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Enrique Olvera Portfolio 2016


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Enrique Olvera Portfolio 2016

  1. 1. Contact: T: 380 641 3987 M: W:
  2. 2. Hi!! I am Enrique Olvera, a Mexican photographer, lover of the sunset light, the long shadows, the texture and details. I love coffee, food and travel, I speak spanish, english and italian as well. As a photographer my passion is photograph people, I like creative portraits, the journalism and the street photography. I don’t try to make perfect pictures with the photoshop, instead I look for the imperfection of the nature and their unique details, patterns and colors, for me this is what it makes a perfect composition for a beautiful image. As an exerience i been working for 5 years as a destination wedding and lifestyle photographer in the Caribbean and now in Italy. I am a person who enjoy friends, talk and meet new people, so if you are interested in know me better or know better what I do, I am always available for a nice talk.
  4. 4. THANK YOU