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The Entrepreneurs Radio Show 016 Woody Woodward

  1. 1. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 1 of 31 EPISODE #16: WOODY WOODWARD Intro: You‟re listening to Diamonds in Your Own Backyard, the business owner‟s guide to success, inspiration and community. Where each week you will hear fellow business owners share their inspirational stories, strategies and moments of clarity that helped them find success. And now here is your host Travis Lane Jenkins and Sandra Champlain. Woody Woodward Travis: Hey, it‟s Travis Lane Jenkins. Sandra: And this is Sandra Champlain. And we‟d like to welcome you to Diamonds in Your Own Backyard. Travis: Hi Sandra. Sandra: Hello Travis. Travis: I stepped on you, good morning how are you dear? Sandra: We always step on each other but that‟s okay. Travis: I know. Sandra: How am I you‟re asking, do you remember Christmas Eve growing up as a kid and you knew that Santa would be coming the next day, and it was everything we could do to fall asleep at night because we are so excited, you remember that feeling? Travis: I do, as my most favourite time of the year as a kid. Sandra: Well, me too. I‟ve realized when I went to bed last night, that I had that same feeling because of who we have as a guest today on our show, and so I don‟t want to keep Santa waiting. Would it be okay with you if I just introduce our audience to our guest? Travis: I‟d love it. Sandra: Okay and it really it is that feeling of magic that I have right now. Travis: Yeah I know this guy is very special to you.
  2. 2. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 2 of 31 Sandra: Two years ago, I was at a conference and this man was one of the speakers and his tools that he shared in just an hour really have changed my life, so who we have is Mr. Woody Woodward. He is a person who had dropped out of high school, became a millionaire at 26 and then got broke by the age of 27 but he worked, made it all back and actually went from scratch to 30 million dollars and beyond that he is someone who has studied and researched over a thousand successful people, people who had been - whether they are high school dropouts or college dropouts, and then they beat the odds and created a great successes in their life. So he has spoken to hundred and to thousands of people, he‟s got 9 books out, he is a key note speaker, he refers to himself a success strategist, and he is an award winning film maker. So it is my honour and privilege to introduce you Travis and our listeners to Woody Woodward. Hi Woody! Travis: Hi Woody. Woody: Oh, thank you guys, I‟m sure it does I‟d say I have to sit down on my postcards to my parents “Look what I have done and you‟d like me a little bit more,” with an introduction like that I‟d wake up happy every day. Sandra: Yeah. That‟s you are for me and to what you‟ve been, and I forgot to mention that you are the creator of my emotional fingerprint which is also just an unbelievable tool to actually get people feel like it‟s Christmas morning again, yeah. Travis: Some pretty good stuff Woody, that‟s impressive. Woody: Thank you very much. Sandra: Yeah Woody, were you always this kind of a rock star? Do you want to share a little bit about, I know I shared a little but tell us a little bit more about you. Woody: Yeah, I was the kid with the dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, anything you want to put together, OCD. That‟s kind of who I was growing up. I was always the kid who got sent home for selling candy on the playground or got in trouble during graduation. That kid with the rest of „everyone-else look better‟ that was me. So it‟s been a long, long journey I would look forward in getting into that journey with you guys. Sandra: Thanks. Travis: Well you‟ve got a kindred spirit here Woody because I‟ve done a lot of the same and I have some serious behind that but what do you think? Do you feel like that was the entrepreneur in you in the making, in the rough as a kid because you are willing to press those buttons and open those doors that you are not supposed to?
  3. 3. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 3 of 31 Woody: I believe so. When I interviewed I mean 25 hundred people I have read thousand biographies of who‟s who in America and around the world. I find this same kindred spirit if you are listener you are that same kindred spirit just by your past experiences. And it‟s that past experience of risking it, going for it, going against the grain, doing things that are too afraid to do, is that passion that keeps you up at night. And that‟s who I was the same way Sandra as the same way and I kinder the community out there for the promise in our home offices and we‟re not reaching out to one another to connect with the higher level. Travis: Right, right. I agree with you. I am at my best when I am mixing and mingling with you guys although I spend the majority of my time alone. What lead you why do say that? I know why I think that, but why do say that? Woody: Why do we spend time alone? Travis: Yeah, why do you feel like that we‟re at our best when we are out there. Woody: Well, it‟s a personality types, there‟s five personality types that I have discovered part of the drive system, there‟s directors, there‟s relators, there‟s intellectuals, there‟s validators, and there‟s executives. It‟s all based in the emotional fingerprint we will talk about in the future. But we all have these personality types where we have this created geniuses within our minds. And the definition of genius is the ability your concentrate. Because when I grew up, not the other reason that I was 19 years old, and I had this statement that I am not smart, I am not good enough, I had a great team. I have this to prove that I wasn‟t good enough, so I started to believe my own story or I read a definition genius I started calling myself a genius. I have the ability to concentrate that‟s all it is. I am not better than anyone else, but I can sit down and hold an idea and wrestle and tackle to the finest and utmost degree, and that therefore makes me a genius. And I think all of us who are entrepreneurs and business owners and people who are striving in the difference world, I think we are all geniuses and so we get together in the social setting and ideas start falling like a radio show then I believe that emotional geniuses are build on top of each other and were stronger together than we are apart. Travis: Right. So are you speaking of the mastermind? Woody: Yeah, I am a huge fan of mastermind. I‟ve had mastermind for the last 15 years and they have revolutionized my business. Travis: And so you‟re talking about because I am a huge fan of Napoleon Hill, a lot of what you‟re talking about, the way that you‟ve gone about interviewing successful people and the things that you are talking about are along those lines of his mindset as well is that when like minded people get together, maybe they don‟t think exactly like, but they have a common objective of helping each other
  4. 4. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 4 of 31 that whether the 2 people, 3 people, or 15 people, a mastermind forms of a whole higher level of a brilliance and access to knowledge, right? Woody: Exactly. If you take a 2 by 4 and if you put pressure on that 2 by 4, it will hold 480 pounds of pressure before it snaps. If you put two 2 x 4 on top of one another it will hold 1800 pounds, over four times the amount, so when we get together with other people we are so much stronger, on our resources are larger, our database our rolodexes which is lower just expands, and so the worst thing you can do as business owner/entrepreneur or so much trying to get difference in the world is to hide in a corner. It is just have one more thing for it to share. No, go out and share it and develop it as you are sharing it and then it will explode for you. Travis: Right. It‟s kind of hard to explain, and I spent a lot of time thinking about this, our efforts and the work and all the things that we do when I tried to visualize it it‟s like a several dots, and really to achieve a high level of success on things you have to start connecting those dots and bring them together in a cohesive fashion. And when you get out there and mix and mingle with people like what you were talking about it‟s like everything starts blending in together, your connections increased, doors open, you are introduced to other people. Those are the kind of behind the scenes things that I have seen that happened for me. Does that makes sense, is that maybe a good illustration of what you were talking about? Woody: Yeah, you‟re spot on. So if you build this beautiful Ferrari, we are all in our own home offices, or in our big glass buildings, and we are trying to build this custom built Ferrari that we can drive out in the world, but if we don‟t put gasoline in it, it never move. So when we are with other people, that‟s the fuel of our fire that‟s explodes in the half of the car that can make really rev and roar, that‟s connecting with people. And I developed a system, it‟s very, very simple for you listening at home it‟s called MAPS. Write this out its super easy, it‟s MAPS, each letter stands for something. So on the left side of the sheet paper just write MPS. That stands for Message, Product, or Service. Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Toys R us or infomercial book every business I believe follows those 3 categories. Either you have message that‟s running out there, you have a physical thing or product or you have a service so it‟s MPS. Now on the treasure map, you are trying to find the treasure and X always marks the spot, so it‟s MPS and then put on X on to the right hand side then it‟s A, A is the audience. So MPS x audience is equals to any amount of money you want to make. So let me break this down for you. So let‟s get over this for example. She achieved at her highest, she has millions of viewers so she had millions of people looking at her message, product, or service and maybe if she was workaholic she worked it up to 2 billion dollars. If you take a school teacher who you have the audience as 30 children then you tap out at 60, maybe 80 grand a year if their lucky. So if you don‟t have audience instead of MPS all you get is P&S, you‟re stressed, your anxious, you‟re frustrated. Travis: Right.
  5. 5. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 5 of 31 Woody: But if you only have audience not MPS then you have Youtube. Travis: Right. Woody: There are videos of hundreds of millions of viewers but they are not selling any product or service or message. So where we make the mistake as creators we spent so much time in our message, product and service - we ignore the audience and we call Kevin Costner as a liar. If you build that they will not come that‟s the old attitude from field of dreams. If I build it they will come. That‟s false. You have to build your audience and when you build your audience then you can sell your message, products or service. So when you‟re connecting within the hour with people, you‟re building your audience every single day. And that in my opinion is truly manipulative. How many graveyards are full of busy women who have brilliant ideas, better mouse traps, the normal businesses, charitable organizations but they have no audience and now they don‟t even know their names. And that‟s for me is the worst part of this life is that to have such a great ability to change human behaviour and then change their world and then not to be able to have an audience for it. Travis: Right, right. That‟s a common problem with businesses is they think that if they‟re a master craftsman or they make the best meal that everything else is going to take care of itself and that‟s a fallacy. You got to have this combination here. And for me, the message is I think of is a platform; is that what you are talking about? Woody: Yup, correct. Travis: Okay. And then you can tie your products and services. I feel like the business models have drastically changed over the last ten years. Woody: Oh, absolutely - completely changed. Travis: Yeah. And so I never knew about front end and back end selling something on the front end and then I segue them on the back end. This is always assuming that everything you do is with providing value and ethics and for years, I would provide just a front end service and put very little effort in the back end. And what you‟re describing is sounds like you‟re painting a picture of kind of a cycle here, to where you could establish a platform, you can on a specific topic and then transition them into a front end and back end type thing is that a fair, am I giving this right? Woody: Absolutely. And that‟s a keyword I was missing where it takes so much energy and effort to get an audience, as you have your audience do not just sell them one product. If you can only sell one product then you will lose. And look at Apple the perfect example that all their products supports one another, if you have and IPad you have an IPod, if you have an I pad you have an IPhone and I can get all my needs on all three devices, now I have to click cloud. All their products create value regardless of
  6. 6. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 6 of 31 what products from you‟re on. They need to have the mind yourself model where hey, we are just going to sell them license software and that works too but they always have updates they always have the next version. That‟s where both from very, very successful companies and both of them have eaten everybody else‟s out of the market. So there are those two companies left in the computer world. But even though they obviously in Dell manufacture but when it comes to getting your message out there, when it comes to your audience, you can work two ways. You can buy your audience, or you can borrow your audience. So buying your audience is your paying for advertising, you are paying for commercials, commercials, radio shows, TV shows, whatever is your giving your paying for eyeballs that‟s the traditional way. Now that works in 80‟s and early 90‟s but the second more effective way is borrowing an audience and that‟s what is I‟m doing right now doing right now, your audience has never heard of me. So right now, I‟m borrowing your audience, now the responsibility that falls on me is I need to create an active value so that your audience likes what I have to say and then potentially if I create enough value they may purchase the products, or service or message of mine. That is the best way now that is the whole internet marketing way. If everyone has an audience, to have blogs, Facebook, Twitter, we are all building audience. But even in Facebook and Twitter, most people do not have a message, product or service that they filled up so really it‟s a waste of time, so unless you really connect that‟s true value, integrity, and ethics and you are just wasting time on those services. Travis: Right, right. I see a lot of people misuse those platforms because they will try to one step sell. Woody: Oh yeah. Travis: They will say buy my stuff just basically. They will have some woody slogan and say buy my stuff. When really my opinion is it should be the beginning of a relationship and a conversation with someone that really resonates with what you have and what you are talking about. Woody: Correct. Sandra: When I met Woody he provided so much value, and I wouldn‟t mind talking about my emotional fingerprint for a little bit, a little while, there is so much value in that and he gave so much that I ended up buying, a binder that he sold in his product and his weekly calls and things like that. I mean there‟s just so much value and it really didn‟t take much except for a new, different, and this man cared and when we we‟re talking so much about relationships, whether be a customer, or the audience, or even the mastermind. I think and I know that it is very easy to be judgmental that that person just says the way they are, they always have to be right, or I could never sell to them, there‟s certain people we want to be friends with them and don‟t. Woody, if you don‟t mind sharing a little bit about my emotional fingerprint. Talk about getting a clue as to who you are, what makes you tick, what makes you so successful and given this a little test to the people in your life, and finding out what are their strengths
  7. 7. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 7 of 31 are, and wow it really provides a great new relationship and much more success. Can we talk about that for a bit Woody? Woody: Yeah, I would love to. I will give you quick background on it. I dropped out in high school and gave all my money in the dot com loss it during the dot com, made it back in real estate market, and then I start in 2005 the writing in the wall so we liquidated all our properties, we have mortgage companies in seven states to got rid of that, and then I said I‟m still going to study I‟m too eager want to know what drive people it‟s a passion in my childhood. I read a thousand biographies and I wrote my first book called Millionaire Dropout - Inspiring stories of the world‟s greatest failures. And it was those biographies of different people who will come incredible obstacles. But in the process of reading and writing that book my wife, you need to read How to Win Friends and Influence People. And at that point I cannot read one more book, as a matter of fact my entire brain is bleeding, I cannot suck in anymore information in my head. She said Go to San Francisco, read the book, I‟ll take the kids, go to library. So I went to the library, I read the first chapter, I entered the second chapter and on the first page on the left hand side, there‟s a quote by Dr. John that changed my entire life and the quote was that “Man‟s greatest desire is the desire to feel important.” I thought No, there‟s no way that‟s true. There‟s no way that the greatest version of human nature is to feel important. I said, “I‟m going to prove him wrong. He has been dead for 55 years, so I am going to prove him wrong. So I started interviewing people, I‟m interviewing 100, 200, 500 people, and I realized everybody has 7 characteristics that make them feel important. Now let‟s be very clear, this is not about pride and ego. This is not about being more important to somebody else. It‟s that you and me on top of the world. And we all have our good days and our bad days. We have this brief moment for result absolutely incredible. That‟s part of the film that‟s very important. So what happened was after interviewing all these people I researched five points for giving all unique behaviour in very short turn really quick information you want to experience for yourself into the, that‟s It‟s a 40minute video you‟re going to experience it all for yourself. The message principle 1 and 2 are your emotional elevator, it‟s what takes you up. So if it‟s two or more of these principles of importance are being met you too are on top of the world. If it‟s two or more principles of importance or being offended by somebody or something or some situation you feel down and depressed and Principle 3 is the foundation of all human behaviour it‟s why we do what we do and it takes subconsciously or consciously will do anything within the belief system so that they can support our emotional fingerprint. So these seven characteristics make us important trait or cut emotional fingerprint. So when it comes to relationships, if you‟ve ever been married, they even married longer than a week, you have the same arguments over and over again, you can tell character of argument 15, I am going to go upstairs you going to go outside, are you 19 you call your mom and how do these relationships ever resolve themselves, and why you keep having the same arguments, it‟s because you‟ll do anything that will support your emotional fingerprint. They‟ve been fighting over and over, they‟re never going to the root. All so help is how working the branches. Your emotional fingerprint goes to seven roots that you have, that dictate whether your tree grows and
  8. 8. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 8 of 31 blossoms or it‟s just grow and die. So when it comes to sales and marketing, is your product leading someone else to emotional fingerprint. When it comes to relationships, are you standing accidentally on somebody else emotional fingerprint. Another way to look at it, whether your own life have you ever having just the best day ever and you get a simple text or email or phone call and it just sends you off the rock, I mean you‟re seriously depressed, you‟re angry. Travis: Right. Woody: Why in that in that millisecond does that happened. That happens because of principle 2, all of a sudden by that text or that email, by that conversation, two or more of your emotional fingerprint got offended and you start this file, well the whole point is people lose consciously so that they‟re getting their emotional fingerprint for them by them so we have those days they don‟t last for days they last for a moment. It could be sharpened on your emotional fingerprint. It turned around and back out there. Compare to this, have you gone to shopping when you are really hungry, you always buy the wrong stuff right? Travis: Right. Sandra: Right. Woody: If you could go to shopping after you are having dinner, you only buy the necessity. That‟s for me it is the emotional fingerprint. For me the internal, you are validating who you are, you have internal strength. When you go out in the market place and your relationships in the world, you are not taking from everybody. You are not getting Twinkies, hotdogs and the burritos you are totally full, you are happy, you are healthy, you are actually started getting more authentically and you have true currency in the market place. But when you are external, you are living it for other people and for the things that validate you, then you‟re exhausted, you‟re hungry, you‟re tired, you‟re frustrated, and that‟s where succeed or fail based on their emotional fingerprint. Travis: Brilliant. How difficult is it to digest this concept and become more centred to the way you are not reacting all the time? Woody: Great question. When I give my seminar it‟s an hour and half speech, and I thought I want to take that information, I want them all on line so that they can check it instantly. What‟s interesting about it is when you go to it‟s only 40 minutes, and you really learn the three aspects of it right there for free. Travis: Right.
  9. 9. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 9 of 31 Woody: And here‟s what happens, we see that changes heart, change is actually very easy. It‟s just that we need to have something that to replace it that‟s more fun. Meaning if I could take a pill and I would have a six pack in my stomach, then I would take that, it‟s easier. When you learn the concept of being entrepreneur and I show you actually how to do it‟s very easily, that‟s actually more enjoyable than being exhausted and frustrated and trying to get validation from everybody else. Another way to look at it, see a greyhound on a track, you chase on mechanical rabbit you‟ll never catch it, you‟re all exhausted. We chase our customers, we chase our children, our staff, and looking for validation. We are always exhausted, if that greyhound would just wake up just be conscious for a second. Understand why his doing what it‟s doing, stop, did I just do a 180? When that rabbit came around again it goes right in its mouth. Most successful people that I have ever met or interviewed, they just stop chasing. They just stop, they are sensitive for who they were, they were very internal, they do a 180 and the next thing is boom success, door after door, opportunity after opportunity, it‟s snowballs. Travis: Hmm. Interesting. Sandra: Wow. Can I talk? Travis: I‟m sorry, go ahead Sandra. Sandra: What I have in front of me are the cards that Woody has for my emotional fingerprint that like he said that It‟s a free thing to do and I actually have the physical product in my hand. And I look to see what my emotional fingerprints was and I have things like relationship, being friends, being independent, being creative, following my life‟s purpose, learning, experiencing life, god, spirit, universe. When I see myself in action, if I go to a seminar where I‟m learning, I‟m creating, I‟m sharing and what I am up to, you usually fix seven out of seven of these being fulfilled. And Woody when I met Travis I brought this deck of cards and we looked together. Travis and I both share experiencing life free independent and creative and I thought aha, maybe that‟s why we get so well along together. Now Travis has also the bankruptcy to tens of millions of dollars person and when I look to see what else he has, his emotional fingerprints he‟s got control, goal, solving problems and respect. And just to give like on the court example in our friendship and I just thought this when I put this all out in front of me is that is who he is, and if I can talk to him with those things in mind and actually hold myself to account that he responds best to a person that has those in our mastermind together and we can actually move mountains and we‟ve done some pretty incredible things. Woody: You are exactly right. When the seven keys that make you feel for seven eyes, the eyes stands for importance. Just to ensure like how many seven eyes. So here how it works, if you are given your eyes that internal, your emotional fingerprint you‟ve been having energy and awareness to make other people feel important. So if we put this way when you are on a flight and the stewardess said that this turbulence there‟s an oxygen mask on yourself first then those around you that‟s the only way for
  10. 10. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 10 of 31 you to live. But so as trying to ask and everybody else and we are going to be drained and exhausted. A drowning man cannot save on another drowning man you got to get on the dry ground. So when you give your emotional fingerprint when you‟re understanding your internal with it then you have the conscious power to make the mountains move. And that only happens with synergy so as Travis as the internal, and as Sandra the internal then you guys have this awareness of what you want to achieved, or here‟s my emotional fingerprint. I know anything what‟s in this anyway I have proven myself I‟d do that or stop paying more attention to it it‟s better not walk the long way around, take a shortcut. The shortcut is the most direct route, and there‟s more being internal and creating value of other people. And for those of you listening at home, Sandra is talking about our card system. I‟ve written 9 books I did not take long but you know what, can I take all my information, can I just take every single thing I learned and out them into its most refine simplest form. So I created this card system and did an informational in November. And the great thing about the card system is if you have this in front of you Sandra when you‟re feeling external you may extend your flip over that card and it will tell you standing you can do to be more internal. So every time I teach it, I tell all my clients, put this 7 cards in your wallet, in your pockets, when you go to meeting make sure you flip them over it‟s at least what you can do for you by the internal. So that when you go into that meeting you have energy to give instead to take. There is nothing more beautiful than a competent person. Competence only comes from the inside out the internal phase of validating the emotional fingerprint. Travis: Right. Sandra: It‟s so easy Woody, and Travis, and listener to be a victim in life. I‟m looking at mine right now. The last two days I‟ve been not more or less alone having a too so much contact because I have been in a bit of a slump. Not too bad because I‟m pretty positive but a slump. And just this morning when I woke up I looked at my cards because I knew we were going to chat with you today. I thought “Duh!” It‟s only because I am not being in relationship, I‟m not doing this and not doing that. I think as business owners and human beings we are responsible for how our life goes. I could go on a week feeling in a slump or by having these cards in front of me it‟s just like “ok there it is.” Now let‟s just make a choice and to get in communication go out and do something or learn something new or whatever it is. So it‟s a really valuable tool. I love it. Travis: Yeah, I need these cards myself; I have stumbled on a couple of things that you were talking about. As a younger man I use to let things make me fly off the handle and I acted really ridiculous and I felt terrible later, in my early 20‟s and I just thought I really if my mother was watching, or someone I cared about was watching, I would have really been embarrassed about the way that I have behaved and that led me to have more control and not get so elevated and that really provided me a lot of value as I got older. But I still have a challenge with people that are perpetually negative and I‟m constantly under construction myself. So I feel like I need these cards to go deeper and hone some of those skills
  11. 11. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 11 of 31 and find a new level of understanding for those people, and maybe turn them around with kindness rather than just turning them off. Right? Woody: You‟re exactly right. I have a dear friend. In fact one of my first business partners in the whole dot com dot bomb fifteen years ago we have a patent, 3 to 4 patents on our own products. He has his business, he is 36 years old full of businesses with millions of dollars funding his next project that we‟re doing together. I have sold my shares to him, made my money last, at the end of the dot com he crashes, he lost everything I don‟t get paid, blah, blah, blah. Then say 15 years goes by and I just ran to him for the first time probably about five years last week. I just moved to a new city, I kind of find them and he lives literally a mile away from me now, haven‟t seen him a long time. So we sit down, we go to a restaurant, we go to his emotional fingerprint, I used the cards on, we talk about his life, what happened, you made the millions you lost it, you made it back and then you lost it again and in 08. And yet he choose his words, in the middle of the part I want you to understand. When you understand your emotional fingerprint, the most important thing is you finally understand why you do what you do. And when you say very close attention why you do what you do you are able to make better decision in very difficult circumstances. So here‟s what happens, if you build your grand stuff wherein it‟s phenomenal what it is it‟s for charitable organization you want to go and give 50 dollars for Red Cross. Well he has partnered with Red Cross dot com and other companies. So if I give 50 dollars to Red Cross I can get 50 dollars in gift cards. So it‟s going to make him million of dollars its phenomenal idea, wherein he is in the stage 3 he figured out when he has this idea was he started getting very external. He said I am not going to share it, I am not going to offer a hundred percent, I am not going to team up with people, I am not going to partner, I am not going to build relationships, I am all by myself being very external. Travis: Right. Woody: In the process he lost everything. He hasn‟t seen his wife. He moved into a basement. Everything went sour because of being external. After we had lunch we have this aha moment like we all do it a try. And in the last 72 hours I introduced him to the top 3 network marketing companies where I am located, and the top charities I‟m located. He is looking at within a very short time turn everything around; it‟s not that I did it for him. I‟ve seen it now he‟s internal, now he is willing to share; now he is willing to be more authentic, I‟ll never forget the first meeting three days ago, he was still trying to be kind of external. You kind of train yourself not to be external, it‟s a habit. This last meeting came out yesterday I had a call from him that was the most internal I‟ve ever seen where he left; you feel a lot of self worth. I still know tons of people who can help with your organization. He was willing to give without giving and you can only do that when you are already full, you are only full by knowing how to validate your own emotional fingerprint. And also just coming for the call, you can go to if you want to your emotional fingerprint. Or if you only want to buy the cards you can go to and the products are right there for you.
  12. 12. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 12 of 31 Travis: Hey Woody, now when you say when you use the external and internal kind of the reverse way I think about, first he was worried about sharing that idea with anyone, he wanted to keep it to himself that way nobody could steal it or take it away from him that‟s what I am perceiving is that correct? Woody: Correct, that‟s correct. Travis: And now you classified that as external can you explain that to me because I would think of that as being internal he wanted to keep it to himself. Woody: Thank you for the clarification I appreciate that. When I refer to internal and external I refer to the way you validate your emotional fingerprint because there is a difference when something is external outside yourself and something internal inside yourself. What we are talking about here is the emotion that we have if you have been selfish I am not going to share, I am going to take this for myself. That‟s the pride you have inside which is the external way you validate, I am going to prove to the world whether you‟re being external trying to prove to the world, you know for yourself inside you are still trying to prove to the world, I can get better and bigger, I can be smarter and fast, I can be better this and better that you try to prove, every time you try to prove yourself you‟re being external, you‟re competing what‟s in the outside world. Travis: Ah okay. Woody: Internal is I have everything I need therefore I can share with you. I can give. Travis: Right. Woody: When you‟re internal you can see externally, when you‟re external you are trying to steal internally you try to take it from people. Does that make sense? Travis: Oh, without a doubt. I like to do kind things for people, open doors for strangers just do this or that, and years ago I use to frustrate me if people weren‟t respectful because respect is important to me. Woody: Open your eyes, yeah. Travis: It used to bug me if someone would not be respect or say thank you. Not that I was looking for thank you but I just respect and that had more a negative impact on me than I ever realized. Because once I transition to just giving without any expectation then it don‟t matter to me. I don‟t care if you wave and say thank you or anything else I‟m just out to give, be kind, smile and have fun. And it does me so much better because I am not embracing any of that frustration. Probably sounds trivial to admit that but I just want to get it out in the open that it‟s so much more healthier and fun when you just give and don‟t worry about with what other people give back to you or not.
  13. 13. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 13 of 31 Woody: Hey Travis, I hope that anyone who is just listening wrote every one of those words because you just wrote the book on internal versus external. Let me back up to show why what you said was so important. Whenever I am on stage coaching people the two topics I always talk about are internal versus external because that is how you affect your life. The other one is principle 3 we will do anything within our belief system should have been our emotional fingerprint. So your opinion to have on the wall, your views of people, your lifestyle is all based on principle 3 how you descend your emotional fingerprint. So one of the things that you may use them is respect, so you see the world based of respect, you open doors you say hello you send thank you cards, you‟re polite, pick up a cab at restaurant for people everyone once in a while. Travis: Yeah, right. Woody: You just seem that you do could validate that emotional fingerprint with respect. Now exactly what you said is in the past you were external with it, you were still doing it, you were still giving people respect and you were expecting return that they will say thank you, say you were kind I appreciate it. So what happens is when those emotional eyes aren‟t met then you‟re like „how dare he, how rude I was, bring me outside, open that door, what a jerk‟. Travis: Right. Woody: We are creating your own opinions overall because you are being external. Here is the real “aha”, the second you shift from external to internal validation meaning you have already validated your own respect. You know who you are, you know what you stand for. Then it doesn‟t matter what the world does to you, it doesn‟t matter they say thank you. You already parts full and that‟s the whole thought you now just wrote a book that‟s the perfect example. So you take the one that brings in to you and Sandra actually I have the same one as well. So here‟s how you are being external. You create of a new product, a new toy, a new --whatever it is, book, you design it, you put it out there. If you are internal, it doesn‟t matter what people say, it doesn‟t matter if they buy it. You know you created for you by. The external person says well how come my publisher not the book, have I designed it, how come people are not buying it you‟ll get frustrated. There‟s the application of why it‟s so important being internal when your external is frustrated, you‟re angry, you don‟t stay calm, you get fearful, you get worried, you don‟t have the optimism or the abundant mindset, the abundant mindset only because of being internal. Travis: Right, right. This is none not mover woo woo at all, and this is risky admitting to this but once I made that shift and I don‟t know if this is psychological for me. I don‟t think it is a yes but other things animals, other things become approach me at such a close proximity and I‟ve been on this earth for 46 years so I know the normal parameter when that shift happened to me I noticed that just I don‟t know I
  14. 14. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 14 of 31 guess for the lack of a better term and animal or another thing would wild animals come up right next to me, is that crazy or just my perception. Woody: No, it‟s not crazy here‟s why. The external world gravitates to the internal. Meaning, you take Mother Theresa, you take Ghandi they didn‟t have a Twitter account, they didn‟t have a Facebook, they didn‟t know website, they didn‟t do podcast but everybody has a recall and know who they are because they are internal, they shine from the inside out. So the external would stand up and notices them. So when you become more internal and here we are talking about the law of attraction, I believe in the law of attraction, I believe in the law of creation. You create everything in your life. But when you are internal you create new opportunity, you create a new vibration, people are drawn towards you, animals, people, business ideas, mastermind groups because you have this abundant mindset and other people resonate with that. You are not taking you are constantly giving. And people resonate hey I want it around like that, I want to run with that girl, I want to make business with them. That‟s why what I do is so important is teaching people how to be internal through or to use these tools provided for them. Sandra: And that is real power to have these tools and put them to use, I don‟t think you can be powerful human being. Woody: If you really ask what makes somebody powerful being I‟ll ask you what it is? It‟s a different question, what is your characteristics what you, define that‟s telling powerful. It‟s not money, it‟s not position, so what makes somebody powerful. Travis: Power is always been this intangible present that is hard to explain, hard to put the words for me at least it‟s just an intangible present. Woody: When you need someone who is powerful you know they‟re powerful, correct? Travis: Yeah. Sandra: Yeah. For me I‟m thinking that there is this self confidence, there is realness to them, vulnerability. Woody: Authenticity? Sandra: Authenticity, yeah. There‟s this integrity and it‟s someone that is so confident in who they are that people listen and they want to follow. Woody: You are exactly correct, and I define that as being internal, meaning that they have self control, they have respect, they validate who they are, therefore they have energy to validate other people. If you look at the spectrum of internal versus external, say there‟s a gap to left and right. Like a
  15. 15. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 15 of 31 gas gauge, the right side internal, the left side external. If you see the right of it all the way out it‟s so fully internal they are a hundred percent confident, because they don‟t need anything from anyone. It should get out far way left and its pride. The only difference only for this pride and confidence are the exact same emotion. It‟s how they express themselves that are different. I know that I am good in public speaking, but I need to prove to everybody else, and I brag about that I am good about public speaking then I am being prideful. If I know that I am good in public speaking and I don‟t say to anybody but internally I know because of the experience that I have had, that it‟s confidence. The focus and prior to same motion which is they‟re expressed differently one internal and one is external. Travis: I like that. Sandra: Wow. This is wonderful. Can you share also a little bit before we got into this show, you‟ve mentioned something about guilt that you wanted to share, guilt and fear. Woody: Yes. Oh my gosh, I have a multiple CD so pick a word and I‟ll research it from the unfinished degree and I want to know everything about it. I have people my mastermind and one day we we‟re sitting apart and talking about guilt. And I said, what is guilt? Why does is it so rectified, so here‟s reality of guilt. Guilt is no big deal by itself. Meaning, to where I live right now it‟s the sun is guilty for shining, there‟s blue sky it‟s guilty. I have a blonde hair; I am guilty for having blonde hair. Guilt is nothing more than an awareness. Now what you do with that awareness is everything. So for example if I see you in myself, I look at the mirror and I realize I say you know I‟m out there and I should be and I start to humiliate myself and “gosh after everything or you went to your bank account all you have down to ten thousand dollars or thousand dollars you don‟t have the money, you start to humiliate yourself. You pull yourself down; you‟re being external with your emotional fingerprint. You compete to getting your inferiorities for somebody else‟s superiorities and you‟re carrying yourself down. The flip side of guilt that‟s inspiration is I look at the mirror and I am guilty of gaining ten pounds. What I am doing wrong. I am giving up, I am running it for two miles I am going to eat healthy and now I am inspired to do it. I am conscious of my guilt, I realized what I did and now I am going to move forward. Now the amount of guilt that somebody feels is the alternative a couple of times really slow. The guilt you feel is knowing where you are and you think where you should be. The distance between where you think you should be I recommend where you are, is the amount of guilt you feel. So you‟re driving home and you got a speeding ticket kind of guilt is very low. If you‟re driving home and you run a stop sign because of speeding and you hit in a bike now your guilt is enormous. If I am not on guilt, you feel from where you are where you think you should be. So in business people think, you know my goal is an extra hundred grand next year, I should be a hundred grand ahead they feel guilty they start to humiliate themselves. My buddy down on the street he makes a hundred grand, my neighbours friend‟s makes a hundred grand, why can‟t I take care of myself. This should be external with emotional fingerprint. The inspiration is wait a minute this is the life, I am going to live forever, I am going to push hard, I am going
  16. 16. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 16 of 31 to change my tomorrow than today and I am going to take one more step in the right direction. Now I want to wake up and move forward, now I want to call more people, now I am feeling inspired from within and now I take better action and that‟s my definition of guilt. Sandra: Wow. Travis: That‟s a brilliant way of looking at that, you spend a lot of time thinking about thinking don‟t you Woody. Woody: Honestly it sounds really funny but every two years I have to go on sleep medication because I just don‟t sleep at night. Literally a week ago I have to go back to my doctor, two years from the mark I go back on for six months until I won‟t sleep. I even stop, I don‟t stop but you know what, I use to look at that as a disease, I use to look at that as inferiority in my life. Now I see it a chance of blessing. So I know I am at that two years state that‟s really hustling I feel I get a lot done. Anywhere else in six months or forty I thought okay I can‟t sleep no big deal keep going. Travis: I think that people they have a driven purpose, you can‟t sit still, people look at me as if I am a child at times because I can‟t sit still, shifting, changing positions, moving my feet, getting up putting down, I am on fire constantly. Some people mistake that maybe I am bored with the message or whatever. No that‟s me; I am just on fire all the time. Woody: And that fire comes from the inside. Travis: Yeah. Woody: You have an internal purpose and this is why I keep heading this point home about internal versus external. When you tap in to that internal drive you accomplish so much more because you are not looking for permission anymore. You give yourself permission to make a difference and now you take action. Travis: Woody, that put some people off. Woody: Sure. Travis: They don‟t know what to do with that energy and for me at times I let that affect me because I am afraid that I am bowling people over because as a younger man I use my dominance to bowl people over in my twenties. Twenty years later I am far from that but at times I still feel guilty because I am such a ball of energy that I know that people don‟t know with me. What would you suggest what would you tell me there?
  17. 17. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 17 of 31 Woody: Great use of the word guilty, I mean you also talk about feeling bad so that‟s the humiliation side. You are tearing yourself down, I use to be like this in my twenties, I am trying to do it now, nobody understand me, my friends or my spouse, my partner don‟t understand me. We all have external moments. Just like the gap of the left and right, no one is a hundred percent internal and no one is a hundred percent external. So you have those extra moments you are feeling bad you have to really be conscious and ask yourself. Did I actually do anything wrong? Is my behaviour actually causing pain to anyone else? And the reality is most of the times it‟s not it‟s all in our head. And you see you have to re- associate you know what now this is who I am I‟ll be who I will be today I am free. And I am going to live internally and here‟s the real reality because of spiritual your lifestyle finish your emotional fingerprint. Your lifestyle automatically, automatically is going to send somebody else emotional fingerprint. And there‟s no need to apologize for that. Travis: Right. Woody: You can‟t be everything to everybody so as long as you live consciously and the way you need to be internally on that it‟s you who are hurting somebody you are not being internal. Because being internal there‟s not cause pain to anybody else. Travis: Great point. Woody: Now if that person is being external and they are trying to be demanding of you and then try to force you to do it and you don‟t want to do them that‟s their own issues. Not just a normal deal lifestyle terms if you‟re being internal you‟re not causing pain to other people. Travis: That‟s a great way to look at it. Well Sandra what was the other point that you feel like was super important that Woody talked about? Sandra: Yeah, Woody in one afternoon when he totally transformed my relationship to fear and just talk about fear, and how we can move through it. Woody: I‟d love to. So once again one day I sit around and think around what is fear and so I studied like crazy I found out there are two types of fear. The first type is self-preservation. Snakes, spiders, dark owls at night, drowning, flying, trying to preserve your body. Now the animal kingdom feels that fear. A gazelle running from brushes about the lines against itself feels fear. But the fear that stalks especially in our relationships and then in our careers, is the acting immature. FEAR which stands for false evidence appearing real. -- so false evidence appearing real. And another version I heard that I love forgets everything and run. You felt fear forget everything you run. I‟d like to have liked thirteen collectively for years but that‟s kind of my favourite one. So what happens is you get start in your mind being fearful I don‟t want to do them I don‟t want to take action, so let me have an example for you
  18. 18. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 18 of 31 guys. Let‟s say you are hiking up in a mountain, and you turn in the corner and there is this enormous rattle snake in front of you. What you think what‟s going to happen? Sandra: It‟s going to bite me. Woody: You take a step back, bang! It bites your ankle. Now what are you afraid of? Sandra: I‟m going to get poisoned and die. Travis: Die. Woody: Exactly. You are going to get poisoned and you‟ll die. Here‟s the reality that I have you cannot feel fear in a moment, you can feel the effects of fear, the heart stops racing, the fight or flight syndrome kicks in but the actual fear you cannot feel in that moment you will only say that potentially that I am afraid he will bite me, well actually he bites you and I‟m not afraid anymore. I am afraid I am going to die now. So when it comes to fear, face up your emotional fingerprint and if you guys have your cards in front of you look at this, ask yourself what is your greatest fear? I am not talking about dying. What is your greatest fear? And when you look at I can guarantee you a hundred percent and thirty, it is you are fearful of your eyes not getting that. So Travis I think yours is written down here, you said something you‟ve got control, respect, free independence, creative, solving problems, goals and experience in life. Now, we have never met in person, I am just going to role-play and you can correct me if I am wrong. You are fearful of not accomplishing the goals you want to accomplish. You are fearful of not solving those problems, experiencing life the highest level. You are fearful of not having control of your life and achieve what you want to achieve. Is that correct? Travis: Exactly. Woody: So here‟s the big aha that I have. With every single person has different fear, every single person respond differently. It‟s kind of a hundreds of emotional fingerprint. Now if we reverse it, if you are in control of your life, if you are giving yourself respect, if you are creating freedom and independence in your life, you are being creative, you are currently solving your problems, you are achieving goals, and you are experiencing your life to the fullest, could you possibly feel fear? Travis: No. Woody: No. That was the big „aha‟ when you are being internal it is physically impossible to feel fear because being internal puts you in the moment and surely potential event. Sandra: Wow.
  19. 19. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 19 of 31 Woody: So for those listening, if you look at the wall in front of you, for those at home if you look at the wall in front of you, physically impossible to see the wall behind you. So the wall in front of you is internal, the wall behind is fear. So as long as you are moving in the right direction being internal then your fear will cancel fear. And that‟s how people get mass result is they continually validate the emotional being internally for them by them is to spend by 5 or 10 minutes a day, they use the card system and it you go online on, the cards probably from relationship to riches, powered by your emotional fingerprint. Or you go to; you can experience it all right there like for about 40 minutes at So here‟s real reality, see that I want everyone to learn is just within internally and the rest will take care of yourself. Take care of you and the world will stand up and notice and the world will then respond. Travis: It‟s just like a quick analogy is you see people trying to move to this large crowd and they‟re not moving with conviction. But if you‟re standing over there watching this huge crowd, if you move, you find a person that‟s moving through that crowd with conviction, people move, they part. Woody: Yeah, oh yeah absolutely. Travis: And that is how life is. Woody: Yeah, and that conviction only comes from the inside out. Travis: I come from a very rough background, tough neighbourhood. Sandra and I have talked about this several times. And I had an epiphany. I always thought that fear was weakness and I always thought that the presence of fear meant that I was weak, and it spurred me to do make me several terrible decisions. Then one day I realized when I was going through some training and they were teaching that fear, bravery, okay so let me rephrase that, you couldn‟t be brave if you had fear that was my initial belief. Then I come to realize and they‟re teaching that being able to move forward in the presence of fear is bravery. Does that make sense? Woody: It makes a sense. The way I would word that is bravery if you make a constant decision you go to an external validation to internal validation. If you are internal, you can‟t feel fear. So the bravery is the distance you travel from taking the time to look at your situation, yes I am on the verge of bankruptcy yes I‟m in the verge of losing my house, yes I‟m on the verge of losing my car, whatever is your losing maybe. Those are own physical possession, I‟m not losing my soul, I‟m not losing my life, I‟m still here. I can still make it all back, and I chose to be internal, I choose to validate myself from the inside out. Travis: Right. Woody: That bravery is what allows you to dispel the fear forever.
  20. 20. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 20 of 31 Travis: Right. And so in the act of doing you start to making that forward progress and it‟s the fear dissipate and becomes none existent. I want to drive this and the points you are making and I want to hit as from many angles here is that fear that paralyzing fear whatever is scaring the life out of you starts to dissipate and then goes away when you start moving and taking action and moving forward. Woody: You are exactly right. Travis: Yeah, that‟s super important. Woody: Because if you walk away from that rattle snake, you turn and walk the other way, it didn‟t matter if you‟re bitten or not you just walk away from it. Travis: Right. Woody: And go another direction. It‟s a law of physics, as long as you displace it with something else it goes away. Sandra: And it takes practice this is not something that we can hang up. Woody: Yeah, everything is a practice. Sandra: Yeah, we can finish this so and all of a sudden I can be fear free. No, no because the body still goes through what it goes through, whether it‟s racing heart, feeling sweaty, or those butterflies in our stomach and all those things still may come up. Woody: Absolutely. Sandra: Yeah, internalize it and get in. Woody, a friend of mine had in one of his books, says one of his practice he does every morning when he wakes up is look at the things he accomplished in life, and the successes and it take a few minutes just to wake up and remember who he is. And I am thinking to wake up in the morning and see our 7 eyes and to really take those 10 minutes like you say and get centered. Wow. That‟s a whole different kind of a day than we normally wake up with. Woody: Well seriously speaking part of my coaching is I have my clients create a shrine of success. So in your home, on your wall, on your counter, on your cabin tree or wherever it is, you create a little token of your memories of the things you were successful with. It‟s not about pride and ego so that you can take a second, when you‟re feeling external fear or you look at this shrine and say “Hey look what I‟ve done.” I have accomplished this, I have overcome that. Man, you want to know how people who have lost it all and made it back multiple times why they are successful. Because they no longer believe their old story, they believe in their stories. You know what I have overcome, I have deepest challenge and I have made my decision to succeed and quite succeed. It doesn‟t mean bad things don‟t happen
  21. 21. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 21 of 31 to them. No matter how internal you are bad things are going to happen. But the more internally you are the faster you respond and a better action. Travis: Right. Woody: In trying your success, you can do a photo book. You can do a blog online. Imagine it‟s not about your own pride. It‟s not about “Hey, let me show you this is my brand new car.” No, it‟s something that you know that when you look at it, Yeah, I remember doing that. Yeah okay. I‟m not going a through time you know when we were teens, it was tough too and we overcame it. Travis: Right. Getting beyond the nonsense you know because a lot of this stuff. A lot of the baggage was just my own baggage. Once I agree to let it go. I let it go. If I laugh because it‟s that simple, I refused to let it go and you know. When you lose it all there is no room for any alibis. You just got to get out of place, just you and your thing. Okay, yes sir I‟m listening, what do I need to hear? What am I doing? I‟m tired of making excuses. I‟m tired of this and that. I‟m ready to listen. And just owning what‟s going on. Is this where you had these epiphanies when you lost it? Is this what opened your eyes? Woody: A hundred percent correct. Travis: Yeah. Woody: When I lost it all, is when I realize the value of internal versus external. When I lost it twice and the second time I lost it. My mind was like “wait a minute, I already lost it once. I swore I‟d never do this again. But I had the tools of being internal on the context, and you are right, there are non alibis. I see the greatest thing that we go through is a massive lost. When you realize that your possessions mean nothing. When you realize that the bank can take your possessions. No matter what you have does not matter, the physical tangible things. Then, you are no longer putting your energy towards them. It‟s okay because I‟m not winded down by these physical possessions. Why do I really want to go for? Why do I really want to make a difference? Why do I really want to stand out? And you start hustling on a whole new aspect. You seem like hungry again and then your urge forming, you‟re hungry, you push hard, you make things happen. Maybe in your 30s and your 40s and you make some money and you make your trips and you have your kids and everything and everything is like relaxing. You don‟t want you to hustle any more. But when you lose it, you feel like, you know what I do want to feel alive.” And there is nothing more than feeling in your life, and you‟re feeling for and pushing as hard as you can, and blowing past all your old story. And I always told myself I was stupid, I had a great point to prove that I was stupid. And then now I‟m like I‟m not stupid. I‟m a hustler. I can make something happen. If I don‟t know it, I‟m going to learn it. Show me where I‟ll learn it send that‟s the mindset that spills your old beliefs.
  22. 22. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 22 of 31 Travis: Right. Hey Woody earlier you said once you realized the meaning of genius that turned the light on. I felt I knew what a genius is. Woody: The definition of genius is the ability to concentrate. Travis: The ability to concentrate. And so how did that unfolded something for you didn‟t it? Woody: It did because what happened was when I first wrote Millionaire Drop Out. I read a thousand biographies I thought I have this thought in my mind for 20 years of making it and losing it and I mean my story was an original, I mean I don‟t the exact details of both of our stories but it sounds like we have the same story. We lost it and we made it all back and that‟s a very common story of the American dream and it‟s okay. I want to learn more. As I studied, I realized that I wasn‟t able to concentrate unless I did. Then 1 book led to 2, led 3, and then I wrote 9 books. And so, realizing that now I have the ability to concentrate, I can figure out what fear means and I can figure out what guilt means. That reinforces it. And there‟s another thing important to know that the more internal you become, is like a muscle, you reinforce it. You validate it. You get stronger and stronger and stronger. So now you find out that your current consciousness will be your future subconscious. You hope it‟s everyday today until internal 1 week, 2weeks, 3 weeks subconsciously you will become internal. Sandra: I love that. Wow. Woody: The same way we became external. You think that 3 year old child, 3 year old princess, She is the most internal human being in the planet. She knows what she wants. She‟ll fight you to death for it. She‟s not intimidated. She‟s not afraid. But then we raise our kids we put them to elementary school. It‟s absolutely external. They‟ll tell you to sit down, raise your hand, settle down, stand here, do this, all the way through high school. Extremely external, you‟re thinking about your teen years horribly external. Then you get in your 20s, then you‟re finally kicked out of your house. What do you do? You don‟t know what to do, because you have always been external. So it‟s not about how I become internal, how do I go back to being internal? Because we were born internal, all you do your current consciousness is your future subconscious. Just work on it and it becomes natural. Travis: Brilliant. You know something that you hit on that I know that you know, Sandra knows it too, and a lot of people don‟t know this. I believe is when you write on a topic, I wrote on a topic that I have made millions and millions of dollars out off and when I started writing on it I achieved a whole another level of clarity that I didn‟t know was there and it blew my mind. I think that is part of the pathway to infinite wisdom is sitting down and writing whether you are going to publish it or not. But sitting down and writing on a topic from a multiple of angles brings you deep, deep into the 4th level of confidence consciously competent. Did you find that in your books?
  23. 23. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 23 of 31 Woody: Yeah, I mean regardless of religious sleepers it‟s almost a mutual experience. If you have researched and researched and that‟s how “how you become an expert” we spend so much time on it and you had those inspiration, and you had those mental discoveries and then the world does validate and they buy your product or your services or your messages and it‟s a constant awareness that the man that I am today, you wouldn‟t even recognize me. As you were saying your 20‟s versus your 40‟s. I wouldn‟t even recognize myself 15 years ago because your consciousness and awareness is so different. You see the world so uniquely. I like what you said there Travis. Let‟s say you are an auto mechanic, you should truly write a book about what it means to be an auto mechanic. An in depth process of writing it down you‟re working out thoughts you never had. You don‟t have to polish it. Write it in a journal. I‟m up to my books right now. I have 27 journals of my home myself. I advice at raking down when I book an appointment at meetings I always have a journal with me because if you pull that information out of your mind, and by the way journaling is a very internal activity, because it‟s for you by you. No one going to read that journal it‟s only for you. I highly recommend that. Travis: Well you know, it‟s like ideas don‟t reach their -- I have these ideas concepts and activities that I‟ve made incredible amounts of money but they haven‟t reached their full maturity until I got them out and discuss them in a format them out of my brain and on to paper. There‟s something revealing about that and if you really want to take it to the next level share it with somebody. Share it with someone and they will call you on it. Right? Woody: Oh yeah, I‟ve been called in for police, and I can tell you about it. It becomes real and it becomes physical when you share it. And here the secret to that, do not share it with people you know. You will never be a profit in your own country. My family and my friends besides maybe a handful, they don‟t understand what I do. They don‟t even understand a thing. But there are strangers in other countries who love what I do. So you got to go outside of your inner circle. They are great for some things, but if you are stretching your mind and they‟re not stretching their mind then you don‟t want their advice. Travis: Right. Woody: I‟ve always believed never take advice from someone who makes less than you. If you want to lose weight, don‟t get advice from somebody who‟s fatter than you. Don‟t take marriage advice from somebody who‟s divorced. Find people who are stretching themselves, while you‟re stretching yourself and then that‟s where you find your best advice. Travis: Right. Woody, do you know any successful competent people that haven‟t made every mistake known to man in their profession?
  24. 24. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 24 of 31 Woody: That‟s the definition of confidence and success is overcoming the mistakes. I haven‟t met a single person that‟s successful that haven‟t made mistakes literally. I‟m not saying that lightly. I have never met anyone who is successful, who has not lost it, risk it, fearful, may be got divorced, whoever it was they risked everything to get to where they are. There‟s a price to be paid. Travis: Yeah, where wanting, I don‟t want to veer off into political here but where wanting to elect people that have not made mistakes. That doesn‟t make business sense to me. Woody: I totally agree. Give me someone who, I mean, you and I are on the same page, and I know Sandra‟s on the same page as well. You want someone who‟s real. I have lost it and made it all. My marriage has been to this point before. I know what‟s it like to sit in a hospital room and see my son almost die. I know what‟s it like to lose a loved one -- that‟s what real life is. And if you ever meet someone in your path who pretends and this is the external side again, who pretends they have made it and it‟s that easy. That it‟s no big deal. They are lying through their teeth and that‟s how you know, especially, when you go to a seminar. Let me terrorize the seminar industry real quick. If you go to a seminar, there are issues with people who were not on it. If you go to a seminar and a guy or a girl says fortunately you‟re going to make a 100 grand a month blah, blah, blah, they are lying through their teeth. Travis: Right. Woody: Because it takes work. And that‟s where everyone is afraid to take action. But if your work is leading your emotional fingerprint, if you love what you do, it‟s like the crowd is under you, or you‟re up all night, it‟s not work, it‟s living. It makes you work your life and now you are just living. It‟s not hard. Travis: Right. And so, thousand errors are teaching people how to be millionaires and that‟s a problem. Woody: I can‟t even tell you how many times I‟ve called people up from the stage saying their lying through their teeth. Because I can‟t tolerate based on my emotional temperament deceit and ruining people‟s lives, ruining people‟s hopes, it‟s inappropriate in my opinion. Travis: Right. And you know the terrible thing about that is it‟s hard to tell who are legitimate and who are not because a lot of the people are not doing what they are teaching. I found that, in my opinion that one of the best ways to find someone you can trust is they apply what they teach. Woody: And that‟s how you know instantly. Ask them. Let‟s say they are selling how to make money on Facebook. And they are selling how to market your business on Facebook. Well then ask them, what business that they own that they are marketing besides their business on how to make money on Facebook that they are marketing on Facebook and making money doing it. And I remember since time they‟re not.
  25. 25. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 25 of 31 Travis: Yeah, and they don‟t have to be perfect at it. They have to be an implementer. There‟s going to be ups and downs in the cycle of your business but you are actually implementing. Because when people teach without implementing, it‟s not obvious. The system doesn‟t work until they get down to deep in to the roots of trying to apply it. A lot of these, quasi teachers are actually banking on the fact that most people never take the shrink wrap of the item and never really apply it so very few people completely apply what they learned right and that‟s part of the strategy. Woody: Yup. There‟s a gentlemen I would not mention his name he does a great work in the world I have a real issue with it. He had a platform about, like follow your dreams and all the things very basic and all those gentleness, follow your dreams blah, blah, blah. And the serious stories he pretty much went bankrupt with that business. They got in the business of teaching you how to be authors, speakers, workers and all that. And I‟m making millions of dollars a year. I have a real issue with that. If your platform is helping to follow their dreams they take that platform going and on the side teach you how to make money as an author. So never make money as teaching people their dreams instead making money teaching you how to make money. And that made money in the real thing industry; I‟ve made money in the toy industry. It would be so easy for me to go on stage and to show people how to make money, how do you do marketing, how to start a factory in China. But that is not my passion; my passion is to help people go for the inside out. It‟s too easy to sell money for a living, it‟ so easy to sell money out of this junk. You give me 10 grand; I‟ll show you how to make 100 grand. And sure they‟re both principles and that they are larger in a number of years. The information is very valuable I‟m not spreading the information but spreading the marketing behind the information. Travis: Right, right. Sandra: And also if you make a hundred million dollars and you don‟t have your seven eyes met you are not feeling fulfilled as a human being, who cares? Woody: Exactly. Sandra: And you fulfil your seven eyes and you know you have real power and then you can make a hundred million and have it all, right? Woody: Exactly. There‟s one thing coming I want to share real quick is the five currencies that we all have. It‟s a lot of times people get discourage “this economy is still tough until you get down yourself I don‟t have a money I don‟t have that thousand dollars to invest. What I discovered is everybody has five currencies and this is part of the relationships to richest, cards that has emotional fingerprint card in it, so you all have it in one. I realize that you have an emotional currency, you have a mental currency, you have a spiritual currency, physical currency, and it‟s financial currency. Those are the five currencies, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial. And I just made a five step process I just
  26. 26. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 26 of 31 look at my life, other people I know to be success I thought what‟s the process; what‟s the least way to know this information. So if you have your cards there‟s a blue cards and step 1 is rate the currency. What assets do you have to give? Are you strong with emotional currency, are you strong with the physical currency, do you have time, do you have strength, do you have an image to get a new you, what currency do you have? Step 2 is what is your why? Usually happens to most say why I want to make more money. Why do you want to make more money? I want to spend more time with my kids. Why you want to spend more time with your kids? Well, they‟re seventeen and sixteen they‟re growing up. Well why do you want to spend time since they‟re growing up? Because I am afraid that they won‟t be having good memories being at home. Okay so what you really want is you want to have good memories at home. That isn‟t taking money; you just want good memories at home. So step 2 you have to ask yourself why at least five times. So that you understand your why you could endure any amount of how. Step 3 is identify you who has what you want, or can help you see what you want. What book, what color, what size, what person do you know who have what you want and help you get what you want? Step 4 is the implementation. When you travel there‟s always a currency exchange rate. So here‟s the exchange rate. Anyone has 3 principles. Anyone of these currencies may exchange for another currency. So millionaires and billionaires are exchanging at financial currencies every single day for spiritual currency, physical currency, mental and emotional currency. Principle 2 is no one currency is more valuable than another. If you‟re laying in your death bed your money is not what you are thinking about, you want physical currency, you want to be healthy. Travis: Right. Woody: And principle 3 is anyone of these currencies can be exchanged for money. Money is as strong currency as emotional currency. So I write books and I get paid and CD‟s and that‟s how I exchange my emotional currency for a living. And then step 5 is where most make people mistakes and it‟s how you ever create real wealth and you know this Travis and Sandra, it‟s that compounding interest. It‟s that re-invest, so if you‟re looking your currency, you know what my physical currency that is my weakest. You put that card over and there‟s ten things you can do or you buy you to increase that currency. It‟s a real currency that makes you stronger. So when I discover the five currencies I would ask why. I say I know my five currency no I know my emotional fingerprint, you idiot. You said if you are external with your emotional fingerprint, then your five currencies have no value, they‟re counterfeit. How many times have you been in a business meeting, or in a networking party and people only talk about themselves. They‟re so external, they want to take from but they don‟t give anything. Travis: Right.
  27. 27. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 27 of 31 Sandra: Right. Woody: So there currencies are counterfeit, they‟re counterfeit currencies don‟t pass. But if you‟re internal your currencies are extremely valuable. If Mother Theresa walks into your room you will listen every word she has to say. You do anything for her. Ghandi, the same. Sandra: You bet. Woody: Their currency is so valuable, so high, that people want to be part of that party, they want to share, they want to play with them. Travis: Right. A brilliant... Woody: That‟s what I thought the five currency, that‟s what the relationship to richer. And I look at, I‟m sorry go ahead. Travis: No, no. You go ahead. Woody: Well when I choose the names I look at the fine words so I look at your relationship to riches, and I put the word riches. Riches means resources, it‟s about relationship to resources. Travis: Right. Woody: And I go back to the whole map in the beginning of the show, where is your audience, how do you create value in other people‟s lives. It‟s through your relationships, it‟s through to your emotional fingerprint and that‟s how you play your life around. Travis: Yeah, I, boy spot on, on so many things, you‟re brilliant. You are a rock star Woody. Woody: Why that would be kind thank you, it‟s from my heart that‟s what I do. Travis: You are being a 100% sincere you‟ve got the goods my friend, wow Sandra you have delivered Woody you are incredible this is the stuff that people need. You know you‟re hitting on the topic with social media today so many people today are devaluing their own currency because they‟re doing and saying silly things that makes everybody think less of them and I think if they really realize what they were doing to themselves that‟s concerning. Woody: Hey, you brought a very good point. For me Facebook is the most external place you can go. I actually cancelled my Facebook account 2 years ago, I had 5,000 friends I maxed out everything I could do and I said this is such an external environment. Everyone is showing up flashy cards and then trip to Hawaii, and then be extremely external. Hey look what I have done; hey look who‟s checking at old girlfriend, an old boyfriend, I thought I don‟t want to associate with this anymore. And I can
  28. 28. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 28 of 31 experiment, I thought I‟m going to turn off for 30 days and see there are changes at my business at all. Because as a business you need to be out there, you need to be the full guy, and I turned it off. First thing I noticed was my thoughts, and my thoughts are a lot pure and stronger. I know I have more free time, and I‟m actually making more money because I wasn‟t wasting my time in there. I was really connecting with people, having real conversations that have found me real audience. Travis: Right. Sandra: Wow. Woody: If you want to have an experiment turned off your Facebook for 30 days and see for yourself. Sandra: Wow. Well Woody, every week when we have one of our shows we encourage our listeners to go to, and be part of our community and enter their name and their email and get support and be included in everything. And I want also to encourage our listeners to go to Woody‟s because in addition to his products you have similar to what we have in our community but you have like a continuity program that people can join in, get your coaching, beyond weekly phone calls with you and I do feel that there is so much value in staying connected and it may just take one of our radio shows to turn someone around and take a new action or to be part of a community like yours. Woody: Oh, that‟s very trivial, I appreciate when people go on to the website people with any of the 40 minutes they‟ll learn everything about the emotional fingerprint and I answer 4 very poignant questions about your life. And then for you I offer an opportunity on a monthly membership type $3 a month. But you can get weekly phone calls with me, live calls I will answer any question you have, we‟ll break down the challenge as well, overcome obstacles and I love what you guys doing, and I had an awesome, you guys are creating master value constantly to people and I do believe it only takes one thought that change your life. Travis: Right. Woody: You may be rational on one thought you basically do change your life, so kudos are creating massive value in the market place. Sandra: And we are getting our eyes met by doing so, you know that, yes we are. Woody: And looks pretty good down and that‟s what you are good doing it because you are doing it internally. Whether or not you and listeners, whether or not you respond you are doing it for the right reason. Sandra: Yeah.
  29. 29. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 29 of 31 Woody: If you are doing service, you want everything in return you are doing the right thing for the wrong reason, but if you are doing right things for the right reason. End of Interview Sandra: Well, thank you, thank you for being our extraordinary guest in doing so much today. We will do our part to get it out to the world. Travis: Let me go ahead and start wrapping up things up we‟ve run a little bit long. I want to wrap up things by first back bringing up the topic. We know that entrepreneurs need more support now more than ever for a lot of reasons. With changing times, changing business models, the internet is decimating the middle man between most businesses. So we really need the bond together as business owners as entrepreneurs and stay in communication and build this community. So ultimately what we want you to do is for those of you that don‟t take Woody‟s challenge of get off Facebook for 30 days, go to Facebook and join in the conversation because I posted a question there it‟s actually a quote, „Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th ‟. I want you to tell me what you‟ve succeeded at after multiple failures. And I intentionally went that direction with Woody because there‟s a misconception that everybody that has made it successfully in business are those that are the chosen few that don‟t make mistake, that are brighter, smarter, whatever the case is and that‟s not true. We are just willing to take steps forward, make mistakes, look silly at times, get it wrong but take it long enough until we get it right. And so join in and communicate with us. Sandra and I are working on several great videos that we are going to start sending you for those of you who are decided become part of our community and go to, and often there. I guess I‟ll spell it out, such as I messed it up the way that I pronounced it. So it‟s Travis, t-r-a-v-i-s-a-n-d-s-a-n-d-r-a opt in and that way we‟ll notify you when the new episodes come up and then you will also get a lot of additional items that you can‟t get by subscribing on iTunes. Sandra you want to add to that? Sandra: No, I think that‟s perfect. I just want to reinforce that, we can‟t do it alone and it‟s so valuable to have our mastermind, our community and use us, really. And if we don‟t have the answer I‟ll tell you we‟re going to connect you to with someone who will. Travis: Yeah. And you don‟t need to be perfect, look at how many times I mispeak I don‟t say thanks properly. I can be a real idiot at times at the things I say and I do but my hearts are there, I care and I want you to be successful. So take imperfect action and move forward today and I‟m going to look for you on the next episode so take care have a great day.
  30. 30. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 30 of 31 Sandra: Alright, thank you everybody.
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