Breakfast Connections - Nuts And Bolts Of Social Media


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This presentation was given to the Breakfast Connections group on November 12, 2009. The presentation was followed by a discussion from Darrell Evans about how he uses social media to generate business. For any questions regarding this presentation, please contact Entrepreneur Advisors directly at 702.633.5433.

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Breakfast Connections - Nuts And Bolts Of Social Media

  1. Nuts and Bolts of Social Media:<br />Seriously, What Am I Supposed To Do?<br />
  2. Shotgun Approach<br />
  3. Build Your Brand<br />YellowPages<br />Brochures<br />DirectMail<br />Events<br /> Etc… <br />Networking<br />
  4. Funnel Approach<br />YellowPages<br />Yellow Pages<br />Brochures<br />Direct Mail<br />Networking<br />DirectMail<br />Events<br />Events<br />Brochures<br /> Etc… <br />Networking<br />Etc.<br />
  5. Funnel Approach<br />Yellow Pages<br />Direct Mail<br />Networking<br />Events<br />Brochures<br />Etc.<br />
  6. Marketing Velocity<br />V E L O C I T Y<br />
  7. Marketing Velocity<br />Social Media<br />
  8. What is Social Media?<br />Social Media<br />Building relationshipsthrough a computer<br />Sharing informationthrough paper<br />Sharing information<br />through a computer<br />Building relationships &selling through events<br />Marketing and Sales is now done more efficiently online.<br />
  9. The Big 6<br />Cocktail Parties<br />Lunch Appointments<br />Trade Shows<br />blogging<br />Publishing Magazines<br />Producing Television<br />Seminars<br />
  10. How You Can Use It<br />for buyer keywords, customer compliments or complaints <br />LISTEN <br />your product, events, promotions, coupons, experiences<br />PROMOTE<br />your sales force through employees or customers<br />MULTIPLY<br />millions of people looking for your product<br />REACH<br />
  11. How You Can Use It<br />your fans through promotions and content<br />REWARD<br />new events or promotions to your best customers<br />PUSH<br />your marketing by using your fans as tentacles <br />MULTIPLY<br />
  12. to business owners, executives and professionals<br />CONNECT<br />strategic partnerships that can send you more business<br />CREATE<br />by providing solutions to online associations and groups<br />LEAD<br />How You Can Use It<br />
  13. How You Can Use It<br />blogging<br />your thoughts and vision about your industry, products or services<br />SHARE<br />free information about how you help clients or customers<br />GIVE<br />content that can help others in their business or life<br />CREATE<br />
  14. How You Can Use It<br />SHARE<br />your personality and passion<br />relationships through face to face interaction<br />BUILD<br />by being approachable and authentic<br />ENGAGE<br />
  15. How You Can Use It<br />how your product or service can bring a client value<br />TEACH<br />LEAD<br />with new thoughts and vision<br />on the processes and systems that make you unique<br />EDUCATE<br />
  16. What It Won’t Do for You<br />
  17. What It Won’t Do for You<br />Thrive without top executive buy-in.- Comprehensive internal communication policies and concrete implementation procedures eliminate fear among decision makers and naysayers <br />
  18. What It Won’t Do for You<br />Be regarded as a quick-fix project.- Successfully utilizing a long-term commitment to authenticity, experimentation and change that requires time to bear fruit.<br />
  19. What It Won’t Do for You<br />Assure increased profits or clout.- Without compelling content, traffic will never come.<br />
  20. What It Won’t Do for You<br />Develop a marketing plan<br />Search for competitors<br />Write out phrases your customers use<br />Plan out an hour a week to search for your business or product<br />Find a channel and content stream for you and find thought leaders <br />
  21. William Crozer<br /><br />702.633.5433<br />@entadvisors<br /><br />