Enrico finamore project manager 1.2


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Enrico finamore project manager 1.2

  1. 1. Self-presentationEnrico Finamore
  2. 2. 2003 – 2005Engineer corps – Italian ArmyTESTING MAMAGERProject: «Lince» IVECO2009 – 2012BiessePRODUCT SPECIALISToverseas countries2011 – 2012Systems Division – BiessePROJECT MANAGERoverseas countries2006 – 2009BiesseEDGE – BiesseAREA MANAGERoverseas countries1996 – 2003Polytechnic of AnconaMechanical Engineering109/1102013IPMACertification Level D81/100 - License 17842012 – at presentOMS GroupPROJECT MANAGERoverseas countries2002AICAEuropean ComputerDriving Licence2012Italian Institute of Project ManagementProject management basic certification51/60 - License 1784enrico.finamore+39 346 212 9176enrico.finamore@gmail.comEnrico FinamorePesaro, 10th January 1976Road Palestro 721100 MilanItalySummary
  3. 3. Project managerA professional in the field of project management• Developing the project plan• Managing the project stakeholders• Managing the project team• Managing the project risk• Managing the project schedule• Managing the project budget• Managing the project conflictsHis responsabilitiesaccomplishing thestated project objectivesHis targetThe responsible role forPlanning, Executing, Monitoring, Closinga projectStart-upPlanExecuteControlClose-outLEAD
  4. 4. Project managerMore than technical manager…Sponsor-CustomerSupplierTeam projectPermanent organizationResourcesListening MotivatingLeadingproject managersdevelop thepeoplenot thethingA good project manager uses75% of his time to communicate
  5. 5. Project managerPersonal projects successful2003 - 2005Italian Army project:- VTLM “Lince” - IVECOItaly - Rome2011 - 2012Biesse systems projects:- Woodworking plantsTurkey, Middle East, India2012 - At presentOMS Group projects:- Plants for polyurethane panelsMiddle East, China
  6. 6. EducationProject management international certificationCertification process1. Exam curriculum vitae, references2. Written exam3. Interview, project reportExperienceSkillsKnowledgeMarch 2012Subject:• knowledge of context• technical and methodological• basic managerial and behavioralJune 2013Subject:• Technical competences• Behavioural competences• Contextual competences
  7. 7. Soft skillsPersonal behavioural competencesLeadership:Providing direction and motivating team to fulfil the project’s objetivesGoal-oriented in order to achieve the success of the project, ensure compliancewith performance, quality, time, cost.Results orientation:Ability to build team spirit with individual motivation, getting goalsetting, social events and supporting strategiesTeam building:Ability to listen and understand the expectations of the members of the project team.Problem solving:
  8. 8. Soft skillsPersonal behavioural competencesAbility to listen and understand the expectations of the members of the project team.Communication:Ability to think and act in original and imaginative way finding solutionCreativity:Flexible behavior be able to work effectively across different cultures (Europe,Middle East, China, Asia)Openness:Capability to relieve tension in difficult situations to maintain fritfulcooperation between involved partiesRelaxation:
  9. 9. Technical skillsPersonal technical competencesMS Office 2012, MS Office 2013 - ExcellentAutoCAD 2D, Solid Edge - goodWindows 7, Windows 8 - ExcellentMS Project - Excellent7654Italian - Mother tongueFrance - BasicEnglish - Fluent321
  10. 10. Hobby & InterestsPrivate lifeTravelling, History,GeographySports: motorcycle, training,skiingCultural: Theatre, reading,movieTechnology, innovation
  11. 11. Future plansPersonal career obietivesLooking for new professional challengesImprove my project management competencesRemuneration: higher levelLead new interesting projects abroadCareer opportunitiesWilling new opportunity to travel or better to move me abroadWork in a multicultural team7654321
  12. 12. THANK YOU!enrico.finamore+39 346 212 9176enrico.finamore@gmail.comEnrico FinamorePesaro, 10th January 1976Road Palestro 721100 MilanItaly