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Charge&initial recs21june12


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Environmental Initiative staff presented a revised Work Group charge and provided a summary of initial recommendations made by Work Group members.

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Charge&initial recs21june12

  1. 1. Parks & Trails Legacy FundingWork Group Meeting #2Marian Bender, Emily Franklin & Eric DavidMay 14, 2012
  2. 2. Work Group ChargeThe charge for Work Group members is to:Develop consensus recommendations for the allocation of the parks andtrails fund for the FY 2014-2015 Biennial Budget.The recommendations should serve as a model for future fundingallocations (for example, for the next ten years) and will also include arationale for why it was chosen. The recommendations may take the formof a process, formula or combination of these elements.The Work Group will not make recommendations for specific projects orfor other sources of funding for state and regional parks and trails.
  3. 3. Initial Recommendations • Responses were thoughtful and creative • Some recommendations were more prescriptive than others (offering specific percentages vs. a more general process) • Five themes emerged
  4. 4. 6543210 Initial Recommendations