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Solve 3 Major SSL Compliance Challenges with Entrust's Certificate Discovery Service


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New Entrust Discovery simplifies and automates notifications, analysis and validation — all via a single cloud or on-premise service. For more information about Entrust Discovery, visit

DALLAS, Nov. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Finding, managing and analyzing SSL and other digital certificates can be time-consuming, complex and expensive. To help automate and simplify these tasks, Entrust Inc. introduces innovative features for the Entrust Discovery service that is designed to help solve three of the industry's top SSL challenges: avoiding application outages, ensuring compliance and managing multi-source certificate environments.

"Enterprise technical environments are too complex to believe that buying a few SSL certificates is sufficient to satisfy both internal and external security and compliance responsibilities," said Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner. "From discovery, management and validation, to analysis and reporting, digital certificate management is required on an ongoing basis. This is particularly true for large organizations that may have different types of digital certificates from many different vendors."

Simplifying these responsibilities, Entrust introduces key service upgrades to directly address the most difficult SSL and digital certificate pitfalls experienced by enterprises, organizations and businesses in various industries and verticals.

Avoid Application Outages — Automatic 'Certificate Chain Validation' Alerts

Ensure Compliance, Avoid Breach — 'Custom Charts, Filtering & Rules'

Simplify Management in Delegated Environments — 'Organization' Customization

True Certificate Discovery

Available as a managed service (cloud model) or a customer-deployed solution, Entrust Discovery simplifies the certificate discovery and inventory process. This can help save the management effort of manually inventorying machines and networks, as well as tracking certificate expiry dates in complicated spreadsheets or tables.

Within an organization's environment, Entrust Discovery is capable of quickly finding and inventorying certificates. Three separate components — Entrust Discovery Agent, Entrust Discovery CAPI Scanner and Entrust Discovery Manager — collaborate to help organizations discover the risks caused by rogue or expiring certificates, and then subsequently assists in resolving these issues.

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