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Eureka! I’m rich slide show


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Eureka! I’m rich slide show

  1. 1. EUREKA! I’M RICH
  2. 2. STRIKE IT LUCKYGold has been something people havedesired for thousands of years. Click on thegold nugget to see a movie about KingMidas.. Now complete the sheet on the story.
  3. 3. HOW TO PAN IN EASY STEPS! Gold Panning can be a tricky business! When you click on the picture of the gold pan (above), you will meet Digger Matt who will explain to you how to find gold using the pan. Make sure you take notes because you will then complete the procedural instruction sheet on how to pan .
  4. 4. UNWELCOME DIGGERS???? Click each picture and you will read information on the Chinese during the gold rush. Other miners were resentful of the Chinese even though they were new to Australia themselves. A traveller in 1854 described a group of Chinese: "...between six and seven hundred coming overland from Adelaide. They had four wagons carrying their sick, lame and provisions. They were all walking single file, each one with a pole and two baskets. They stretched for over two miles in procession. I was half and hour passing them …everyone behind seemed to be yabbering to his mate in front in a sing-song tone"
  5. 5. GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY Henry Seekamp, the editor of the Ballarat Times was a very influential person in Ballarat and wrote many articles about the miners’ struggle. The pictures show Bentley’s Hotel burning. Which side do you think Henry Seekamp would have been on –the government or the miners. Write an article from what you think would have been Seekamp’s view. Make a headline using newspaper letters to add to the article. Make sure you carefully research what“Peter Lalor was the happened at Bentley’s hotel andsword of the include important facts about themovement, myhusband was the event.pen”.– Lara Seekamp
  6. 6. It was Sunday December 3rd and the night was dark and still. We lay in our tents not thinking that anything would happen. Many of my friends had left the stockade for the night so there were only about 200 of us left. We did not expect trouble, even though we had burnt our licences and sworn allegiance to a new flag. Without warning the soldiers attacked. We grabbed our rifles and ran to the stockade walls but the soldiers were already storming over the wooden barricades. I fired in the direction of the closest soldier but missed. The next minute I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I had been shot in my knee so I dragged myself under a fallen tent to hide. After 20 minutes the battle was over and 22 diggers and 5 soldiers lay dead. I quietly crawled to the edge of the stockade and crept under the wall. I stole the nearest horse and headed for a doctor to fix my leg which by now was completely covered in blood. The doctor cleaned my wound and while he wasn’t looking I stole some money that had been lying on the table. One day I was a miner searching for gold. Now I was a WANTED man!Use the photocopied wanted poster to make one aboutyourself using the information in the passage. Either drawyourself or print a picture from the network.
  7. 7. "We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties“Who said this statement? When did they use those words? Write a shortbiography of this famous historical figure in a word document using yourown words. Gather important information using a variety of on-linesources. When you have completed it, glue it in your inquiry book with asuitable picture.