety and environmental tests for electronics and electrical devices so this is a natural continuum for me. In my spare time I play floorball, fish and hunt and spend time with my family. Deliveries during Christmas week Please notice that we are not dispatching orders during Christmas week 25. - 29.12.2017. Epec Oy | P.O.Box 194, FIN-60101 Seinäjoki | P. +358 20 7608 111