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Enterprise architects brochure

  1. 1. EA Certification Program Course Summary
  2. 2. Optimize your architecture capability through our extensive training program Enterprise Architecture is a complex discipline. It requires a range of skills to be brought to bear on extremely difficult business problems. It also requires the right mix of hard and soft skill capability. At Enterprise Architects, we believe that an enterprise architect is critical to the successful realization of a business strategy. These individuals have to sit with one foot in the strategy and business space, and another in the delivery and governance space. We have spent a number of years delivering architecture through our consulting business as well as finding & recruiting the right architecture talent for our clients through our recruitment business. We have now used this wealth of experience to shape a comprehensive training plan for individuals and teams across the business. This program will help extend your capability, either as an individual or a team, to provide value based architectural solutions for your clients. The Enterprise Architects Training Framework Strategic Implementation & Management Solution Architecture Domain Architecture Enterprise Planning SOA Architect Track Business People Information Data Application Technology Development Track Product Line Track Enterprise Architecture ITAC Certified Level 5 - Mentored Level 4 - Applied Level 3 - Advanced Level 2 - Certified Level 1 - Foundation EA Course Summary Training Framework 2
  3. 3. A Summary Of Our Courses THE EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW A 2 x half day intervention with the executive team to workshop the tools and techniques of strategic management, enterprise planning and enterprise architecture. The workshop will enable attendees to understand: • WHAT these tools are; and • HOW they can be used in business to create greater business value. THE STRATEGY ACADEMY A 4 ½ day boot camp in which attendees will learn: • How to create and Implement Strategic Plans; • How to facilitate the installation of a strategic management system; • How to design, build and sustain systemic change; • To understand systems thinking in light of business; and • How to develop breakthrough facilitation skills. ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Work through 5 levels of certification to develop your skills as an enterprise architect: • TOGAF Foundation • TOGAF Certified practitioner • The Advanced Architect • The Applied Architect • The Architect Kick-start mentoring and Facilitation Program SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE Develop your solutions and implementation skill set across three levels of certification which help you: • Understand how to architect and deliver using the SOA Architecture style • Learn how to evaluate, acquire, configure and manage product lines (COTS) • Discover how to build solutions using advanced software architecture techniques SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE Develop a solid understanding of the service-orientation design paradigm including all related design principles and the effects of their application. This 5 day course will address: • SOA in context of the broader business • Fundamentals of SOA and Service Oriented Computing • SOA Technology Concepts • SOA Design and Architecture “Architecture is not just about technology, it’s about optimizing the system of your business. To do this effectively, you need a special set of skills, both hard and soft. Our goal at Enterprise Architects is to build well rounded architects, which are as comfortable in the board room as they are in the server room.” Craig Martin Chief Architect Director of Training 3
  4. 4. EA Course Summary Training Framework Build yourself, your team and your organizational capability. Delivery you can count on Our consulting practice is focused on a broad offering of providing strategy execution capability to developing an architecture practice. Our teams of skilled architects provide both product and service that allow our clients to transform their businesses using the architecture disciplines. Our comprehensive offering of architecture products and services cover the following areas: • Foundation Architecture Capabilities; • Architecture at the product level; • Architecture at the program level; • Architecture at the strategy and portfolio management level; • General business capabilities supporting an architecture practice; • Using architecture to manage sub-contractors; Build strong architecture capability Enterprise Architects will help you determine where your performance and under-performance areas are within your architecture business. Our customized architecture capability maturity model will help you build an architecture operating model, and measure your staff and organization against this. Our comprehensive list of hard and soft skills upliftment courses will help your organization and staff become more rounded. Our extensive experience in the resourcing and skills pool will be able to provide you with specific architecture talent to fill any gaps in your organization. Finding the right talent Enterprise Architects has leveraged its specialist architecture knowledge and recruitment capability to provide contract, permanent and executive resource for Australia’s top companies. Our unique mix of Consulting, Recruiting, Training and professional communities provide unparalleled access to one of the country’s largest pools of architecture competencies, enabling us to rapidly address our client’s recruiting needs. Our comprehensive database of resources addresses the following industry roles: • Strategy architecture management • Enterprise architects • Business technology domain architects • Solution architects • Information architects • Application design architects • Integration architects • Infrastructure architects • Security architects Take a step in the right direction In today’s challenging business landscape, it is those individuals and organizations that invest in the growth of themselves and their people that will stand above the rest. Build yourself, your team and your organizational capability by developing balanced individuals and teams that have a detailed understanding of technical as well as business and strategic concepts. Learn how to step back and see the picture, plan accordingly and then deliver accordingly. REGISTER NOW for upcoming courses: www.enterprisearchitects.com or email: training@enterprisearchitects.com 4 London, United Kingdom Level 17, Dashwood House 69 Old Broad Street London, EC2M 1QS, United Kingdom +44 207 256 4046 reception@enterprisearchitects.com Melbourne, Australia Level 46 Rialto South Tower 525 Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia +61 3 9615 6500 reception@enterprisearchitects.com Johannesburg, RSA Wedgefield Office Park 17 Muswell Road South Bryanston, Gauteng 2021 South Africa +27 (011) 317 3754 reception@enterprisearchitects.com Sydney, Australia Level 57 MLC Centre 19-29 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000 Australia +61 2 9238 6100 reception@enterprisearchitects.com Washington DC, USA 1425 K Street, Suite 350 Washington DC 20005 United States of America +1 202-587-5632 reception@enterprisearchitects.com