Wireless data-checklist[1]


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Wireless data-checklist[1]

  1. 1. Wireless/Managed Services Soft Bundle Checklist Sales Aid 10/17/2007Please Note: Solution Providers should check Members Only for Enterprise Mobility Salesinformation https://www.e-access.att.com/alliance/members/services/cingular.htmlThis document is a Sales job aid to be used to assess application of Enterprise Mobilityservice applications (BIS, AVTS & ANIRA) for existing and new Wireless data customers.AT&T’s recent enhancements to the AGN single client software can now offer bothexisting and new Wireless customers connectivity to all feature access types including(Dial, WiFi, Wired Ethernet and Cellular Wireless) technology.What is the Enterprise Mobility Value Proposition?  Customer is able to integrate multiple access options seamlessly through one user interface via the AT&T Enterprise Mobility Global Network Client version 7.2 or later. • Multiple access options available to customer includes: – Cellular data, including access when traveling within the Wireless from AT&T GSM footprint – Unlimited Dial, WiFi & Wired Ethernet Access when traveling around the world • Integrated end-point security options including – Lightweight Policy Enforcement (at no charge) – A feature rich policy based server solution with Endpoint Security at a (nominal per-seat charge.) • Single AT&T Global Network Client access technologies including AT&T WiFi, Premium WiFi, Cellular, Wired Ethernet & Home WiFi. All access types support a single VPN client.
  2. 2. How does AT&T benefit?  Enterprise Mobility Sales are improved through a positioning of discounted pricing within the soft bundled solution. This includes Wireless, Dial, Wi-Fi & Wired Ethernet usage throughout the world via a seamless Global Network connection Client.  AT&T is better positioned by incorporating the mobility capabilities into its VPN suite of products while offering a robust and powerful mobility solution for the Remote access worker and the remote site VPN Customers.  Opportunity to approach existing wireless customers with new Managed Services revenue generating offersWho does the Target Market include:  All NEW and EXISTING Wireless data customers (US registered ONLY) who have requirements for access and/or security (BIS/AVTS/ANIRA) from AT&T around the world.  NEW Wireless data customers (US registered ONLY) who purchase Remote Access Services (BIS, AVTS or ANIRA) from the competition today  Wireless customers who want to use AT&T’s remote single access client 7.1 or higher to take advantage of AT&T’s largest footprint coverage (Cellular, WiFi, Dial & Wired Ethernet).In order to qualify and identify new Enterprise Mobility sales opportunities, the followinginformation should be evaluated and used by Sales while speaking to their customers. 1) What are BIS, AVTS and ANIRA? AT&T Business Internet Services (BIS) provides a high-performance analog Internet service with access speed up 56Kbps to for dial, V.92, ISDN and up to 11 Mbps for WiFi, and Wired Ethernet. AT&T AVTS and ANIRA are AT&T managed Virtual Private Networks which enable employees who are traveling or working from remote locations to gain secure access to their corporate networks. AVTS and ANIRA use IPSec tunneling and encryption technology to provide totally secure remote connections to corporate networks. r AVTS [AT&T VPN Tunneling Service] is a CPE-based VPN. The AVTS tunnel servers are customer-specific and usually located on the customer premises or in an AT&T data center a ANIRA [AT&T Network-based IP VPN Remote Access] is a network based VPN. The ANIRA tunnel server, called Virtual Interface Gateway (VIG), is a shared facility located in AT&T network. 2) Is the AT&T cellular data customer purchasing a full Enterprise Mobility package (Dial, WiFi, Wired Ethernet & Cellular) from AT&T today? If the customer only purchases Cellular data from AT&T today, there could be a great opportunity for AT&T to also sell a complete Mobility package including (Dial-up, WiFi and Wired Ethernet Services.) Customers on a pre-7.0.1 version of the AT&T Global Network Client will need to continue to use the separate laptop connect client. Customers using a 7.0.2 or later version of the AT&T Global Network Client and the
  3. 3. drivers for the limited number of cards will offer a total access solution around the world. Two separate contracts will still need to be signed • Wireless from AT&T • Remote Access (BIS, AVTS or ANIRA) 3) How do I order Enterprise Mobility services (BIS, AVTS & ANIRA) for a Wireless Data Customer registered in the U.S.? If you are part of the BMG (formerly Cingular) sales team you must contact your Wireline AT&T Sales representative to order (BIS, AVTS or ANIRA) services. AT&T Sales who are interested in ordering a standard usage based access plan, should follow the directions in each of the links provided below. 2 separate contracts will be needed, one for Wireless and the other for Enterprise Mobility (BIS, AVTS or ANIRA) BIS Order Process: https://www.e-access.att.com/alliance/members/services/globedial_menu.html AVTS Order Process Link: https://www.e-access.att.com/alliance/members/services/ipsec_menu.html ANIRA Order Process Link: https://www.e-access.att.com/alliance/members/services/anira_menu.htmlIf your customer is interested in the UNLIMITED flat rate Combo plan,please follow the ordering/contracting steps noted below**If you are part of the Wireless Sales team, please first engage your legacy T Salesrepresentative to have a Managed Services (BIS, AVTS or ANIRA) contract generated.**If you are a legacy AT&T Sales representative, please follow the steps below togenerate a contract for the Unlimited Combo Plan (AT&T Solution Providers shouldengage internal AT&T support for eCRM assistance): • Legacy AT&T Account Executive generates a pricing schedule in GCSM for BIS, AVTS or ANIRA Managed Services. **In the Comments Section, note that the customer is requesting the CUSTOM UNLIMITED COMBO PLAN flat rate pricing and indicate the pre-approved Special Bid number. **Please note that the Pricing Schedule that is generated at this point ONLY contains field-authority pricing only. • Sales, initiate an e-CRM request for this opportunity and attach the generated Pricing Schedule. Indicate that a Pricing/Contracting Request is being made to engage the SBM’s participation at this point. PLEASE REQUEST CUSTOM BID #CS2007071P. • SBM will attach the custom flat rate unlimited combo plan addendum to the original Pricing Schedule generated out of GCSM with all necessary pricing changes. See contract development website. • Present the AT&T Master Agreement, Pricing Schedule and Custom Addendum to the CUSTOMER for signature. When signed, send all copies to AT&T Contract Management – Bedminster, NJ for acceptance by AT&T. Faxed copy is not acceptable.
  4. 4. • Once the contracts are received by Contract Management they will be processed and the order for the Service will be provisioned and set up.• “Welcome Process” takes place between AT&T and Customer for the service.4) Has the customer ever been offered an unlimited access plan that includes variousaccess types (WiFi, Dial & Wired Ethernet)?If not, it is important for the Sales team to understand that AT&T has one of the mostrobust WiFi and Wired Ethernet networks available today. When not using cellularaccess, an Enterprise user can travel to over 80 countries and utilize more than 56,000WiFi and Wired Ethernet locations worldwide. The footprint includes venues that arevery important to the Enterprise customer like airports, hotels and convention centers.An unlimited plan can allow the customer to control their monthly costs withouthaving to worry about overage charges. Unlimited customized footprint accessplans can be offered to customers ranging from as little as $9.98-$29.95/month/userdepending on the number of users the customer has each month & the service beingrequested. Please follow the custom steps noted above to order the service.5) Do you ever target customers who have their Enterprise Mobility services with acompetitor today?If not, Sales should be aware that AT&T can be very creative with their Enterprise Mobilityoffer to win business from the competition. Sales should work with their appropriatepricing resources & each Product Manager to put the appropriate soft bundled planstogether for each potential customer opportunity. AT&T can offer flat rate unlimited plansor usage based plans (pay as you go) to further attract new customer business. ProductManagement can offer flat rate access plans to U.S. registered users that includesunlimited WiFi and Wired Ethernet access only in the US or worldwide depending on thetraveling needs of the Enterprise customer. In the near future, the AGN client will includeAT&T Mobility cell data card drivers, eliminating the need for a separate client for celldata access and furthering our position as an integrated wireless and wireline carrier.6) Is the version of the AT&T Global Network Client the customer is using today important?Yes. AT&T strongly encourages both existing and new customers to always use the latestversion of the AT&T client. Some new features of the 7.1 client include:  A revamped logon interface, upgrades to support the latest security features from AT&T and compatibility with a host of mobile devices.  The ability to enable mobile workers to quickly link to the corporate VPN whether they use broadband, public and private Wi-Fi, dial-up, or 3G Wireless connections.  An expanded list of supported wireless devices (more than 140+) including PC wireless cards, tethered handsets and laptops with embedded 3G wireless support and has expanded the list of supported security products.  Advanced Encryption Standard added to AT&Ts integrated Managed VPN Server solutions as well as an optional end-point security solution that can be administered by the customer, to control the security and compliance of desktop and laptop computers whether directly connected to the corporate local area network or connected remotely through a server based in the AT&T network.  Software Compatibility with Microsoft Windows VISTA™ operating system –
  5. 5.  Simplified access connection to a VPN through a PDA, along with a streamlined interface for making dial-up connections.7) What other features are included or available when selling BIS, AVTS or ANIRA?Today, AT&T also offers an integrated end-point security option ranging from LightweightPolicy Enforcement (at no additional charge) to a feature rich policy based serversolution with Endpoint Security for a nominal per-seat charge. It is available tocustomers using AT&T VPN Tunneling Service (AVTS) and Business Internet Services (BIS).AT&T Endpoint Security is also available with the AT&T Network Based IP VPN RemoteAccess (ANIRA) on an individual case basis. The AT&T Global Network Client is thereforerequired with AT&T Endpoint Security. This feature: o Enforced compliance with customer-defined policies for firewall, antivirus and software patches at remote end points, provides centralized management tools for control of these end points, and offers a path for customer to gain control over the applications operating on remote access end points. o The service consists of Check PointTM Integrity central policy servers and client software integrated with the AT&T Global Network software. o The end point or client software receives security policy information from policy servers located and maintained in selected AT&T Internet Data Centers. o The client software interacts with the policy server to receive new policies and during events requiring policy enforcement. Customer security administrators populate their security policy into a central policy server that are then pulled back by client software on user PC’s from the AT&T hosted server. o AT&T Endpoint Security includes a number of reports such as user activity, connection history, client event logs and enforcement activity. o The service also provides enforcement of anti-virus updates and other software patches based on your defined policies regardless of whether users are connected to their corporate VPN or not. With this option, customers have the flexibility to define unique and detailed policies specific to their security requirements. o Customer administrators have access to the management server to establish policies for their end users. AT&T will also provide training to assist in configuring and populating security policies into the policy/management servers.8) How should you sell Enterprise Mobility Services to a new or existing customer who already purchases Cellular Data from AT&T?The Sales representative should first probe to better understand whether the customerneeds just U.S. access or worldwide coverage. Since AT&T’s cellular device &footprint is particularly strong & robust in the U.S. today, unlimited access to WiFi andWired Ethernet for a competitive low price would give the Enterprise customer accessto hundreds of major airports throughout the world as well as many choice brandhotels in Europe, Asia Pac and Latin America. WiFi offered outside the U.S. is often amuch cheaper alternative to Cellular access (GSM). The work AT&T has done withboth its Aggregators and direct partnerships with Wireless ISP’s has built a robustfootprint that totals over 65,000 hotspots in over 68 countries today. AT&T willcontinue to build its WiFi footprint to include more major airports and hotelsthroughout the world. These are considered key business venues for Enterprisecustomers traveling today.
  6. 6. Pricing:Pricing segmentation will be based on the number of user ids noted in the matrix below. • Not available to customers with ‘always on’ or fixed location requirements. • Customers with a SGAI billing solution may NOT use this offer. • Available to users residing and registered in the U.S. ONLY • MOW residents and unregistered user ids not eligible.Legend: A2500 Customers with 2500 or more users B1000 Customers with 1000 or more, up to 2499 users C500 Customers with 500 or more, up to 999 users D250 Customers with 250 or more, up to 499 users E50 Customers with 50 or more, up to 249 users F49 Customers with 49 or lessCUSTOM PRICING for the Remote Access (BIS, AVTS & ANIRA) portion of the soft bundle isnoted below.Tier BIS AVTS/ANIRA Discount Rate Effective Rates Effective RatesF49 $24.95 $29.95 0%E50 $19.96 $23.96 20%D250 $17.47 $20.97 30%C500 $14.97 $17.97 40%B1000 $12.48 $14.98 50%A2500 $9.98 $11.98 60%Surcharges that apply:Feature BIS, AVTS/ANIRA Discount Rate RatesGlobal Roaming $1.95 NA800 Toll Free $1.95 NAISDN Surcharge $0 NAExtended Access Dial $3.60 NAExtended Access Toll Free Published Rates apply NAApplicable Segments:Select, PCG, Wholesale, SCG, Indirect, Government, Mobility & BCSFor help, please contact your Segment representatives:Select: Terry Smith / terrysmith@ems.att.com / 973-775-7340PCG: Ben Bugbee / bbugbee@ems.att.com / 973-775-7472SCG: Sandra Weinstein / sweinstein@ems.att.com / 973-775-7531Wholesale: Karen Hornberger / kmhornberger@ems.att.com / 908-234-4240Government: Andy Jan / aj2323@att.com / +1 (703) 245-3764BCS: Caren Bowman / cb4251@att.com / +1 (949) 838- 8026EBS Indirect: Mobility / Tery Smith / ts1736@att.com BIS/AVTS/ANIRA / Donna Hanna / dh8581@att.comProduct Support:
  7. 7. JOHN DERISI / BIS Product Manager / +1 908 234-5790 / jderisi@ems.att.comCHAD REBUCK / AVTS Product Manager / +1 813 878-3467 / chadr @att.comTIMOTHY OBRIEN / ANIRA Product Manager / +1 612 922-9061 / timobrien@ems.att.com