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What would professional sports look like with AI referees and other smart technologies? by Entefy


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Does the idea of watching sporting events with AI referees sound futuristic? It certainly might. But when you take a look around the world of professional sports—football, soccer, fencing, basketball—advanced technologies are already having an impact on the roles of referees, coaches, players, and fans.

In fact, “precursor” technologies that provide the sensory input data for yet-to-be-invented AI algorithms are already in use. In some sports, athletes’ uniforms feature wearable devices and refs are using smart technologies to call plays. Technology looks likely to have a serious impact on how games are played and watched.

This presentation highlights key points from our article about how AI and other smart technologies might impact the future of professional sports. These slides provide an overview of the systems in use today, the rapid implementation of new smart technologies, and what fully automated refereeing might look like.

For additional analysis and links to our background sources, read “What would the Super Bowl look like with AI referees and other smart technologies?" on our blog at

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  • My only statement is "WOW"...I thought your other systems were special but this is going to turn out to be the "Holy Grail" of all MLB systems, no doubt! 
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What would professional sports look like with AI referees and other smart technologies? by Entefy

  1. 1. 1Entefy | AI sports What would sports look like with AI referees?
  2. 2. 2Entefy | Sports and AI referees introduction
  3. 3. 3Entefy | Sports and AI referees These slides provide data and insights for athletes, coaches, referees, and sports fans interested in how artificial intelligence is transforming professional sports.
  4. 4. 4Entefy | Sports and AI referees This presentation was curated by Entefy, the company building the first universal communicator—an AI- powered communication platform that seamlessly connects the people, services, conversations, contacts, files, apps, and smart things in your digital universe.
  5. 5. 5Entefy | Sports and AI referees background
  6. 6. 6Entefy | Sports and AI referees AI already plays a role in professional sports
  7. 7. 7Entefy | Sports and AI referees Automated officiating might come sooner than we think
  8. 8. 8Entefy | Sports and AI referees DO REFS HAVE THE TOUGHEST JOB IN SPORTS?
  9. 9. 9Entefy | Sports and AI referees Could any ref achieve 100% accuracy?
  10. 10. 10Entefy | Sports and AI referees Better real-time data could help refs make better decisions
  11. 11. 11Entefy | Sports and AI referees Goal-line technologies Wearables Nanosensors Artificial intelligence New technologies help reduce human error:
  12. 12. 12Entefy | Sports and AI referees AT THE GOAL LINE
  13. 13. 13Entefy | Sports and AI referees Goal-line technologies in football and soccer determine the moment a ball crosses the line
  14. 14. 14Entefy | Sports and AI referees High-speed cameras and microchips implanted in balls track movement
  15. 15. 15Entefy | Sports and AI referees Real-time data from the systems supports refs’ calls
  16. 16. 16Entefy | Sports and AI referees Refs receive the data within seconds, mitigating game delays
  17. 17. 17Entefy | Sports and AI referees GAME-CHANGING WEARABLES
  18. 18. 18Entefy | Sports and AI referees Data from wearables help assess performance, spot injuries, and analyze plays
  19. 19. 19Entefy | Sports and AI referees In fencing, sensors indicate the precise timing and location of hits Example:
  20. 20. 20Entefy | Sports and AI referees Example: Wearable cameras record what refs see to track plays and eliminate controversies
  21. 21. 21Entefy | Sports and AI referees IMMERSION TECHNOLOGY
  22. 22. 22Entefy | Sports and AI referees Fans are getting in on the action: smart jerseys
  23. 23. 23Entefy | Sports and AI referees Smart jerseys with real-time sensors transmit plays to viewers
  24. 24. 24Entefy | Sports and AI referees Some devices let viewers feel like they’re on the court
  25. 25. 25Entefy | Sports and AI referees Facial recognition might change sporting environments for the better
  26. 26. 26Entefy | Sports and AI referees And keep known troublemakers out of venues
  27. 27. 27Entefy | Sports and AI referees WILL AI REPLACE REFS?
  28. 28. 28Entefy | Sports and AI referees The use of artificial intelligence in sports is just beginning
  29. 29. 29Entefy | Sports and AI referees Sensors and cameras linked to AI allow for fully automated officiating
  30. 30. 30Entefy | Sports and AI referees The capabilities of autonomous AI systems are growing quickly
  31. 31. 31Entefy | Sports and AI referees AI could reduce corruption and better enforce rules
  32. 32. 32Entefy | Sports and AI referees One study predicted refs and umpires face a 98% chance of being replaced by AI
  33. 33. 33Entefy | Sports and AI referees But the transition – if it happens – won’t occur overnight
  34. 34. 34Entefy | Sports and AI referees Many sports fans see officiating as a complex task that requires human capabilities
  35. 35. 35Entefy | Sports and AI referees AI is here; policy and regulation need to catch up
  36. 36. 36Entefy | AI sports Entefy’s universal communicator is an intelligent communication platform that seamlessly connects the people, services, conversations, contacts, files, apps, and smart things in your digital life. About Entefy ©2017 Entefy Inc. All rights reserved. |