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Gartner summit 2009 wireless_mobile_brochure


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Gartner summit 2009 wireless_mobile_brochure

  1. 1. 23-25 February x Chicago, IL Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit 2009 Mastering Mobility: Changing Rules, Bottom-Line Impact Save $200 with the Early Bird Discount. Register by January 7, 2009. See back cover for details.KeynoteGuest Speakers Gartner Keynote SpeakersDr. Andrew LippmanFounding AssociateDirector and Creatorof MIT Media Labs ViralCommunications Program Nick Jones David Willis, VP Distinguished VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Analyst, Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit 2009Jonathan Zdziarski Jackie Fenn Ken DulaneyResearch Scientist VP Distinguished VP Distinguishedfor McAfee Analyst, Gartner Analyst, Gartner
  2. 2. Mobile Business 2.0 Is Coming. Are You Ready?We’ve seen change, but this is change on a whole new scale. Newmobile ecosystems. New paradigms. Long-standing systems andapproaches to communication obsolesced overnight. Added pressureto continuously find new ways to reign in costs and improve productivity,and the need for a clear new vision and sound advice has never beengreater. Gartner’s dedicated team of wireless and mobility analysts isprepared to deliver exactly that.At this year’s Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit, we’ll give you theinsight and research you need to unravel multiple generations of wirelesstechnologies; reevaluate your approach to teleworking; assess the nextround of investment in wireless technologies such as Mobile InformationDevices, RFID, and IP telephony; make sense of the smartphoneplatform battles; and much more. Because so much is going on inthis sector of IT, we’ve expanded the conference, adding an additionalcontent track and more than half a dozen analyst sessions.Your Value in the Economy• Get a list of “zero output cost” • Find out how to make mobility’s cost-cutting strategies you can contributions to the bottom line clear implement right now. and evident to management.• Hear advice on where to cut first, • Gather the product and vendor what to keep, and where to invest. analysis you need to make every dollar deliver.• Learn strategies for negotiating better deals with vendors and • ead home with an action plan in H service providers. hand, complete with immediately actionable next steps tailored• Hear about new ways to leverage to your needs and goals. existing infrastructure for greater productivity.• Identify the buys that align best with business goals and deliver measurable ROI.2 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  3. 3. Benefits of Attending• Innovation: Get informed • ecurity: Learn the new best S recommendations on what existing practices for addressing today’s infrastructure to keep, and which wireless security challenges. new technologies are worth the investment. • Convergence: Push past convergence confusion to identify• Enterprise architecture: Hear key next steps you can implement how the best IT departments are now. handling the mobile influence on enterprise architecture, and which • Cost Containment: What to cut strategies make sense for you. and what to keep?• Mobile applications: Learn • Five-Year Scenario: Understand about the new approach to mobile which trends matter, and how they applications, including how to make will affect your business. sure they comply to the same high development standards as other apps.Who Should Attend HOT TOPICS• Senior management (manager/ director/VP level with purchase 3 Reinventing your business authority) through mobility 3 Architecting mobile applications• ystems integration and business S process management for the enterprise 3 Wireless security and the• oice and data communications V consumerization of IT professionals 3 New rules for mobility success• T architecture and security I professionals 3 Emerging technologies and new devices• Application management 3 M-commerce and mobile social• etwork architects/manager/ N networking engineers 3 Leveraging existing strategies for• Mobile/wireless professionals increased payoff 3 Improving teleworking and mobile productivity Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 3
  4. 4. KeynotesKeynote Guest Speakers Gartner Keynote SpeakersDr. Andrew Lippman, Nick Jones,Founding Associate Director and VP Distinguished AnalystCreator of MIT Media Labs Viral The Mobile andCommunications Program Wireless Scenario Monday, February 23, 8:15am The Untethered Society: Beyond Context The wireless world faces Tuesday, February 24, 8:00am several years of disruption. Network operators, handset Identity and context are at manufacturers, and operating system the root of any intelligent vendors are all under attack from new communications system, directions, with consumer electronicsbut these two terms mean far more than companies, web powerhouses, andthe words imply or has been demonstrated technology innovators vying for a slicein toy applications. Both are complex of a trillion-dollar pie. Mobile and wirelessaccumulations of facts and inferences. technologies will be crucial to everyWe explore the ways that these elements organization, but they must navigate aintersect with automatic and deliberate social careful path through this technological andcommunications in a civil, civic, physical and commercial maze. What will be the keyvirtual society; how public interactions and mobile and wireless technology and marketsocial data enhance our private goals. trends through 2012? How will corporations choose and use mobility solutions toJonathan Zdziarski, support customers and employees?Research Scientist for McAfee Wireless Meets the Internet – Round 2 – Panel discussion Wednesday, February 25, 2:30pm The battle lines for the nextgeneration of mobile web applications andplatforms have been redrawn with the entriesof Apple, Google, Microsoft and Nokia. In “This is the most highly qualifiedthis panel, Gartner Analysts will explore the and targeted audience for theimpact of high performance internet devices wireless and mobile space!”on the handheld markets for platforms,OS, development and applications. Wheredoes the cool factor hit the brick wall whenenterprise-class systems are at stake? Howwill the players respond? Our panel will includeguest speakers from the developer community,vendor community and analyst community.Jonathan Zdziarski, who is a participant on thispanel and Research Scientist for McAfee, willput his deep experience with iPhone internalsand applications to task where we debate thefuture of mobile platforms.4 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  5. 5. David Willis, Ken Dulaney,VP Distinguished Analyst VP Distinguished Analyst ‘Past Is Prologue: Pocket Power: The Annual What the Teens Will Bring’ Update on Mobile Devices Monday, February 23, 9:30am Wednesday, February 25, 8:00am Ubiquitous computing power, dirt-cheap networking, a Mobile devices constantly mobility culture, tagging, change, leaving enterprisessearch, and open interfaces—it’s all part of exasperated. This session will help youa primordial digital stew, out of which the relieve your frustrations with insight and advicenext generation of computing will evolve. into approaches for managing constantlyThe advances they produce will raise a lot changing mobile device technologies. Howof questions: For enterprises, the challenges will the technology of handheld devicesof infrastructure security, cost containment, evolve and mature during the next fiveand the demands on compute, database, years? How will the major hardware andstorage, and other back-end systems will software platform providers fare during thatbe unprecedented. For users, the questions time? What are the most important items toof how to balance personal privacy, information address in any mobile policy document?overload, business boundaries, and workvs. personal life will be paramount. We’lllook at new and often surprising uses ofmobile technology, the new challengesthat it will raise, and the solutions that arejust emerging. Why Gartner In challenging times, it’s more important than ever to build on your strengths Jackie Fenn, and derive more value from every IT VP and Gartner Fellow investment. Around the world and Emerging Trends and across industries, the largest and most Technologies Scenario: effective organizations rely on Gartner Technology Radar Screen for help making smart IT decisions Tuesday, February 24, 4:30pm at every level. Our analysts focus to provide practical strategies to trimGartner’s technology radar screen examines costs while running your business,the evolution of IT during the next decade, to take advantage of the growth inwith particular focus on disruptive and high- consumer mobile adoption to growimpact technologies that will transform the your business, and to identify game-capabilities and role of IT. Which emerging changing opportunities that will presentand embryonic technologies should early themselves even before the next upturnadopters be examining for competitive in the economy.advantage? What are the most disruptivetrends and most significant opportunitiesarising from emerging information technology?What techniques do industry leaders useto track, prioritize, evaluate, and driveinnovation into the business? Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 5
  6. 6. Meet the 20 Gartner Analysts Who Can Help You Master Wireless Gene Alvarez John Girard Leif-Olof Wallin Research VP, USA VP Distinguished Research VP, Analyst, USA SwedenFocus Areas: Customer Focus Areas: Mobile Security and Focus Areas: Mobile Policy,Relationship Management DLP, Wireless IPS & Security, Mobile Network Service Providers, Device Management, Teleworking Outsourcing, Mobile Workforce Van Baker Martin Gutberlet Phillip Redman Research VP, USA Research VP, Research VP, USA SingaporeFocus Areas: Consumer Trends Focus Areas: Mobile Network Focus Areas: Mobile Network Service Providers Service Providers, Service Provider Contract Negotiations Monica Basso Nick Jones Sandy Shen Research VP, Italy VP Distinguished Research Director, Analyst, U.K. ChinaFocus Areas: Wireless Email, Focus Areas: Emerging Trends, Focus Areas: Consumer MobileSocial Trends, Social Networking Mobile Business, Mobile Device Applications, Network Service Forecasts Providers William Clark Michael King Robin Simpson Research VP, USA Research Director, Research Director, USA AustraliaFocus Areas: Mobile Applications Focus Areas: Wireless LAN, Mobile Focus Areas: Wireless Broadband,and Development, Context Aware Applications and Development Enterprise Networks, MobileComputing, Industrial & Mission Workforce, Mobile PolicyCritical Computing Ken Dulaney Bob Hafner David Willis Research VP, USA Managing VP, VP Distinguished Canada Analyst, USAFocus Areas: Mobile Applications Focus Areas: Enterprise Networks, Focus Areas: Networking,and Development, Context Aware VoIP, Unified Communications, Network Service Providers,Computing, Industrial & Mission Context Aware Computing Context Aware ComputingCritical Computing Jackie Fenn Carolina Milanesi Timothy VP & Gartner Research Director, Zimmerman Fellow, USA UK Principal Research Analyst, USAFocus Areas: Emerging Focus Areas: Mobile Devices Focus Areas: Wireless LAN, RFID,Trends, Creator of Hype Cycle Ruggedized HandheldsMethodology Leslie Fiering John Pescatore Research VP, USA VP, Distinguished Analyst, USAFocus Areas: Tablet PCs, Focus Areas: Mobile DevicesTeleworking, Mobile Workforce6 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  7. 7. Track DescriptionsA Mobile @ the Core Providing a strategic look at what’s ahead for 4G, tablet PCs, unified communications, security, and Telework 2.0, among other important trends, this track examines mobility as a central, fundamental part of enterprise IT. In each session, we’ll identify strategies to position your organization to make the most of the next wave of change.B Mobile Applications and Platforms In the next three years, mobile application development and platform decisions will increasingly determine an organization’s agility. In this track, we explore the continuum of opportunities, architectures, and choices directly ahead—from multi-channel access gateway functionality to all-in-one packaged approaches to mobile thin client application servers—as well as how to reevaluate platforms and sources to suit leaner times.C Consumers and the Mobile Web As the variety, available features, and pure power of consumer mobile devices has increased, the massive consumer mobile market has pushed ever deeper into business IT. In this track, we look in detail at mobile business 2.0, including mobile advertising, m-commerce and how it fits with your current e-commerce strategies, the smartphone OS wars, and the impact of consumerization on the mobile enterprise.D The Mobile Edge Meet the fourth generation. The Mobile Edge looks at innovations and disruptions among enabling technologies, social interactions, and business processes that will redefine the whole industry during the 2010s. We’ll consider advanced capabilities in human-computer interfaces, social networks, and sensor and location technologies with a view toward building your five-year roadmap. Like being scared? Don’t miss the Communications Disasters 2020 panel.E Wireless in Depth: Critical Capabilities What’s in your MDM toolkit? Will RFID revolutionize your supply chain, finally? How much can thoughtful mobile strategies save your organization? Where do virtualization and the cloud fit in? To truly master mobility you need to go beyond incremental tactical successes. In this track, we examine long-term make-or-break strategies, capabilities, and best practices for every organization in the coming three-to-five years. Gartner Analyst One-on-Ones Don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend 30 minutes privately discussing a topic of your choice with a Gartner Analyst who specializes in this area. Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 7
  8. 8. AgendaSunday, February 22 Pre-conference Sessions These pre-conference presentations will introduce you to the context of mobile and wireless technologies and their implications in your business. Recommended for anyone who wants an introduction to concepts and also to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.4:00pm Pre-Registration Pre-Conference Sessions4:30pm T1. Pre-conference T2. Pre-conference T3. Pre-conference T4. Pre-conference session: Security 101 – Session: Wireless session: Telework and Session: Cloud Computing: John Pescatore, Gartner Networking 101 – Green Computing – What’s it all about? – Martin Gutberlet, Gartner John Girard, Gartner William Clark, Gartner5:45pm T5. Pre-conference T6. Pre-conference T7. Pre-conference Session: The New Session: Is it Time for Session: An Overview Basics of RFID – a Website Upgrade? – of Influencing Current Tim Zimmerman, Gene Alvarez, Gartner and Future Consumer Gartner Technologies – Ken Dulaney, GartnerMonday, February 23 Track A: Track B: Track C: Track D: Track E: Mobile @ the Core Mobile Applications Consumers and the The Mobile Edge Wireless in Depth: and Platforms Mobile Web Critical Capabilities7:00am Registration/Attendee Breakfast8:00am Welcome Address8:15am K1. Keynote Session: The Mobile and Wireless Scenario – Nick Jones, Gartner9:30am K2. Keynote Session: ‘Past is Prologue: What the Teens Will Bring’ – David Willis, Gartner10:45am A1. Network Scenario – B2. Mobile Messaging: C1. Directly To YOU: D1. Panel: Who Will E1. Next Generation The Mobile Operator From E-Mail to Mobile Consumer Win The Ecosystem WLAN: Time to Throw Perspective – Martin Presence-Enabled Case Studies in Asia & War? – Nick Jones, Out the Rule Book? – Gutberlet, Gartner Social Networking – Europe – Sandy Shen Robin Simpson & Michael King & Monica Basso, Gartner & Carolina Milanesi, Van Baker, Gartner Tim Zimmerman, Gartner Gartner11:45am Attendee Lunch and Solution Showcase Dessert Reception1:45pm A2. Mobile Security B2. The Next Era: C2. Mobile Business 2.0 – D2. Are You Prepared E2. RFID: Why So Long? – Scenarios – John Mobile Enterprise Nick Jones, Gartner for Your Next Tim Zimmerman, Pescatore, Gartner Application Platforms Communications Gartner & Packaged Mobile Disaster? – Bob Hafner Application Vendors – & David Willis, Gartner William Clark & Michael King, Gartner3:00pm Solution Provider Sessions3:35pm Solution Provider Case Study Sessions4:15pm Solution Provider Sessions4:50pm Sponsor Case Study Sessions5:30pm A3. Fixed Mobile B3. Insider’s View C4. Delivering On D4. Sensors and E3. Mobile Device Convergence or Mobile of Apple/Google E-commerce In a Location Technologies – Management in the Real Unified Communications? Development – Wireless World – Nick Jones & William World – John Girard & Which is it, and Does it Robin Simpson, Gartner Gene Alvarez, Gartner Clark, Gartner Leif-Olof Wallin, Gartner Really Matter? – Martin Gutberlet & Phillip Redman, Gartner6:30pm Solution Showcase Reception8 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  9. 9. Build your own customized agenda online. Use our convenient Agenda Builder tool to create your own personalized Summit schedule before the event. Go to, February 247:00am Registration/Birds of a Feather Networking Breakfast (by Industry)8:00am K3. Keynotes Session: The Untethered Society: Beyond Context – Dr. Andrew Lippman, Founding Associate Director and Creator of MIT Media Labs Viral Communications Program9:15am Solution Provider Sessions9:50am Sponsor Case Study Sessions10:30am A4. Notebooks, Tablet B4. Building Mobile C4. Why Bringing the D4. Online Society 2020 – E4. Industrial Strength PCs and MIDs: Applications that Web to a Mobile Device Nick Jones, Jackie Fenn Computing – Converging or Attracting Consumers Will Love: Is Not Enough – & Monica Basso, Gartner Tim Zimmerman, Different Audiences? – Platforms and Tools – Van Baker, Gartner William Clark & Leslie Fiering, Gartner Michael King, Gartner Ken Dulaney, Gartner11:30am Attendee Lunch and Solution Showcase Dessert Reception2:00pm A5. Stitching Mobile into B5. Beyond Mobile: C5. Which Smartphone D5. Future Technology, E5. Going Mobile in the Mainstream of The Context Aware OS Will Win the Consumer the Plastic, Flexible Tough Times: How Communications: Computing Scenario – Wars? – Phillip Redman, Gigabit Phone? – to Cut Costs – CEBP/UCC – Bob Hafner, William Clark, Gartner Robin Simpson & Van Nick Jones, Gartner Phillip Redman, Gartner Gartner Baker, Gartner3:15pm Excellence Awards Finalist Presentations4:30pm K4. Keynote Session: Emerging Trends and Technologies Scenario: Technology Radar Screen – Jackie Fenn, Gartner5:30pm Hospitality SuitesWednesday, February 257:00am Registration/Birds of a Feather Networking Breakfast (by Industry)8:00am K5. Keynote Session: Pocket Power: The Annual Update on Mobile Devices – Ken Dulaney, Gartner9:15am Solution Provider Sessions10:00am A6. Telework 2.0 – B6. Panel: Mobile C6. Democratization D6. Mobile E6. Best Practices John Girard & Leslie Vendor SWOT – How of Enterprise Mobility – Communications Workshop: Sourcing – Fiering, Gartner viable are Your Mobile Monica Basso, Gartner Suppliers and Services Phillip Redman, Gartner and Wireless Choices? – in 2015 – Leif-Olof William Clark, Nick Wallin, Gartner Jones & Michael King, Gartner11:15am Solution Provider Sessions11:45am Attendee Lunch1:00pm A7. Building A Mobile B7. iPhone Forensics: C7. The Long Tail D7. Portable Personality: E7. Mission Critical Center of Excellence: How a Thief Can of Mobility – Take Your Computing Mobile Systems: When Rationalizing Mobile Bypass Security to Steal Monica Basso, Gartner Environment With You, is Public Infrastructure Investments and Tactics – Personal Information But Leave The Computer Good Enough? Leif-Olof Wallin & Robin and Corporate Secrets – at Home – Leslie Fiering, William Clark, Gartner Simpson, Gartner Jonathan Zdziarski Gartner2:00pm Pre-Award Reception2:15pm Excellence Award Presentation – John Girard & Leif-Olof Wallin, Gartner2:30pm K6. Keynote Session: Wireless Meets the Internet – Round 2 – Panel Discussion3:30pm Conference Adjourns Make your travel plans now for the best prices. Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 9
  10. 10. SessionsPre-Conference SessionsT1. Security 101 T5. The New Basics of RFIDIn this introductory session, you’ll learn about the Advances in antennas, batteries, processingbuilding blocks of wireless and mobile security power and memory have changed the waythat are all too often ignored or overlooked. that RFID usage scenarios can be implemented.• ow are security and privacy at risk on mobile H Additionally, the increase in tag sensitivity devices? now allows implementers to use a single tag• What criteria should be included in a wireless on differing items where until recently several and mobile security plan? different tags were required. This presentation discusses the current state of the technology• How are security plans and policies and the advances that have spurred a need successfully implemented? to understand the new basics on UHFJohn Pescatore passive RFID. Timothy ZimmermanT2. Wireless Networking 101Wireless Networking choices are expanding. This T6. Is It Time for a Website Upgrade?tutorial will help you sort out the confusing array Your organization’s website is the primary startingof wireless network protocols and their strengths point for building customer relationships. Thatand weaknesses ranging from GSM to 4G and fundamental truth is driving organizations to takefrom Wireless LAN to WiMAX. their e-commerce platform to the next level. ThisMartin Gutberlet session will discuss: • hat kind of functionality the site should have. WT3. Telework and Green Computing • ow to prioritize investments, from the new HGreen computing is the practice of using must-haves to how to choose a vendor—computing resources in efficient and and hold them accountable.environmentally friendly ways. Telework is the • n-house vs. outsource: The debate rages. Ipractice of giving employees work choices that We’ll examine the relative benefits andmight reduce the use of polluting resources. We drawbacks to in-house operation, outsourcing,will look at anecdotal information, examine case and software-as-a-service options.studies, and “do the numbers” to see if the two Gene Alvarezare compatible.John Girard T7. An Overview of Influencing Current and Future Consumer TechnologiesT4. Cloud Computing: What’s It All About? Various conferences (e.g. CES) and announcementsCloud computing will reshape the infrastructure during the year have displayed many technologies,upon which wireless is built—and likewise the some of which will not hit the market for years,cloud will be shaped by wireless. Come learn the some which are purely consumer, and somebuilding blocks, drivers, and inhibitors of cloud which are directly applicable to what IT will dealcomputing. with in their environments. In this session we• ow will cloud computing be defined H will do an overview of those technologies and and evolve? products we have found interesting and discuss• ow will cloud computing affect the strategy H how those may evolve to be relevant to business. and direction of IT and business? Ken Dulaney• hat vendors, markets, and industries W will be transformed by the cloud computing phenomenon?William Clark10 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  11. 11. Keynote SessionsK1. The Mobile and Wireless Scenario K3. The Untethered Society: Beyond ContextThe wireless world faces several years of Identity and context are at the root of anydisruption. Network operators, handset intelligent communications system, but thesemanufacturers, and operating system vendors two terms mean far more than the words implyare all under attack from new directions, or has been demonstrated in toy applications.with consumer electronics companies, web Both are complex accumulations of facts andpowerhouses, and technology innovators vying inferences. We explore the ways that thesefor a slice of a trillion-dollar pie. Mobile and elements intersect with automatic and deliberatewireless technologies will be crucial to every social communications in a civil, civic, physicalorganization, but they must navigate a careful and virtual society; how public interactions andpath through this technological and commercial social data enhance our private goals.maze. Dr. Andrew Lippman, Founding Associate• hat will be the key mobile and wireless W Director and Creator of MIT Media Labs Viral technology and market trends through 2012? Communications Program• ow will corporations choose and use mobility H solutions to support customers and employees? K4. Emerging Trends and TechnologiesNick Jones Scenario: Technology Radar Screen Gartner’s technology radar screen examinesK2. ‘Past Is Prologue: the evolution of IT during the next decade, withWhat the Teens Will Bring’ particular focus on disruptive and high-impactThe next innovations in computing will likely technologies that will transform the capabilitiescome from the most unlikely places. All the and role of IT.ingredients are there: ubiquitous computing • hich emerging and embryonic technologies Wpower, dirt-cheap networking, a mobility culture, should early adopters be examining fortagging, search, and open interfaces. These competitive advantage?advances will raise questions worth examining: • hat are the most disruptive trends and most WFor enterprises, the challenges of infrastructure significant opportunities arising from emergingsecurity, cost containment, and the demands information technology?on compute, database, storage, and other • hat techniques do industry leaders use to Wback-end systems will be unprecedented. track, prioritize, evaluate, and drive innovationFor users, the questions of how to balance into the business?personal privacy, information overload, business Jackie Fennboundaries, and work vs. personal life willbe paramount. K5. Pocket Power:David Willis The Annual Update on Mobile Devices Mobile devices constantly change, leaving enterprises exasperated. This session will help you relieve your frustrations with insight and advice into approaches for managing constantly changing mobile device technologies. • ow will the technology of handheld devices H evolve and mature during the next five years? • ow will the major hardware and software H platform providers fare during that time? • hat are the most important items to address W in any mobile policy document? Ken Dulaney Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 11
  12. 12. SessionsKeynote Sessions (continued) Track A – Mobile @ the CoreK6. Wireless Meets the Internet – Round 2 – A1. Network Scenario:Panel discussion The Mobile Operator PerspectiveThe battle lines for the next generation of The mobile operators have had a firm hold onmobile web applications and platforms have the growth trajectory of the mobile industry if forbeen redrawn with the entries of Apple, no other reason than they control the wirelessGoogle, Microsoft and Nokia. In this panel, spectrum. The internal dynamics of mobileGartner Analysts will explore the impact of high operators, their offerings, their technologyperformance internet devices on the handheld investments, and their billing strategies can greatlymarkets for platforms, OS, development and affect both business use of customer-facingapplications. Where does the cool factor hit the applications as well as those that service internalbrick wall when enterprise-class systems are at needs. This session will provide an overview of keystake? How will the players respond? Our panel operator business issues and trends.will include guest speakers from the developer Martin Gutberletcommunity, vendor community and analystcommunity. A2. Mobile Security ScenariosJonathan Zdziarski Security requirements for mobility challenge the conventional thinking on protecting enterprise assets. Whether it’s device security, network access, application access, or other aspects, a new view of security is required. This overview will provide a wide-ranging look at all elements of mobile security, and provide a survey of our predictions on future trends. John Pescatore“Very good comprehensive overview of mobile technologies, very well organized, A3. Fixed Mobile Convergence or Mobile nice presentation materials, case studies Unified Communications? Which Is It, and were very interesting.” Does It Really Matter? Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), a hot topic several years ago, has become confusing since many implementations never dealt with fixed at all. Instead Gartner has proposed a new term, Mobile Unified Communications (MUC), to better illustrate the integration of wireless networks and the ability of devices to traverse them, combined with the overlay of applications such as email, instant messaging, voice calls, and intelligent routing using presence and context capabilities. This debate will discuss the future of network and applications as either a progression of the operator-created term, FMC, or the newer view as MUC. Martin Gutberlet and Phillip Redman12 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  13. 13. A4. Notebooks, Tablets PC, and MIDs:Converging, or Attracting Different Audiences? Announcing theNotebooks are getting smaller and less expensive. 2009 GartnerWe’re seeing seven-inch notebooks for $300. At Wireless & Mobilethe same time, MIDs are coming in as a whole newclass of computing devices that are even smaller. Excellence AwardsHow functional are all of these new devices? Canthey maintain full business-level productivity? Do Enter now!they have to? Meanwhile, tablet PCs are extending Application deadline: January 2, 2009their functionality and supporting a broader array of Be a part of the first-ever Gartnerapplications, while pen and touch input technologiesare moving down into the smaller devices. How will Wireless & Mobile Excellence Awards.notebooks, tablet PCs, and MIDs evolve over the Has your organization demonstratednext five years? excellence in its wireless and mobileLeslie Fiering initiatives? If so, tell us about it. Gartner Analysts will select three finalists to presentA5. Stitching Mobile into the Mainstream their case studies live at the conference.of Communications: UC/CEBP Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit attendeesUnified communications has been viewed as wired will vote to determine the winner, conferringtechnology. This is far from the truth, as mobility, a highly visible and prestigious honor thathas become one of UC’s driving forces. UCs identifies you and your IT team as leadersemergence is now extending communications inbusiness processes beyond targeted applications in the wireless and mobile industry.such as call center and self-service voice responseapplications. With its essential mobile elements, UC You’re invited to participate.will bring improved productivity and business value Show top industry players from world-classto an ever growing number of communications- organizations the true meaning of wirelessenabled business processes (CEBP). This session excellence. Past winners from other Gartnerwill discuss the integration of enterprise voice and events have reaped tremendous mediamobility into business communications needs aspart of a larger UC strategy. publicity and industry accolades from their• ow is UC evolving in relation to mobility? H Gartner Excellence Awards, along with• hich vendors will be the key players in these W valuable prizes. Submit your entry by markets? January 2, 2009, to be considered.• ow should enterprises communications- H for details. enable their business process?Bob HafnerA6. Telework 2.0 A7. Building a Mobile Center of Excellence: Rationalizing Mobile Investments and TacticsThe first wave of telework started in the nineties ashome communications, home PCs, and notebooks To assure that mobility fully contributes to yourbegan to mature. Now, a second wave is beginning long-term business strategy, you need a Mobiledue to continued economic pressures spiked by the Center of Excellence. This center will assureincreasing costs of travel. This session will discuss proper representation, participation, and “buy-in”the technology trends, the social issues, and for company decisions to adopt mobile challenges of supporting dispersed This center brings together key representativesworkforces. from application development, security, and IT• hat do organizations have to do to develop a W operations, as well as end users and more. successful telework program? • ow is a Mobile Center of Excellence formed? H• hat kind of infrastructure is required to W • ho should be the members for your Mobile W support telework? Center of Excellence?• hat are the best practices for managing W • hat are the deliverables you should expect W teleworkers? from your Mobile Center of Excellence?John Girard and Leslie Fiering Leif-Olof Wallin and Robin Simpson Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 13
  14. 14. SessionsTrack B – Mobile Applications & PlatformsB1. Mobile Messaging: From Email to B4. Building Mobile Applications ThatPresence-Enabled Social Networking Consumers Will Love: Platforms and ToolsWireless email is a priority for many organizations, Mobile business 2.0 will never come to fruitionbut it’s only one element of a wider set of com- without better tools. As technology elements ofmunications applications that will evolve to presence- mobile, location, and the web come together,and location-enabled social networking. As we consumer applications on mobile devices poseexplore the technical, financial, and organizational unique challenges: a widening range of mobilechallenges of wireless email today, we’ll ask devices and operating systems, complete lack of• ow will wireless email, unified communications, H control over what combinations of software and context, and social networking transform mobile devices your target customers are using, and a messaging? wide range of wireless delivery methods.• ow will the wireless email market, products, and H • hat are the technical hurdles in building W vendors be influenced by these trends over the mobile applications for consumers? next three years? • hat criteria should you use in selecting W• ow can enterprises successfully adopt wireless H platforms and tools to support wireless, email to achieve business benefits? location, and the web?Monica Basso • ow do vendors supplying mobile thin client H application servers and SMS platformsB2. The Next Era: Mobile Enterprise compare?Application Platforms and Packaged Mobile Michael KingApplication Vendors B5. Beyond Mobile:If growth continues at its present rate, the pace The Context-Aware Computing Scenarioat which new mobile applications are developedand deployed for wireless devices will exceed Context-aware computing will be a rising trend inthat of traditional application activities by 2013. enterprises in the next five years as applicationsWith the advances in smartphones, multichannel that use location, presence, social networking,access gateway functionality is growing beyond and other environmental information begin to offerits initial bastion of line of business applications to more sophisticated situation-aware broader audiences. Gathering and processing information so that• ow will mobile enterprise applications H context-enriched services can be offered lead platforms evolve to meet future requirements, to the emerging context-delivery architecture. especially multichannel? Business leaders, software designers, enterprise• hat value do packaged mobile applications offer? W architects, and communications planners need to understand this trend to prepare to take• ow do mobile enterprise application platform H advantage of its promise. and packaged mobile application vendors compare? • What are the principle business, technical,William Clark and Michael King and social issues? • What roles will CoDA and context-enrichedB3. Insider’s View of Apple/Google services play in the coming 3–5 years?Development • What are the styles of context-awareDespite the hype and commercial success, Apple computing, and how well will vendors supportOSX and Google Android are in very early stages them?of maturation. Come to this session to learn first William Clarkhand about what you really can accomplish withthese platforms in 2009 and 2010.• hat is the reality for programmers targeting W Apple and Android today?• ow will these platforms evolve in the H medium term?• hat are best practices in developing W enterprise and consumer applications on these platforms?Robin Simpson14 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  15. 15. Track C – Consumers & the Mobile WebB6. Panel: Mobile Vendor SWOT—How Viable C1. Directly to YOU: Mobile ConsumerAre Your Mobile and Wireless Choices? Case Studies in Asia and EuropeIn this session, we look in depth at top vendors Although the US has been leading the mobilesupplying the mobile technology of today and enterprise market with wireless email and fieldtomorrow and discuss their relative market service adoption, operators in Europe and Asiapositions. We’ll consider how they might respond have been providing intriguing and innovativeto new opportunities as wireless is further consumer-based services in advertising andintegrated into all facets of IT—including cloud marketing. Many have been taking advantage ofcomputing, software, tools, and hardware. advanced messaging usage digital cameras and• ho are the most important vendors for W mobile commerce. This session looks at services enterprise mobility? and products that aim at banking, retail, and other industries, evaluating their success both financially• hat are the strengths, weaknesses, W and in terms of adoption by the mobile consumer. opportunities, and threats facing vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, RIM, Apple, and • Will mobility be successful in creating others? consumer-driven services?• ow will these companies position themselves H • What will the impact of mobile phones, in the next 3–5 years? services, and devices be on advertising and marketing?William Clark, Nick Jones and Michael King • What are the key factors in providing a successful mobile consumer service?B7. iPhone Forensics: How a Thief CanBypass Security to Steal Personal Sandy Shen and Carolina MilanesiInformation and Corporate Secrets C2. Mobile Business 2.0This workshop will demonstrate some of thetechniques used to bypass the security of the The next generation of mobile business will beiPhone to access the raw disk image, and both personal and contextual, identifying andexplains what information can be gleaned from exploiting our “moments of need”. It will usethe device. It will illustrate the kind of evidence location sensitive applications, “communitiesthat can be gathered on the device and explain of place,” mobile search, proximity marketing,how this affects the enterprise. Enterprises will sociable interfaces, mobile advertising, andlearn the risks involved in deploying the iPhone mobile payment. Simple propositions will hideinto the work place and learn how to design complex business relationships.applications that protect employee data from • hat will be the key technical, social, and Wbeing exposed to malicious parties through theft commercial principles of mobile business 2.0?or espionage. Additional procedures to safeguard • ow will mobile business 1.0 evolve into Hyour enterprise from employee criminal liability will mobile business 2.0, and what will be the keyalso be covered. drivers and inhibitors?Jonathan Zdziarski Nick Jones “The event was very beneficial and worth my time and money. I learned a lot of relevant knowledge I can take back and use at my job.” Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 15
  16. 16. SessionsTrack C – Consumers & the Mobile WebC3. Delivering On E-commerce C5. Which Smartphone OS Will WinIn A Wireless World the Consumer Wars?Wireless e-commerce (or m-commerce) has The mobile device market remains as fracturedalways struggled to find the right combination as ever, especially now that new open sourceof service offerings. That is changing as the devices have begun to enter the fray. Is itease of using the web over the iPhone and other important to get to a single unified system?smartphones is changing the way customers What will be the advantages and disadvantagesarrive at your web site. No longer are they bound of a single dominant player (like the PC world)to their home or workplace PC to evaluate your versus the competitive market in mobile we noworganizations’ products or services. In this session see? Will there be one winner for consumer andwe will discuss: another for enterprises?• How mobile users will use your company • How will mobile device technology evolve? web site? • How important is the mobile OS in success• How mobiles users will pull content from your for the mobile industry? organizations sites? • Who will be the leading vendors in mobile• How location based services will help to build OS in five years? context with customers? • What’s the impact of open source technologyGene Alvarez on mobility? Phillip Redman, Robin SimpsonC4. Why Bringing the Web to a Mobile Device and Van BakerIs Not EnoughWith the explosion of data services and access C6. Democratization of Enterprise Mobilityto the Internet for services on the fly, building a Consumer mobile technology is faster, cheaper,handheld device with web access will do little to and more usable than “professional” equivalents.advance the market. In order for these devices Your workers are bringing consumer mobileto succeed they need to facilitate Internet access products and services to work, assuming morevia an on-device portal and a web applications control of their work boundaries and service. Knowing that Apple has the lead Access to such mobile products and services,And Google has launched the Android, we will once restricted, is now almost universal—drivingconsider: mass-adoption, standardization, commoditization,• Who will win in the combined device and and transformation of the workplace. services market? • ow do you prepare and respond? H• What are the key factors in creating a usable • hich mobile consumer technologies will W consumer device? impact enterprises through 2012?• How has the recent success of the iPhone • an enterprises viably exploit consumer mobile C changed this thinking? technology?• What do device manufacturers need to think Monica Basso about to have more success in the mobile marketplace? C7. The Long Tail of MobilityVan Baker Mobile technology and related products are still biased toward working-age men, despite women, children, and seniors increasingly becoming mobile consumers. Demographics and gender groups need personalized, accessible, and social-oriented mobile products and services that are not available today. Most mobile products, applications, and services are sub-optimal for the majority of users, and so miss out on market potential. The trends of consumerization, democratization of technology, and the evolution of workforce demographics will change this, leading to an inevitable rethink of how enterprises plan for, deploy, and use mobile technologies. Monica Basso16 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  17. 17. Track D – The Mobile EdgeD1. Panel: Who Will Win the Ecosystem Wars? D3. Sensors and Location TechnologiesA defining characteristic of mobility through Location is the foundation of context, and2015 will be ecosystem wars. An ecosystem location sensing will be a key enabling technologyis a community of consumers, developers, and for applications and devices through 2015.service and content providers aligned around Since no single technology can support all typesmobile technologies, services, and anchor of location requirements in all environments,vendors. The success of mobile devices will the presentation will explore the strengths andpartly be determined by the richness of content weaknesses of a wide range of technologies.and applications, and the success of applications Location will also be a key feature of futureand services will be defined by the quality of the sensor networks, as the location of a sensedecosystem. Debate topics will include: value will be essential for business processes.• How will ecosystems be defined? By vendors, We will also examine the state of sensor network by technologies, or by services? technology and middleware and how this• Are platform-specific ecosystems like Apple will evolve into future location-aware sensor and App store doomed to be replaced by networks. platform-independent ecosystems? • hat are the characteristics of the key W• Who will have the power in ecosystems and location-sensing technologies, and which will how will money be made? be deployed in mobile devices through 2015?• What will motivate developers to select or • hich vendors and tools will enable location- W switch ecosystems? aware applications through 2015?• Is there any role for operators in ecosystems, • ow will sensor networks evolve into location- H or are they doomed to be squeezed out? aware sensor networks?Robin Simpson, Nick Jones and Van Baker Nick Jones and William ClarkD2. Are You Prepared for Your Next D4. Online Society 2020Communications Disaster? By 2020, the average human in developedCommunications for voice, data, and video nations will carry three or more wireless networkedare sewn into the fabric of business. Without a devices. Some will be general purpose, like handsets,network, business can come to a grinding halt. some special purpose such as medical monitors.But even the best networks fail sometime. So Ubiquitous perpetual connectivity will enable newwhat can you do to keep outages invisible or social behavior, communities, working practices,minimize their impact to your business—without and hobbies. Some citizens will fully immersebreaking the bank? This session will look at wired themselves in the online connected lifestyle andand wireless networks, how enterprises should some will refuse it. In this presentation we willplan and design for resiliency, and how explore how selected social groups includingto balance risk and cost effectiveness. children, young workers, seniors, and new demographics such as “Amish 2.0” will behave• hat communications disasters could occur W in a connected society. in the next 5–7 years? • hat technology set will different social groups W• ow should enterprises prepare today? H be prepared to buy and use in 2020?• ow will design principles change in the next H • ow will social, economic, and technical H 3–5 years? trends impact different social roles and groupsBob Hafner and David Willis in the connected society of 2020? Nick Jones, Jackie Fenn and Monica Basso Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 17
  18. 18. SessionsTrack D – The Mobile Edge (cont.)D5. Future Technology: D7. Portable Personality: Take YourThe Flexible Gigabit Phone? Computing Environment with You, but Leave the Computer at HomeTechnology advances will determine thecharacter of mobility in 2015. Gigabit networks, Portable personality has huge implications forflexible electronics, paper thin batteries, and mobile computing simply because users don’tpico projectors the size of a sugar cube will have to carry their heavy notebook computersenable new types of wireless devices. At the everywhere. They can get free by storing all theirother extreme, Moore’s law, falling costs, and preferences, history, data, and settings in a wayprintable electronics may enable intelligent that is accessible across multiple devices andobjects and human implants costing a dollar. And locations. Their portable personalities can beall these new devices and applications will require stored everywhere from USB drives to servers, thedevelopers to master new operating systems, cloud, and even iPhones. This session will cover:middleware, and tools. • hat exactly is portable personality and how W• hich new technologies will most impact W does it work? the future of wireless devices, networks, and • hat kinds of portable personality solutions W applications? are available today?• hat business and social challenges and W • ow are companies using portable H opportunities will emerge as a consequence of personality? new mobile device and network technologies? Leslie FieringNick JonesD6. Mobile Communications Suppliersand Services in 2015Skype demonstrated that communicationsservices don’t have to be delivered by operatorswho own a network delivering 5 9s availability.By 2015, your “network operator” could bea web 2.0 service from Google, Nokia, or “Gartner has the world’s premierFacebook. The distinction between fixed and wireless and mobile conferencemobile providers may vanish and the portfolio of for business.”services from an “operator” could extend fromclassic voice through hosted collaboration, virtualworlds, and m-learning. Operators themselves,seeing the threats to their traditional business, aretrying to move into new areas before the new agecompetitors. But can they succeed?• ho will be the “operators” in 2015, and what W sort of communications services will they deliver?• hat type of networked communications W services will be delivered in 2015?• hat type of organizations will supply network W services in 2015, and what will be the risks and opportunities of dealing with them?Leif-Olof Wallin18 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  19. 19. Track E – Wireless in Depth —Critical CapabilitiesE1. Next Generation WLAN:Time to Throw Out the Rule Book?Some enterprises are still struggling with thecomplexities of deploying relatively slow wireless “Great way to spend a short amount of timeLAN networks based on 802.11a, b, or g, while getting caught up on aspects of mobilemany of their employees already have consumer802.11n equipment delivering more than to wireless from an enterprise perspective;100 Mbps at home. 802.11n means a forklift more mix of practical to theoretical.”infrastructure upgrade, but promises to simplifydeployment and management while dramaticallyimproving coverage and reliability throughout—finally making the all-wireless office possible.• hat are the capabilities of the latest 802.11n W draft standard equipment, and which vendors are supporting it?• ow will different WLAN architectures evolve H You Get All This to accommodate 802.11n?• hen should enterprises adopt next W at One Event! generation WLAN, and how should they • 5 Tracks with more than 45 Analyst- prepare? led sessionsMichael King and Tim Zimmerman • Pre-conference tutorialsE2. RFID: Why So Long? • Private analyst one-on-one sessionsUHF passive RFID solutions have enjoyed • Analyst-user roundtablesrecent success in closed loop applicationsas implementers continue to work out the • Participate in the first-ever Gartnerkinks in deploying end-to-end solutions. Wireless & Mobile Excellence AwardsBusinesses and vendors alike acknowledgethat market growth has taken a backseat in • Facilitated peer-to-peer networkingthe past to the focus on technical issues such • Best practices and unbiased adviceas read reliability or business requirements suchas return on investment. With the technology • Networking breakfastsimprovement in read rates and lower UHF tagcosts promoting better ROIs, the technology • Sponsor solution showcasecontinues to evolve and enterprises need to • Sponsor case studiesbegin looking at system level hurdles to success.This presentation will discuss the evolution of the • Solution provider sessionstechnology, what issues needed to be resolvedbefore it could move forward, and the systemimplementation issues such as security, sensoryinput, and the need for more memory that aredriving today’s solutions.Tim Zimmerman Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 19
  20. 20. SessionsTrack E – Wireless in Depth — Critical Capabilities (cont.)E3. Mobile Device Management E5. Going Mobile in Tough Times:in the Real World How to Cut CostsWhen it comes to mobility, one size does not Mobile voice and data costs are a significant partfit all, and consumers (as employees) have of the operations budget for many organizations,increasing control over personal technology and new mobility projects can be a tempting targetchoices. Unlike the desktop, no single vendor in any cost reduction exercise. There are plenty ofdominates the mobile device platform market, simple strategies you can adopt to reduce the costand new entrants like Apple and Google are only of existing mobile operations, but smart organizationsincreasing the diversity. will look deeper for opportunities to reduce• hat are the critical capabilities required of W business costs by introducing new mobile projects a mobile device management system? which improve the efficiency of existing business• ow are MDM systems evolving to meet the H processes—or support entirely new processes. challenge of consumer mobile devices and • hat are the best practices for managing W new market entrants? mobile devices, infrastructure, and services?• hat strategies can enterprises adopt to W • hat tools are available for managing and W manage user expectations and meet their reducing mobile operational costs? needs as MDM systems evolve? • ow can enterprises use mobility to reduce HJohn Girard and Leif-Olof Wallin costs and improve productivity and efficiency? Phillip RedmanE4. Industrial Strength Computing E6. Best Practices Workshop: SourcingDespite years of evidence that many outdoorand industrial jobs require tougher than normal This workshop will look at the intricacies of sourcingmobile devices, some enterprises continue to mobile telecommunications. We will look at howbe attracted to the low prices and appealing to source networking in the face of the evolvingdesign of standard consumer alternatives. provider landscape and with increased economicThe results are almost always disastrous, with uncertainty. We will discuss the market evolutionhigh failure rates and lost productivity. And yet, and important contracting issues such as SLAs,the innovations and low component costs of best terms and conditions, vendor management,consumer technologies are making their way into device selection, mobility management, policy, andruggedised devices. price evolution. Come prepared to share your best• hat are the critical capabilities required for W practices in an interactive session moderated by a industrial strength computing? Gartner Analyst.• ow are ruggedised devices evolving to H Phillip Redman incorporate consumer technologies?• hich vendors should enterprise consider? W E7. Mission Critical Mobile Systems:Tim Zimmerman, William Clark When Is Public Infrastructure Good Enough?and Ken Dulaney Police, emergency services, transport, security, and logistics organizations have demanded dedicated mobile infrastructure and terminals for years. Two- way and push-to-talk voice systems are highly usable and productive for many smaller businesses. With mobile operators rolling out advanced wireless voice and mobile broadband networks and low cost mobile devices, some organizations are questioning the ongoing cost of dedicated private or proprietary radio networks and terminals. Through examples and analysis, we show how to meet the challenge. • hat are the critical capabilities required for W custom mobile voice and data systems? • hen will public wireless network infrastructure W and terminals be good enough? • re mobile carriers ready to offer suitable pricing A and the SLAs that these organizations need? William Clark20 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
  21. 21. Solution Showcase “I really came away with a wealth of information I will be using in the near future.”A Valuable Sponsorship OpportunitiesDecision-making Tool For details on becoming a sponsor, contact:Consider all the options before making Rob Finchimportant buying decisions for your Sales Directororganization. Our Solution Showcase is a 1-203-316-3485great place to follow-up on information you’ve rob.finch@gartner.comgathered at either a solution provider orGartner-Analyst-led session.• ain access to some of the world’s G leading solutions providers.• ave your Wireless & Mobile challenges H discussed in detail.• tay informed of the very latest products S and services.• alk away with a “short list” of vendors W who meet your needs.• urnkey exhibits showcasing products T and services.Premier SponsorsAT&T CiscoAT&T Inc. is a premier communications holding Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking thatcompany in the United States and around the world, transforms how people connect, communicate,with operating subsidiaries providing services under and collaborate. Cisco business mobility solutionsthe AT&T brand. AT&T is a recognized world leader help customers to build high-performance wirelessin providing IP-based communications services to networks architected for application delivery. Withbusinesses, and a U.S. leader in providing wireless, these solutions, your business can achieve true mobilityhigh speed Internet access, voice services and directory and reach new levels of collaboration. The industry-publishing and advertising services. AT&T’s expertly leading Cisco Unified Wireless Network maintains lowmanaged solutions portfolio enables companies to operational costs with integrated client security andconnect people, information and content around the troubleshooting, simple and intuitive management, andworld with increased speed and certainty. a flexible architecture for any network Don’t miss the Early Bird Discount! Register by January 7, 2009 to save $200. 21
  22. 22. Sponsors & Media PartnersPlatinum Sponsors Silver SponsorsBlackBerry AbsoluteSoftware ProfitLineby Research In Motion AirMagnet Inc. Ruckus Wireless Extricom Vaultus Global Bay Xplore Technologies HTCResearch In Motion is a leading designer, manufacturerand marketer of innovative wireless solutions for theworldwide mobile communications market. Through Media Sponsors andthe development of integrated hardware, softwareand services that support multiple wireless network Association Partnersstandards, RIM provides platforms and solutionsfor seamless access to time-sensitive informationincluding email, phone, SMS messaging, Internetand intranet-based applications. RIM’s portfolio ofaward-winning products, services and embeddedtechnologies are used by thousands of organizationsaround the world and include the BlackBerry® wirelessplatform, the RIM Wireless Handheld™ product line,software development tools, radio-modems andsoftware/hardware licensing or www.blackberry.comSprintSprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of wirelessand wireline communications services bringing thefreedom of mobility to consumers, businesses andgovernment users. Sprint Nextel is widely recognizedfor developing, engineering and deploying innovativetechnologies, including two wireless networks servingnearly 51 million customers at the end of the thirdquarter 2008; industry-leading mobile data services;instant national and international push-to-talkcapabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone.www.sprint.comSybaseAnywhereSybase iAnywhere enables success at the front linesof business. Its award-winning Information Anywhere®suite is a secure, scalable mobile platform thataddresses converging IT requirements by combiningmobile email, messaging, device management, securityand application enablement capabilities. More than20,000 customers and partners rely on the company’s“Always Available” technologies.www.sybase.com22 The new telework 2.0 is coming. Be ready. Register today at or call 1 866 405 2511.
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