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  2. 2. ABOUT RENOLIT • BACKGROUND - 30 Years as Market Leader in Roof Waterproofing best practices . • RENOLIT WATERPROOFING business unit, is a leader in the European market for synthetic waterproofing membranes. Their wide range of products, one of the largest in the sector, meets the many demands and needs of the market. Over a period of more than thirty years, RENOLIT WATERPROOFING business unit has produced more than 300 million m² of synthetic flexible membranes and bi-oriented rigid PVC sheets for roofing, civil engineering works, swimming pools and garden ponds. • RENOLIT is one of the largest European producers of synthetic single ply waterproofing membranes for roofing. • RENOLIT products target the flat roofing market, garden roofs, pitched roofs, new buildings and renovations The membranes are installed using three different methods: ballasted (ballast, paving slabs, green roof), mechanical fastening or adhered (glue or self-adhered).
  3. 3. ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION & ADVERSE EFECT ON CLIMATE THE INDIAN CONTEXT • Did you wonder why your winter never really got chilly? It could be due to the city’s eroding green cover, which is at an all-time low and continues to plunge. • Environmentalists have pressed the panic button, warning of an ecological disaster and a further rise in already high pollution levels. Some said the lack of greenery would have a long-term impact on the city’s climate. • An informal study by the forest department two years ago said only 10% of Kolkata was green, Bangalore no longer is the garden city .The limits of the Thar desert have expanded into Delhi & the city has lost trees and large tracts of green. . • “Urbanization & rampant construction has led to a steady chopping of trees and removal of green cover the “Now, it has hit rock bottom. The situation calls for drastic measures. We first need a formal survey to identify the exact green cover and then steps have to be taken to expand it.” • Poor compensatory plantation, forest officials say, has contributed generously to the dwindling green count. The rulebook says that for every tree felled, at least five must be planted. Not many have paid heed. The law also says that before a tree is chopped, the forest department must be informed. • The latter levies a charge for the felling and gives its sanction only after receiving an undertaking that trees will be planted to neutralize the loss. However, only a few high-profile projects have adhered to the rules.
  4. 4. PRODUCT ALKORGREEN • ALKORGREEN® is a quality product manufactured by RENOLIT AG, a Germany headquartered company with over 37 manufacturing locations & sales companies in USA, Europe and Asia and a sales revenue of ~ € 1 billion. • Products manufactured by RENOLIT are already approved by DMRC and being used by them for waterproofing of underground stations at Green Park, Saket and Udyog Vihar. • You will have only one contact for the waterproofing membranes as well as the construction of the entire Green Roof. • This arrangement waterproofs the roof as well as provides a Roof garden and can be installed on current as well as new buildings. • For local installation, of ALKORGREEN, we work closely with UBITECH, a highly reputed company based in New Delhi. • ALKORGREEN® has been used successfully for over 30 years all over the world. • Life expectancy of 30 years confirmed by the BBA and several other independent institutions • ALKORGREEN® has successfully passed the FLL Root Resistance Test and hence a superior product for Green roofs
  5. 5. THE ALKOR GREEN SYSTEM • A Standard for Roofs with a slope of 1 TO 5 Degrees • SEDUM/SUBSTRATE (6 Cm & Vegetation ) – Sedum / plant cuttings are sown in the substrate layer of 6 cm smaller projects could use pre cultivated layers – this layer ensures feeding substance , water supply to vegetation plus oxygen & anchoring to roof structure • alkorPLUS – Water retention layer – provides plants with extra water in times of draught or prolonged high temperatures • alkorPLUS - Filter & Drainage layer – in TWO parts limits particles from substrate layer to migrate to drainage layer , part two the drainage layer helps in removing redundant water not held by water retention layer • alkorPLUS -Slip layer or Protection layer – This layer provides additional protection to underlying layers • alkorPLAN LA - Waterproofing Membrane – This product provides watertight roof and is TOTALLY unaffected by roots fully glued with adhesive alkorPLUS
  6. 6. GREEN ROOFS TYPES & THEIR PROPERTIES TYPE -1 EXTENSIVE GREEN ROOF Not usually Recreational these can be integrated with Intensive systems , have low management requirements and do not usually require artificial irrigation . Plants are selected which succeed with minimal modification of the roof system. Light weight systems with minimal structural implication for the building . ADVANTAGES : Visual Appeal , Reduce Environment Impact on Building , Creating habitat for Native Flora & Fauna , Enhancing Building performance CHARACTERSTICS • Substrate Layer 3 to 15 cm • Addl Weight (kg/m) -30-150 • Maintenance – Minimal , Accessibility – NO • Type Of Vegetation – Sedum , herb IDEAL FOR FACTORIES , SPORTS STADIUM , SEZ’’s RAILWAY STATIONS & INACESSIBLE ROOF TOPS
  7. 7. TYPE 2-SEMI INTENSIVE GREEN ROOF ABOVE – A SHOPPING CENTRE IN GERMANY These are Typical Garden Roofs an are used for Recreation like the ground roofs . CHARACTERISTICS • Cross – Section substrate layer - 15 to 30 cm • Additional Weight – 150-400 kg /m • Maintenance – Yes • Accessibility – Yes • Types of Plants – Flowers , Lawn , Small Shrubs , herbs IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL COMPLEXES , SHOPPING MALLS , HOTELS , CLUBS
  8. 8. TYPE 3-INTENSIVE GREEN ROOF Intensive Green Roofs are ROOF GARDENS & like all gardens provide space to people , require intensive management & thick layer of substrate level & artificial irrigation . Suitable plants are selected and these are heavy systems and have structural implications . CHARECTERSTICS • Cross Section Substrate layer - > 30 Cm • Additional Weight - ( Kg/m) > = 400 kg /m • Maintenance – Yes • Accessibility – Yes • Types of Plants – Any Plant Choice IDEAL FOR HOMES , GUEST HOUSES , HOTELS , CLUBS , HIGH STREET SHOPS
  9. 9. ARKOR GREEN - ON WHAT ROOF TYPE TYPES • Concrete Roof Deck - ( The Surface to be smooth without protrusions & irregularities over 2mm) • Timber Structure –(Minimum thickness of supporting structure wood 25 mm , Tongued & Grooved) • Warm Roof • Inverted Roof • Sloped Roof
  10. 10. WHY GREEN ROOFS • Environmentalists , Landscaping Architects , Developers , Householders & indeed the global community are unanimous on the way forward in Architecture Globally is Green Architecture • Perceived as futuristic , it is pro life , takes one closer to nature and bring nature to your roof tops and balconies • aesthetic and an extensive ecological • ALKORGREEN offers a complete, system for your roof. • For new build as it is for refurbishment projects. –
  11. 11. APART FROM ASTHETIC BENEFITS , OTHER ADVANTAGES OF GREEN ROOF FROM CONSTRUCTION & ECONOMIC POINT OF VIEW • Improved sound-proofing • Architectural possibilities • Reduction of heating/cooling costs • Aesthetically pleasing. • Increased life expectancy of the waterproofing membrane • Limited maintenance FROM AN ECOLOGICAL POINT OF VIEW • New environment for the fauna and flora • Reduction of rain water run off • Oxygen production • Absorption of electromagnetic radiation
  12. 12. • Improved Sound Proofing -ALKORGREEN serves as an excellent sound insulator . Green roofs can be efficient in reducing indoor noise attenuation from Hail , Rainfall , Traffic . • Additional space & green cover for Flora & Fauna – Natural view , aesthetically pleasing . • Reduction in Cooling & Heating costs – ALKORGREEN , because of its insulating properties has an impact on interior temperatures reducing energy need to cool a building in summer and heat it in winter . • Increased life Expectancy of the Water proofing of the roof – Green Roofs protect roof from UV & IR Radiations , diminishing need for costly roof maintenance & replacements. • Oxygen Production - Green Roofs contribute to an improved Air Quality , the vegetation on the roof top produces oxygen and absorbs polluted particles on the other. • Reduction in Rain Water run off – Green roofs absorb a large quantity of rain water and prevent its outflow to the drainage system , reducing load on the storm drains & prevents sewer overflows & discharges • New Environment for Flora & Fauna - A living roof brings nature into our homes office spaces , birds , insects and other wildlife can create a new habitat on top of a roof . It gives High rise flat owners an entertainment area replacing the traditional garden .
  13. 13. ADVANTAGE ALKORGREEN - DEVELOPERS • Product Differentiation creating a USP Offering Balcony & Roof Gardens along with other amenities • Insulated roofs reduce heat ingress by ( up to 60% ) thereby resulting in lower AC loads , cross ventilation with fresh breeze higher Oxygen levels . • Increased usable FSI & Reduced wastage of Common Areas & Loading leading to Increased Building Efficiency . • Higher costing for Higher floors in Commercial , IT Spaces , Retail & Residential segments can be recovered by Developers . • Reduced costs for factories and equipment requiring ambient temperature conditions . • Improved Aesthetics • Competitive costs , Easy & Quick installation , Minimal Maintenance interference . • Sound proofing • Increased Marginal Capital Expenditure offset by Reduced Operational Costs.
  14. 14. END CONSUMERS & HOME OWNERS • Green roofs offer high-rise flat residents a functional space for an entertaining area, Green roofs introduced on a large scale replaces the traditional garden. • Reduced Electrical costs . • Increased comfort . • Healthier environment & Oxygen . • Enhanced waterproofing & reduced costs for roof repair & replacement. • Reduced sound interference from Hail , and noises of the High Street. • Alternative environment for Flora & Fauna. • Absorption of EM & UV Radiation & healthier living for URBAN citizens. • Reduced load on storm drainage & increase in ground water levels due to reduction in rain water runoff
  15. 15. WHO ELSE WILL USE ALKORGREEN SEZ’s • Mandated by Commerce Ministry in SEZ’s . (FORMALLY 578 PROPOSALS FOR SEZ’S APPROVED – 323 NOTIFIED – IN ADDITION TO 7CENTRAL GOVT SEZ & 12 STATE GOVT SEZ SET UP PRIOR TO SEZ ACT 2005.) • Total Investment Expected RS 1.08 TRILLION • Total Exports From SEZ’S RS 99,689 CRORES RENEWABLE ENERGY MINISTRY stipulates SEZ’s will conform to Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC ) ALKORGREEN Green Roof Gardens will bring this efficiency & with an Environment Friendly approach • ENHANCED CAPITAL COSTS TO BE SUBSIDIZED BY GOVERNMENT CAPITAL & INTEREST SUBSIDIES * Source Samir Bhatia – Senior Director & National Leader ( SEZ Advisory Practice at Deolitte Consulting)
  16. 16. BOOK YOUR GREEN GARDEN NOW ! CONTACT US :- CALL US AT Land +91-124-4205699 Mobile +91-9717500111 OR WRITE TO US AT Or at