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Epec 6000 series product platform - High-performance Control and Display Units


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Epec 6000 series - powerful and rugged displays and a remote access unit designed for extreme environments

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Epec 6000 series product platform - High-performance Control and Display Units

  1. 1. usb 50gethernet e High-performance Control and Display Units Embedded Control Units and Displays are the foundation of machine control systems. Each unit can act as an independent control unit in smaller systems or as a part of the total control system. They are compact multifunction units, and have open I/O interfaces which makes it easy to connect commonly used devices such as sensors, actuators and joysticks. The design and unique shape of the unit housing protects the electronics inside effectively against most demanding environmental conditions, such as cold, heat, vibration, moisture, and impacts. Units can handle impacts up to 100G, and are water and dust proof according to IP67. This, along with the functional design of the unit housing, makes it possible to install them almost anywhere in the machine as the unit seldom requires any extra protection. The type of each input is determined by the application software, allowing for flexible use of the unit. The units are PLCopen programmable which makes the programming easy and convenient, shortening development time for new systems. CODESYS programming tool provides an easy graphical programming environment for developers to work with. Epec uses gold plated, heavy duty, AMPSEAL connectors, which are convenient to handle, both in the factory and during the field service. Each connector is color coded and mechanically keyed to fit only to the correct, corresponding place. The connector type is specially designed for wire harness use. Up to four CAN bus interfaces increase the possibilities of connecting other control units and CAN devices with the unit. With several CAN bus interfaces, these units are also capable of working as a gateway between different CAN buses. Epec CANopen®, SAE J1939 and ISOBUS communication protocol implementations together with Epec MultiTool configuration support makes it possible to easily set-up communication with the most commonly used devices used in the mobile machinery. Epec 6000 series - powerful and rugged displays and a remote access unit designed for extreme environments Epec 6ooo series product family consists of high-performance, rugged and easily configurable 7” and 12” displays as well as a remote access unit specially designed for mobile machinery. Combining modern computing, software and display technology, Epec 6000 series products are an ideal solution for the most demanding heavy duty applications like mining machines, construction machines, forest machines etc. Fully enclosed aluminum housing provides water and dust proof operation according to IP66.
  2. 2. codesys 3.5 programmable graphical user interface provides an opportunity to maximize machine usability State-of-the-art CODESYS 3.5 programming environment gives software developers unique benefits, such as an easy-to-use and modern editor with versatile user interface design capabilities using CODESYS 3.5 Target Visualization. Together with our extensive set of application libraries and MultiTool configuration tool we can offer customers a package that significantly shortens the time-to-market by minimizing the effort and maximizing the result of the system development project. Epec 6000 series display units fulfil all the needs required of a central operator interface for mobile machines. Built-in wireless communication interfaces brings industrial internet to mobile machinery All Epec 6000 series products can be equipped with versatile wireless communication interfaces, which makes them ideal products to connect mobile machinery to industrial internet solutions, such as Epec GlobE. key characteristics • High CPU performance • CODESYS 3.5 programmable • Epec MultiTool support • CAN, Ethernet, RS232 and USB interfaces • CANopen and SAE J1939 communication • Fully enclosed aluminum housing, IP66 Different memory sizes are available as options on request. MiniPCIe card place enables additional options such as wireless communication interfaces (2G/3G/GPS/Glonass or WLAN). Epec 6000 series display units • Wide viewing angles (with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology in 7” display) • Excellent sunlight readability • High-end graphics • Display backlight control • Connectors for external button panel, user wheel or keyboard • Two analog camera inputs • Built-in Speaker or Buzzer • Capasitive or resistive touch screen depending on the model • Different panel mounting versions also available on request product order codes for epec 6107 display unit E30D6107-02 (2g/3g/gps/glonass, 2 x Ethernet, 2 x camera input) E30D6107-12 (2 x Ethernet) E30D6107-22 (2 x Ethernet, 2 x camera input) Product order codes for epec 6112 display unit E30d6112-21 (2g/3g/gps/glonass, 2 x Ethernet, 2 x camera input) e30d6112-22 (2 x Ethernet, 2 x camera input) Epec 6100 Remote Access Unit Epec 6100 Remote Access Unit is based on the high performance 6000 series product platform without the display panel. The built-in 2G/3G/GPS/Glonass interface makes it an ideal gateway to connect mobile machinery to the industrial internet when there is no need for an on-board HMI. CODESYS 3.5 programming, MultiTool configuration and built-in Epec GlobE support makes it the most flexible and easy-to-use gateway product in the market. Product order code for epec 6100 remote access unit E30D6100-21 (2g/3g/gps/glonass, 2 x Ethernet)
  3. 3. Epec 6107 Display Unit Epec 6100 Remote Access Unit Epec 6112 Display Unit Display size & resolution 7” 800 x 480 (WVGA) No display 12,1” 1024 x 768 (XGA) Display brightness 800 nits No display 600 nits Aspect ratio 16:9 No display 4:3 Touchscreen Resistive No touch Capacitive (PCAP) Backlight/Lifetime LED/70.000 hrs No display LED/50.000 hrs Processor ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core (800 MHz), 32-bit, internal Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Operating system Linux Programming CODESYS 3.5 + Epec MultiTool Memory Flash 4 Gbyte (8 Gbyte as an option) RAM (DDR3) 1024 Mbyte Non-volatile RAM 512 kbyte CAN 2 RS-232 1 USB 2 Ethernet 10/100 2 Camera inputs (analog) 2 Optional 2 I/O interface 5 pins total DO/DI 2 AI/DI 1 DI 2 5V REF output 1 Speaker X Not Available Not Available Buzzer Not Available Not Available X Ambient light sensor X Not Available Not Available Radio connectivity GSM/GPRS/EDGE Optional X/X/X Optional UMTS/HSPA+ Optional X/X Optional GNSS Optional GPS and GLONASS Optional EPEC GlobE support Yes Connectors AMP 1 x AMP23 M12 2/3 SMA optional 2 optional Nom. operating voltage 12/24 VDC Full Operating range 8,4-36V 8,4-36 V 9,2-36V Overvoltage protection 70 VDC continuous overvoltage Operating temperature up to -30 ... +70C IP Class IP66 Size 183 x 128 x 49,5 mm 182 x 138 x 43 mm 310 x 290 x 82 mm Weight 1,1 kg 0,7 kg 2,7 kg Mounting Panel/Pedestal Direct Panel/Pedestal Future options WLAN