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8 sony - innovating with tag management


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8 sony - innovating with tag management

  1. 1. Enterprise Tag Management Innovating with Tag Management Brandon Bunker Senior Manager of Analytics Sony
  2. 2. About Me:
  3. 3. 2011Deploy Everything via Ensighten
  4. 4. Coming to Sony
  5. 5. What We Launched In 2011 Omniture Foresee Test & Target DFA Criteo LivePerson Facebook Channel Advisor Google Ethnio DoubleClick Tumri Kenshoo Oracle Youtube Pricegrabber
  6. 6. 2012“Don’t only practice your science, but force your way into its secrets, for it can raise men to the divine.” ― Paraphrase of Ludwig van Beethoven Quote
  7. 7. Special Project #1- Go Faster than 200 MPH• Hughes Racer• Tracking issues• Implement Process Retrieved from
  8. 8. Special Project #2 Pay for Service• This is the vendors optimal data stack. Vendor Data Source Retrieved from,28804,1991915_1991909_1991809,00.html
  9. 9. Sony’s View of the Data Stack
  10. 10. Data SourcesJSON/HTML URLs Ajax Cookies JavaScript PageName  Campaign Codes  Inventory Status  Referring domain  Time since last visit Product Categories  Search Keywords  Inventory Qty  Derived Data  New/Return Visit  System  Auto Classification Response Data Sources Ensighten Offsite Real Time Integrations  Social  Voice of Customer  Sister Companies  Chat/Telesales
  11. 11. Data Collection• Build Data Layer• Controls (Who gets what data) • Privacy • Data Syndication • When tags fire• Great for Troubleshooting Data Collection Retrieved from,28804,1991915_1991909_1991746,00.html #ixzz2IgaaNk9S
  12. 12. The Platform• Platform Layer consists of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)• No Platform is perfect• Use TMS to work around platform issues • Replace some Vista Rules • Sessionization Platform
  13. 13. The Engine• Your data is processed with Algorithms• How does TMS change this layer • A/B Test Audiences • A/B Test Algorithms • Remove vendor lock-in Engine Retrieved from
  14. 14. The Presentation Layer• Consumer Presentation Layer • Display Ad • Real Time Targeting • Email• How can TMS change this layer • Ensighten Offsite • Deploy TnT • Unique Identifiers Presentation
  15. 15. Special Project #3 Data Centricities• CRM – Customer Centricity• Web Analytics – Visit Centricity (Maybe Visitor)• Ad Server – Marketing Centricity
  16. 16. SP #3 DMP – Anonymous Profile Centricity Site Behavior Variables Voice of Customer Environment Variables Engagement Referrer Variables  Referring domain How users Navigate  Reason for Visit  Device type  Time since last visit  Campaign ID Onsite Search terms  Satisfaction  Operating system  New/Return Visit  Marketing  Browser type  Customer/prospect Channel Temporal Variables  Time of day 3rd Party (Costs $$) Offsite  Demographic Anonymous Profile  Email  Psychographic  Ads Served – Partner  2nd and 3rd party websites  Chat - Telesales
  17. 17. SP #3: Moving Beyond Visits• Add Science to Retargeting Spend
  18. 18. SP #3 Product Centricity Product Price Place Promotion Merchandising Levers Product Attributes  Timing of Price  Finding Methods  Promotions  Top Review Average Rating Drops  Payment Types  Best Seller Cross Sell  Discounts  New Basket Supply Chain Content  Inventory Status Video  Inventory Qty Social  Ship Date Pictures
  19. 19. SP #3: Product Centricity• Price or Discount Elasticity
  20. 20. SP #3: Product Centricity• Be Careful about pricing. Retrieved from
  21. 21. SP #3: Product Centricity• Forecasting
  22. 22. The Next 12 Months“More isn’t just More, More is Different”Chris Anderson - Wired Magazine
  23. 23. Web Analysts before TMS Retrieved from
  24. 24. Web Analyst after TMS Retrieved from
  25. 25. Our past experience is not indicative of our future. New Platforms New Techniques Retrieved from
  26. 26. Trend #1: The Information Revolution
  27. 27. Tools Start the Revolution• 1620, the English philosopher Francis Bacon wrote that the printing press "changed the whole face and state of the world"• TMS will do for data what the printing press did for the written word
  28. 28. Trend #2: More is Different “As our collection of facts and figures grows, so will the opportunity to find answers to fundamental questions. Because in the era of big data, more isnt just more. More is different.” – Chris Anderson Retrieved from
  29. 29. Trend #2: More Data and Predictive Analytics• TMS helps you to collect more data. Retrieved from by by Xavier Amatriain
  30. 30. Trend #2: More Data and the Netflix Example• TMS helps you to collect more types of Data. Retrieved from by by Xavier Amatriain
  31. 31. Skill #1: Google – Finding the “Right” Data“First generation search engines had used only the text of the web pages themselves.“The addition of two additional data sets -- hyperlinks and anchortext -- took Googles search to thenext level.“The PageRank algorithm itself is a minor detail -- any halfway decent algorithm that exploited thisadditional data would have produced roughly comparable results.” Anand Rajaraman Retrieved from
  32. 32. Skill #2: Programmatic Access to Data• Web Analytics platforms may have all your data, but they offer limited access.• Some programmatic platforms require data reduction
  33. 33. Trend #3 Real Time Systems• Real Time systems are critical for driving behavioral loops.• TMS can measure and react on behaviors in real time. Retrieved from “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” Charles Duhig
  34. 34. Conclusion: The Information Tidal Wave• “The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organizations ability to learn faster than the competition.” Peter M. Senge Retrieved from
  35. 35. Thank You Brandon Bunker@BrandonTBunker