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Digital localisation for global reach | Susanne Dirks - eVorsprung Consulting

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Digital localisation for global reach | Susanne Dirks - eVorsprung Consulting

  1. 1. Digital localisation for global reach: 10 guiding principles for success SUSANNE DIRKS, E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING WWW.EVORSPRUNG.COM E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  2. 2. • Susanne Dirks MSc BSc, German in Ireland since ‘93 • e-Vorsprung Consulting since 2013 e-Vorsprung Consulting • Web presence internationalisation and localisation • Digital marketing strategies for export markets • International digital marketing & communications Digital strategies for export markets • Range of markets, in cooperation with partners • Focus markets: Germany and DACH region Foreign language and English-speaking export markets • Consultancy-led, business value focused approach • Independence, pragmatism, partnering Business-value focused approach E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  4. 4. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING 10 guiding principles for successful digital localisation for export markets
  5. 5. The bad news ▪ If you don’t localise your website, you seriously limit your growth opportunities ▪ Translation is only one of several parts of website localisation ▪ It’s a big and often complex project – requiring commitment from senior leadership, resources, and stamina E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  6. 6. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Start with strategy: Think globally, act locally 1
  7. 7. Vision and Mission Goal/s Web Goal SMART Objectives Strategies Tactics ThinkGlobally: Vision, Mission Act Locally: Goals,Strategies,Tactics E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING 7
  8. 8. International digital strategy: A balancing act Maximise and leverage global commonalities Cater for local and leverage local differences E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  9. 9. Special considerations for IrishSMEs ▪Constraints: Budget, People, Skills ▪Operating model varies between countries ▪Home market vs. export markets E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  10. 10. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Strive for efficiencies: Internationalise before you localise 2
  11. 11. Website localisation strategy: Internationalise before you localise Globalisation Inter- nationalisation Localisation E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Internationalisation is a design process that ensures a product/website can be adapted to various languages and regions without requiring engineering changes to the source code. Localisation is the process of adapting a product / website / content to a specific locale or market.Translation is only one of several elements of the localisation process.Source: Gala
  12. 12. Planning with a global website in mind: A little work goes a long way ◆ Global design template ◆ Software technology choice ◆ Domain strategy ◆ Simple language ◆ Pictures & text ◆ Date/time/address format E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  14. 14. Example: Design for linguistic differences Not good for internationalisation Internationalised, ready for localisation E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  15. 15. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Get ready internally: Assess and address internal challenges 3
  16. 16. Look inside: Examine the ‘new you’ Ireland Strong Strong Strong Direct End customer Team: Offline, online Buy Few competitors Key questions: ▪ How strong is your brand ? ▪ How strong is your network ? ▪ How good is your list of references ? ▪What RTMs are you using ? ▪Who are you marketing to ? ▪ How are you marketing ? ▪What is your call-to-action ? ▪Who are you up against ? E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Export Market 1 Weak Weak or N/A Weak Distributors Customers & Distributors ? Sell my product Lots of competitors
  17. 17. Example: Brand awareness abroad Ireland DE Competitor (example) brand in DE Established B2B* 320 40 5,400 Established B2B/B2C 2,400 90 N/A Youngish B2B* 140 50 5,400 Youngish B2C 3,600 10 40,500 E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Examples of monthly search volume for main brand name: • Had translated website for Germany
  18. 18. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING 1.Web presence plays a different role and needs modified approach. 2.Web presence is often more important in export markets. 3.Typically, web visibility is harder to achieve in export markets. Impact of different internal business environment?
  19. 19. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Sharpen your saw: Get ready for a different business environment 4
  20. 20. Key differences ◆ Demand patterns ◆ Industry behaviour ◆Competitive landscape ◆ Routes to market E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  21. 21. Assessing demand levels with Google Market Finder E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Opportunities for: “Internet marketing” & “SEO”
  22. 22. Different buying motivations influencing demand patterns Buying abroad motivations E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Source: Google Consumer Barometer
  23. 23. Industry behaviours: Understand and leverage local patterns ➢ Modus operandi ➢ Key Influencers ➢ Key events ➢ Key publications (offline/online) ➢ Directories ➢ Key agencies and other organisations ➢ Key website for information exchange ➢ ‘Digital meeting places’ E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  24. 24. Example: Different organic competitors: “Nebuliser” (“Vernebler”) E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Top 5 results on SERP 1 – 316k results - 5.9 MIO results
  25. 25. Finding, assessing, and beating competitors Who are your competitors? How visible are they ? How do they achieve visibility? What local web presence do they have? What can you learn from them? How can you differentiate yourself? E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  26. 26. Leveraging the distributor-RTM: Making each other’s web presence work E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING What is the impact of your new local website on your distributors? What is the impact of your distributors’ website on your local website? How do you want users to perceive the relationship between the two website? Can/should you input into your distributors’ website? Are the opportunities for joint campaigns?
  27. 27. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING 1. Typically your micro business environment works differently in export markets and this impacts your web presence and e- marketing. 2. Special attention needs to be paid to local demand, competitors, distributors, and industry. Impact of different micro business environment?
  28. 28. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Cultural localisation: Tune into local culture 5
  29. 29. Tune into local culture CULTURE INFLUENCE HOW ALL OF ITS MEMBERS: Perceive Think Value Act E-MARKETING AIMS AT GETTING PEOPLE’S: A ttention I nterest D esire A ction E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING “The web is not a culturally neutral medium … a website has to be designed for a targetted customer segment … Local adaptation should be based on a complete understanding of a customer group’s culture …”
  30. 30. Cultural dimensions by Hofstede – a compass for website localisation E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Ireland in comparison… Hofstede’s 6 cultural dimensions Can and must be addressed via: Web design, content, language, features/functionality
  31. 31. Example Russia: Website design addressing ‘uncertainty avoidance’ KEY PRINCIPLES Minimal ambiguity Clear navigation Structured information Predictable user journey No pop-ups No non-essential info Explicit language Clear images E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  32. 32. ExampleAlibaba:Adapting colours and overall design to cultural preferences ALIBABA.CN ALIBABA.COM
  33. 33. Example Nivea:Using pictures most relevant to respective target markets E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  34. 34. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Linguistic localisation: Speak the right language 6
  35. 35. ‘Translation’ of content is a key requirement of successful localisation ◆ Less than ¼ of Internet users are native English speakers ◆ Leading global website offer an average of 30 languages ◆ Non-localised websites can’t be found by Google ◆ .. and lastly .. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  36. 36. ... your customers expect your web content to be localised for them E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  37. 37. GoogleTranslate is not the solution Food forThought: 1.Who has the 2nd most globalised website in 2018 ? 2.Did they use GoogleTranslate ? 3. How does a poor translation like that make you feel about the company?
  38. 38. Key options for localising text content: Translation – Transcreation - Copywriting Translation Trans- creation Copywriting E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO
  39. 39. Transcreation example – the challenge E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  40. 40. Transcreation – solution approach E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  41. 41. Considerations for localising text content SEOScope Approach Resource Ongoing work Quality control E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Creating valid, fresh, persuasive, relevant quality content for local users and search engines
  42. 42. Localising language for same language markets is important for buy-in and visibility E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING English is used in Ireland, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, but there are differences: Spelling words Using right words Avoiding wrong words British English American English Purse Purse Nappy Nappy Jumper Jumper Suspenders Suspenders Etc.
  43. 43. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Content localisation: Provide locally relevant content 7
  44. 44. Content plays a central role and needs to meet many requirements Content requirements Well- written & struct- ured SEO- focused Appealing & CTA-focused In local language Fresh & relevant Right message Suitable for target audience Add value Accurate & correct Build trust E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  45. 45. Target market focus: AGerman supermarket in Ireland E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  46. 46. ExampleAldiChina: Locally relevant content and images E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  47. 47. Target market focus: Add local appeal for buy-in E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Content localisation by Red Bull: Examples of Irish and French site
  48. 48. Target market focus: Locally relevant content for local appeal E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Germany Ireland
  49. 49. Target market focus: Localised product offering E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Dennison Trailers, UK/Ireland Dennison Trailers, Germany
  50. 50. Trust building content is key Top 3 brands (2018) in Russia, Netherlands, and Ireland E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  51. 51. Examples, localised content for trust E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Edelmann Trust Barometer 2014 L O C A L
  52. 52. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Local visibility: Make your website easy to find 8
  53. 53. Optimise for locally dominant search engine E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING SEO Technical Domain Server location hreflang,canonicals Sitemaps Google Search Console settings Onpage Keyword research and strategy Web text, links, URLs,meta data Offpage Relevant quality local links Google, for example:
  54. 54. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Local e-marketing: Choose suitable local strategies for your goals 9
  55. 55. Vision and Mission Goal/s Web Goal SMART Objectives Strategies Tactics Guiding principle: Think globally, act locally E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING 55
  56. 56. Campaigns work very differently in different markets – example: Google Ads ▪ Campaigns often perform very differently ▪ Germany ▪ Saudi Arabia ▪ UK ▪ Campaigns should be focused on one market only ▪ Campaigns typically need to be re-created rather than localised ▪ Different ad types ▪ Different keywords ▪ Different adgroups ▪ Different adtext E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  57. 57. Different countries, different social networks Example: Germany Example: China E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Example: Russia
  58. 58. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING Stay focused on goals: Measure progress and adjust course 10
  59. 59. Leverage your data to adjust and fine-tune your approach Goals Objectives Strategies Tactics/ Actions Resources Measurement Data Insights E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING 59
  60. 60. E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING 1. Start with strategy:Think globally, act locally 2. Strive for efficiencies: Internationalise before you localise 3. Get ready internally: Assess and address internal challenges 4. Sharpen your saw: Get ready for a different business environment 5. Cultural localisation:Tune into local culture 6. Linguistic localisation: Speak the right language 7. Content localisation: Provide locally relevant content and messages 8. Local visibility and SEO: Make your website easy to find 9. Local e-marketing: Choose suitable local strategies for your goals 10. Stay focused on goals: Measure progress and adjust course Data Insights
  61. 61. The good news ▪ It can be done step by step, with quick wins along the way ▪There are opportunities for cost savings and synergies ▪ It gives you a real chance of success in export markets ▪ It typically brings additional benefits for your home market (website) E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING
  62. 62. ThankYou Susanne Dirks e-Vorsprung Consulting Ph. 086-2375131 E-VORSPRUNG CONSULTING e-Vorsprung Consulting - Successful web presence for export markets