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Agile Knowledge Management

EK uses an agile approach in everything we do. In this presentation, Joe Hilger shares how we apply agile across all of our KM projects. Learn how EK uses agile to develop a KM Strategy. Once the strategy is in place, Joe explains how we design agile roadmaps that include a number of smaller projects to ensure rapid ROI and organizational buy-in. Joe also talks about how we use Agile to deliver the technical and business KM solutions in the roadmap. Finally, Joe shares how Agile supports change management on every initiative we deliver. Agile and KM are a natural combination that leads to successful KM initiatives.

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Agile Knowledge Management

  1. 1. AGILE KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT What is it and why should I care? January 18, 2018 @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  2. 2. WHO AM I? Joe Hilger is a principal at Enterprise Knowledge, LLC. He is a Certified Scrum Master with over 20 years experience implementing Knowledge Management solutions for commercial and public sector customers. JOE HILGER @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  3. 3. EK’S AGILE QUIZ 1. Agile is a new process or methodology to improve the way IT Projects are run. True False 2. Agile can be used to transform both business and technology groups. True False 3. Agile projects are more risky because they start without a detailed plan. True False 4. Agile projects are always less expensive than waterfall projects. True False @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  4. 4. BONUS QUESTIONS 1. Name at least two of the four values of the Agile Manifesto. 2. According to Agile principles what is the maximum team size on an agile project. INDIVIDUALS AND INTERACTIONS over processes and tools. WORKING SOFTWARE over comprehensive documentation. CUSTOMER COLLABORATION over contract negotiation. RESPONDING TO CHANGE over following a plan. 9 @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  5. 5. 5 INDIVIDUALS AND INTERACTIONS over processes and tools. Agile is more about interactions than technology WORKING SOFTWARE over comprehensive documentation. Focus efforts on creating a usable end product with business value CUSTOMER COLLABORATION over contract negotiation Engaging with customers is the best way to build trust RESPONDING TO CHANGE over following a plan. Leave room for emergent solutions AGILE MANIFESTO ACCORDING TO EK @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  6. 6. WHAT IS AGILE IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT? • Time boxed product delivery • Incremental product development • Continuous delivery • Analysis • Design • Code • Test @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  7. 7. TRADITIONAL WATERFALL PROJECTS 2017Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Planning Complete Development Complete Ready to Launch Requirements Design Development Testing Launch • Six months of planning before development begins. • Nine months before your customers are interacting with what was developed. • No time to change course along the way. By the time people provide feedback, it is too late. @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  8. 8. AGILE AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT ▪ Focus on continuous improvement. ▪ Rely on transparency and collaboration. ▪ Attempt to break down cross functional silos. ▪ Goal is to improve performance and job satisfaction. ▪ Facilitation is critical in both practices. ▪ Agile is focused on projects and delivery. ▪ Agile encourages small focused groups. ▪ KM has an enterprise focus. Similarities Differences @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  9. 9. HOW EK USES AGILE AND KM KM Strategy and Roadmaps KM Delivery KM Change Management @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  10. 10. AGILE KM STRATEGY DEFINE DEVELOP RELEASE EVALUATE ITERATE AGILE Process = Two-week sprints to maximize stakeholder engagement and buy-in. Week = 3 Days of Interviewing/Investigation + 2 Days of Analysis and Reporting @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  11. 11. AGILE KM ROADMAPS ▪ Iterative, task-based plans that show value quickly and provide measurable success criteria to help drive change and build momentum. ▪ Faster ROI to ensure continued funding. ▪ Plan for change as we learn more about the impact of KM to work styles. @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  12. 12. KM DELIVERY ▪ Regular iterations engage users and make them feel involved. ▪ Allows the solution to adapt to processes and the processes to adapt to the solution. ▪ Solutions are delivered faster. ▪ Regular measurement allows for better visibility. Naviga on Findability Taxonomy & Tags Search Func onality Types of Content Content Format of Content (by Type) Content Workflow (Crea on, Edi ng, Archiving) Users and Groups Access/Permissions Content Management Collabora on Func onality Apps Integra on Colors and Styles Look and Feel Images © Enterprise Knowledge, LLC @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  13. 13. GOVERNANCE PROCESSES• DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT ▪ 5-year plan to migrate an entire Agency onto a single document management platform. ▪ Agile process allows for successful delivery and buy-in. ▪ Rolling out governance organizations at a major Insurance company. ▪ Search product owner has an initial set of reports (MVP) that she is iterating to continue to improve content and findability on the Intranet. ▪ The governance team is also changing over time. @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  14. 14. CHANGE MANAGEMENT • Transparency ensures people know what is happening. • Spirit of openness creates trust. • Changes come in smaller increments. • Solutions and people can adjust based on the changes. • Collaboration as opposed to negotiation. • Joint problem solving leads to greater buy-in. • Metrics allow for continued positive communication. • Change is tracked and validated. • Retrospectives allow for continued improvement. • Each new iteration fixes a prior problem. ITERATIONS TRANSPARENCY COLLABORATION MEASUREMENT CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  15. 15. KEY POINTS ▪ Agile is a mindset that can be applied to business and technical problems. ▪ Agile and KM have many similarities that help them work well together. ▪ KM Initiatives are best implemented using an Agile Approach. ▪ Strategy and Roadmaps ▪ Delivery ▪ Change Management @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18
  16. 16. WE’LL BE ANSWERING QUESTIONS NOW Q A& THANKS FOR LISTENING Q & A SESSION @jhilgerbc, @ekconsulting, #KMShow18