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Postgres Vision 2018: The Changing Role of the DBA in the Cloud


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Not that long ago, DBAs were the gateway to all things database related for enterprises. With the advent of the cloud, automation and DevOps, the DBAs role and responsibilities are rapidly evolving. In this presentation delivered at Postgres Vision 2018, Ken Rugg, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at EDB, explored the 10 most significant ways the role of the DBA has changed and what new, higher value skills a DBA will need be ready for epic change.

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Postgres Vision 2018: The Changing Role of the DBA in the Cloud

  1. 1. THE CHANGING ROLE OF THE DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR IN THE CLOUD Ken Rugg, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, EnterpriseDB June 2018
  2. 2. CLASSIC DEFINITION: DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR (DBA) 2 Upgrading, patching, managing DBMS Migrating Backup/recovery Security Storage/capacity planning Monitoring/improving performance Assisting developers Troubleshooting
  3. 3. DATABASE WORLD IS CHANGING 3 PAST “The Corporate Standard” Company data centers Waterfall IT provisioning Develop –then- operate Manual tasks Routine tasks Database expert PRESENT Many new databases The cloud Agile Self-service provisioning DevOps Automation Hard problems Data Expert
  4. 4. Employment projected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026 WHAT HASN’T CHANGED: DBAs ARE STILL IN HIGH DEMAND 4 Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics WHAT THIS MEANS Scramble for talent Especially with cloud and virtualization skills Without DBAs companies risk losing competitive advantage
  6. 6. FROM DATABASE ADMIN TO DATA STRATEGIST 6 Automation ends mundane and repetitive tasks Adding new servers by clicking a few buttons Frees up time for strategic efforts More focus on the data and applications Understanding data sources and value to organization Develop new skills in areas such as data science and machine learning
  8. 8. FROM SCHEMA INDEXER TO MASTER MODELER 8 DBAs historically specialized by RDBMS Now need to know/recommend different platforms Also still need deep DB knowledge And understand DB as part of a full stack
  9. 9. FROM SERVER JOCKEY TO UTILITY PROVIDER 9 DBs now viewed as a utility Flip a switch and get it now Burstable capacity Less time to plan
  10. 10. FROM LICENSE GATEKEEPER TO BUDGET OWNER 10 Most cloud services are provided by a third-party vendor Need to understand services How to optimize cost vs. performance including infrastructure Architecting to meet requirements and budget
  11. 11. PUBLIC FROM SITE ADMIN TO PLATFORM BROKER 11 DBs becoming platform agnostic Support on premises or public cloud Many deployment and service level options Collaborate with teams supporting the cloud/full application stack Managed Cloud Infrastructure On Premises DBaaS platform Self-managed DBMS Licenses Managed On Premises DB Self-Managed Cloud Compute Fully Managed DBaaS PRIVATE
  12. 12. FROM QUERY OPTIMIZER TO PERFORMANCE PRO 12 Less time updating/troubleshooting servers More time optimizing data architecture Monitoring of infrastructure and database performance holistically Advanced data modeling, query tuning and Indexing strategies to improve performance
  13. 13. FROM ACCOUNT ADMIN TO SECURITY EXPERT 13 Cloud vendors provide secure infrastructure But must ensure that all systems are using that infrastructure properly, especially the database Protecting sensitive information across highly-distributed infrastructures can be a challenge DBA needs to understand possible threat sources Compliance with corporate, industry, and governmental regulations add new responsibilities on DBA
  14. 14. FROM OPS SUPPORT TO DevOps COLLABORATOR 14 Increasing focus on continuous deployment and delivery DBAs take on tasks once reserved for developers and work closely with DevOps teams More moving out of centralized IT and into the line-of- business/applications teams While continuing as data steward and trusted adviser
  15. 15. AND STILL NEED TO KEEP IT RUNNING 1515 NOW HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE CLOUD FOR: Service providers apply fix packs and upgrade DBMS versions Backup and recovery in the cloud is fully automated DBA still needs awareness and understanding of the potential impact Scalability Fault tolerance Replication
  16. 16. DATABASE PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (dbPaaS) CAN HELP 16 Self-service provisioning Automation of routine tasks “Infinite” capacity Multi-cloud/hybrid deployment Tradeoff control and options for agility
  17. 17. OPTIONS FOR RUNNING EDB POSTGRES ON AWS All the control you need… 17 EDB Ark on AWS EDB Postgres on EC2 Managed DBaaS on AWS Managed Databases • Live DBA assistance • Optimization and tuning • DB design and architecture Managed Infrastructure • Self-service provisioning • Automatic failover • 24x7 automated monitoring Self Managed • DIY provisioning • Oracle compatible • Access to Postgres expertise
  18. 18. EDB AND YOU READY FOR THE CLOUD? 18 Portability Oracle Compatible Enterprise-Grade Control Self-Service Experience Multi-Model