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Simplified marketing plan - how to develop and use your marketing plan

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Marketing E Book

  1. 1. Coming in January/February 2010 Email us: Marketing How to Develop and Use Your Marketing Plan for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs HERE SOME OF THE CONTENTS, PLEASE DOWNLOAD.
  2. 2. The truth is…… To create and develop a marketing plan is not difficult, the implementation is the most difficult. Simply because you need only one main thing to make it work i.e. Money. The fact that many people tell you to create a Marketing Plan you need a lot of $$$ is because they are defending their own so called, “Intellectual Property” or IP which is the rice or potato bowl (slang for income source). So what I just did is to democratize the tool so it becomes available to anyone especially to small businesses and entrepreneurs. So you can save a lot of $$$ and put it into your business. After all a marketing plan is useless if you don’t have an idea that time has come!! Welcome to Marketing Plan e-Book and let’s start taking on the world. Future, here I come! 
  3. 3. Table of Contents 1. On SME and Entrepreneur Business 2. Benefits of Marketing Plan e-Book 3. What is Marketing 4. Misconception about Marketing 5. Elements of Marketing a. Market Segment b. Product c. Place/Distribution d. Promotion/Advertising e. Price f. People g. Process h. Environment i. Communication 6. S6PEC In One-Page a. The Simplified Marketing Plan
  4. 4. On SME and Entrepreneur Business 1. Small scale business is on the rise. 2. Early-stage entrepreneurial business increases. 3. Significant increase of entrepreneurial business in post crisis. 4. Almost 10% of entrepreneurs engaged in self learning and observing. 5. Many entrepreneurs focus on market expansion activity. 6. Education to be better entrepreneur still lacking but growing fast. 7. Perceive perceptions of entrepreneurship doesn’t mean anything. 8. In growing economies, entrepreneurship is a desirable career choice. 9. Entrepreneurs are engine of growth and contribute to higher GDP. 10. Most entrepreneurs were pulled because of opportunity recognition. 11. About 55% discontinued business because of financial problems. 12. The 25-34 years old age group is the highest to take up entrepreneurship. 13. Innovation is very important in entrepreneurial business. 14. And a lot more….you need to do research to know more…  Source: Author interpretation of GEM Report 2008
  5. 5. Entrepreneurial Process and Definition The entrepreneurial process starts before the firm is operational. Someone who is just starting a venture and trying to survive in a very competitive market is an entrepreneur in spite of not having high-growth aspirations. On the other hand, a person may be an established business owner who has been in business for quite a number of years and still be innovative, competitive, and growth minded. This person is also an entrepreneur. Source: GEM Report 2008
  6. 6. Benefits of Marketing Plan e-Book 1. It is SIMPLIFIED! 2. Portable format that you can print, read in laptop and even compose your own slides for presentation to your partners, bosses, directors etc.. 3. Cover all the bases you need in a marketing plan. 4. Affordable source of knowledge! Very cheap! 5. Information provided based on real case studies, happened before, practical approach and honest. 6. One time download, shareable slides for all your business units and staffs. 7. Extra resources on the blog 8. Another resource blog 9. Written not by academia or journalist but by practitioners! 10. Combined marketing knowledge from all around the world. 11. Nicely presented with diagrams, colors and highlights. 12. Save lots of $$$ for a marketing consultant or anyone so called consultant! 13. Save lots of $$$ on marketing software, licensing and applications!! 14. Step by step approach. 15. Post worldwide crisis marketing approach which focus on what-works and profit centric! 16. You can make an income from this book by joining the affiliate program!  For any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at
  7. 7. Future, here I come! “Let’s make a real difference from now on. You don’t have to dream anymore. What you wish is already here. Let’s make sure you can start your business real soon. You will save $$$ for writing your own Marketing Plan. Let’s begin.”