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Carl Barnes                                    Resume               Note: Each listed person below has agreed to be used a...
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Carl Barnes - Resume 2011


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Carl Barnes - Resume 2011

  1. 1. Carl Barnes Resume Background I am a director at Intellisense Pty Ltd and have 21+ years experience within the IT industry, spanning many industrial sectors across many countries. I have progressed from Applications Development, Solution Architecting and Enterprise Application Integration, to Business Analysis and Strategic Consultancy. My current focus is on Strategy Execution through the application of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) Discipline. I recently helped develop an Enterprise Architecture Practice within a national IT Service Delivery organisation. I take a holistic and pragmatic approach to Enterprise Architecture, which creates stakeholder value, elicits executive support, and is embraced by all its consumers. I take a broad view of Enterprise Architecture, its function and breadth of ‘touch points’ within an organisation. I believe in ‘just- enough-architecture’ and offer a blended approach to Enterprise Architecture Service Delivery, based on current leading industry best practice methods and frameworks. This is all underpinned by my proven track record within the Project & Service Delivery space over many years, including all aspects of theCertified Practitioner Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In this capacity I have performed most IT roles and tasks, namely; developer and solution architect, business analysis and consultant, through to strategic advisor and enterprise architect.Associations Key Experience Centre for the Advancement of  EA Practice Lead – I was responsible for all aspects of leading an EA the Enterprise Practice, namely: developing and communicating the EA brand, Architecture marketing and strategy, identifying and developing new EA Profession Consultancy business opportunities, and all aspects of EA Service Delivery to our Perth based clients; Association of  Strategic Consultancy – I able to engage with senior business and IT Open Group management teams to help facilitate and elaborate enterprise Enterprise strategies and develop strategic business cases. I am able to articulate Architects an Enterprise Strategy in the form of Mission/Vision Statements, Strategic Goals and Objectives, all underpinned by a set of Guiding WA Enterprise Principles; Architecture  Establishing EA Capability – I am able to help clients establish an Community ‘Foundation for Strategy Execution’, that facilitates Business/IT Practice collaboration, alignment & agility through the establishment of an EA Capability, Governance Framework and Service Delivery Framework. This also includes the development of EA Principles, Standards, andSocial Media Polices, and the validation & selection of supporting toolsets;  Business IT Collaboration – I am able to help facilitate improved View my online presentations: Business and IT collaboration through the establishment of ‘business-IT’ working groups. I am able to engage with all levels of the Business-IT stakeholder community groups, namely C-Level executives, Business Leaders/Sponsors, Senior Management Teams, Twitter online with me: Business End Users, IT Architects and IT Delivery Teams;  Architecting the Enterprise – I am able to help facilitate the gap between Strategy and Execution (the ‘Plan -> Build -> Operate’ model), View my online profile: incorporating integrated EA Processes and Governance with existing Portfolio/Project/Service Management lifecycles. I am able to help in aspects of the EA development lifecycle, namely Vision definition, Current/Future State elaboration, Solutions and Options Analysis, Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |1
  2. 2. Carl Barnes ResumeGroup Memberships Road Mapping and delivery Governance/Compliance;  Integrating the Enterprise – I have helped many client organisations plan and implement enterprise wide integration strategies, based on TOGAF for the Point-to-Point, Hub-and-Spoke and Service-Oriented enterprise Architecture integration styles. I am able to engage with the Subject Matter Experts to help identify and elaborate key business integration requirements across the enterprise, and provide enterprise wide integration solutions; Enterprise Architecture  Architecting Solutions – I have many years experience of Network architecting solutions across a wide range of diverse applications and systems, ranging from custom (bespoke) solutions, through to Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions (products). I have Enterprise extensive project delivery experience and have successfully delivered Architecture many different types of solutions, such as Enterprise Portal, Enterprise Forum Resource Planning (ERP), Case Management, Financial Trading, Air Traffic Control System, etc;  Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – I have deep experience Agile Enterprise of all aspects of the SDLC. My experience ranges from the old-styled Architecture Waterfall (Predictive) SDLC methodologies, through to the latest Agile (Adaptive) styled SDLC methodologies. My most recent software development skills are based on Microsoft Technologies, such as .Net, BizTalk, SharePoint, SQL Server, etc; and Australasian  Industrial Diversity – I have many years experience across a wide Architecture range of industrial sectors, namely; State & Federal Government Network (Corrective Services, Health, Child Protection and others..), Resource (Mining), Financial Services (Online Trading), Telecommunications (Computer Telephony Integration), Aviation (Air Traffic Control) and Enterprise Defence industries. Architecture Group Key Roles Architecture & Governance I have performed multiple roles over the many years I have been providing Magazine consultancy and delivery services within the IT industry, namely:  Strategic Consultant  Project Management  EA Practice Lead  Solution ArchitectTraining  Enterprise/Integration Architect  Team Lead  Business Analysis  Senior/Lead Developer TOGAF v9 (Level1&2) Certified Practitioner SharePoint 2010 Technical Soft Skills Training Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 In the many roles I have performed over the years, I have developed the Microsoft .NET Essentials following qualities and characteristics: Distributed Object Oriented  Diplomatic  Enthusiastic  Persistent  Enduring Client-Server (3-Tier) CORBA Architectures  Open  Pragmatic  Curious  Agnostic  Strategic  Generalist  Articulate  HonestEducation During these years, I have also developed the following behaviors within the multiple roles I have performed: Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree (with Honors) in  Learn  Persuade  Lead  Expose Electronic and Electrical  Investigate  Abstract  Facilitate  Mitigate Engineering Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |2
  3. 3. Carl Barnes Resume Experience - SummaryCompany & Role(s) Engagement ClientIntellisense / BroadReach EA Office. WA Police Services (WAPOL)Enterprise Architect 2011- PresentContractor / CSC EA Project – Development of Water CorporationEnterprise Architect strategic Outcomes and Business 2010-2011 Capability Roadmap.CSG EA Practice - Establish and lead CSGEA Practice Lead the CSG National EA Practice. 2009-2010CSG TOGAF Consultancy Services – ISS Group Limited (ISS)Enterprise Architect TOGAF adoption and 2010 implementation consultancy.CSG EA Consultancy Services – EA Citic Pacific Mining (CPM)Enterprise Architect Maturity & Capability, Goals and 2010 RoadmapCSG Strategic Consultancy Services - Child AustraliaStrategic Consultant IT Strategy 2010CSG Strategic Consultancy Services - BankwestStrategic Consultant Enterprise Portal (PeopleSpace 2010 Portal)CSG Strategic Consultancy Services – Co-Op Bulk Handling (CBH)Strategic Consultant Strategic Business Case GroupEnterprise Architect 2009-2010Change Corporation Strategic Consultancy Services – WA Department of the AttorneyStrategic Consultant Strategic Business Case General (DotAG) 2009Change Corporation EA Consultancy Services – EA WA Department of EnvironmentEnterprise Architect Framework, including EA and Conservation (DEC) Methodologies, Skills & 2008-2009 OrganisationChange Corporation / Microsoft Consultancy & Delivery Services - WA DCS Health ServicesBusiness Analysis / Solution Shared Health Records (Proof of 2008Architect Concept - SHIP Project)Change Corporation Case Management Services – WA Department of The AttorneyBusiness Analysis / Solution Case Management System General (DoTAG)Architect / Team Lead / Senior (PACMAN System). 2008Developer Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |3
  4. 4. Carl Barnes ResumeChange Corporation / Microsoft Enterprise Integration Services – Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)Enterprise Application Integration Enterprise Application Integration 2007-2008(EAI) Architect / Business Analysis Platform (CMIS Project).Change Corporation Enterprise Integration Services – Federal Department of theEnterprise Application Integration Integrated Security Management Attorney General (AGD)(EAI) Architect / Team Lead / System (AusCheck Project). 2007Business AnalysisChange Corporation Enterprise Integration Services – WA Department of ChildEnterprise Application Integration Integrated Child Screening Protection (DCP)(EAI) Architect / Team Lead / Management System (CSU-MS 2006-2007Business Analysis Project).Unisys West Enterprise Integration Services – WA Department of CorrectiveEnterprise Application Integration Integrated Case Management Services (DCS)(EAI) Architect / Team Lead System (CBIS Project). 2005-2006Unisys West Application Development WA Department of CorrectiveSolution Architect / Senior Services – Integrated Court Services (DCS)Developer Management System (ICMS 2002-2005 Project).Contractor / Trisdon (Holland) Application Development TrisdonSolution Architect / Senior Services – Financial management 2001-2002Developer online trading system.Contractor / McComm Application Development McComm CommunicationsCommunications (Holland) Services – Computer Telephony 1998-2001Solution Architect / Senior Integrations (CTI) system.DeveloperContractor / IBM (Germany) Application Development OTeloSenior Developer Services – Customer Billing 1997-1998 system.Contractor / ASCOM Business Application Development ASCOM Business SystemsSystems (Switzerland) Services – Business 1994-1997Team Lead / Senior Developer Telecommunication Management system.Contractor / Siemens Plessey Application Development Government of FinnlandSystems (UK) Services – National Air Traffic 1993-1994Developer Control (ATC) system.EDS (UK) Application Development UK Department of DefenseDeveloper Services – Air Traffic Command & 1989-1993 Control (ATCC) system. Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |4
  5. 5. Carl Barnes Resume Note: Each listed person below has agreed to be used as a referee for my work in Perth over the past 10 years… Referee’s – Clients & ColleaguesReferee Relationship Contact EmailGary Wright (Colleague) Gary was the CSG Consultancy - Consultancy Practice Lead Practice Lead and my Line Manager at CSG.2010Christian Thompson (Client) Christian was the client Director of Christian.Thompson@citicpacificmCP Mining – Director IM Services Information Services at CP Mining for my EA Consultancy project.2010Mark Kelly (Colleague) Mark was a colleague and peer at – Business Architect Change Corporation and CSG on multiple client engagements,2010 spanning many years.Paul Jones (Client) Paul was the client Director of the – Director Office for IM Office for Information Management at the Department of Environment2009 and Conservation (DEC) for my EA Consultancy project.Chris Nurse (Colleague) Chris was a senior manager at Chris.Nurse@velrada.comVelrada – Chief Technology Officer Change Corporation, covering the many years I worked at Change2009 Corporation.Graham Davis (Client) Graham was the client Enterprise – Enterprise Architect Architect at FMG for the Enterprise Integration Platform on the CMIS2008 project.Sandie van Soelen (Client) Sandie was the client Director of – Director the Department of Child Protection (DCP) - Child Screening Unit2007 (CSU) for the CSU-MS project.Greg Kirk (Client) Greg was the CSC Enterprise – Enterprise Architect Architect at the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) during2006 the CBIS project.Tony Blott (Colleague) Tony was a senior manager at Tony.Blott@BHPBilliton.comBHP - Program Delivery Manager Unisys West for the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) CBIS2005 project.Chris Parkinson (Client) Chris was my client Business Chris.Parkinson@correctiveservicDCS – Manager Business Support Manager at the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) for the2005 CBIS project. Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |5
  6. 6. Carl Barnes Resume Experience – DetailsEngagement Tasks & ResponsibilitiesWater Corporation - EA I am currently contracted through CSC to provide EA Consultancy services toConsultancy the Water Corporation. Working closey with the Corporation InformationEnterprise Architect Management Strategy (CIMS) team, I help facilitate business workshops to4 months – 2010/Present socialise and further elaborate the Water Corporation 5 year Business Capability Roadmap endorsed by the Executive. My focus is on Strategic Business Drivers & Benefits, Issues & Risks, Future State (high-level) Elaboration, Impact Analysis across the key Business, Information and Application landscapes, and Alignment with the current/future IT Capital Programmes/Projects.CSG - EA Practice I was the EA Practice Lead at CSG. I was tasked by CSG to establish a newEA Practice Lead CSG National EA Practice. This included all aspects of developing the EA12 months – 2009/2010 brand, marketing strategy and identifying new business opportunities within the EA Consultancy space. I identified and developed a number of strategic partnerships for CSG, especially within the EA Training & Certification, and EA Tool space. I also identified and developed a number of new EA business opportunities within Perth. I am also responsible for providing EA Mentoring within the practice and participating in all aspects of client EA Service Delivery engagements.ISS Group Limited (ISS) – TOGAF I was engaged by ISS Group Limited to facilitate a number of TOGAFConsultancy workshops with ISS Business Leaders and Architects. The focus of theseEnterprise Architect workshops was to consult on the TOGAF framework, and facilitate how best1 month - 2010 ISS can adopt and apply TOGAF in developing an enterprise wide Master Data Management (MDM) solution for their clients within in the Resource (Mining) Sector.Citic Pacific Mining (CPM) – EA I was engaged by Citic Pacific Mining (CPM) to perform an EA Discovery andConsultancy Review of their current EA Capability. On completion of the EA Review, IEnterprise Architect worked closely with the CIO and IT Management team to identify their EA2 months - 2010 Challenges and desired future EA capability state. Through facilitated workshops, I helped develop a set of EA Goals and Initiatives for CPM to consider for implementation. I further developed the proposed EA Goals & EA Initiatives into a high level EA Roadmap that would enable CPM to incrementally transition towards their desired EA capability future state.Child Australia – IT Strategy I worked closely with key Child Australia executive stakeholders andStrategic Consultant / Enterprise performed a strategic assessment of their business needs and desired futureArchitect state. I developed an IT Strategy that would align their IT assets to deliver1 month - 2010 their desired business outcomes. I facilitated a number of stakeholder workshops to develop an IT Strategy that composed of an IT Vision, IT Mission Statements, IT Goals and IT Objectives, all underpinned by a set of newly defined IT Principles. The IT Strategy was ratified by executive Stakeholders and the Child Australia Board, and an IT Roadmap developed to execute the articulated strategy. Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |6
  7. 7. Carl Barnes ResumeBank West- IM Strategy I was engaged by Bank West to help develop an Information ManagementStrategic Consultant / Enterprise strategy for their Human Resource (HR) department. I helped Bank West HRArchitect elaborate their ‘one-stop shop’ strategy for their on-line HR services and2 months - 2010 articulate a new future state HR Enterprise Portal. I provided a high level portal design and implementation roadmap for delivery of the new on-line HR Gateway and HR Services Portal (the PeopleSpace Portal), and provided implementation and delivery governance.Co-Operative Bulk Handling I was engaged by the Co-Operative Bulk Handling (CBH) Group project(CBH) Group – SDLC Strategy management team to help articulate and communicate a standardisedStrategic Consultant / Enterprise enterprise wide Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology,Architect incorporating the ICT core capabilities, namely: Requirements Management,1 month – 2009/10 Systems Design, Construction, Testing and Change/Release Management. I helped develop a Strategic Business Case, articulating Business Benefits, Options, Risks, Constraints etc to secure the required funds for this strategic initiative from the CBH executive management team.WA Department of the Attorney I worked closely with key executive stakeholders within the WA DepartmentGeneral (DotAG) – Strategic of the Attorney General (DotAG) and preformed a strategic assessment ofBusiness Case the future state business needs of the Birth, Deaths and Marriages (BDM)Strategic Consultant / Enterprise business unit. I helped articulate their current and future IT requirements toArchitect deliver their articulated future business needs. Activities included facilitated2 months - 2009 workshops for Business Problem Definitions, Benefits Realisations and Solution Definitions. Key components and deliverables from the strategic assessment program were Options Analysis and a detailed Business Cases that articulated the need for investments and future funding. Alignment to all relevant Government strategies, frameworks and standards was required to ensure that all preferred solutions would conform to the departments Enterprise Architecture.WA Department of Environment I established key working relationships with the WA Department ofand Conservation (DEC) – EA Environment and Conservation (DEC) executive group in providing strategicConsultancy advice within the Enterprise Architecture space. I performed an EnterpriseEnterprise Architect Architecture Maturity Assessment for DEC through current state analysis of6 months – 2008/9 the existing EA landscape within the department. Through facilitated workshops with DEC’s Executive Management, I helped DEC to specify their IT Principles and IT Goals. I also helped DEC executive to define their Enterprise Strategy, by aligning their IT Principles and IT Goals with their Business Strategies. I helped DEC define an initial EA Roadmap to enable DEC kick start their EA initiative. I provided guidance on a DEC Enterprise Architecture Framework and defined an EA Process for DEC to articulate, develop and maintain their Enterprise Architecture. The EA Framework specified enables DEC to drive their EA Programmes of Work, as specified within the EA Roadmap, through full Enterprise Architectural Development Cycles. The provided EA Framework was also underpinned by a provided Governance & Methodologies Framework and a Skills & Organisation Framework.WA DCS Health Services – I was part of a Microsoft sponsored Proof of Concept team to investigateService Delivery Project (SHIP) possible solutions for providing a Patient Consent Model within the HealthSolution Architect / Business Industry for Shared Electronic Health Records. I participated in businessAnalysis driven discovery workshops with key Health stakeholders, and I helped4 months – 2008 scope and develop the key business scenarios to be supported. I articulated a high level architectural solution concept, a delivery plan and provided implementation guidance & governance for the delivered Secure Health Information rePository (SHIP) system. The solution provided was based on Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |7
  8. 8. Carl Barnes Resume the Microsoft technology stack, namely: .Net, ASP, SQL Server, and WCF Services.WA Department of the Attorney I worked closely with senior business stakeholders within the Department ofGeneral (DoTAG) – Service the Attorney General (DoTAG) to capture and articulate key businessDelivery Project (PACMAN) scenario’s and processes for the new Public Advocate Case ManagementSolutions Architect / Business (PACMAN). Through facilitated workshops, business requirements wereAnalysis elaborated and a solution architected. An agile software development4 months - 2008 approach was adopted, where business sponsors and key stakeholders participated within each of the delivery iterations. The solution provided was based on the Microsoft technology stack, namely: .Net, ASP, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Web Services.Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) – I was asked by Microsoft to join their Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)Service Delivery Project (CMIS) team at Fortescue Metals Group (FMG). The EAI project was part of theEnterprise Applications Integration Commercial and Maintenance Information System (CMIS) at FMG. Through(EAI) Architect facilitated workshops and working closely with the FMG Subject Matter4 months – 2007/8 Experts (SME’s), the required integration paths across the FMG enterprise were identified and articulated. An agile software development approach was adopted, with each iteration delivering a set of implemented integration paths across the FMG enterprise. The provided EAI solution integrated FMG’s key business systems, with their Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The delivered EAI solution was based on Microsoft technologies, namely BizTalk, .Net, Dynamics AX.Federal Department of the Through facilitated workshops, and working closely with key businessAttorney General (AGD) – stakeholders within the Federal Department of Attorney General (AGD), IService Delivery Project helped articulate key business requirements for a new national security(AusCheck) check system (AusCheck) for Australian Airports and Ports. As the LeadEnterprise Application Integration Integration Architect, I played a key role in all aspects of the Software(EAI) Architect / Business Analysis Development Life Cycle (SDLC) throughout the duration of the project. The11 months – 2007 AusCheck system integrated with multiple Federal Government systems, such as Federal Security Services (ASIO), Federal Police Services (CrimTrac) and the Department of Immigration (DIAC). The AusCheck integration solution is based on Microsoft BizTalk technologies and the Application Solution Architecture was n-tier, based on Microsoft ASP/.Net/Web Services/SQL Server technologies.WA Department for Child I was the Lead Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Architect for the ChildProtection (DCP) – Service Screening Unit – Management System (CSU-MS) project that wasDelivery Project (CSU-MS) successfully delivered to the Department for Child Protection. CSU-MSEnterprise Application Integration integrated with multiple State and Federal Government systems, namely;(EAI) Architect / Team Lead / Federal Police Services (CrimTrac), WA Police Services and WA PostBusiness Analysis Services. The delivered EAI component of CSU-MS was based on Microsoft8 months – 2006/7 BizTalk technologies. The CSU-MS application solution was based on an n- tier architecture, utilizing Microsoft ASP/.Net/Web Services/SQL Server technologies. Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |8
  9. 9. Carl Barnes ResumeWA Department of Corrective Through facilitated workshops, and working closely with key businessServices – Service Delivery stakeholders within the WA Department of Corrective Services, I helpedProject (CBIS) articulate key business requirements for a new Community BusinessEnterprise Application Integration Integration System (CBIS). As the Lead Integration Architect, I played a key(EAI) Architect / Team Lead / role in all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC),Business Analysis throughout the duration of the project. CBIS integrates with numerous Justice18 months – 2005/6 Agencies, such as WA Police Services, Courts Services, Prison Services, etc. The delivered integration solution is based on Microsoft technologies, namely; BizTalk, .Net, SQL Server.WA Department of Corrective Working closely with key business stakeholders within the WA Department ofServices – Service Delivery Corrective Services, I worked on the analysis, design and implementation ofProject (ICMS) an n-tier architecture solution for the Integrated Court Management SystemSenior Developer (ICMS). I successfully delivered ICMS components into WA District and24 months – 2002/5 Supreme Civil Courts. Business analysis and technical designs were captured within Rational Rose UML CASE tool, namely; Use Briefs/Cases and technical design models. The delivered solution was based on Microsoft technologies, namely; .Net, SQL Server Carl Barnes | Mobile: +61 407 870 945 | Email: Page |9