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Control system solutions for extreme conditions


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Epec Oy has over 35 years of extensive experience and knowhow of mobile machines and special vehicles. We help machine manufactures and our partners worldwide to develop efficient, safe, and environmental friendly mobile machines and special vehicles, enabling end users to maximize their productivity. We are able to offer a total solution, from control units to project services and designing. All Epec control units and embedded displays are based on robust design and are produced to meet harsh operating environments of mobile machines and special vehicles. They have a wide operating temperature range, and high endurance against difficult and demanding environmental conditions.

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Control system solutions for extreme conditions

  1. 1. Epec Oy Control system solutions for extreme conditions
  2. 2. Who We Are Since 1978, Epec has been a solution provider specializing in intelligent control systems for mobile machines. What We Do Epec helps its customers to design and manufacture efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly mobile working machines and special vehicles. We have experience with control systems for challenging conditions and are able to offer a total solution, from control units to project services and design. Complete control system solutions for machine manufacturers • Heavy-duty control units and displays • Software design and customized applications • Software tools and libraries • Remote management solutions
  3. 3. Specialized in Extreme Conditions • Vibration & shocks up to 100 G • Humidity & Dust IP66 - 67 • Temperature range -40°C to +85°C • Certifications for automotive use (e/E), marine conditions (GL)
  4. 4. Own manufacturing in Finland • Expert knowledge in demanding environments • Highly automated, modern and competitive production • Excellent quality control and delivery accuracy • Epec’s production is located in the same premises with other operations. This enables flexibly and quick reaction to different customer needs.
  5. 5. Control Units and displays - specially designed for mobile machines operating in the most demanding environmental conditions
  6. 6. Epec software solutions • Extensive set of software development tools and libraries to help system engineers in programming, configuring, adjusting and diagnosing the control system and its application - First class quality, usability and user experience - Shorter control system development time MultiTool Application development tools Epec application libraries CANmoon Testing, diagnostic and service tools Epec GlobE Graphical user interface design Industrial internet solutions Virtual Test Environment
  7. 7. Thank you! For further information, please contact us: