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Digital Marketing Trends 2018 - Tio University of Applied Sciences


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Digital Marketing Trends 2018 presentation for Tio University of Applied Sciences students at ICD Business School, Dublin, Ireland.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2018 - Tio University of Applied Sciences

  1. 1. Goedemorgen!
  2. 2. Mijn naam is Eoin
  3. 3. Eoin (Owen)
  4. 4. Eoin Dixon Murphy Founder and Creative Director at 
 CASTLE33 and Craft Digital. 10+ years experience in digital marketing. Undergraduate - Business & Entrepreneurship Postgraduate - Digital Marketing @EoinDM
  5. 5. CASTLE33 Founded in 2014. Creative digital agency specialising in social media, websites and design. Companies we’ve worked with include Microsoft, HP, Twitter and more.
  6. 6. CRAFT DIGITAL Founded in 2015. Digital agency focusing on the craft drinks and artisan food industry in Ireland. Specialise in branding, social media and content creation.
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Trends 2018
  8. 8. Micro-Moments
  9. 9. Micro-Moments An intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, go, do, or buy. In these moments, decisions are made and preferences are shaped.
  10. 10. Why? • Users check their mobile devices 100+ a day. • Mobile usage is dominating search & social. • Decisions are made in micro-moments. • People want instant results. • Customers trust brands that give them what they want when they want it.
  11. 11. Chatbots
  12. 12. Chatbots Chatbots are computer programs that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence. They are transforming the way people interact with the internet from a series of self-initiated tasks to a basic conversation.
  13. 13. Usage News & 
 Information. Shopping
 & Ordering. Planning &
 Scheduling. Advice &
  14. 14. Why? • People are using messaging apps more than social networks. • AI and functionality is improving. • Instant replies and answers. • Automates simple customer service tasks. • Always on - 24/7 help.
  15. 15. Voice Search
  16. 16. Voice Search & Assistant Voice search allows users to use search engines and apps by speaking directly 
 into their device. This can be done across connected mobile, desktop and home devices. Voice Assistants can also complete other tasks such as setting an alarm, making a call and ordering food.
  17. 17. Why? • Voice Search currently accounts for 20% of searches, expected to rise to 50% by 2020. • Voice-enabled devices are a consumer hit. • AI and functionality is improving. • Voice affecting SEO - adapt accordingly. • Makes life easier.
  18. 18. Live Video
  19. 19. Live Video Real-time, live video footage and streams across social media platforms. Major channels include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Twitch.
  20. 20. Usage Events, How-To, Interviews, News, Behind-the-Scenes, Sports, Announcements…
  21. 21. Why? • Video content is still king. • Live video traffic expected to grow x15
 by 2020. • Increase in functionality and prioritisation by major platforms. • Higher engagement and reach. • Easy to create and share.
  22. 22. GDPR
  23. 23. GDPR The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU Regulation that aims
 to protect EU citizens from privacy infringements and data breaches. The GDPR gives consumers full control over their personal data. Starts May 25th 2018.
  24. 24. Why? • Biggest change in data protection in 
 20 years. • Digital marketing strategies and campaigns will have to adapt to changes. • Consent must be given and not assumed. • Rebuild customer lists. • Third-party service and software providers may change T&Cs and offerings.
  25. 25. Augmented Reality
  26. 26. Augmented Reality An enhanced version of reality where live direct or indirect views of physical real-world environments are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images. A user's view of the real-world is transformed, thus enhancing one’s current perception of reality.
  27. 27. Why? • VR and AR traffic will increase 20 times by 2021. • Apple ARKit and iPhone X • Photo/video filters on social media becoming more and more popular. • New revenue streams and ad placements • Enhance brand experience. • Less barriers compared to VR.
  28. 28. Predictions aren’t facts.
  29. 29. What do you think?
  30. 30. Bedankt!
  31. 31. Connect with me. @EoinDM