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GTC Conversations in Care: the role of digital technology

The Green Templeton College 'Conversations on Care' brings together academics, practitioners and policy advisors with backgrounds in health, business, management and the social explore innovative developments and open new lines of enquiry. This conversation considered the theoretical and practical implications of using digital technology to develop new models of care for older people.

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GTC Conversations in Care: the role of digital technology

  1. 1. GTC Care Initiative 'Conversation on Care' The Role of Online and Technical Innovation in Social Care 24th November Green Templeton College Oxford #GTCcareinitiative @ShirleyAyres
  2. 2. Can online innovations enhance care?
  3. 3. The Phenomena of the Ageing Better Industry Why has this huge industry been so slow to embrace new models of care for older citizens?
  4. 4. Digital cannot replace human contact
  5. 5. Getting the basics right
  6. 6. We must enable the design and delivery of appropriate care services to meet the needs of individuals and fit with our lifestyles Who wants their homes to look like a hospital ward?
  7. 7. Critical Issues for Care
  8. 8. Quick Quiz
  9. 9. Older people are not a homogenous group, they’re as varied in their needs and interests as individuals in any other sector of the population.
  10. 10. Developing local Wellbeing and Social Technology Hubs
  11. 11. Easily accessible information and support to make a reality of what for many people is just the rhetoric of choice and control.
  12. 12. A more joined-up approach to digital inclusion and open ways of working which avoid the expensive and unnecessary duplication of pilots
  13. 13. Community events which showcase digital technology innovation and encourage people to explore the opportunities, challenges and benefits of being better connected.
  14. 14. Keep in touch! @shirleyayres Blog: Podcasts: The Connected Care Network supports innovative organisations to explore and develop digital strategies which promote resilient and engaged communities