7 panel - think houdini untangling website privacy and compliance


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7 panel - think houdini untangling website privacy and compliance

  1. 1. Enterprise Tag Management PANEL Think Houdini: Untangling Website Privacy & Compliance Kevin Trilli VP of Products TRUSTeModerator: Des Cahill Craig SpiezleVP Marketing, Ensighten Executive Director & President Online Trust Alliance
  2. 2. Our Panelists Kevin Trilli – VP Product – Truste – Privacy for Ads, Data, Mobile, Website Craig Spiezle – Executive Director, Founder and President – Online Trust Alliance#agility2013
  3. 3. Where you want your brand#agility2013
  4. 4. Privacy - Why Care? Data driven economy – “Big Data” Blurring of on & off-line data Evolving definitions of PII Consumer shift to mobile devices Reliance on service providers & cloud services. Increased sophistication of the cyber-criminal – Competitors#agility2013
  5. 5. Privacy impacts your customers 94% of Consumers Worry About Their Privacy Online 6% A really important issue that I think about often 39% A somewhat important issue that I think about 55% sometimes Not much of an issue / I hardly ever think about it #agility2013Source: TRUSTe & Harris Interactive 2012 Consumer Privacy Survey (www.truste.com/resources)
  6. 6. Topic: Data Breach#agility2013
  7. 7. Data privacy breakdowns hurt your business2011 2011 2012Google settles FTC charges over OnStar forced to reverse Delta sued by CA AG“Google Buzz” privacy issues; location tracking policy for insufficient privacycompany gets 20-year oversight 2011 2011 following privacy outcry policy disclosuresperiod Netflix faces multiple Acquisition of Borders delayed privacy lawsuits over its due to questions over privacy data storage practices. rights of 46M email subscribers 2011 Playdom fined $3 million for violating 2011 children’s online privacy nebuAd settles $2.4 million privacy lawsuit over behavioral targeting practices 2011 Apple and Google weather “location 2011 gate” privacy scandal over their Broken Thumbs Apps settles FTC mobile devices. Apple changes charges that it violated children’s collection practices in response. privacy law – company is fined 2012 and forced to destroy the data Path social network app accessing address books without #agility2013 permission
  8. 8. OTA 2012 Data Breach Highlights 1478 breaches (Open Security Foundation) – 26% due to internal losses – 43% targeting non business entities 62.7 million records exposed (OTA) 97% avoidable (Symantec) – 94% server exploits – $194 cost per record – $5.5 million average cost of each breach $8.1 billion impact to U.S. businesses(See pages 4-6) #agility2013
  9. 9. Consumers Take Actions to Protect Themselves Frequency of Taking Precautions with Personal Information* Refuse to allow companies to share my 67% information with a 3rd party 76% Manage my privacy choices by opting out of Online 27% Behavioral Advertising 50% Check for certification or seal that indicates privacy 41% 2011 approval by an outside organization 49% 2012 Check to make sure the website has a privacy 40% statement 46% 39% Read the privacy statement (if provided) 40% N/A Google the site and review their online ratings 28% N/A * Percentage Ask friends if they think I should trust the site of respondents 21% who answered: “most of the #agility2013 time” / “often”Source: TRUSTe & Harris Interactive 2012 Consumer Privacy Survey (www.truste.com/resources)
  10. 10. What is the norm? #agility2013© 2012. All rights reserved. Online Trust Alliance (OTA) Slide 10
  11. 11. Topic: Ad Privacy – Advertiser/Publisher Why don’t you (your clients) utilize more targeted advertising today?a) ROI concernsb) Implementation concernsc) Privacy concernsd) Not an issue – over 50% of ads already utilize targetinge) Not sure #agility2013
  12. 12. Consumers Reward Good Privacy Practices with More Business Agreement With Statements Related To Online Advertising – option to opt out 5% 61% I would be inclined to do more business with an advertiser or publisher who gives me the option to 27% 40% 21% opt-out of Online Behavioral Advertising 7% Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree #agility2013Source: TRUSTe & Harris Interactive 2012 Consumer Privacy Survey (www.truste.com/resources)
  13. 13. Topic: website tags/trackersTRUSTe 2012 Top UK Website Tracker Analysis Report #agility2013
  14. 14. Topic: Mobile#agility2013
  15. 15. Mobile legislative pressure is increasing#agility2013
  16. 16. Consumers Take a Variety of Steps to Protect Their Personal Information With Apps Steps to Determine Mobile App Privacy Trust I research the app online 38% I check to see if the app has a privacy 34% policy I read the privacy policy (if provided) 30% I check to see if the app has a third 21% party trustmark/seal I ask friends 19% I trust all apps 15% #agility2013Source: TRUSTe & Harris Interactive 2012 Consumer Privacy Survey (www.truste.com/resources)
  17. 17. Get a mobile privacy strategy Questions to ask:  Do you have a privacy policy for your mobile app/website?  Do you offer opt-out mechanisms for mobile tracking?  What data are 3rd Party SDK’s actually collecting & using?  Do you ask consumers for permission before using their mobile location data for marketing purposes? #agility2013
  18. 18. Topic: Kids The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)  The law requires companies who market to children (under 13) to:  Provide notice of what information they collect  Obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting or using children’s data  Provide parental access to information they’ve collected about their child  Don’t forget about new forms of PII (IP Addresses, Persistent IDs etc) #agility2013
  19. 19. EU Cookie Directive – consumers expect… Expect companies to comply with the EU cookie directive 76% 82% 53% 62% FR NL GB DE Plan to only visit websites of companies who comply 44% 49% 33% 37% GB NL FR DE #agility2013Source: TRUSTe & Harris Interactive 2012 Consumer Privacy Survey (www.truste.com/resources)
  20. 20. Discussion – Q&A Kevin Trilli VP Product Truste www.truste.com Craig Spiezle Chairman and President Online Trust Association www.otalliance.org descahill@ensighten.com#agility2013
  21. 21. Where are we today? Breaches are a daily occurrence, but the lack of planning is unacceptable. W3C DNT polarization Wild West of data collection Power of Cloud, Mobile & “Big Data” Privacy & surveillance concerns increasing Codes of Conduct International Pressures (EU, Article 29) #agility2013
  22. 22. #agility2013