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"El Tap de Rosca: Secrets i Utilitzacions”, a càrrec del Sr. Luca Carosso (Hite)


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Conferència del XXII Congrès Anual de l'Associació Catalana d'Enòlegs

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"El Tap de Rosca: Secrets i Utilitzacions”, a càrrec del Sr. Luca Carosso (Hite)

  1. 1. Alplast spa - ITALIA Tapas RoscaXXIIè CONGRÉS I LA NIT DE L’ENOLOGIA DE L’ACE 1 i 2 d’abril de 2011
  2. 2. IntruductionWinemaking is capturing elementsBottling is preserving these elements : -Mantein the elements throught the life of wine -Allow them to develop and mature properlyIn this process, the seal of the bottle is vital
  3. 3. Screw capIn the modern wine world, every producercompetes on a global stage against an evergrowing number of players.The market is more competitive than in anyother area. TARGETTo create the hightest quality productThe most appealing packageThe most affordable price
  4. 4. Screw Capsules History1856 Invention of screw cap, with a cork disk attached1889 screw cap patented in UK1930s Wine study University of California Davis1959-1966 various tests on Boreaux , Bourgundry and Alsace winesprovide consistents results1970s First trials in Switzerland and Italy1975 Australian Saltram, McWilliams, Yalamba release red and whitewine with screw1980s Swiss winemakers turn to screw caps “en masse”1990 Saranex liners introduced – BVS finish introduced2002 UK supermarket Tesco and Sainsbury stipulate wines in screwcaps
  5. 5. The bottle neck BVS
  6. 6. The liners Sanex – Saranex+TIN Expanded Polietylene Saranex LDPE EPE Foam Paper KraftLDPE or PVDC Film TIN
  7. 7. The sealOld seal with NO deformation
  8. 8. Reasons for choosing screw caps for wineRemove the risk of cork taint (TCA)Remove the threat of spodadic oxidationAvoid Flavour modificationAllow the proper ageing of wines (red and wine)Mantain a reliable long-term sealFacilitate vertical storageProvide greater resistance to temperature changeNot effected by humydityWines can be celalred for longer periodEasy to open and resealCheapCan be Ricycled
  9. 9. Oxigen ingress is not a condition for wine ageingThe measurements for oxygen permeation throught corksand screw caps reveal a great deal about the role ofoxygen in wine development.These results have come to light only in recent yearsCorks 0,0001 – 0,1227 mL O2 per dayScrew 0,0002 – 0,0008
  10. 10. Production Process Quality control Aluminium: mechanical characteristics Dimensions Appearance – GrainAluminium foils Liner Width and diameter Aspect Compressibility Elastic recovery
  11. 11. Production ProcessLitho printing Quality control Flat Printing Varnished dry film Appearance and colour Behaviour of coating
  12. 12. Production Process
  13. 13. Production Process
  14. 14. Embossing and drawingQuality controlDimensions of drawn piecePrinting centredAppearanceTrimming ring
  15. 15. Production Process
  16. 16. Production Process
  17. 17. Production Process
  18. 18. Production Process
  19. 19. Production Process
  20. 20. Side decorationQuality controlColourAppearaneBehavious of printing onbeading area.
  21. 21. Beading and insertionof the liner.Quality controlBeadingDimensionSkirt diameterBead diameterPerforation diameterAppearanceInsertion of linerIdentification of liner andtraceabilityInspect presence of liner byphoto cells andmechanicals cell
  22. 22. Capping TestQuality controlOpening TorqueBridge performance uponcappingVarnish performance uponcapping
  23. 23. CappingHead pressure 140-180 kgPressure block 27,5 +/- 0,01 mmPressure block reform indentationdept 1,5 +/- 0,1 mmSide pressure for rollers 8-12 kgRoller Nose Radius 0,75-0,80 mmOpening torque 8-14 kg/cm (0.9-1.90Nm) (6-20 extreme)
  24. 24. Winemaking and ChemistryDissolved OxigenCarbon Dioxide CO2Sulphur Dioxide SO2All wines should be organoleptically and analitically assessed bythe winemakers for final adjustment prior to bottling. The reliable,inert seal provided by the screw cap ensure that this closurepreserves the integrity of the wine entrusted to it.The extent of the impact of teh closure on the wine, has led someto even suggest that it should be included in any discussion of“terroir”.