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Enliven Software Solutions

  1. 1. A Fresh Perspective For Dynamics GP Users Presents
  2. 2. In today’s fast-paced business world, paper invoices and payments don’t make sense.
  3. 3. People spend hours creating invoices electronically in their accounting system, sending them out to their customers as paper, and in turn, receiving paper checks which have to be re-entered back into their accounting systems.
  4. 4. Sadly, it’s not much easier on the Buyer’s end.
  5. 5. Because after that paper invoice circles around their office for approvals, taking a long break on whomever’s desk is out for the week on vacation…
  6. 6. It finally gets approved, and then gets turned BACK into paper and sent to the Vendor as a paper check.
  7. 7. When your company receives this paper check, what do you have to do with it next? POP QUIZ:
  8. 8. The fact is, the average small to mid-sized business’ invoice to payment cycle is 41 days.
  9. 9. That means, from the time it takes you to invoice your customer, you MAY get paid 41 DAYS later.
  10. 10. And, since all businesses are both Buyers and Suppliers, there’s no escaping the problem.
  11. 11. Until now, accounting systems have operated as functional silos without any real way of exchanging data between one another.
  12. 12. For businesses, this has meant that turning data into paper, then back into data again has been a necessary, albeit wasteful, evil.
  13. 13. And, with the stringent demands of often detailed workflow processes coupled with the seven-year retention period, it’s likely that you feel like you’re drowning in paper.
  14. 14. And that’s one expensive place to drown!
  15. 15. ENOUGH!
  16. 16. The problem is: Most accounting systems can’t talk to each other.
  17. 17. The solution? Enliven.
  18. 18. Enliven Software’s Fidesic suite of solutions is tailored to the small to mid-sized business and is made to its specific volume.
  19. 19. Fidesic works right alongside GP, allowing you to invoice via email, fax, or US Mail… whichever way your customers prefer.
  20. 20. And best of all, we handle all of the fulfillment for you!
  21. 21. The Fidesic solutions also put a stop to needless data re-entry for your Payables processes.
  22. 22. Scan, Approve, and Click to Send. OCR, automated workflow approval processes, and ACH payments make your payables processes a breeze.
  23. 23. Anywhere, Anytime Approvals by Batch or Individually. Vacation Freely.
  24. 24. … Oh, and by the way, Enliven’s Fidesic Solution is 100% GREEN , from end to end. We just thought you’d like to know. 
  25. 25. Call Us Today <ul><li>We can make GP work even harder, </li></ul><ul><li>so you won’t have to. </li></ul>866-439-5884
  26. 26. Change Is Good. Cash Flow is Better.