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The Entrepreneurs Radio Show 013 Garrett White

  1. 1. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 1 of 24 EPISODE #13: GARRETT J. WHITE Intro: You‟re listening to Diamonds in Your Own Backyard, the business owner‟s guide to success, inspiration, and community. Where each week you will hear fellow business owners share their inspirational stories, strategies and moments of clarity that help them find success. And now here is your host Travis Lane Jenkins and Sandra Champlain. Garrett J. White Travis: Hey, it‟s Travis Lane Jenkins. Sandra: And this is Sandra Champlain. And we‟d like to welcome you to Diamonds in your own backyard. Hi Travis. Travis: Hi. Hello Sandra. Sandra: How are you? Travis: We‟ve been having some problems today, some technical difficulties, sorry about that. Sandra: Oh, it‟s okay we can fix anything and that‟s part of life. Right? Travis: Yeah. So thank you for bearing with us today. So, I had a topic that I wanted to talk to you today. Sandra: Okay. Travis: I want to focus on, before we introduce our guest, I want to focus on the listener; I want to focus on you the business owner because I feel like businesses are for business owners. We are on crossroad that‟s really concerning for me because I think that a lot of people feel that the economy is the cause of the problem with their business. And I think it‟s really the core problem as much it is something that is exaggerating the problem. It‟s more of an issue that, there was an article that I have read that talk about the degree of difficulty that businesses are going through and either staying in business or starting at their business. And so the article was about normally in a sluggish economy, it‟s a hot bed for small businesses to start up, it‟s a hot bed for opportunity, does that makes sense? Sandra: Right. Yeah.
  2. 2. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 2 of 24 Travis: Except they said in this sluggish, in this economy, in this tough economy that we are going through. It‟s been different this time because there is a much higher barrier of entry for the business owner meaning that at one time there is used to be 3 to 4 ways to get 40 clients. Sandra: Right. Travis: And now there‟s 40 ways to get one client. And so the point there is, there is a much higher barrier for people to open their doors and start bringing in clients into their business. And I think that is kind of the hidden or the missing piece of the puzzle that a lot of people really don‟t understand. Even businesses that were thriving years ago, what happened is innovation has changed or has came and affected the way that you attract and sell and bring new customers in your business. And I don‟t know if I am doing a good job in explaining that. Does that make sense? Sandra: Oh, it makes a lot of sense. Things are so much different now than they were 10, 15, 20 years ago with the internet with just everything about how you attract the customers is different so what‟s used to work and used to make, makes somebody successful really may not work anymore. Travis: Yeah, I don‟t want to state the obvious and probably not doing a good job of explaining it. Obviously things have changed but so many people are just puzzled that they used to have a great business 3, 4, 5, 6 maybe even 6, 7, 8, 9 years ago. And now they just feel like they are not as competent of a business owner or business leader, when it‟s really not that it‟s the innovation it‟s the change. All of these things that are happening and so fast around you that unless you‟re dedicated to keeping up with all these things. Three years in the internet is a decade so many others as far as the innovation had change, FaceBook is what, 5 years old? Sandra: Yeah. What sounds to me, you‟re speaking in dog years, and it‟s really great to know that your commitment through our show, to every show that we have is to help the business owner. Not just see through their eyes what‟s wrong but perhaps give them other perspectives from the guest that we bring on you and I that we take some of the burden and the blame off ourselves or maybe being what‟s wrong with our business and just there might be another tool, there might be another perspective there might be something hidden from their view. Travis: Exactly. I‟m definitely not saying you‟re not accountable for keeping up with what‟s going on. But there‟s a lot more under tow that a lot more people don‟t see that is much more stronger and will develop you and your business much faster than you ever realize. So don‟t feel like Lone Ranger when it comes to this. This is something that‟s happening across all industries, across all businesses. There was a time when you could just all you had to do was open up shop, provide decent level of service and you were a successful business owner, and now you need the skills of a street fighter, to not only sustain your business but to make it profitable. And so, maybe I didn‟t do an eloquent way to do that justice in the way that I explained it. But that‟s the point I want to get across. And so, one of the things
  3. 3. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 3 of 24 that we talk about in a regular basis is when you become a part of our community, and you go to and engage and enter your name and information we‟ve put a consumer guide there that I think is critical that all business owners need to be aware of. It‟s something that took me 20 years and millions of dollars to develop. This is a free guide and I have to tell you, I had to go broke before I figured this out, 15 years of running a semi-successful, well pretty successful business. I had to go literally bankrupt before I opened my eyes and figured it out what was really happening. And so, businesses are so vital to our community that this really concerns me and so I want to talk about that before we got going. Okay? Sandra: Yeah. That works for me, and also one thing we all know is it‟s a very solitary experience being a business owner. And here in our community we are committed that you are successful. That you are doing what lights you up every day. And that you‟re financially successful from doing it. Travis: Exactly. Sandra: So part of our community really is bringing you the greatest people we know to bring on the show that can help distinguish things to help you with your business so really encourage you to be part of our community at Travis: Yeah. And so I get a little wired up over this but I am passionate about it, we need our entrepreneurs, we need them back on their feet and aggressively participating in all of the critical things that they bring to our economy as far as this whole leadership and taxes and all of these other things but I have said enough for now. It‟s just something we are super passionate about. So let‟s move on to our guest, do you mind? Sandra: I‟d love that because speaking of passion I agree of somebody passionate about his business on the show today, don‟t we? Travis: Yes, yes. Garrett is so super, super passionate about his business. Number one, he is an incredible person I met him out of mastermind that he and I belong to and I get to know him on a very deep level. He is an incredible person, a dynamic speaker, he is an inspirational leader. He is the founder of Pay to Play Academy that focuses on spirit driven entrepreneur training that provides a clear road map for spiritual enlightenment, personal power and financial wealth. So I want you to welcome my friend, Garrett White. Hi Garrett. Sandra: Hi Garrett. Garrett: What‟s up? I love this street fighter analogy, and I don‟t think you miss our speculated that one at all my friend, I mean that was well put I saw myself the gloves. I was hearing, `and now introducing at, that was a bit mad man.
  4. 4. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 4 of 24 Travis: Right, right. So how are you man? What‟s been going on? Garrett: Life and business. I was having a conversation in a couple of days ago with some of my students and I said to others there‟s even try to draw that delineation between business and life, there‟s your marriage, and there‟s your kids, and then there‟s what‟s doing in your business, what‟s doing in your religion, God, conversation and politics, there‟s your own different conversation. One thing you don‟t have liberty to today is to live in a compartmentalized life. Travis: Right. Garrett: It‟s kind of like one game so my marriage affects my business, my business affects my kids, my kids affect my mindset and how I work out. So I think it‟s a fun thing we‟ve ever really been, turn that whole in for the last couple of years, how to build in alignment with my life, build a business that doesn‟t run me, that the business that inspires me to be awake everyday and to play. Travis: When you say build alignment what do you mean? Garrett: I was in the banking for 8 years and before that I was a PE teacher and I don‟t know much about business at all. Wouldn‟t even that for 8 years I don‟t know much about business when you had to make some money in a trend. Travis: Right. Garrett: The would-be definition of that was called raping real estate, I was at ink water actually called I was just kidding, that was the term my friend and I used when I was working that. And so in that phase I learned about some of the mechanics of business. I don‟t think every way that we learn how to create true value then understand fundamental marketing skills, salesmanship, I just kind of live with the natural blend and energy I had and the prize to make money and ultimately prove myself to the world. Travis: Right. Garrett: And then I disappeared and there‟s this whole other shift for 4 years since 2008 trying to discover some other aspects that I did not know what is right, this keener world place of power these things that was untamed, untasted, I couldn‟t measure it necessarily but it was this X-factor and as I spent two years at that place just trying to balance it, so alignment for me is trying to balance power with production, how do I find power, how do I maintain power, how I am not going to panic and lose power as entrepreneur. And then how I match that up to the tools and the strategy and the systems necessary to be productive, ultimate desire of profit, make money in my business and so the alignment for me is to bounce at the end that a lot of things affects that, your kids, your wife, your husband, your relationships, how your body is ---to your system; things that are not going well with the business, things in marketing. I mean 2010, it was the first time I really, really, really got focused on online
  5. 5. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 5 of 24 marketing space and I think back to what we were doing then, to what we were doing now, and even what we were doing last year. And it‟s archaic and dinosaur. Travis: Right. Garrett: And I‟m watching people just getting it now and I thought oh, I should probably have an opt in page. Dude that‟s awesome welcome to the party five decades late. It‟s like you were the one buying the real estate in 2007 and 2008 and it wasn‟t short fell real estate they thought it was cool about to buy the market. Travis: I agree with you now I want to interject something there, number one you are just someone that can, you have the incredible amount of passion, you can move through things with kind like of a fire hose approach, you are just so dynamic and I wanted to touch one thing that you pointed out is a lot of people don‟t realize that they are being fed, they are being taught or they‟re applying old tactics that worked 3, 4, 5, 6 years ago. And that‟s one of the things that I heard on what you just said. Is that correct? Garrett: Absolutely. Travis: Right. And they just don‟t know it, right? Garrett: There‟s not as well, they tried it right? Just like sitting on this college. And the girls on this college are called entrepreneurs they started launching coaching businesses and I mean it was victory that we got opt in page come up. Now copying anything else going on that page was pre-school and won‟t work but there was that page now you think you can celebrate the growth but the truth is these individuals, these students has to learn either a fast track in getting to the updated game or the coin suggest constantly be, I mean it‟s not just like years, it‟s like me and my brother, his birthday is a three years apart. So every day he goes four, I am always going to be three years older than him, always. That‟s not the kind of change then, people not just following behind in a linear experience, it‟s an exponential either progress or regression because how fast things are changing. Travis: I agree with you. One of the benefits from the mastermind that I saw from it and I‟d be interested in seeing what your perspective is. A mastermind with a group of people which is legitimately know what they‟re doing or know what they are talking about. It‟s not a group of people that are just repeating their opinion from others. Is you get to cut through a lot of the old stuff and the non- legitimate things that are not working anymore. You get to fast forward to what really is working right now. Have you found that to be true? Garrett: Absolutely, absolutely. Well I think in a legitimate mastermind like led by them where you make connect in mass from those two functions how you get back from it I will explain. Number one,
  6. 6. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 6 of 24 you have creators who are in constant creation. The only way to be updated on and to have any new input to offer to the marketplace in mastermind is to be in a constant creation, you are on constant contemplation you got nothing to offer. Like all yours, an individual shows up in places, theory in all true creators no contemplators when they show up. Because contemplators can rehash information to either bring innovation to the conversation. And the second is, there‟s true telling in mastermind, it‟s like in a real power from mastermind, you and I sit in a dinner and talking to mastermind and it was the time for me to take the ego experience it come so easily come up in business, they get the small business owners, you‟re playing from your cave and you think you can‟t to figure it out, you want the world feel like you get to figure out, and you really want to get to figure out there‟s another way always and place and it stuck. And the trap is to tell a lie and in true mastermind you tell the truth. Travis: Right. Garrett: Because your best interest is my best interest, it‟s not a place where in me, while I will tell the truth on certain situation I‟d legitimately feel like people want to be for sale. And so by sharing the truth with this individual that was hard because the years that like daggers to castrate me. Like versus in a mastermind with you and I and the people we‟re with I can speak with when I am to believe where it‟s like I can speak the truth that was for me was, “Travis my business, my emotional now is the freaking train wreck,” I was weeping in front of me as entrepreneur. And my experience is this is how most entrepreneur get at least, at least once is not more and so a mastermind how do people getting an opportunity to release this pressure and to tell the truth, I called the vomit factor where you can hum it and you tell the truth about hey, look at it, Travis, check out this puke. That‟s nasty. Sandra: You‟re funny. Can I jump in? What I‟m hearing and this is great because I know telling truth is so much sexier than somebody telling you line of BS and really when you are doing your vomit like that, people can relate to you, people can say yeah I‟ve been there too and you end up having a deeper bond, human to human and if you‟re in that mastermind with like minded individual some a bit above you, some maybe a bit below you I think the quality of your conversations, the quality of helping people forward it is just such a stronger bond about being truthful. Travis: Right. Sandra: And let me make sure I write on this when you said you are in that creative mode, and you need to be on that creative mode, am I hearing correctly that that‟s individual‟s that are actually on the court taking action, creating something, making it happen whether win or fail? Garrett: Absolutely. That‟s from my experience, in the beginning you kind of go to this, there‟s a place you have to kind of you‟ve mentally got to get it. I read Napoleon Hill books over and over again. I know Travis calls me crazy and I love it. I didn‟t really get the mastermind principle, being raised in a nutrition household, if two or more gathered in my name there will be also which to me is nothing but this
  7. 7. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 7 of 24 mastermind concept that when unified individuals come together something new is possible that wasn‟t possible beforehand. But it has to be contributors to that vibrational harmony they can‟t be takers only. Sandra: Right. Travis: Right. Garrett: Otherwise the whole thing gets jacked and so when I show up to master mind say like I haven‟t done anything, it‟s like I can‟t think of the time it ever happened but I think I did and I wasn‟t creating when you come in to that place. The only thing you can offer the group of is hype which means you are a taker because there‟s no substance to what you offer pursuing and say, hey you know here is what I tried, here is some innovation that came from my creation which was in the transition creating marketing systems fails processes, trying different video online, trying different presentation style, shifting, moving, evolving, engaging, and actually come up to that place be able to have some kind of a diamond that you can offer the group, and at the same time be able to come and say, guys here‟s what I am stuck and across that, Sandra like hey no problem, Garrett, puke away about it because guess what, I was with that same cycle. A year ago here‟s what I always behind and I give it, and here‟s what I did, and here‟s some things for you to consider trying yourself and those distinctions of being able to have somebody share that, that distinction, these are worth tens of thousands of dollars if not lifetime value into the millions of dollars because it‟s the small distinction like this given from someone who comes from wisdom that radically alters the direction and the trajectory of your business, your life, your profitability, everything they are not massive yet they are significant because of this small events . First time I really got the power, I think of masterminding for me is more valuable than even attending the large workshops, or boot camps, I‟d rather pay 2, 3, 4 times the amount, 10 times to get into the room of creators who actually getting it done. Sandra: And it‟s a human need I think to give and so when you are with the group of people and someone shares their story and pull out your heart string. I think it‟s just human you might not normally thought to give this person that advice but when they come from that place of authenticity it‟s like hey let me help you, I‟ve been there. Travis: Right. Sandra: Right. Travis: And it‟s a two way conversation in a master mind rather than a one way conversation. And so there is exchange, one of the things I want to go deeper is the academic. I don„t want anyone to take this wrong because I am not saying anything negative about an academic but the academic is someone
  8. 8. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 8 of 24 that studies and for the most part in my mind it doesn‟t apply. And the problem with that is a lot of times you can‟t feel an academic from the person that actually implement unless you look deep into the results and their background. The problem with that is, when you learn from an academic that has never really applied it, you don‟t realize that the information is inaccurate until you get all way down or deep into it. And so it is equivalent of driving miles in your own direction because they really don‟t know the tactical moves. I‟m not much of a baker but I know that if you put the ingredients on the cake and wrong and you don‟t treat them on a certain way, it‟s not a cake. Sandra: It‟s a mess. Travis: Right, yeah. And I learned that as a kid now I don‟t bake anything anymore but I can tell you because I didn‟t treat the eggs a certain way, it‟s not a cake. And so that‟s the same thing applies to so many things we do in business is you got to take say 30 steps and you‟ve got to agitate some of the steps a certain way in order for you to have the successful formula. And I want to go out at it from the under belly and explain a little deeper of what you are talking about there, right Garrett? That‟s with the aspect where you‟re coming from? Garrett: Absolutely, absolutely. Travis: So now this balance is, is it something that you find in problem solved or is it something that you constantly struggle with. What is it? Garrett: I used to think there was a bottom to the barrel right? I never really done a lot of inner work, and then I would say I searched from a personal development for a number of years that when you go from a place that of a high like I was in 2007 speaking on stage in Las Vegas, with Tony Robbins and sharing his page and my idol in a speaking world, sharing with 2,000 peers being acknowledged for all the things you created. And you get those really high feeling and then 8 months later you‟re lying in your bed in your large home with the moon shining through the shutters and your wife sitting up in bed and you could see the tears that is streaming down the cheeks and she is saying that I didn‟t sign up for that. I‟m laying back and how the hell did I lose all this in 8 months. And everything I fought and my identity will be lost because I had falsely connected my identity to the stuff and to the creation, to the result, my result define the worst of who I was. And then that shift in, I started to see there was some sort of a place that I have to go, it wasn‟t an if, because I watched the people panicking so many 30 something real estate mortgage guys around me literally in clothing leaving their marriages, falling in the porn addiction and alcohol addiction completely consuming themselves with drugs, people fall into literally two guys killed themselves. And I am sitting in this place and going okay something has got to change in my life big time because I can‟t go back to being a prostitute for profit I can‟t pitch stuff that I
  9. 9. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 9 of 24 don‟t care anymore. I realized that there was this titter totter thing that never ends, I thought it would. With every new problem solved, opens up new possibility which can stand the power in that entrepreneur because you solved that problem and that power and that piece and that possibility that others side of solving that problem. Once you give that, that can‟t be taken from you. I mean mechanics can‟t solve that problem it might change but experience and the insight that can‟t be taken it‟s now yours. So now here‟s the problem, all new possibility opens up new problem so I am thinking I‟m going to get this inner thing world figured out and so I‟m going deep and I was like---- all of my cracks when I was a kid and I must deal with my emotion of discontent. I got all these stuffs and I found out that this is a never ending, eternal abyss. Travis: It‟s a journey, right? Garrett: It‟s a journey that I am in. I certainly not okay with these ideas that I am on titter totter and I am never getting off, the titter totter when it comes to my evolution. Now I may bring stability to certain levels in my business, in my life, in my marriage, but that process never ends. For me it brings so much into balance, I am not trying to balance titter totter but problems, and possibilities, or my power, and my production; it‟s getting clear about where I‟m at in the process. There‟s new power, new possibility, okay these now opens and yet to do things, dealing with online form creation and the integration with that with paid traffic, into converting video, into a questionnaire online, into a time driver campus, schedule appointment , and then into this distribution of that leads to our team, these are problems. A year ago, I haven‟t solved the problem I was working; then I couldn‟t even solve them the possibility and the problems that were available at this whole new level. So I thought that then I quit panicking when your problems would come, I‟ve had such a great fall and so okay, I got to do it, panic and fall apart or solve the problem, gain the wisdom, access the power and then turn back and look at journey. Where that comes from, look what I accomplish and I think so many entrepreneurs include in that. I‟m so driven to create and no matter what we create, the first time it was established by Dan Sullivan when I was a strategic coach and he said we are living in this gap in our lives of this horizon that never, ever, ever really exist. Because every time we move to this next plane I thought when I get a business to work out right now. You know I thought this, then I will be. Travis: Then, right. Garrett: Then I will be, or my nerves oh, my wife and I can play sex twice a week, then I will be, then I will be. Or my kids just agree with me, then I will be. Or let‟s just set this video camping, then I will be. Sandra: And you never arrive do you?
  10. 10. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 10 of 24 Garrett: You can get there right? You can get to any of those points but the problem is when you get there as creators we have been born into this place of non-complacency it what makes an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur which is nothing is okay for long because we either make it or either break what it is or we start to search for new horizons. Once the lines are established, „hey cool that‟s awesome‟ that little city going on, that‟s fun, nice city. What can I do to investigate what is on the other side of the wall or the city? Sandra: Right. Garrett, can you share to our listeners the rock star you are? What Pay to Play academy is? Garrett: Totally. Pay to Play Academy is one of our founding program online academies that I built to support people that desire to accomplish two things. To find power in the road packed school way, how do you logically to find power on a day to day basis. And second was to be able to connect that production, how do you get paid to do that? The purpose of the academy was to teach people how to get paid to stand power. My call being the wait, I know me and a lot of people as we work and we‟re in the business we may be even be entrepreneurs running business but we are doing stuff to teach what matters to us. And so we are getting paid to in my words, to be a prostitute for power and then we try to get the power on weekends. We go to the boot camp every 2 months where you have to get power and I found out that if you get people into a place they were living business on a day to day basis that not only challenged to grow but which connect them to some higher purpose. For me, I coach, I love coaching home based entrepreneurs, consultant coaches, marketers, individuals who are in the States particularly online and they tend to be alone in their cave and they want to make a difference on the world, and so that was the foundation place and we have made a lot of changes to what happens at the academy since its launch in 2010 and expanded it in multiple different directions. You can find out more about it by going to and get access in there but it‟s one of my babies, one of my passions that I really feel like it was the first created business that I ever built that and products and service offering I also made a difference, how much difference I ever made in real estate not really since they keep the money and whatever, I don‟t really feel I make a big difference. That was my first, first big push and it‟s something that we push in four, five different ways in angles but yeah that‟s the business core model. Travis: So basically you are trying to get them to go on the directions where they are paid to do what their passion is. Garrett: Yeah, totally. You wake up every day tired of getting up as an entrepreneur, and do what you do every day, which has challenge the evolution speed whichever is changing. Part not to do it when you love it, like there‟s a lot of work, and today the speed, the speed that requires your mind to think, and to move and to grow and expand. If you don‟t have some kind of deep connection to the following
  11. 11. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 11 of 24 the problem that your business solved that you actually care about solving the problem easy way to see this is the problem that you had. My business is built out of pain, I do my business because there was nothing to find that would serve my pain at that time, I want to build something to solve problem I care about. Second, I only want to work to people I care about too. Travis: Right. Garrett: I love humanity it‟s great, find out there are people I love, there are people I like, there are people who don‟t sit in either to of those two categories but I just would prefer not to spend time with whatever, not as a client, not as a friend, not any drink, nothing, I can respect that, you have a god I have a God we any call different names it‟s cool, do your thing good luck to you on this journey I am going to be able to do my thing. And so the second was it has to be able to clear about probably care about and the people that you wanted to serve. And third is create products or to affiliate products that you felt could serve those people and solve those problem, you are not only selling products that you care about that serve people that you are passionate about and then ultimately solve the problems that matter to you. And when I combine those three things I‟m into crazy stuff by spending until three in the morning trying to figure out infusion thoughts when I want to punch myself on the face twelve times, right? Travis: This gets better, right? Garrett: Why? Because of the problem and the people were something that drove you, there‟s a purpose involve in that formula of problem, in people and products, and over top there‟s just a purpose that I experienced, for me I experienced it was like a God-driven purpose, universe, spiritual, whatever, no matter what you call. Travis: Right. Garrett: To me it is literally a calling to set people free and I don‟t want to set employees free. I don‟t want to go that path. Well believe on Robert Kiyosaki, that‟s great. I want to deal with people and I serve in search for people who feel a burn in the calling and you are stuck in a place, the burn and the calling and they look at the business and I don‟t do that, my own business is a far cry for being in the alignment with this burn when you started, or both sides side which is they have to burn in the process or they walk outside and they‟re terrified of the conversation business which means they have no idea how to get paid to live that passion. They have the passion but they have no process, no business on top of the product or the other side they all have the stuff or either forgotten or never found the burn that drives the person to do insane things, any things that only crazy entrepreneurs do.
  12. 12. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 12 of 24 Travis: Yeah, you and I have a similar background where we achieve high level of success and then we‟ve lost everything and then of course we‟ve built that back. One of the things that I come to recognize is, there‟s two things that can‟t fix for a person, I can‟t fix the fact that I don‟t have passion, I can‟t fix the fact that they have a terrible product or service, and so those two things are critical for me working with somebody. They got to have that passion that desire to serve, be successful and do a great job of what they are doing. Everything else is really just a series of tactics or head trash or memo state that you can coach someone out of into a better place. Do you agree with that? Garrett: I agree 100%, you can teach skills, it‟s like speed, I don‟t care how hard I trained, I am not going to be in a 100 meter dash in the Olympic. I can be in the hammer manner hundred meter dash fifth grade competitions and be in the zone as the 36 year old man. I might not be able to pull that down. No matter how hard I trained the speed, and passion and purpose of what you do I believe can be found but it cannot be given. It must be earned, discover that if you guys have a couple of acres of diamond you got to go to the backyard and grab your shovel and throw some stuff around. Dig up and find because when you find it you will realize it was always in you. Your backyard‟s over there and that piece, without that piece when like I‟m talking to an entrepreneur without that piece even if they‟re successful you‟re bound to challenging out like cardboard. Travis: Right. Garrett: Nothing you say matters to me, my physical ears are hearing you, like I‟m listening to you but there is no resonance, I don‟t feel called to follow you and be joining with you, to promote you, to… Travis: Yeah. There‟s nothing compelling there. I forgot who said it, but you cannot bore someone into buying, right? Garrett: Well I think based on that, somebody must have been running that the boot camp and sold ready they become cook think. Because there‟s a lot of people trying to bore the hell out of them and get them to buy and it is not working that‟s for sure. But there are a lot of people trying. Travis: Right. Now you talked about living and not letting the situations run you, becoming okay with some elements of chaos. Because you‟re constantly as you take the next step on the run of life. In business exchanging your old set of challenges for a new set of challenges, right? And one of the things you talk about is becoming okay with that rather than making it overwhelm you and so, how do you find a way, you‟re not letting your life run you, how do you bring someone in to help cover your weaknesses and grow your business. Because I think so many people talked about, Sandra and I
  13. 13. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 13 of 24 talked about this on a couple of episodes. So many people think because since they started the business, they need to hold every single position. Are you guilty of that? Is that something that holds you back, because I knew it is a challenge for me at times and I haven‟t found an answer to it? Garrett: I would say “I have found an answer.” I just didn‟t have an answer to this crazy funny thing about being human and being an entrepreneur with experience which is just because you have an answer doesn‟t mean you‟re doing it. Travis: Right. Garrett: So, I would say yes and just completely I get in my way. My problem is learning new stuff. The minute I learn new stuff, I learn how to do new stuff and because I knew how to do new stuff and I think I should do it, and it becomes this simple example, video production right. So you should pay thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars that people do and produce my videos and when I have a video team do it, they are incredible. I mean the videos are high quality, they are awesome, they are cool, they are such eccentric. So I used to have no idea how to edit videos, upload videos, host videos, I just didn‟t understand it, no clue. So, it wasn‟t easy for me because I had no clue, then I learned. Then the video got easier. Not the critical products to edit videos, and it was awesome and closer to not doing anything different and I learned the skill of how not only to record videos but how to edit videos, upload videos, how to leverage videos, distribute videos, how to join, and then I was caught in this dilemma. Because I was looking on 5 grand on letting these guys make the video, or I could spend 3 days and do it myself. Travis: Right. Garrett: And it‟s not going to be as good but it still will be really good. And then I get to the next trap which is now that I know how to do it, now other people start coming to me to do what? To do video. And I‟m like the freaking dude, like yeah I‟ll clean your toilets. Oh yeah, I cleaned the toilets at 12 I‟m a damn good toilet cleaner seriously. One day my cleaner didn‟t show up. I figured I was paying her way too much money, 80 bucks to do my house. I was BS so I started cleaning those toilets now. What‟s the schedule, I don‟t have time for anything because I‟m cleaning toilets and video the email copy and the one big wakeup call like the person who pretend they have bought 5 gym memberships and have this little passes on their key chains. I‟m a freaking athlete and they go scaling and scaling and like I‟m fat. What the hell? I‟m like, how did this happen? You‟re like the dude discovered my bank statements. They don‟t lie, that‟s the cool thing about being in business you can be busy all day cleaning toilets and writing email like I am. I am opposed to, look it in the encyclopaedia “retarded entrepreneur” picture it one time and that would be my picture right there with a toothbrush cleaning toilets and that‟s like I think
  14. 14. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 14 of 24 so I get the dealings, one of the family solution and the bank statement is the true teller. Not always waking up, and every time because it‟s not that I am not working, it‟s not because I am not sweating, it‟s not because I am not believing, it‟s not because it‟s not burning candle, ball pen. Travis: You are not using your time wisely. Garrett: At all, at all. And the most is because I am doing stuff where like I am coming to you or Sandra and say, hey listen, here‟s what it is I can do all these things but it‟s not a big deal to be honest but here‟s the truth these are the results for doing all these things can you give me insider a feedback to how to do this differently or help me build a better system or a better mouse trap, really good on how to find mice but I am stuck now in building little spring that goes into the mouse somehow I am back in place while I am doing everything. I swear there is some entrepreneur that makes that transition and they get it. I am a very, very quick yet very slow learner. Travis: Garrett, I think our strength is our weakness so we can learn, we don‟t mind applying ourselves, we don‟t mind working hard, and so we become a victim of our strength by not using our time wisely. I think part of the answer, there are completely new business models these days and so I just come back from an event with Perry Marshall. One of the things that he is doing that‟s really fascinating is partnering with 3 or 4 different individual business owners that are just really killer at what they do. And they come in and work together on certain things. Because I am suffering for the same problem as you as I am the chief strategist at my company, even though I have people working for me, they still need to be told on what to do and have to be managed and all of the other things that comes along with that. I don‟t have any high level or enough high level killers in my business to spread the high level task over to. Does that make sense? Garrett: Totally. Travis: I think Sandra; I don‟t want to speak for Sandra I know she struggles on some levels with that. What are you thinking about this Sandra? Sandra: Oh, absolutely, absolutely but my mind go all over the place right now because there is so much value with Garrett and so I drifted just for a second and I am exactly on that spot that I am somebody who does it all and I have not yet found the formula to bring enough people on board to help me with where I am not and I think there is a lot of value in knowing how to do it and then also knowing when to say okay now you do it so I can get back to being creative.
  15. 15. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 15 of 24 Travis: Well Garrett, Sandra wrote this incredible book titled „We Don‟t Die, A Sceptic‟s Discovery of Life After Death‟ is that correct Sandra? Sandra: It‟s correct Travis. Travis: Okay, I wanted to make sure I got the exact wording correct. And so she is an incredible author and this book is a real deal and she is still bogged down with the doing 20 dollar an hour task when she was an incredible rock star than used to be affront, mixing and mingling with some of the influential people in the world that she deals with. She deals with Nascar teams, super, super, high level race car teams. At times she bogs herself down the 20 dollar task that are not beneath her but she is such a good sport, right? But it‟s not just the best use of her time and so it‟s a common theme and we are all highly productive, it‟s a common theme amongst all of us. It‟s crazy. Garrett: Right, right. There‟s the place of surrender, the universe is streaming and I noticed it happens in physical breakdown. I know a lot of entrepreneurs there‟s a point where you pushed the systems so far that a physiological response is breakdown, illness, disease. I know a lot of speakers who will push themselves so far and then later lose their voice, I don‟t know why I lost my voice, and this is a universe thing you slow the hell down. Travis: Yeah, I know what you are talking about there. Garrett: I spent a year and a month ago, and then 2 months later ruptured it again, 2 surgeries, and then ruptured again in February and like I have said I was slow learner, and you ever said when you just slow the hell down and I‟m like wow, okay you know how much choice on crutches, you have to, you can‟t go, I crutch 8 miles on my crutches one day and they would say „what is wrong with you‟. Sandra: It‟s miles, oh my gosh! Garrett: I just wanted to feel like my crutches. I spent most of the day with them, but that slow down process ended up as you share same thing with me is, those are lasting. I don‟t know, I haven‟t met anybody to go over it. I think we just need to learn and we need to push to compel to surrender. Compel like life itself, wife said I am an alcohol, I am out, I cannot do this anymore unless you are willing to change things because you are working 14 hours a day, there‟s not work for me as your partner, he‟s like crying and weeping he‟s like what do I do, what do I do? It‟s like a big slap on the face because of this message. You got a choice!
  16. 16. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 16 of 24 Sandra: And we say we are givers, I think the 3 of us we but what we forget about is we don‟t let people contribute to us, we are not really giving because people gets so inspired I think by the messages we have and want to jump on board, and they want to give and then they may have talents and whatever these different things are, so it‟s actually doing people disservice to not let them come on the board and make a difference. Travis: Right. Garrett: It‟s an ego trip and you actually block the cosmic extent and so if you are a giver and you don‟t receive you are a hypocrite, a taker and you don‟t give you are a hypocrite. Travis: I didn‟t see that and it‟s a little embarrassing for me that I didn‟t see it. So number one, I could join this little learners club with you, at times, I think people think you are intelligent, wow, okay, but you learned 4 times, if you only knew that you learned this lesson 4 times. Garrett, I am a terrible receiver I couldn‟t shut my mouth long enough to receive. I didn‟t understand the value until I was at a mastermind in Utah and we have a seminar and they were talking about receiving. And they really went deep on what it does when you don‟t accept, when you don‟t graciously accept someone‟s compliment, someone‟s gift, someone show of appreciation. I wasn‟t aware of the amount of disrespect I was giving them when I did that, right? Garrett: Right. Travis: And it really helped me grow as a person, that when someone does something kind shut my mouth and let them say what they want to say and thank them for it. Sandra: Somebody gave me a great visual, it‟s like somebody gives you a present and you put on the floor and you stomp on it, so easy when somebody gives you compliment or want to give or make a difference and no, no, no I am fine. So just imagine that gift on the floor and stomp all over it instead of saying thank you. Travis: Yeah, it‟s still a challenge for me. Is that a challenge for you Garrett? Garrett: Of course. I just watched this one day, you watch people walk and it‟s like, how are you, I am good. And there‟s this teenage girl just walking by and I said “How are you?” And she said “I‟m great.” I‟m so thrown up and say I‟m great. What does that mean I‟m great well I mean I say I‟m good but „I‟m great‟ my mind is not a computer. I was sitting one day to test this, what really happens if I just completely honest of how I felt, I want to know. So I tested this for a few days and I went out I was in a
  17. 17. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 17 of 24 grocery store and the cashier said `how are you? And I said, “I‟m horrible.” I mean my business got some issues today, we had collection emails, my bank just froze my credit cards, and the truth is I just want to go back over the alcohol, grab a bottle of vodka and drink in the parking lot. Everybody in the whole line like, holy shit what happened, it‟s funny because we kind like there‟s unspoken social dream and stop being liars. It has to break that and I think it contributes to the fact that we don‟t want to put other people out because we don‟t tell the truth. My daughter looks at this girl stand in line and she‟s young kid, she‟s 3 and she looks at her gown she‟s like, “You are having a baby!” Now people stare at this woman, she wasn‟t pregnant at all, and I watched, I actually watched what happened because everybody in the line panicked and my wife goes, `baby, baby, baby‟. And then I look and I said nope, I said „Ma‟am, are you pregnant? She said I‟m not, I said okay. Sweetheart she‟s obese, that‟s not pregnant, looks like she has a baby, she is actually overweight. Travis: Yeah. Garrett: I thought and I said my wife was like 4 or 5 rather they said it, it‟s part of my week test right which is tell the truth, I was like okay what am I teaching my child, what am I teaching my child? What you see is not okay for you to observe and what you see and we don‟t speak truth we just make up lies because it makes you feel better. When in the long term it‟s punishing my daughter, and my daughter shows an emotional outburst I threw my shoulders to go up my room and lock her room so what I am teaching her `hey, it‟s cool for you to be emotional but you need to do it alone and away from people because it‟s not acceptable in front of other people. We wonder why we always adults who stuck in and trap and there are entrepreneurs who are like exponentially worst at telling the truth, being honest, being vulnerable, being real, and sharing and then currently self and occasionally we watch webinar or we listen to a radio show that interrupts the dress of our lives so intensely maybe this is something in a way for years listening to that. When you heard three people talking truth today and it slapped you and in that slap it opened up your heart and you said, wow you know what there must be some from me, we may not have relationship to reach out truth, we may don‟t have them a marriage work, I didn‟t have that so I have to search that from my mentors where I could tell the truth and I paid for them because honestly most of my unpaid relationships were based on lies and half truth and places where I will not pay I did not feel safe. And I learn to be safe with coaches, and I learn to be safe with masterminds, and learn to be safe with people long before I learned to be safe even in my own marriage. It was with coaches like you guys and mentors and masterminds with people who got me and secure the whole story and it wouldn‟t put a den into this place of judgment. You do my 75 things that I was looking at, but I do wire and cut them in two and here‟s what we are going to do, then you feel safe, we are looking today of the safety, it‟s just we are looking of safety on the wrong ways. We‟re looking at safety and it‟s delusional insanity created for
  18. 18. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 18 of 24 us, go delusion in the mind of what is supposed to be okay and not okay, good and bad, right or wrong, righteous wicked, this is what is an entrepreneur, this is what I should be saying, when the truth is today I just want to punch someone and that first person I want to punch is me but I don‟t think that‟s acceptable to say. And yet the reality is that what 80% of this freaking room is feeling but because it just bullshitting each other not telling the truth nobody gets free, we can‟t lead. Travis: I want to reframe, I want to go little deeper on that, first and foremost I have to tell you that the turning point at my life at my lowest when I lost everything is when I sat alone in extended amount of time and I reviewed everything and I took ownership of everything, everything. Change started when I started owning every bit of it, not giving any responsibility out to anybody else but myself and I think that‟s the core of what we are teaching here. But there‟s an alternative school of thought here and so both you and I Napoleon Hill fans and so one of the things that he teaches that you cannot participate in negativity without experiencing the impact of that negativity in some way shape or form. So, separate that for me helps me understand that. Garrett: Two ways to tell the truth right? There‟s victim truth is that a very different place, victim truth is, hey here‟s what is going in my life, I don‟t really want to do anything about it, victim truth my life sucks and my energy is better and I am looking for sympathy. I want somebody to commiserate with. And then there‟s accountable truth which is, here‟s what is going on and I am committed to do something about it. I don‟t know what to do but I am committed to doing something about this and I am committed to doing something about this right now. So you say oh, I am enlightening you so hard, so much it‟s so confusing, so many webinars, true this is true, and all the information is true. But if you tell from a victim place of I am helpless, I don‟t have the power to create. I am not committed to creating a solution I am just looking for people commiserate in my victimhood, and then that victim vomit does not work towards you good, all does is keeping more track. Because the only people who is going to listen to you are people who wants to stay stuck also and then all of the sudden, the victimhood mastermind pay trips. Travis: You are attracting these negative people and we talk about this a lot either you‟re a fountain or drain right? Garrett: Right. Travis: So I hear what you are saying there, when I wake up in the morning I can either choose to focus on the back the fact that my back is killing me. Or I can focus on the fact that I am excited about what I am going to accomplish today and the fact that I choose to focus on the ladder inspires others is that what you are also teaching here?
  19. 19. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 19 of 24 Garrett: Totally, totally. Being honest about where you in life, it‟s not a funny excuse either. I can talk all day all about sexual abuse in my life, cool. And so why, I can tell you a story but to tell a story because I am looking for you to feel sorry for me, I don‟t inspire a leader because now my stories run my life, ..., “story victim.” My decision about the story I create around me is also my choice. I can tell victim story, which is helpless and stuck and you can‟t do anything about it. Somebody else‟s fault, this happens I don‟t have control with dysfunctions but I do have the power and control over what I do next. I don‟t think you can get the help that you need. And also, you are not helping me with your telling the truth from the place of feel sorry for me. Travis: Right. Garrett: You are not committed to doing something about it, there‟s nothing I can do for you except to listen to you commiseration and there‟s funny people on Facebook wasting their lives the way that you are wasting there‟s so why would I spend my time helping you just stay stuck. Travis: Well, I think a lot of people, number one, I know you put expensive money, time, effort, hours into your training, and a book Sandra and myself have also. So I have a deeper understanding to where you are coming from. And one of the things that concern me about is that some people maybe have not had the good fortune of being able to go through so much training maybe they are taking from this that if you are feeling like crop to go around and spread it all over everybody. To me, you are teaching, you are talking about a way of getting a handle on a situation now you can either take this situation and slam it to the negative which is for me, or you get to handle on it to move it out of you way and focus on what you are going to do about it and move forward. And so I just want to make that‟s crystal clear to the business owners that‟s listening, that‟s the message coming across here because when you stuck in victimhood, your lesson is not over, your lesson will I think that most lessons that come along in life will stick with you until you deal with it. I didn‟t deal with the loss of my mother for years and I didn‟t deal with it so I lock it in a container and part of the ways so that it couldn‟t hurt me and sooner or later I had to deal with that pain, Until I had to deal with that pain I couldn‟t pass it. And I think that, I feel like it‟s a fair analysis and the lessons that we are talking about in life and business. Do you agree with that? Garrett: Yeah. Sandra: Can I share something two gentlemen, if you or three of us share some pretty amazing people that we look up to in business and for the listener listening as well I mean if you think of somebody who is your role model, like God, I‟d love to be them or follow them anywhere if they have a new product going to take a look at it. Things that you mention today are all qualities of those people they tell the truth they are authentic they tell you the good stuff, bad stuff and you fall in love with them. That is the
  20. 20. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 20 of 24 trait of somebody we want to follow, they are responsible for everything, not going to turn around telling their sob stories unless it is to empower someone else as to I started here but then I got here. So they are responsible, not a victim. They are creative, they are creating new things all the time, they are taking actions, or they work or not they‟re putting them out there a great thing to learn, they allow people to contribute to them most often to how the team of people helping them. So I think those people out there are really great role model for us, and we might say I would love to be just like the members but when they look they are using these elements. And for all of us to take those things into account that it‟s not just he is just a great guy, but he is responsible, he is not a victim, he is being authentic, being creative and all those things so huge amount of value from this conversation. Travis: Yeah, I agree. Hey Garrett, you talk a little bit about a refinement of your business model. Can you go deeper on that something that other business owners can maybe think about for their own business? Garrett: Sure, the big change for me is not just existing technology anymore and learning how to leverage a lot of duplicatable places which I was kind of stuck repeating the same things in my business over and over again, that was one position so I stop using this technology. One of the things, what are the things in my business that can help me create significant value for and actually serve other people in a way that would have them consume in the mass that they want to consume. We started things just like live webinars, tell seminars and just like revenge in a pool said yesterday in the large segment of my student based. Most of our students would prefer just to have everything on demand, even live webinars it becomes annoyance for them at some point to attend live events, and where there is we do on occasional than great either in person, most people like to have access on demands to watch and do when they want. My wife watches The Voice and she watches it at 9:45 at night, it‟s not on at 9:45 at night, but 9:45 is a perfect time, she watches the DVR her way. Travis: It‟s an on demand society, right? Garrett: Totally. So finding what else can your business put on demands that would still create substantial value so those two big things, stop using technology, start working on demand? Third, really understand that we are in a marketing business. Which is either you get marketing today or you don‟t. And if you don‟t you die. And if you do, you live. Travis: Right. Garrett: And that‟s it, that understanding modern marketing what we call movement marketing, called movement marketers academy and it‟s completely based upon teaching both the concept, the mindset
  21. 21. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 21 of 24 necessary and then mechanics that connect to the mindset of how do you translate the way I am thinking. Like people right now I talk to the people, they can‟t think half the page they are looking at. They are consumers in nature when it comes to internet instead of creators put in internet and then they got sucked in to that consumer vortex. How do you shift? So the first one is technology and then understands it‟s there to help and to serve. Figure out what place is your business can you put on demands and allow people access to consume value from you when they want, how they want. And I say your emails from people who consume my videos all over the world. And when I wake up in the morning, I have these messages in the inbox the support system saying thank you so much about your videos, you changed my life, save my nerve, I did this, I totally love that , what you thought about business, it‟s like the show. You go to a show live then you go to a show recorded and that lives on as a relic on demand which will create value for days, and months, and years and that case even. And then the third piece is to understand that we are on the marketing society today that is overwhelming. And if you don‟t understand modern marketing and you don‟t understand modern movement marketing which is understanding the mind-set around the mechanics that are being used, you are going to fail. And without a lead the business dies, how you can help yourself in your business. Those three things change everything about my business, great technology and learn how to put things in go to video and go to copy writing. Travis: Or find someone that can do it for you, right? Garrett: Totally. Travis: One at the other but it is going back to that street fighting analogy you‟ve got to have at least deal the days to be in business whether you acquire those skills, whether you hire those skills no matter what. Good marketing is to make sales superfluous in other words if you are really good at setting up your marketing or marketing tunnels most people are sold before they even meet you. I want to illustrate that because that‟s the under belly of what you are talking about. Marketing used to be put an ad in yellow pages and have people call you when they need your services. Now it‟s building relationship and giving value first and then when they are ready to move forward that they think of you first and foremost over anyone else, right? Garrett: Right, yeah. Travis: So listen we are running little short on time, Sandra do you have something you want to add there?
  22. 22. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 22 of 24 Sandra: I don‟t, I am just very grateful for this conversation because you really pinpointed what works and what doesn‟t and thank you. Garrett: Welcome, thanks for having me. Travis: Garrett, sorry about stepping on you there, you had mentioned earlier that there was a place for people to connect with you if they want to learn more about what you do, or having you help them, what was that? Garrett: Any place to go, you go to and then I‟m on you tube channel at YouTube.com45/garrettjwhiteshow. Those are just the two places, hook up in YouTube or you can go to easy task and hit Google and all of those show up anyway. You have 20 pages the fun stuff consumes. Travis: Yeah, and you got a lot of great videos on there, right? Garrett: Yeah, ton of videos, just Google Garrett: and all kinds of content. I think last May we had over a thousand hours video content and free training of mine, all over in place, think you can access or just go there go to, I wish probably the best place set in the interview to give tons of free stuff and tons of amazing training, so I love to have you guys so hit me up there. Travis: So who is the ideal client quickly and short succinct way. Who is the most ideal client to work with you? Garrett: Coaches, second is home based entrepreneurs, internet marketers, online marketers and affiliate marketers so that group. Travis: Do they need to be at the certain level? Garrett: It depends. We have some other programs or have other coach live with us through a group setting, get a crazy amount of content and looking forward at $97 a month. And so we have a lot of newbies to begin there, we actually have a lot of and everyone we want to give them a taste of what we are up to and give message to what we are doing and it‟s a great place to they start there. Regardless of what they do we have a lot of free service and staff on top of that. And that‟s a good place to start with.
  23. 23. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 23 of 24 Travis: Great, excellent, excellent. So listen I want to leave with a thought for today, and also a clue. So I will start off with a clue from one of my favourites Napoleon Hill. Opportunity often comes in disguise in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. Now this is from the brilliant book Napoleon Hill that wrote Think and Go Rich, 16 Laws of Success, several other great things and so think about that. I want to tell you something that I don‟t think most business owners here, you and your business you are vital to your community. You inspire those that watch you, even though you don‟t stand you inspire people that are watching you. You employ those people that need to support their family, you lead when everybody else is lost or confuse, you keep going when most people would give up, you help those people that can‟t help themselves. And so I just want to convey the importance of who you are and what you do because I know you don‟t hear this very often. I don‟t hear it, Sandra doesn‟t hear it, Garrett doesn‟t hear it, I want to say thank you, keep it up because we need you, so we look forward to seeing you in the next episode or hearing you in the next episode, Sandra? Sandra: Just to our dear listener you are never alone you may feel it as business owners but you have us, you have this community, we really value your opinion and we are here to answer your questions maybe we can connect to you with some of the people we need to move forward. So visit us at and Garrett, a big thank you for being our guest today. Garrett: Thank you so much, it‟s an honour to be here, thank you . End of Interview . Travis: Alright guys, thanks, take care.
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