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MK:Smart - Overview

Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and a great economic success story. However, the challenge of supporting sustainable growth without exceeding the capacity of the infrastructure, and whilst meeting key carbon reduction targets, is a major one.

MK:Smart is a large collaborative initiative, partly funded by HEFCE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England) and led by The Open University, which is developing innovative solutions to support economic growth in Milton Keynes.

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MK:Smart - Overview

  1. 1. @mksmartproject | #mksmart Helping to secure the future economic growth of Milton Keynes Prof  Enrico  Mo+a   Director,  MK:Smart   The  Open  University  
  2. 2. Milton Keynes: A great success story Facts about growth in Milton Keynes (2004-2013) •  Highest population growth (16.5%) •  Highest job increase (18.2%) •  Highest growth in number of homes (16.4%) •  2nd highest percentage of start-ups (after London) Source: Cities Outlook 2015 2  
  3. 3. Potential barriers to growth 3   The  rapid  growth  of  Milton  Keynes  is   nonetheless  introducing  stress  elements  in   the  infrastructure.       •  Conges'on  is  forecast  to  increase  by   60%,  with  engineering  soluCons  only   able  to  tackle  half  of  this   •  Milton  Keynes  is  situated  within  one  of   the  driest  parts  of  the  country  and   water  availability  is  likely  to  come   under  increasing  pressure  in  the  future   due  to  climate  change  and  populaCon   growth.     •  Minimising  the  cost  of  energy  and   reducing  carbon  emissions  are  key  goals   to  ensure  sustainable  growth.  
  4. 4. What is MK:Smart? •  A £16M project partly funded by the HEFCE’s Catalyst Fund –  Aim of the fund is to enhance higher education’s contribution to economic growth •  Main objective of the project is to put in place: An integrated innovation and support programme, which will leverage large-scale city data to provide solutions to the key demand problems and will also provide a generic enabling infrastructure to sustain and accelerate economic growth by promoting innovation.
  5. 5. Integrated innovation and support programme 5  
  6. 6. ... MK Data Hub Services Data IT Infrastructure Sensors Data Mobility map Water mgmt Energy Mgmt An infrastructure for business and research
  7. 7. Approach •  Information as an asset –  Evidence in the literature that data releases generate value per se –  Variety of data sources, including different types of sensor data •  Data ownership –  Providers own their data and can control access •  Security/Privacy –  Privacy by default –  Support for sophisticated policy specification and management –  Data governance processes •  Data-centric Software Engineering –  Sophisticated data acquisition and management – not just a data repository –  Support for effective and efficient development of data-intensive applications •  Supporting Open Innovation –  A platform for businesses and researchers –  Sophisticated service layer – from e-commerce to reusable analytics
  8. 8. Data governance process Formal project body meets on a weekly basis to sort out, for all new datasets, questions of ownership and licences.
  9. 9. Experimental Sensor Networks MK Datahub Analytics Integration Curation Storage Import TVWS UNB MESH SENSORS NETWORKS DATA HUB AND APPLICATIONS
  10. 10. Experimental Sensor Networks MK Datahub Analytics Integration Curation Storage Import TVWS UNB MESH SENSORS NETWORKS DATA HUB AND APPLICATIONS
  11. 11. Low Power Wide Area Network
  12. 12. NaConal  Grid   Wireless     Busyness   Sensing   Arduino  +  Relay   Mains  Lamp   MK  Smart  Node   Graphical  Development  tool  customised  for  MK  Smart   Services Example: Node-Red with the Data Hub API Developer tools
  13. 13. Data Hub Launch – April 2015
  14. 14. Currently working with companies in: transport, mobile, marketing, technology, data analytics, forensic triage, recruitment, media, design, web, wireless internet, market research, system integration, software development, satellites, publishing, printing, RFID management, IoT/sensors, catering, children activities, e-learning, healthcare, social media, sports, architecture, radio, sound, cloud, legal…
  15. 15. Pre-­‐ProducCon/   Open  trials/   Sustainability   Requirements/Design/ Infrastructure   Advanced  SoluCons/ Closed  Trials   §  Data Hub Design, Initial API/Datasets, Cloud Infrastructure §  Reqs elicitation and design for demonstrators §  Reqs, Design, Workshops, Citizen engagement platform §  Physical space for business engagement, Initial project marketing §  Initial marketing of educational activities, design of course materials 2014 2015 2016 §  Advanced Data and Privacy Mgt, Scalability, Restricted §  Initial Demonstrators/ Closed trials §  Citizen Collaboration platform, Funding Decisions, Projects start §  Initial set of SMEs piloting data hub, widening network §  Initial presentations, revision of course materials §  Active marketing, Federation to other envs, Analytics and app support, Open to business §  Final demonstrators, public trials, public releases, sustainability §  Engagement with Business, Project results, Project Evaluation, Sustainability §  Sustainable legacy for business engagement and MK:Data Hub, Exploring additional sectors §  Scaling up delivery, in-depth evaluations, sustainability Project Strategy
  16. 16. UK  set  to  lead  the  way  for  smart  ci'es   Smart  Ci)es  Forum   Minister  praises  OU’s   contribu'on  to  MK:Smart   MK:Smart  featured  in  UKTI  Video   MK’s  Technology  Trials  Showcased   in  Government’s  White  Paper   MK:Smart  featured  in     Future  Ci'es  Report  
  17. 17. Satellite   ApplicaCons     Internet  of   Things   City   Network       Smart  Waste       Smart   Homes     Electric   Mobility       Intelligent   and  on-­‐ demand   mobility       Smart  Grid  &  Energy   MK:Smart  City  Data  Hub   Milton Keynes Future City: Innovation Cluster “Today’s economic map of the world is dominated by what I call clusters: critical masses of unusual competitive success in one field” Michael Porter
  18. 18. Organisations