Using Social Media as a marketing tool by Sanjay Mehta


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Session 3 of TIKS on 'Scaling Up': Module III - Using Social Media as a Marketing tool

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Using Social Media as a marketing tool by Sanjay Mehta

  1. 1. Social Media as a Marketing Tool Sanjay Mehta Joint CEO, Social Wavelength
  2. 2. A Few Clarifications.. • We’ve come a long way, baby.. • XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.. It’s for all, but.. • Can drive my car, can wash my clothes, but… • In short, the subject matter for today, can be reclassified as ‘Social Media as a MARKETING Tool, for Growth Stage Companies’
  3. 3. This is what we will cover, then.. • WHAT • WHO • WHY • HOW • WHERE
  4. 4. WHAT it IS, and WHAT it ISN’T • Social Media is NOT an advertising tool • No ‘campaign thought’ • No ‘broadcast thought’ • Social Media is about engagements • Social Media is about your fans, your consumers, your interactions with them, your true conversations with them
  5. 5. WHO is it for? • Growth stage companies, in this audience, I reckon, can be: – B2C companies – B2B companies – Products or services companies – Focused on Indian or International markets Social Media can be good for any or all of these. More fundamental is whether your TG is there or not
  6. 6. WHY would you go SM?? • Advertising sucks • Niche audiences • Budget constraints • Smart marketing • Feedback loop • Digital asset • Huge long term value
  7. 7. WHY do people not use it enough? • Statistics – small percentage of people online • Don’t see immediate results • It’s too much work, hard work at that • Don’t have the time for it • Convinced, but not fully convinced
  8. 8. HOW does one use it? • B2C companies: – Build a base of target community – Create engagement with them, so they LIKE to be there – The real power is the viral factor; can they get more like them to your fold – Listen to what they tell you, use the feedback
  9. 9. HOW does one use it? • B2B companies: – Identify bang-on target – Create connections to each of them individually – Participate in groups of your industry as well as your client’s industry – Show them via discussions, that you are really good – Create thought leadership – Solve their problems
  10. 10. HOW does one use it? • Professionals / Service Companies: – Thought Leadership – Provide freemium offerings, generate interest – Use video to demonstrate what you do, your processes, how you do well – Ask questions, do surveys, get feedback, tweak your offerings based on this feedback
  11. 11. HOW does one use it? • ALL companies: – Value creation is the key – The last thing you want to do is to be a salesman – Identify what could be your central theme – Stay true to the positioning, over time, people will come on account of that positioning
  12. 12. WHERE do you go? Platforms? • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • YouTube • Blogs • Look for leads / opportunities: Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn discussions, monitoring various forums and groups
  13. 13. To Summarize • Social Media is growing by leaps and bounds • Not a question of ‘if’, at the most a ‘when’ • Start early, make mistakes, learn, tweak • Dirty your hands • You will reap rewards!
  14. 14. Thank you Sanjay Mehta Twitter: @sm63 Tel: + 91-98200-40918