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the 1st slide is self-explanatory

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Non fiction book-report (1)

  1. 1. For all 6,7 and 8 graders,even though Mrs. Gress has the power point on school rack
  2. 2. NON- FICTION BOOK REPORT Tic-Tac-Toe ProjectDue Date: February 22, 2013
  3. 3. BIOGRAPHYA biography is adetailed description oraccount of someone’slife. It includes morethan basic facts; itpaints a vivid picture ofa person’s life.
  4. 4. AUTOBIOGRAPH YAn autobiography is anaccount of the life of aperson, told by thatperson.
  5. 5. INFORMATIONAL BOOKSIts purpose is to explainthe natural or socialworld.
  6. 6. HISTORYHistory is the study ofpast events.
  7. 7. Student Choice Activities Choose ThreePicture Book * Words and DefinitionsDiary Entries * Letter to Movie ProducerTravel Brochures * ArtifactsIllustrated Timeline * PostcardWordle
  8. 8. Picture Book
  9. 9. Picture Book Rewrite your book as a picture book. Use simple vocabulary so your book could be enjoyed and understood by younger children. Make sure your pictures are visually attractive and reflect the story you are telling. Your picture book must be at least eight pages in length and include a cover.
  10. 10. Words andDefinitions
  11. 11. Words and Definitions From your book, make a list of twenty interesting, unique, and/or important words with their definitions. Explain how each word is effectively utilized in the book. Do you think other words would have been more effective? Are any of these words new to you?
  12. 12. Diary Entries
  13. 13. Diary Entries Write diary entries for a person in your book. You will need to retell actual events from the book in diary format (Date; Dear Diary,). Your entries should express emotions, thoughts, and feelings about the actual events in the book. You need eight diary entries (full page if handwritten, half page if typed).
  14. 14. Letter to Movie Producer
  15. 15. Letter to Movie Producer Convince a movie producer that the book you read is interesting enough to make into a movie. Include suggestions for filming location and actors who should portray people from the book. Letter format; 150 words minimum. You cannot choose a book that has already been made into a movie.
  16. 16. TravelBrochure
  17. 17. Travel Brochure Make a visually appealing travel brochure for a location featured in your book. Your brochure must have six panels, with a clearly identified cover. The information in your brochure must be typed. Include illustrations, interesting facts, and places of interest.
  18. 18. Artifacts
  19. 19. Artifacts Choose five artifacts (artifacts are just objects made by human beings) to represent people or events from your book. Write a paragraph explaining the relevance of each artifact (five paragraphs, total). You must turn in the artifacts.
  20. 20. Illustrated Timeline
  21. 21. Illustrated Timeline Create an illustrated timeline for your book; include a minimum of ten events. You need a picture and an explanation for each event. Create a map showing one location mentioned in the book. I recommend you look at some maps before you complete this task.
  22. 22. Postcard
  23. 23. Postcard Make a postcard using the template provided. One side must be an illustration that represents your book. On the other side, compose an intriguing message written to me by someone in the book, in letter format. Design a stamp that relates to the book for your postcard.
  24. 24. Wordle
  25. 25. Wordle Create a wordle at Choose ten character traits of someone in your book.
  26. 26. Other Important Information!!You must completethree tasks and theyhave to be connectedhorizontally, vertically,or diagonally.Your completed projectis due on February22nd.
  27. 27. . . . and still more information . . .This project is worth150 points. Yourparent’s signature onthe tic-tac-toe formboosts your total pointsby 10. Five points off ifyou lose your form.All illustrations musthave color.
  28. 28. . . . and don’t forget . . .I’m giving you sevenweeks to complete thisproject so I expect it tolook good and to becomplete.If your project is messyor incomplete, I willreturn it to you and I willconsider it late.