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Nine Enneagram Personality Types
Overview of each type - visual format

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EDG Enneagram Nine types

  1. 1. ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   The Nine Types Overview 
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  3. 3. You will recognize The Perfectionist (The One) by listening to the specific words they use; the words ‘must’, ‘should’ and ‘right or wrong’ are often chosen by the One. Ones have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and follow their strict moral compass. The One is extremely Type 1 in One Word critical of himself and others and is constantly guided by an inner ‘judge’. The ‘inner judge’ is exacting and quite hard on him and Ones therefore do not easily forgive or excuse themselves for making mistakes. Ones are highly principled and ethical and walk their talk in daily life. Disciplined,  Positive Attributes: Direct,  orderly people principled, idealistic, conscientious, reliable, fair and productive. fickle, light‐headed  and nonchalant people Negative Attributes judgmental, critical, inflexible and controlling. The One in Business: is highly reliable and will not give you any unforeseen surprises: ‘what you see is what you get’. Communication style: The One is committed to the task and finishes what needs to be finished. A precise and detail-oriented hard worker that leads by example. sometimes with a The One can be extremely patient with people who are motivated to work hard tendency to moralize ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   and at the same time can be short- or preach. tempered with those less serious or not learning from their mistakes. Probably my worst quality is that I get very passionate about what I think is right! – Hilary Rodham Clinton Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery
  4. 4. The Two or The Helper is the most people‐ oriented of all nine types. They want to serve  and to help and really connect with people.  Their interest in others can extend beyond  acceptable to the most intimate and detailed  level. They know and remember your birthday,  Type 2 in One Word what food you like best and how you take your  coffee or tea. They want to be needed and  appreciated and support others with their  attention, love and care and feel that you should  do the same to them. People in general   Positive Attributes: especially  if they are sensitive  helpful, nurturing, empathetic, sensitive and  or make an effort with them. tactful.  aloofness, coldness  Negative Attributes and people that are very direct.  interfering, not being straightforward,  possessive and emotionally manipulative. How can I help? The Two in Business: They go out of their way to collaborate and  have many friends among their colleagues.  They are allergic to colleagues that treat  them with coldness have difficulties with  boundaries (their own as well as the  Communication style: boundaries of others). They can be  aggressive and argumentative proclaiming  Talkative, empathetic they have been treated unfairly or wrongly.  warm and sympathetic  ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   They are great in ‘getting the job done’ but  at the same time can take on too much  Attentive, full of compliments  (can’t say: no) and then are unable to  and flattery deliver. If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed at least one – Mother Theresa Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery
  5. 5. The Achiever is the true developer of his own potential and as a result that of others. He is deeply motivated by his own success and the fear of failure and the need for the respect and admiration of others. He works tirelessly to achieve any goal (and he usually has many). For a Three work is Type 3 in One Word not a hardship and be it the office, the gym or even family life they must be the best. This over competitive approach leads to work:life balance challenges. Positive Attributes: success and people who can  passion, decisiveness, flexibility and drive contribute to or  deliver their success. lazy people and people that are  Negative Attributes unfocused or have a  overly competitive, impatience and lack of self  tendency to dramatize.  awareness. The Three in Business: At work they are self-motivated and need little encouragement from others although they do need acknowledgment and visibility. At the same time be very encouraging to others and sweep them along on their energetic path to success. They are good coaches and Communication style: teachers and strong motivators and leaders. They don’t have much patience with lazy or enthusiastic highly  less energetic colleagues, though. They do feel, however, a lot of pressure in motivating speaker   their constant strive for excellence and their Focus mostly on achieving  ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   intensity can drain themselves although they possess a tremendous amount of energy. success or  They will not show any form of weakness connected to goals. since they perceive it as failure which is their biggest fear and is to be avoided at all times. “…you have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than  anyone else”.  – Albert Einstein Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery
  6. 6. The Fours or the Individualist want to know  themselves and to understand their  own  personality and uniqueness. They are most aware of their emotions and  inner thoughts or feelings and are very  tuned into their own emotions and  are  able to understand and empathise with  Type 4 in One Word others.  While other personalities might question  their type, the Four usually knows he is a  Four because he feels he is unique and not  like others. They can lose themselves in  their fantasy world and withdraw from  Recognition for their uniqueness, their social environment. The different not the every day, Attention to feelings. Positive Attributes: Bureaucracy, eccentric, sensitive, creative artistic and  people who are insincere  passionate and topics that are meaningless Negative Attributes tendency to show feelings of depression and  can be withdrawn or moody The Four in business:  Fours  want to be acknowledged as unique and  creative . They are tuned into others emotions and  Communication style: can read what is really going on with people. They  are sensitive to moods of others and will come up  Intuitive with feeling with original and creative ways to solving  Good Listeners, empathetic problems.  Their creativity and desire to express themselves  Can be Dramatic or Aloof ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   must be addressed or the Four can not operate  I, Me and My focused  successfully within any organization.  Being invisible or one of many is the Individualist  Desire to be understood biggest fear and de‐motivates the Four to the point  where they withdraw completely. Use Imagery and visual references “I cannot be that I am not, I want to be that I am."  (Charlotte Sebego) Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery
  7. 7. The Investigators are fascinated by questions and ideas.   They are the ultimate thinkers who devote themselves to  acquiring knowledge and understanding.   Fives want to understand everything so they will never be  without the answer or look foolish.  Fives spend too  much time in their head thinking that they become  detached from the world and others. A Five will only feel  comfortable moving into action when they have all the  facts. Type 5 in One Word They struggle with personal relationships and are often  quite negative about or distrustful of others.They can be  intellectually arrogant and very critical. Positive Attributes: Clarity, logic and respect dedicated, calm, self reliant, logical analytical  Adequate Time to think  even wise, curious and quite innovative. through their position on issues. Negative Attributes large gatherings or meetings uncommunicative, critical, cold, intellectually  less intelligent  arrogant , cynical, eccentric and detached  or over emotional people I rely on my hard disk  The Five in business: .   Fives are focused on knowledge and reason and  determined to solve problems and they will not  give up until they have found the solution (or  concluded that it is unsolvable).  Communication style: They feel more comfortable in their minds than  in engaging with people.  Precise, detailed content  They observe, analyze and internalize  don’t like “small talk”  knowledge. They want to explore new ideas and  new systems. Often they are conceptual  emails and written communication ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   thinkers capable of simplifying complex issues or ideas and developing practical solutions for  Pauses and reflective gaps difficult challenges. Quieter than others . “The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around “ (Thomas Edison) Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery
  8. 8. The Six is loyal to friends and family and  importantly to their own values and beliefs.  They want to create a stable and safe  environment and are very eager to work and  cooperate with others to achieve. The Six is also the biggest worrier; they worry  about themselves, the world and the future.  If the One (the Perfectionist) has an inner judge  Type 6 in One Word that constantly criticizes his actions and  behavior, the Six has a panel of judges and  juries questioning and evaluating his every  move. coordinating and planning  Positive Attributes: things and working  Loyalty, compassion, practicality and  with others like himself accountability uncertainty, fickle  Negative Attributes or negligent people,  rules and authority Lack of self‐confidence, pessimism, resistance  to change  Watch your back… The Six in Business:  At work The Six is disciplined, organized and  good with details. They have a talent for detecting potential  problems and are often ‘the critic’ during  brainstorming or creative sessions.   They ask:  Communication style: ‘what if…’.  Sixes will prioritize tasks and finish what they  asks and has many questions.  start. They are reliable but they need security  negative, anxious or defensive  and are full of self‐doubt. They mistrust their  Can be warm and open ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   own judgment and often question their own  abilities.  Often contradict themselves  and  Because of their lack of trust in their own  repetitious judgment decisions take time because they  need to gather the opinions of many others. connected to goals. “How prone to doubt, how cautious are the wise! “ Alexander Pope (English Poet) Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery
  9. 9. Sevens are the life and soul of the party often  delivering and ensuring its success. They radiate  fun, spontaneity and curiosity displaying high  levels of energy and optimism. The Seven is the  most extroverted of all nine types. They are the  busiest and are often multitasking and  committed to many things at the same time.   Type 7 in One Word However this is usually driven more by the desire  to keep their options open in case something  better come along than by the desire for  efficiency or productivity. They are allergic to  boredom and inactivity. new projects (but not finishing them),  exploring and creating,  Positive Attributes: social gatherings  engaging others Spontaneous, generous, confident, caring,  imaginative and adventurous.  control, rules and boundaries,  pessimism or being bored Negative Attributes ruthless, undisciplined impulsive and manic The Sevens in Business:  They are the true ‘multi‐taskers’ within the  Enneagram.  Sevens have tons of ideas and move quickly  from one idea to the next enjoying the creative  phase but not being good with details and  Communication style: implementation.  They are the energetic colleagues that buy into  positive and tend to reframe the  new ideas with full support and enthusiasm and  negative.  can motivate others to do the same.  open and fearless ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   They are future oriented and instead of merely  thinking about the future they make it happen.   tell personal stories that can be  They can struggle with self discipline and are  provocative but highly entertaining  easily distracted and consequently often fail to  (and a bit self‐absorbed) live up to their true potential. ….“i f   l i f e   g i v e s   y o u   l e m o n s ,   m a k e   l e m o n a d e … ”   (unknown) Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery
  10. 10. The Eight or The Challenger has the most courage  of all nine types challenging and leading others  and himself to do more, think deeper or feel  stronger. The Eights are the natural leaders and  champions of others. Eights take on new things  with tremendous willpower.  They strive to empower others to be their best  and to succeed and  for independence for  themselves and others. Eights are the industrious  Type 8 in One Word types who are happiest when they can take the  lead. The last thing they look for is dependency or  to give others power over them. More than any  others, they stand alone. challenges and goals  Positive Attributes: especially a good cause direct, risk takers,  honest, fair and strong.  to be in control  flattery, hidden agendas  Negative Attributes or lack of information  insensitive, aggressive, hard task masters even  and lack of follow‐through. dictators, intimidating pushy and dominant. The Eights in Business:  They are people of vision, decision and action. At  Follow my Lead work they are the natural leaders and if tough  decisions have to be made they will be the ones  to do so. They are strong and decisive leaders with  the initiative and the will to make things happen.  Eights are very committed and if they agree to  Communication style: something they will deliver especially to protect  Direct, loud, forceful the weak.  They often have a major impact on people  Task orientated, but can be ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   surrounding them. They can be extremely soft  and helpful and then one minute later hard as a   Caring and concerned for others rock especially when others force them against  Bossy or angry when  their will.  They are hard working and pragmatic  verging on the autocratic.  Things go wrong “ I do not follow any prescription given by theoretician or democracy rules or what ever: I work from my first principles of what will get me there”.. (Lee Kwan Yew) Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery
  11. 11. The Nine or the Mediator seeks to bring harmony  and peace. An easy‐going type that gets along with  all, Nines are open, trusting and patient. They have  a calm sort of energy and are good‐natured. Nines  are great in seeing all points of view and can be  excellent mediators and peace‐makers for others.  They can at times tune out and withdraw inside  their spacious inner‐world and become disengaged.  Type 9 in One Word Especially, when potential conflict disturbs their  peace and they don’t see the need to get involved  they will disappear inside their imaginative own  space.  Positive Attributes: personal freedom and  open & calm stable environments tolerant, easy‐going, balanced and patient. being asked for their opinion conflict or high pressure situations  Negative Attributes and people who are   aloof and silly. anger, disengaged, indecisiveness can tend to  become inert and detached from others Live and Let Live Nines in Business:  At work the Nines can bring people and teams   together and are excellent in solving conflicts.  They are great colleagues, highly inclusive and  share their knowledge and experience unselfishly  with others.  Nines are excellent listeners and are able to see  Communication style: many perspectives to one issue. They are hard  workers and stand up for others (more than for  Warm and inclusive  themselves).  good listeners  They need their autonomy and independence and  ©  Ennea Development Group [EDG] 2010   to be in charge. They do, however, have trouble  trouble getting to the point.  making decisions and don’t like to be pressured  into making them.  seek input / opinions of others  If they feel pressured they can become passive  very patient in decision making.  and go into ‘idle’ mode.  ….“ I prefer not to let things get to me..”  (Sandra Bullock)       Awareness Understanding Leadership Mastery