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    1. 1. EnvisionXpress CelebratesNational Disability Employment Month
    2. 2. a·wareness n.Synonyms: aware, cognizant, conscious, sensible,awake, alert, watchful, vigilant. These adjectives meanmindful or heedful: Aware implies knowledge gained throughones own perceptions or by means of information W R N SA A E E S
    3. 3. But, who will be that “means of information”?
    4. 4. Are You Aware that… …unemployment among the visually impaired and severely disabled is at 70%? These individuals deserve the opportunity to work!
    5. 5. FEW CONSIDER THE MANY OBSTACLES STANDING BETWEEN THE VISUALLYIMPAIRED/SEVERELY DISABLED AND EMPLOYMENT Just a few of these obstacles include… Job Employer Employee Transportation Availability Negativity Negativity
    6. 6. JOB AVAILABILITYOne of the largest barriers facing disabled individualsis the lack of appropriate jobs. The absence ofadequate information about available jobs is another
    7. 7. TRANSPORTATIONDue to inadequatepublic transportationin some locations,many visuallyimpaired andseverally disabledare not able to reachthe opportunitieswhich are available.
    8. 8. EMPLOYER NEGATIVITYAn unawareness of adaptive aids and accommodations, makes hiringvisually impaired and severely disabled a tough hiring decision for manyemployers. The cost of equipping work areas is also sometimes a factor inan employer’s decision. AWARENESS IS THE KEY!
    9. 9. EMPLOYEE NEGATIVITYThe fear of being denied employment, proper training, promotions etc. are oftenmajor barriers for a visually impaired or severely disabled individual seekingemployment. Many individuals also fear the loss of benefits.
    10. 10. But for those who are fortunate enough toovercome all the barriers of finding anappropriate job….
    11. 11. …and even more fortunate to be chosen for that job…
    12. 12. …they very often achieve more thantheir employers ever expected.
    13. 13. Please Join us as we take you on a tour of the manyfun, creative, and educational ways EnvisionXpress andtheir staff help to create this awareness among ourcustomers and in our communities to make theseemployment opportunities a reality.
    14. 14. Fort Riley was on Top of Things forTheir NDEAM Message and Celebration Fort Riley
    15. 15. Fairchild AFB Two Huge Banners Welcomed the Visitors at Fairchild Air Force Base EnvisionXpress Store’s Recent NDEAM Celebration
    16. 16. NSA Mid-South’s main marquee, aswell as signs and banners, helpedspread the word about the NDEAMcelebration! 0 NSA Mid-South
    17. 17. Fort Riley CelebratedNDEAM 2011 Completewith Cake and Posters Fort Riley
    18. 18. Fairchild AFB NDEAM Celebration Offered Shoppers Another Opportunity to Save on Supplies Fairchild AFB
    19. 19. Trick or Treating and passing out candy was fun but even our candy delivered a strong message about AbilityOne! NSA Mid-South
    20. 20. Buckley The NDEAM Banner was Proudly Displayed on the Front Counter at Buckley AFB. Their Special Event was a Big Hit Among Cake-Lovers!
    21. 21. There Was Some Serious Cooking at the Peterson AFB NDEAM Celebration! Peterson AFB
    22. 22. Employment is the Icing-on-the-Cakefor Many Visually Impaired Individuals! McConnell
    23. 23. EnvisionXpress Employees at Whiteman Air Force Base Pose for a Picture after Making Sure that All is Ready for their NDEAM Event Whiteman AFB
    24. 24. It Didn’t Take Long to Finish Off the Cakeand Ice Cream at Grand Forks National Disability Employment Awareness Month Celebration Grand Forks
    25. 25. Games and Prizes areAlways a Fun Part of Our Day!! NSA Mid-South
    26. 26. Banners and Informative Posters Were Used to Educate Customers and Guests about NDEAMNAS Lemoore
    27. 27. Grand Forks 2011 Grand Forks AFB Celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month Ice Cream and Cake Rounded Out a Fun Celebration at Grand Forks AFB
    28. 28. Fort LeavenworthKelly Stanfield, Fort Leavenworth’s visually impaired employee, enjoys a couple of games of Checkers and Connect Four with a blindfolded opponent.
    29. 29. It Was One Sweet NDEAM Celebration at Minot AFBMINOT AFB
    30. 30. The Chili Cook-off at Lemoore’s NDEAM Celebration is Always a Hit With Employees and Customers!NAS Lemoore
    31. 31. Information About NDEAM Was the Centerpiece of an AbilityOne Product Display at Peterson’s Celebration Event!Peterson AFB
    32. 32. NSA Mid-South October is a Perfect Time to Have aThemed Celebration for NDEAM
    33. 33. Fort Carson NDEAM 2011 Fort Carson’s NDEAMCelebration was a Great Time to Highlight their AbilityOne End Caps.
    34. 34. The EnvisionXpress Manager at AFA Explains How EveryAbilityOne Purchase Creates Jobs….7 out of 10 PeopleWho are Blind are NOT EMPLOYED. Air Force Academy
    35. 35. McConnell AFB There Was Plenty of Literature Regarding NDEAMand AbilityOne Products at McConnell’s Celebration Event NDEAM 2011
    36. 36. Offutt Tony Melvin, Offutt BSC Manager takes a minute to explain the AbilityOne Program to some of his NDEAM guests. NDEAM is always a good time to pick up a few extra supplies.
    37. 37. F.E. WARREN F.E. Warren ‘s NDEAM Celebration Featured a Wide Assortment of Treats for Hungry Visitors!
    38. 38. Our Fire Department Loves to Eat but they are also Great Supporters of the AbilityOne Program!NSA Mid-South
    39. 39. Fairchild AFB Fairchild’s Recent NDEAM Celebration Was Made Complete by a Huge Supply of Cookies and Treats!!
    40. 40. Fort Riley’s Visually Impaired Employee Fort Riley Post Reporter Pays Demonstrates the Use of Visual Aids a Visit to Learn More About NDEAM Fort Riley
    41. 41. Providing Valuable Information to Their Customers about AbilityOne and NDEAM is an Important Aspect of the Fairchild AFB Celebration! Fairchild AFB
    42. 42. A Demonstration of the Many Different Adaptive Aids Available to Facilitate the Visually ImpairedFort Leavenworth
    43. 43. ID Mates are Valuable Tools for the Visually Impaired An NAS Lemoore employeedemonstrates to a customer how to properly use the ID Mate NAS Lemoore
    44. 44. No Better Way to Celebrate Than With an All-American Hot Dog Cookout!Peterson AFB
    45. 45. McConnell’s Visually Impaired Employee, Ron Watts,Enjoys Interacting with the Customers at EnvisionXpress McConnell AFB
    46. 46. Whiteman AFBThere was fun, food, witches brew and even an unexpectedguest but posters and banners were reminders of whatWhiteman’s NDEAM celebration was all about.
    47. 47. What is It Like to Have a Visual Impairment? A customer at NAS Lemoore peeksthrough a card which simulates different visual impairments.NAS Lemoore
    48. 48. Gloria Bradler at Fort Carson Eagerly Invites Customers to Take a Look at the Adaptive Aids Available for Visually Impaired Employees. Adaptive Aid Display TableFort Carson
    49. 49. There was Plenty of Food for All at theOffutt Air Force Base NDEAM Celebration Offutt AFB
    50. 50. Every Purchase Creates Jobs Whiteman AFB
    51. 51. A Heaping Serving of Awareness! Ft. Leavenworth
    52. 52. Greetings From Peterson AFBPeterson AFB NDEAM 2011